「DCの名の下に」 (DC no Na no Shita ni)
“In the Name of DC”

Similar to how the game introduces new characters and robots every stage or so, the anime follows suit and adds a bunch of faces back into the mix every episode. Of those, names such as Ingram were alluded to by Viletta, whereas Aya’s sister Mai is believed to be inside the core fragment salvaged from the Judecca mobile weapon, a.k.a. White Death Cross. The events in Divine Wars left off with the defeat of the White Death Cross, which was piloted by Mai after she was kidnapped and brainwashed into believing that she’s Levi Tolar of the Ze Balmary Empire (a.k.a. Aerogators). While she was presumed dead, this latest revelation suggests otherwise. As for actual characters seen in action, the timely arrival of Irmgard Kazahara (Horiuchi Kenryuu) in his super robot Grungust helped drive back heavily modified Type-3 variant attacking the Shirogane, Thrudgelmir, whose pilot Wodan Ymir was officially suspected to be bear a resemblance to Sanger Zonvolt. He was also addressed as “W15” by Echidna Iisaki (Suzuki Mariko) before being ordered to withdraw, which hints at his connection to Lemon’s W-Numbers. In connection to Irm, his father Jonathan was informally introduced as a researcher at Tesla Reich Institute (TRI), along with their special Jigen-ryuu advisor, Rishuu Toudou (Satou Masaharu), who helps in the development of swords and katanas for super robots. What’s interesting to note in that scene is that Rishuu is familiar with the Choukijin that Eri was in the process of excavating and believes that their awakening is a bad omen.

In terms of a completely separate group of individuals at TRI, the members of Project TD (Terrestrial Dream) were indirectly introduced by showing what they’re up to since leaving DC. Among them was Kusuha Mizuha (Takahashi Mikako), the pilot of another Grungust and Bullet’s love interest who Excellen enjoys teasing him about. As for the other members of Project TD, Filio Presty (Ueda Youji) leads the group as a researcher who aspires to see his dream of deep space exploration come true, but is still regretting his decision to help Bian Zoldark develop the mass-produced Lion Armored Modules (AM) used by the Divine Crusaders. With him is his fiancee Tsugumi Takakura (Hasegawa Tomoko), sister Sleigh Presty (Nagasawa Miki), and close friend Ibis Douglas (Watanabe Akeno), of which the latter two don’t get very along in their simulation tests of the Calion. Ibis is only interested in Project TD’s actual exploration goals, whereas Sleigh has accepted the fact that their sponsor Isurugi Heavy Industries wants to convert the Calion into a fighter craft. It’s a case of conflicting interests and the problem is compounded by the fact that Ibis isn’t a very good pilot to begin with. For the most part, this is just reintroduction to their characters and laying the foundation for things to come though.

The more pressing matter at hand came in the form of the ATX and SRX Teams boarding the Hagane in pursuit of the Neo DC forces that stole the Wild Falken, as well as Seolla in dismay over Arado’s death. In reality, Arado somehow survived getting shot down by Latune and is now on board the Hagane, so it looks like we’re in store for an eventual reunion between the two of them in the near future. The preview indicates that their “big sister” Ouka Nagisa (Neya Michiko) will arrive next time, hinting at a bigger reunion involving all the children of The School. Meanwhile, Van Vat Tran is sparking his Neo DC troops to show the Earth Federation that their Aegis Plan is insufficient in protecting the globe from alien threats, further foreshadowing upcoming battles. Things are definitely bustling in this setup episode of sorts, but other than taking in everything that’s happening, there wasn’t a whole lot for me to reflect upon with impression-wise. That should change in the very next episode, as another battle looks like it’ll break out. Both the R-Eins and the Rapiecage are seen in the preview, leaving me wondering which one Ouka will be piloting.




  1. “close friend Ibis Douglas”
    More like unhealthy obsession target than friend.
    And really, kids at Animesuki fap on Ibis so much, its kinda funny that she was the most worthless character in all of OG2. Worst stats, crappy MS, and even her own idea fix in how she is unable to say “space” or “cosmos”, its all “hoshi no umi this” and “hoshi no umi that”. That “sea of stars” shtick gets old quickly.

    1. Wrong. Ibis starts out bad, but get her past level 50 and she becomes one of the best pilots. Her stat gains basically allude to her story, as she’s constantly referred to as having “potential”

      1. Past 50 ? What drugs are you on ? While playing normally i hit about level 55 with my main hitters in the true ending mission ! I guess if i grinded for many, many hours i could get someone to 60+, but WHY WOULD I ??? So what if she gets good after level 50, where would i use her if the game is already over, huh ?

        Oh, unless, of course, you are talking about some obscure game on PS2 that never was translated, and thus nobody could care less about ?

      2. Why so serious? Ibis has always been like that, check the Alpha games. Her whole character development shtick is how she overcomes her weakness.

        BTW that “obscure PS2 title that nobody cares about” is the primary reason that this anime even exists in the first place. SRW has always had a niche popularity and any devoted fan has played and enjoyed it even untranslated.

      3. Yet again, it’s not like you can’t tweak the stats and/or give items to the person to make them better.

        Just pointing it out, and even then, if you were one of those oh, Masaki got the short end of the stick in OGs… I’ll tell you again my Masaki did fine and yet again, stats and items -_-. Therefore, this argument is pointless, because one side can argue crappy stat gain until lvl 50 while the other can argue amazing stat game after lvl 50 + stat adding and item equiping.

        Sora no Kaze
  2. I JUST finished watching the last episode of Heroic Age (Bless there souls..) and I was wondering if this show would be just as fulfilling? Not really a fan of Gundam but I like space exploration. –shot

  3. Another eps with nice mecha action at the beginning
    Frankly, my favorite parts in this eps are :
    Irmgard’s arrival. The Grungust, the Boost Knuckle and the BGM? Simply Awesome (sorry, forgot the BGM’s title. Help, anyone?)
    Now I wanna play the game one more time.
    Hagane’s arrival (Again with the BGM. but forgot the name too -___-)

    1. aahh,, yes… that’s the name of the BGMs… thanks to fragb85 and red comet.
      Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Hm…. I’m not a SRW fan so I’m quite confused over the different factions and plot of the story. Anyone knows where I can actually read up about it in general so that I can be less confused? I tried reading a wikia but I’m still quite confused haha. Thanks!

  5. Yay! I’m happy to see Ibis, as well as the Fairlion foreshadowing. I have to say though, if I didn’t know the characters and storyline from the games, I’d probably be very confused. This really seems to be more SRW-OG-fanservice than anything else. Even I had to concentrate to keep up with all the switching of place and characters here.

  6. Eeeeh sure there a lot of trolls.

    Nice building up episode, finally Ibis is in! And Irm looked so damn cool.
    @CM: yep that’s what I was thinking last week when I was saying “fanservice”, not the sexual kind. I agree, I’m also starting to concentrate a bit to follow up. It’s been almost 4 years since I played the games after all.
    And next week comes Ouka!! Nee-sama~~!!The episode is even titled Ouka Genei, just like her theme song. Man I can’t wait. It’s gonna be awesome. Wondering which mech she’ll pilot? Well the R-eins are mass produced robots while the Rapiecage is unique so you’ll easily guess. Also, I hope they make everyone full well learn why it’s called Rapiecage(it means patchwork in french). You’ll know what I mean.

    1. Well, Thrudgelmir is out already, so it may not apply, but I can’t imagine that the Rapiecage is ready to be rolled out at this point. Besides, we need to have Ryusei freaking out about the R-Schniede/R-Eins existing in this universe.

    2. PS – okay, missed the preview image. I guess that means Echidna will get the R-eins for Ryusei to freak out over, and Ouka will get the Rapiecage, since she’s the only one compatible with its GEIM system… either that, or they’ll show the Rapiecage under construction, and they’ll both deploy with R-Eins.

      Anyone else think that the super robots are being introduced way too quickly? The good guys have the Grungust Type-1 and Angelg, against Thrudgelmir and the Rapiecage?

    3. Look at it this way, the enemy will keep pumping out uber units, and yet it’s not really going to matter because from where we stand, RyuKoOh and KoRyuOh will kick the crap out of anything in the anime.

      Stuff like this only applies to anime because it’s 1 shot 1 kill. In the games, you can get away with things having massive HP and not dying as easily.

    1. Now that you mention it… Maybe it’s because Kyosuke (Alteisen) is “interrupting” the attack
      Show Spoiler ▼

    1. ya there are a few too many. Though some are forgettable some are what most of the store is centered around others are there just for back ground or roles like a mentors ect.

      overall i like the adaptation so far but i wonder how they will pack in all the stuff -there were a lot of episodes and battles. Im also a little disapointed that latooni isn’t in her dress-i though it was funny.

    2. Well, that’s one if the issues with OG from the animation standpoint: loads and loads of characters. I mean, we’ve only seen the SRW and ATX teams and project TD, after which there’s Octo squad, the Hiryu Kai, all the “irregulars” and the Kurogane…then really getting into the Shadow Mirrors, Neo DC, Einst and the Inspectors…

      Here’s the thing, though. This is (roughly) OG2. You only need to pay attention to Kyosuke, Excellen, Lamia and the School kids (and Helios/Sanger/Ratsel, when they show up). That narrows it down to nine characters. 😛

      And if you dropped Divine Wars for having too many characters… well, do you really think its sequel would have fewer?

      1. This applies to all SRW games in general. When you feature multiple series like Gundam, Evangelion, Getter and god knows what else you anime you can cram in one game the multiple protagonists and their own plots, the story will get big and convoluted. This is just like that only with OG.

        When you think about the series, its pretty much like the games. It spends quite a few stages introducing everyone, then kicks the story later. Its just that the transfer of medium from games to anime doesn’t come of right. The show pretty much will leave people even more confused, because it comes in a weekly basis unlike the game.

  7. would be epic if they did
    imagine eva fighting off zakus while linebarrel takes on monsters from go lion while the gundam wing pilots fight angels. All at the same time. It would just be cool to see all those mecha together fighting. Personally i feel that is what the robot spirits toy line is, i just wish some of these mecha would be put out like the wild wunger and falken

  8. There are so many potential major licensing conflicts involved that I VERY seriously doubt anything SRW will ever be animated that isn’t OG.
    I mean fer chrissakes, other than cameos by the MkIIM in the first of those old OVAs they’ve been systematically eliminating the Huckebein from the animation every time, to the point they’ve invented a “MP Wildschwein” for OG the Inspector to take the place of the MkIIM.

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