Eishirou’s still dealing with his bear problems as before, while Tomoki and co. are put to work to catch food for Astraea.

This “Dive Game” is turning out to be much more than a mere game.

「天界から来た超兄弟(トモダチ)」 (Tenkai kara Kita Chou Kyoudai (Tomodachi))
“The Super Brother (Friend) from the Heavens”

Compared to the first season, this sequel appears to be taking off much quicker on the relevant story side of things as the focus shifts back to the mysteries surrounding Synapse. The man of the (half) hour is none other than Eishirou, who plunges back into a Dive Game and makes his proclamation against the Master of the Sky. Oh now it’s on!

In relation, what caught me by surprise was how serious of turn things had taken. I had mentioned a couple of times in previous weeks that I was hoping this sequel would delve into the more meaningful portions of the story sooner rather than later, and it looks like my wish came true just under the halfway point of this sequel. Granted, the premiere pretty much paved way for Tomoki’s dreams to come into the picture again fairly soon, but I wasn’t expecting them to turn out to be much more than a means for the mother/creator of the angeloids to communicate with him. More specifically, a huge twist was thrown in, suggesting that Tomoki’s dreams are a connection to the world floating in the skies above, and blurring the perception of exactly who and what are real. The biggest eye opener for me was Eishirou stumbling upon how the other worldly residents seem to have the means to observe humans either in a transient form or as humans themselves.

In the latter case, it looks like angels can appear on Earth when they’re in a dream-like state of their own, which the sight of one Kazane Hiyori (Hikasa Youko) lying in a capsule seemed to suggest. If that is indeed the case, Tomoki would be the odd exception to that link between the worlds, being the only human who can visit Synapse in his dreams in return. This of course would mean that everything he’s experienced in his dreams are in fact real, while casting a real sense of doubt on what’s real on Earth. Eishirou’s question to Nymph about his own existence went on to support that theory, which quite frankly had a very Matrix-like feel to it. Namely, there’s the idea that a large portion of the human population are nothing but angels while they’re sleeping or just a figment of the angels’ dreams.

At this point, I can’t imagine this series becoming overly profound to the point that everyone’s entire perception and understanding of the world they live in is turned upside down, but I won’t lie about being excited about how the possibility is there. Amidst all the quirky humor, which was nostalgically brought into the play this time with the revival of Tomoki’s Panty Robo (Ishida Akira), all the mysteries surrounding Synapse that aren’t apparent on the surface of this series provide an element of depth that I particularly enjoy. All we need now is a potential confrontation with the Master of the Sky (Miki Shinicirou) to take this from being a great series to an epic one. The stage has been set, but is unlikely to reach any sort of conclusion this time as we have a new angeloid, Chaos, joining the mix. Oh my, Iguchi Yuka Toyosaki Aki is an angeloid.


An exploration of the Synapse takes place starting at the stone pillar known as a “Rule”.

An inadvertent present from the sky care of Sohara.

With the way the angeloids ignore intruders and continue with their work, it’s as if they act like the Borg collective.

I’m curious as to what sort of a role Kazane Hiyori will have and completely perplexed by how Hikasa Youko plays her with a voice I’ve never heard from her before.

It’s the return of the Gamma Harpies, but Eishirou is one step ahead and strikes a “just as planned” pose to rub it in their faces.

Eishirou sticks it to the Master of the Sky and says, “I shall return.”

Being a sadist, the Master seems enthralled at the idea of changing the playing field to his home turf.

Nymph’s pretty cute in her choice of attire, whereas Astraea is clearly on the wrong team.

Right between the eyes. Oh that’s gotta hurt.

It’s the revamped Tomoki Tower!

It’s probably worth nothing that Tomoki’s rampant perverted thoughts always center around Sohara. Based on her dreams, she must be secretly happy about this.

If you can’t find a perverted brother in arms, you can always make one!

From “ero energy” to screwdriver breast fondling, the Tomoki and Panty Robo combination means business when it comes to angeloid evildoers.

A selfless sacrifice in the face of the absurdly dangerous karate chop.

As memories of Tomoki’s days with Panty Robo flashes before his eyes, all that can be heard is the slow motion scream of, “Noooooooooooooo~!”

Ikaros may not be able to express a lot of emotion, but it’s pretty clear she’s worried about her master. May Panty Robo rest in peace. Your sacrifice will not be forgotten!

It looks like the response to Eishirou’s taunt is sending in the most petite (and potentially dangerous) angeloid to date, Chaos.

ED5 Sequence

[flv:Sora_no_Otoshimono_Forte_ED5.mp4 512 288]

ED5: 「ff(フォルティシモ)」 (ff (Fortissimo)) by 美名 (Mina)


Clear those Tetris lines faster so that we can see the full picture!


    1. Yeah, as someone who reads the manga I’ve really grown tired of the Sohara death chop gimmic, it needs to be put to rest since it’s been so overused already. Someone let the mangaka know, it’s time to come up with something new!

      1. the thing is if the chop was taken away her character might as well be offed as well, she’s basically a side character that get’s a lot of screen time anyways, perhaps that was too harsh, how about the resident abused character?

  1. Astrea is pretty funny cute in this episode including blowing herself up and acting uppity when telling the group “thanks for the food”. Tomoki still needs to say 2 important sentences to her yet. I’m liking her more and more since the last 3 chapters of the manga including the new chapter

    I think Nymph’s going to get more sets of clothes due to the animators liking her since i don’t remember her having anything other than basic clothes in the manga.

    Zaku Fan
  2. Nymph is looking as cute and possibly cuter every episode with her various set of clothes. Meanwhile, I thought it was pretty cute seeing Ikaros’ concern and perhaps even jealousy when Tomoki spends a lot of his time towards his new brother compared to her. Aww I thought it was very cute. Astrea is as always pretty dumb and funny. Sohara is always chopping things off, while Eishirou really took the highlight and went to investigate and declare war on the master of the sky (up yours, you sadistic bastard!).

  3. Pantsu Robo came back with ero power from the skies! He’s like Bumblebee; he’s more than meets the eye! Sadly he left us, but Tomoki buried him. Funny that “Tomoki Tower” returned for a moment, but we know that it’ll be back! I thought it was touching that Ikaros told Tomoki that she’ll always be by his side.

    The Borg Collective and Matrix was also what I thought of the Synapse when it was presented in all its glory to Eishirou and Sohara. Finding out that dreams are connected to the angels sleeping in Synapse and the “people” (Avatars?) on the earth was definitely surprising. I guess that particular angel that Eishirou noticed is going to be important to the plot. The Harpies seem to be the only guards there. “I Shall Return” in english from Eishirou to the Master of the Sky was unexpected, but that’s a famous line from MacArthur in WWII; Eishirou declares war! The dude can kick a brown bear’s ass, so be prepared, Master of the Sky!

    Nymph’s increasing her cuteness factor, sporting a new outfit every episode; I wonder if she’s shopping with Sohara nowadays (Sohara must have A LOT of outfits to wear for all the panties she has/used to have before Tomoki stole a bunch from her!). Ikaros is easily distracted, chasing butterflies and catching a giant wasp! Astrea still lovable and dumb; Getting that wasp in between the eyes looks too painful! It’s amazing how lots of serious and pervy stuff was packed in this episode! The new angeloid is creepy; it seems like the Master has lost confidence in Astraea.

  4. I don’t remember reading the revived pants robot in the manga and they changed the wat Eishirou visits the synapse (if i remember correctly) but it made for some good viewing. I like many others is really starting to dislike Sohara. Why would she expect Tomoki to love her when she literally puts an end to anything fun wrestling, snowballing (and thats just recently). Plus she just turns up at his house and starts karate chopping everything, I would tell her to p*ss off. Ah rant over, I just don’t remember her being so annoying in the manga

  5. @minarge

    I’m quite sure the pants robo’s revival wasn’t in the manga but Eishirou’s visit to synapse was the same as in manga.

    I’m glad that they increase the pacing in this season compare to the first season. If they’re still using the first season’s pacing, my guess is we’ll have to wait until 3rd season before Hiyori will make an appearance. (In manga, Astrea appeared quite early in the story and Hiyori appeared just recently.) But then again they switch a lot of episode around and made adjustment here and there thus make the anime interesting even for those who’ve read the manga already.

  6. Eishirou had me clapping when he gave it to the Synapse’s master. HA! Take that you sucker!
    but oh man, I would have love to run around with Ikaros until she caught a suzumebachi! I mean, how the heck do you catch a live one and keep it! She got me freaked out and poor Astraea getting the sting right in her forehead, YIKES!

  7. Pretty good episode in my opinion. Gotta like the serious episodes.

    Also, minor typo?
    “Being a sadists, the Master seems enthralled at the idea of changing the playing field to his home turf.”

  8. Damn you Sohara for killing New Pantsu Robo! T_T

    Lots of highlights in this episode. Suguta calling out the Master of the Sky was awesome. I never would have thought Hiyori was voiced by Yoko Hisaka either. Astrea’s silly antics entertained me too. Stung on the forehead by a huge wasp, then blowing herself up with dynamite. Also never thought I would say this about an antagonist, but i’m excited for Chaos. It’s going to be weird adjusting to a sadistic Index.

  9. Man Im kinda sad they are introducing Chaos already. I really hope they dont skip the Smartest Campus Student Quiz chapter from the manga. That chapter was hilarious. And it happened before Chaos’s introduction.

    RIP: Panty Robo~!

  10. I know Tomoki is the main character, but Eisherou was pretty awesome this episode. The only thing I dont get is why he asked Nymph if he was real…The girl in the capsule he saw had wings so it makes me think that the her on earth was merely an avatar, but is this really right? Why would he ask that then? Maybe it’s the other way around. Maybe the avatar on earth was actually real, and the angeloid was being…created? or something…I dunno.

  11. Lol just realize that index is an angeloid. i wonder if someone makes an index version in the old op(like tomoki version). that would be funny.(imagining index following food instead of drawing or porn, and instead of ikaros activating attack mode, index activates john’s pen mode).

    Croosboy ♂

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