「襲い来る、海の怪物」 (Osoi Kuru, Umi no Kaibutsu)
“The Marine Monster Attacks”

Even with a beach episode featuring a tentacle monster, this series still manages to keep the silly humor going strong and the fan-service in check. For a moment, I was worried they’d get carried away when the slimy extremities caught a hold of Matabee and Hanzou, but that turned out to be a pretty brief scene like I was hoping. Instead, the focus was primarily on Yukimura and Sen viciously going at it again in their verbal exchanges, which I still find absolutely hilarious, particularly when Sen pulls out the “flat-chested, big-forehead bitch” insult. These girls kill me with laughter. As much as I love those two, Kanetsugu is in a field of her own when it comes to idiotic humor though. She really brings it upon herself like I mentioned before, but therein lies the beauty of all the mishaps she gets herself into. Her wild imagination that Muneakira is some beast who’s out to impregnate all the girls around him was utterly awesome, as it led to one of the funniest fan-service scenes I’ve seen in a while — the bath one with the bottled soap. There was only one connotation from the streams of thick white fluid being pumped onto Kanetsugu’s body, so I almost laughed myself to tears when it turned out to be soap. That was aptly followed up by her shrieking and Yukimura immediately figuring it was Kanetsugu, which I found almost as funny, simply because it continued to reiterate what a horrible spy she is.

It wasn’t all about Kanetsugu however, as the scene with Yukimura and Sen fighting over who’s standing in front when screaming out Matabee and Hanzou’s names had me laughing a lot more than I thought I would. It was just so silly seeing two master samurais’ bickering reach that level before a huge “shikigami” that had possessed Kanetsugu, yet very befitting considering everything that happened prior. This includes how the two of them had already knocked heads over the whole swimsuits and Yukimura managed to pull off a crushing defeat of Sen with the power of a pure white school swimsuit (which she happens to be wearing all the time). Fearsome stuff. In retrospect, this entire episode had comedic moments that just worked from start to finish, which goes all the way back to when Sen and Muneakira’s tried to sneak out to the Tokugawa vacation house to check out the Shogun’s servers for information about her brother and the missing students. Yes, amazingly enough, this did start off on a story-related note revolving around how those students are descendants of master samurai before things got fairly sidetracked, for which I’m appreciative of since it means the plot — no matter how simplistic — is still moving forward during all these silly antics. This episode also marked the reappearance of the other Jubei who we haven’t seen in a while, and also seemed to suggest that Kanetsugu will join their ranks after having been deemed by Yoshihiko as expendable. I gather it’s no secret now that I love the humor that Kanetsugu brings, so the prospect of having her around all the time is something I’m looking forward to. Also, if it wasn’t apparent already, this series has quickly become one of my favorites this season, simply because I never go into an episode expecting anything yet always seem to come out thoroughly entertained.




  1. this episode was very funny 🙂
    have to admit that I was caught off-guard by the soap… lol…
    it seems that Jubei still transform on a incomplete form of contract or the sort… poor Muneakira
    But Jubei is probably still the strongest among the three…
    can’t wait for more plot… though the comedy is very welcomed 🙂

  2. Can they (using Yukimura’s intellect) crack the codes to the secret plans of the evil (given how he treats his spy, it is now obvious) older brother?
    Also, fight mode Jyubei is cool to the extreme. She is so cool she openly admits her limitations and asks for help. Compare to the two other master samurai bickering and you know what I mean…
    This is a harem series done right, lots of lulz, fanservice in check, and some backstory to keep things together. Epic fights some as a bonus.

  3. first i was really excited that the story was back on track then the beach thing appears. but at least the fan service. the comedy award in this episode for me is Naoe. shes like Wa-san in Asu no Yoichi. to my surpies Hot jubei was very cooperative and her cool words “It impossible, its impossible with out your help”.
    rate this episode 8/10

  4. Hah! Tentacles! I knew it!

    THIS is how you make a beach episode. It moved the plot forward, had some decent character development, and a decent fight scene all amidst the fanservice and the comedy. Also its nice to see Muneakira finally prove his worth as a decent commander.

  5. I so love this series. I never know what to expect and it always ends up with me laughing my ass off. Its funny how Naoe and her other character Yui from K-On are so much alike. Hope she doesn’t get typecast as the clueless no common sense girl that jumps to the wrong conclusions. Then again she pulls it off so well.

  6. You made it sound exactly as I see this series, D. I never really expect anything when I click on my play button and end up smirking during most of the runtime. It’s a simple show to watch really, a bit of fan service (I would still get the uncensored version) and lots of gags and comic relief. The battle scenes are fun to watch but I hope they will get into a more serious situation faster.

  7. The soap scene was just… I wasn’t expecting it. I was like “O sh— is this show really going there?” When it turned out to be soap, I was laughing so hard, but was relieved at the same time.

    Each episode is just as entertaining if not more entertaining than the last episode.

    Fading Moon
    1. Maybe he will,,, when the evil bishie older brother finally came out =D
      though the chances might be slim, I’m hoping he’d fight one-on-one instead of relying on the girls 😀
      and indeed, seeing as he can hold his own against Matabei in the first eps (though maybe both of them aren’t really serious), maybe he’s just as strong (more, maybe) as the other girls (not in Master Samurai mode, of course)

  8. Another good review. I seriously think you and I have the same view on everything. I totally agree with you saying that Kanetsugu is in her own league. The soap part too, freakin hilarious!


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