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OP6: 「irony」 by ClariS

Another week and another slightly update opening sequence… this time with robots!

Kirino could barely contain her excitement with all the fan letters, so word about an anime adaptation put her over the edge.

It kind of looks like a Zaku, but not quite.

「俺の妹がこんなにアニメ化なわけがない」 (Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Anime-ka na Wake ga Nai)
“There’s No Way My Sister is Getting An Anime Adaptation”

There wasn’t a whole lot of interaction between Kousaka siblings this episode, but the way that Kyousuke continues to go out on a limb for Kirino even without her knowing about it never ceases to amaze me. In fact, it’s gotten to the point that Kuroneko even wishes she had an older brother like him, which goes to show that just about everyone’s taken notice to his constant sacrifices for her. At this point, I’m really starting to wonder if the effect of this series is two-fold — to make older brothers treat their younger sisters better and to get younger sisters to appreciate their older brothers more. Either way, it’s promoting some sort of sibling bond of the non-incestuous kind and that’s never a bad thing. In Kyousuke’s case, I still get the impression that he realizes that Kirino’s a good girl who just has difficulty showing the appreciative side of her. She’s kind of whiny, spoiled, and always has to have her way, and even though Kyousuke says he hates her, his actions clearly indicate otherwise much like they did here when he stood up for Kirino’s novel that was getting an anime adaptation. However, this week wasn’t only about Kyousuke pleading on Kirino’s behalf, as we also got an anime version of the business politics that go into adapting a novel or a manga into an anime.

In the latter case, this is in reference to how production staff and even outside factors such as investors will ultimately dictate how an original piece of work is adapted, with potentially very little regard for the author’s wishes to see a faithful adaptation. Kirino and her earnest yet naive nature gets a taste of that first hand when her manager Iori Fate Setsuna (Itou Shizuka) has her meet with the director, screenwriter, and producers interested in adapting her “Mai City” 「妹都市」 novel into an anime. This pertains to how she created a memo for every detail on how she would like to see her work adapted, right down to the character designers she wants, opening and ending themes, and seiyuu to play each of the characters. As a result, she came off as a fan-crazed middle schooler who was getting the chance of a lifetime and could barely contain her excitement. That enthusiasm was unfortunately met with people who had been in the business for a long time and may have lost sight of the passion for anime production seen in Kirino, to the point where they were hitting her with the “reality bat” and urging her to change the main character to a male one to appeal to target audiences. That was like the dagger in the heart to Kirino and what led to her ever-so-reliable brother Kyousuke stepping in and pleading on his hands and knees for them to reconsider.

I think the most admirable part of Kyousuke is that he does whatever he can within his power to help Kirino and thinks rationally through it. Unlike Kuroneko who admitted that it’s vexing to have something like Mai City adapted into an anime and felt that the studio and everyone adapting it should go out of business, Kyousuke stuck to just begging them to reconsider retaining Kirino’s original work as faithfully as they can and not disillusion his sister with the business side of the anime industry. Ultimately, that’s what did get through to them, including the screenwriter whom Kuroneko hit very close to home by questioning what gives them the right to say how something should be when they’re probably unsuccessful authors themselves. Regardless, I have to give it to Kuroneko for saying it exactly how it is about disliking Kirino’s novel and taking enjoyment when the staff dissected her work and changing it on their own accord, yet still be objective enough to say that she hates this side of the business where the staff thinks they know what’s best for everyone without being scrutinized themselves. I just loved how she spoke her mind against business politics, which really set the tone when Kyousuke explained that they may just see Kirino as a business partner but he still sees her as a sister who’s given it her all writing this novel, before begging them to hear her out. With the music going, I admittedly felt a bit choked up watching that scene.

To lighten the mood afterward, it was nice to hear Kuroneko question if Kyousuke’s a siscon or a masochist to go to these lengths for such an unappreciative girl like Kirino. They were questions that just had to be asked at some point, despite how it was obvious that he would deny being either. As for Kirino, she never does find out why the production staff suddenly started listening to her input — nor how her series was only green-lit because some other series was cancelled — but the bigger thing of interest is how she needs one last life consultation from Kyousuke. Could this be the end of a beautiful sibling relationship? Probably not, but it still made for a decent cliffhanger.


This is the arrogant side of Kirino that we can all do without.

Thankfully we have Kuroneko to put Kirino in her place and see right through the fact that she’s nervous about meeting with the staff alone.

So this is how professionals intimidate middle school girls as they enter the room.

Poor Fate didn’t know what to do about her author getting carried away.

After learning that the series will only be one-cour and will include anime original episodes, Kirino is quickly driven into a corner along with all the rest of her input.

Kirino collapses from a reality shock and likely working herself to the bone making revisions.

Justeen 8! The super robot anime seen in the background during most of the episode.

Kyousuke gets the quick rundown on the cruel business world and the three of them decide to do something about their irritation. Even Kuroneko, who won’t admit it’s for Kirino’s sake.

Kyousuke attempts to represent Kirino as her brother, and Kuroneko follows up nicely in support.

Kyousuke isn’t able to explain why the main character has to be female and soon finds himself completely ignored as the staff decide to pretty much rewrite Kirino’s entire story. The nail in the coffin was the screenwriter tossing the book aside and speaking frankly about how it sucks and shouldn’t be made into an anime in the first place.

In the face of all the business politics, Kuroneko lays it on thick by telling them to reread the damn thing before they start ripping it up and injecting their own crap as they please. Kyousuke on the other hand can’t believe how disrespectful she’s being. Those timid Japanese, learn from Kuroneko!

She hits close to home by explaining how it frustrates her as well to see something like Kirino’s work gets animated when none of her stuff became popular. To be outdone by a middle school girl was rubbing salt on open wounds to the screenwriter.

Even when faced with questions about why he goes to such lengths for Kirino and not quite understanding himself, Kyousuke is able to remain firm about how he should help his sister when she’s suffering…

…in any way a big brother can. *sniff*

After his heartfelt speech, I don’t think anyone with a conscience could ignore his earnest plea.

Who would have ever thought that begging on your hands and knees would impress Kuroneko.

Now if only Kirino would realize that Kyousuke’s still making sacrifices for her sake.

She’s still so snobby about him talking to her casually, yet has the nerve to ask him for one last consultation.

Preview & End Card

Hmm, eroge again next time?


    1. I’d be shunned from society in no time if I learned the Japanese said in the shows I watch. Heck, most of the time, that’s not even how casual Japanese is spoken [in anime].

      “Yo, Shiroto-kun.”
      Me: “Yo.”

      “Nani o shiteru no?”
      Me: “Kono goro eroge.. wo shite masu. Asobou?” :9

      1. Im like the Kyosuke in real like, except my sis is older and acts likes Kirino.
        Its sad but I feel his pain dealing with such a bi-polar sister… Sigh….
        now Im depressed…
        ANd yes… There’s only so much of the other side in tsundere that one can take before getting annoying at the character entirely.

    1. I despise Kirino, and I’m also souring quickly on Kyousuke. Each week there are parts of the episode that make me want to fast forward through, just because of my dislike for the characters.

      I only watch for Kuroneko, Manami, and Ayase.

  1. Woah really went for some anime original stuff this time, well, after reading your summary, it sounds prety good, although i do hope that would be the last of it though, i would really prefer if it stuck to the novels for the res of the series.

    But then again, i do hope there won’t be any backlashes for going for an anime original adaption.

    1. In light of the content of this episode, the content of your remarks is very ironic. That’s not a bad thing. It’s just ironic, we’re discussing the propriety of original anime content in an episode that ITSELF is original anime content. Well, the schedule is part of the master plan too. Wait, they said that in the show too…

    1. I’ve provided the best of both worlds for the filmstrip after people complained about the text being broken up (which was my original intention for the format).

      If you only care for the old style, then only read the main text and skip all the captions.

    2. This design concept enables divine to highlight his most anticipated anime of the season..
      I find no problems with the format for I am a fan of the shows he watches ( ika, Orenoimo )… The captions also gives divine an opportunity to express his opinions and point out interesting frames in the anime..

  2. i like this episode compared to other anime episodes airing on the same week cus it critized the older guys that think they can bully other ppl so easily. im like kyousuke that would do alot for a sibling thats why alot of ppl hate my guts for it cus they cant do it for their own. kuroneko ftw!!!!

  3. so, isn’t a bit ironic that the the episode ends up concluding with them deciding for a novel faithful adaption rather than anime original stuff.. when the episode itself changed things so much from the oreimo novels?

    1. MTE exactly. I thought it was so ironic that this basically all Anime original except for like two lines. At some point I thought the creators of the Anime were trying to justify why they had to change it into an Anime original as if this episode was based on a real life situation.

  4. Kirino sucks. There needs to be a balance of tsun and dere to make a desirable character. Kuroneko is a much better example.
    This episode really hammers in how screwed up lucky/blessed Kirino is. Bestseller!? Anime!? It’s like this one episode is making fun of Bungaku Shoujo and Bakuman in one go. Next is just for Saori to reveal her normal self and we’ll get some Nogizaka Himitsu mocking.

    1. Yep. Like I stated in an earlier post, Kirino is really more of a plain old bitch than a tsundere. Why anyone would gravitate to that personality type is beyond me. Kuroneko isn’t particularly friendly, but at least she doesn’t insult people without provocation.

    1. This series must be designed to cause siscons to realize that sisters(Kirino) do not make as good of partners as some other women immediately around you(Kuroneko). It may have the opposite effect that everyone thought it did!

      1. Well I liked Kirino during the first few episodes of the series.
        But she slowly developed into a whiny bitch character.
        And I thing I agree with your Idea that this series altough what it’s title says does’nt really promote siscon.

      2. Maybe this is what they meant by de-construction of siscon theme… after all nearly all other females in this show are positively more appealing that Kirino.
        Kuroneko is fast becoming fave among fans, and I am sure if Saori eer loses her maniac otaku cosplay, she can steal some fan hearts too. Ayase is one girl that even Kirino compares favorably to, though.

  5. Kuroneko has got to be my favourite character in this series. Would definitely love more of her in the future.

    Now I don’t want to argue with the success of a best selling novel, but there was one thing Kuroneko mentioned that I questioned a bit. Part of the way she came off to me is that “you need to be a successful writer yourself, in order to critique the work of a successful writer”, which is not true. I know that most of what she was saying is that the screenwriter was attempting to write his own story over top of hers, which is obviously a terrible idea, but I felt like part of what he was doing was just offering a little(lot of) critique to which Kirino had no response to. Now I’m sure however many fans she had would argue him down easily but he was just offering a little, albeit biased, critique to her story. That being said, I’m a fan of Kuroneko and I agree with her speech about how non-writers should leave the writing to the uh, writers:).

    Also, if only begging solved the world’s problems.
    Also lol at the screenwriter coming up with bad suggestions for the story and the rest of the staff being like “WHAT HE SAID SOUNDS GOOD, LETS DO IT!”. Also, if only begging solved the world’s problems.

      1. The subtlety in how these characters are played is really amazing at times. I could tell from Kuroneko’s small mannerisms, timing, and tone of voice that “I’m only doing this because I’m bored” was certainly not the whole truth, but she wouldn’t be “in-character” if she didn’t put it like that anyway. Since Kuroneko in character is wonderful, that’s great. Since she’s standing up for her friend too, that’s also great. Best of both worlds.

  6. Ugh. Horrible episode. Glad to see they continue to ruin the novels. Funny that the episode was promoting honoring the author’s original work but they also pretty much changed what happens in this episode compared to the novels. Would have been better if they at least somehow stick with following the original work. Kirino was MUCH better in that one.

  7. I really don’t like how they changed this arc. The irony of this episode talking about Anime original material when it itself is changing the original story not only through plot line but through some of the characterization as well. Why is it that Fate’s character has been changed into a completely new one with this random guy taking her original place in the story?

    Also the ending? Is it time for that so soon?

  8. I very much agree with Kuroneko. It’s that guy’s job to make money for the studio he works for and what he finds entertaining to read shouldn’t factor in. He has to figure out why that novel became a best seller despite its…eccentricities.

  9. Does anyone else think this series is going to end up with kirino giving kyosuke a hug and telling him “I love you”. as she looks up at him? I also think that Kyosuke could get beat up standing up for his Kirino and she’ll give him a kiss on the cheek and says “Thank You” as he lays on a hospital bed sleeping.

  10. “In fact, it’s gotten to the point that Kuroneko even wishes she had an older brother like him, which goes to show that just about everyone’s taken notice to his constant sacrifices for her.”

    I wouldn’t call that sacrifice. Sacrifice is, for example, an older brother having to give up going to the U so a younger sibling has a chance, or working to support a younger sibling. What Kyousuke is just standing up for his sister, which is pretty much within the realm of expectation.

  11. Kirino doesn’t deserve a big bro like Kousuke!! geez, she really needs a reality check. Being a big brother myself, I’d rather teach my sister a lesson about the real world instead having her continue being spoiled like that….

  12. A lot of you seem to prefer the novels so I decided to give that a go. I read the first chapter (translated to English by Himatsubushi) and I can’t say I like the writing style. Seems very … amateurish. Might be due to the translation process but I suspect the original material played a larger role in it.

    I guess my standards for anime are lower than those for books. *Thinks for a second* Yes, they are definitely lower.

    1. As a former translator (manga and a few novels) you have me curious there… I’ve read some amazing stuff in Japanese, but that doesn’t make it all Shakespeare either. Some is just so entertaining, but still accessible. That’s a fine line, and I really wonder where Imouto falls now.

      Well, I’ll just have to give the novels a try sometime and get back to this.

  13. They had to change the storyline of this arc because apparently Dengeki Bunko wanted to change it.
    Show Spoiler ▼

    U Doh
    1. Wow, that REALLY explains everything.

      Really, really bad timing for AIC, meaning they probably have to rewrite that chapter from scratch, while staying as close to the “spirit” of the chapter as possible.

      It’s like making an air-disaster movie just as 9/11 occurred, and then having to rewrite it into something else.

      Kinny Riddle
  14. I see they changed this episode from the light novel, the new female character actually was meant to try and plagiarize the work for her own and the brother comes in to save the day, not sure if that was meant to be a spoiler since the episode already aired differently?? x(.

    But i prefer how they did it in the amine, still trying to figure out how they’re gonna end it with 12 episodes, definitely enough material for a second season given light novels haven’t finished yet.

  15. Mother of Christ, this is one awful episode, at the end of it I just wanted to strangle Kirino for her overbearing personality, and getting watch she wanted in the end even though it would likely be a failure to the animation studio.

    Kyouske is not exempt from this as well. Why for the love of all that this rational, why the hell does he do this shit, he hates her and then acts nice to her because of the fact that he is a brother to her alone? What the hell? Not because he loves her as a sister, he actually hates her, just because of the fact that you are have the title as a brother? Where is your bloody backbone? Are you on drugs on something?

    And once again, Kirino gets what she wants without any problems (since Kyouske just sucked them up like the sponge that he is), wow, she is successful in publishing a awful Light Novel, who will get an awful anime, and now, most likely create and awful Eroge, and all is right with the bleedin’ world, since people like Kuroneko or that guy in the anime studio who worked their butts of to create a superb work don’t get jack shit. Just once I’d like for Kirino to fail and get her ass handed to her as she could learn a lesson about humility and the fact that you can’t always get what you want. But no, since his brother is there to bail her out for no apparent reason, just because he is her brother.

    Is that entire family retarded or something?

    Only saving grace in this episode is Kuroneko, she is practically the only character other than Saori (though she keeps to herself) that has any braincells in this anime.

    Is the author trying to teach us that no matter what you do, someone awful, irritating, and overbearing will get whatever they want even though they don’t deserve it, and the world is an awful awful place or having to spawn it, someone such as Kirino? Well, the author is doing a rather swimmingly good job at it.

    Also, Kirino self-insert novel character…I was right. End of rant.

    Gaze of Providence
    1. Oh dear god, how I have to disagree. However, I believe both sides of love/hate here are justified: it all really depends on whether you can connect to the episode or not.

      Okay, I’m not going to be the complete polar and say this was a fantastic episode, but I’m taking center and saying that although this episode had faults, it was still a passing episode.

      I don’t get how keeping the female lead and possibly spicing the OP availability a bit will make it a failure to the animation studio. Look at what’s happening now: LN readers are OUTRAGED at the changes made, and go zooomg. What would’ve happened if they had made a male lead? The point being made here wasn’t that Kirino always wins, but rather Kyousuke does things illogically for the sake of his sister, which necessarily isn’t a bad thing.

      Yeah, just because he’s his brother is a completely illogical reason. Hell, some people would think that’s a horrible reason. However, the bond that certain family members have with one another is so strong, you really ignore all the bad factors and constantly want to protect them from harm. I know this because I know what it’s like to want to protect someone precious to you, despite them being a drama queen at times. Sure, I can get why people don’t feel the connection, but the “just because he’s a brother” is a perfectly valid reason, even though extremely illogical. It’s one of those things where you feel a complete connect or disconnect to the situation. I’m sorry, but I stand on the former: despite how much of a screwup my family was, I’d still defend them, because they’re family.

      However, you are right about the commentary about how hard-working kids don’t make it, yet those who barely try get the win. But, I feel like people rate the episode unfairly just because they hate that unfortunate truth. I feel like this truth really brings out the REAL maturity and thought-process of Kuroneko. Before, we only really saw her subtle snobbishness and bordering elitistism wrapped in tsundere, but here we see Kuroneko in a light where she BOTH stands up for her friends, but also is true to her mind also. Yes, Kirino is on BREAK-POINT annoying for some people as of now, but without it, we couldn’t possibly appreciate Kuroneko’s or Kyousuke’s character as much.

      Luckily, as I heard Show Spoiler ▼

      so the anger from this episode should probably die as that plays out.

      1. Thank you, agree with EVERYTHING you have said.

        “I’d still defend them, because they’re family.” Especially with this. I don’t find it outrageous that Kyousuke would feel the need to stand up for his sister. Its what I feel any good brother should do (at least within reason, which I believe it was considering the changes they were making to the Kirino’s story).

        I guess I don’t find Kyousuke’s illogical actions to be preposterous because my own brother has done the same for me in the past…and the me in the past treated my bother much in the same manner as Kirino treats Kyousuke. That’s probably also the reason why I think I’ll never hate her, sure she’s a bratty bitch but its not like that’s the most unrealistic characteristic for teenage girls…

      2. i doubt LN readers would be happy with changes. I mean look at Index. Its properly doing its job in sticking to the novels but its fans get irritated with minor changes or stuff getting taken out. Imagine if you change the GENDER and the plot. That’s totally adaptation decay.

      3. While I certainly admire this notion of self-sacrifice in Kyouske’s part, however, it is totally against his own desire in itself, he said it himself that he hates Kirino and is only doing it for the purpose.
        He is not doing it because he wants to be a good brother, or care about his sister, or the fact that he is entitled as that woman’s brother, he is doing it simply because of that name, no, it’s as if he believes he should lower himself even further because somehow in his mind it is expected of him and he can’t do anything about it, it can’t be help.

        What about himself? What about what he wants? He wants his sister to fail, because she needed to be put in her place, but he sacrificed that just because what? That title of a brother and he continues to be treated badly because of it. To ruin oneself for someone is at the most highest form of respect I can give to characters; however, for someone such as Kirino, for the sake of this “title” that is burdened upon him, I cannot say that it is kind; Kyouske is lying even to his own feelings. Even if it’s for family members, regardless if that family member deserves it or not, that is wrong.

        Even then, even then if I am incorrect, what would Kirino learn from all this? Nothing, she would learn nothing, she will continue to take for granted the sacrifices of her friends and brother, she will think that things will always go smoothly for her anytime she wills it to, and that her world bow down to her whims even if she wanted. She will remain as such, until one day her world will come crashing down, and she would be unable to handle such an occurrence, since she has always been living in that illusion of hers.

        As an elder brother myself, it is my duty and my desire, to show my brother every possible scenario’s, good and the bad, that some things are just too difficult to obtain, and show another possible path he could walk on through. I do not, and I will not give him that illusion that everything is peachy is god-forsaken world, because it is not, and I would rather show him that, than gets his hopes and later obliterate it all completely when he realizes the truth, that is what I believe is what a good brother should be doing.

        Right now, what I truly believe would have been the best possible way for this to go down was to have the studio compromise by having them test the waters first on her novel adaptation, such as an OVA, etc., allowing a little leeway for Kirino to make decisions on some parts such as main characters, but this is the anime studio we’re talking about, they are trying to make money, not make Kirino orgasm, and they’ll lose more money than they could gain with the majority of Kirino’s ideas, remember Kirino’s Light Novel is still 1 volume, it has probably a limited fanbase, and I doubt that a paragon of literary achievement such as Kirino could make another one is such a short period (unless you’re Kazuma Kamachi, man that guy is insane).

        In the end, what of Kirino? I believe, even if she was thankful for her brother she wouldn’t really show it, in fact the abuse would still occur, up there in her high-horse expecting him to be with her apparently because it is a compensation for all the neglect he has been giving to her since children. She has yet, to grow up that I understand, however, is that really that hard to not act like a total bitch? Even if, even if she loved her brother for all that he has done, she seemed intent on hiding it, hiding her gratitude towards him. If that’s the case then, she is lying to herself, and I despise all those who lie to themselves.

        Kirino’s and Kyouske’s relationship is beyond that of a mere tsundere archetype relationship antics; no, this entire relationship she has with her brother is plainly parasitic, helpful for the other, completely destructive for the other.

        I despise Kirino, I desire her suffering more than anything in this blasted show, however, if the author feels like that he want to show how awful a world this is by giving Kirino everything she’s got with little effort (this is the vibes I am getting from this), then so be it, in the end it would be Kyouske suffering if he does this for her, then his suffering is not unwarranted, it is only logical for him to suffer however long he is with her. In fact, it is a must.

        Gaze of Providence
    1. No, this was meant to be her arc in a a way. Except Fate got turned into Kirino’s manager of some sort and that other guy plays her role in being jealous of Kirino. The whole plagiarism thing was taken out of the story entirely, with the assumed reason being because of real life plagiarism issues with the publisher of OreImo.

    1. Oooh I know, maybe the show will feature Kirino becoming a singer, singing about how she would molest her little sisters, the usual. Then the music studio would force her to change the subject matter of her songs, to something that would not make parents blow their tops off, however, Kyouske comes in and grovels like a dog to the executives, which magically works because Kyouske says that Kirino poured out her “feelings” on her music.
      The executives acquiesced, and publishes the song, becoming a world wide hit, making Kirino an idol, and a best-selling artist of all time, bigger than The Beatles, Elvis and Michael Jackson combined three-fold.

      Also, Kyouske gets kicked in the balls for all his trouble by Kirino. The End.

      That should piss off the Music Industry.

      Gaze of Providence
  16. Wow, totally did not expect so much deviation from the novel, but yet not quite…

    In the novel, it was mainly about how Kirino’s work got plagiarized as someone else’s (Fate was the culprit), stealing all credit from her, leading to Kyousuke and Kuroneko to go and claim it back.

    I was thinking along the lines of “Maybe they were thinking since that part in the novel was more or less an introduction into how light novels are produced, perhaps for an anime, it would be more relevant to the viewer to introduce to them how novels are adapted into anime instead.”

    Then I saw U Doh’s explanation above on the very unfortunate bad timing with that incident and it all totally makes sense now. And it’s perfectly understandable how AIC would prefer not to be seen as making a buck out of someone else’s misfortune.

    Kinny Riddle
  17. Pardon the separate post, as the last one was getting too long and concerned about the deviation from the novel.

    Anyway, unless you’re an extreme novel purist, then I would play Devil’s Advocate and argue that the “spirit” of that chapter was more or less preserved by AIC, despite the deviation from novel-making to anime-making – that of Kyousuke and Kuroneko standing up for Kirino when they see how unfairly she’s being treated, despite both being jealous of her talents.

    Gotta love Kuroneko at the end saying how she feels envious of Kirino for having a brother that “hates” her covering her back all the time, probably the beginning of how Kuroneko is starting to see Kyousuke as the big brother she never had.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Most of those things in magazines are usually added by editors for show, I don’t think that qualifies as solid evidence.

      But thanks for pointing that out, this show has its fair share of subliminal messages after all.

  18. “this is in reference to how production staff and even outside factors such as investors will ultimately dictate how an original piece of work is adapted, with potentially very little regard for the author’s wishes to see a faithful adaptation”

    But bottomline is the author has the final say if he want to anime a novel or manga, all these mess up anime that didn’t keep their original story is due to the fact that the author didnt have the ball to say no to the production staff unless they keep everything the way it should be in the novel, or they just too greedy that as long as someone deposit money into their bank account they don’t care what happen to their work when it get anime. So the business reality of things or production staff is not the one to blame but the author is.

    but I am glad that Kirino got told the way she did, when you a newbie u need to learn to shut the F$#^ up and only listen to production staff about how things should be, she is so freaking dumb that she think producing anime is free or charge or something that whatever she suggest doesn’t cost money, what a dumb bitch, she need to learn to shut up and listen to more experience ppl, in the end if she don’t like how is done then say NO and refused to get it anime instead of talking with her machine gun mouth, even I was extremely annoy listen to her blabbing like that thinking she know it all.

    As for Kyousuke he is way past the boundary of being a big brother to trying to do something outrageous nice so he can get laid with this girl. Which is bad in this case since is his sister. He is a totally sis-con. Kuroneko was so right about why does everything has to go in Kirino’s way, she should get step on more often so she can learn to face reality. Doesn’t Kyousuke understand that what makes a person grow in life is not getting everything they wanted but overcome life’s difficult situation when it pop up. If she coming to get what she wants, she will just continue to be the bitch that she is, being a bit bitchy when u young is ok but if she still like this when she older, one day she goner annoy the wrong person and there be dire consequence then.

  19. I’m really starting to hate Kirino. She’s so pretentious and spoiled. She needed that anime to fail to teach her a lesson, and when it didn’t, she thinks it’s because of what she said, not even thinking some outside force had an impact

  20. this had of been my least favorite episode only because at the one point it felt like it when kirino was blabbing off all of her ideas to the producers it felt like it was going to never end and just got more and more annoying every second

  21. Kirino must be about the most annoying bitchy lead female character I’ve seen in any anime to date. There are zero redeeming qualities to her character so when she says a simple “thanks” it’s played up to be a ground breaking moment of kindness despite the constant torrent of abuse to her brother & ill treatment of her friends… Watching this for 8 annoying episodes has been enough I think.

    Can anyone who’s read the manga at least let me know if she suffers an unfortunate accident with power tools, or something to make this crappy series worth watching?

    1. *points to several posts above* The short version is that the original source material veered VERY closely to a real-life scandal (concerning plagiarism) that OreImo’s publishers would rather not talk about more than it had already.

  22. From my prospective this episode is try to tell something. hhmmmmmm i wonder

    I would like to kill this episode specially that part(^_^). just kinding. anyway i don’t want this anime to end of like **** since i started to like it in the very beginning.
    I just pray that no more alternation would every happen again.

  23. Woah, there’s a lot of comments to read.

    Dunno if it’s been asked yet, but has anyone figured out what Kuroneko means when she said “anime otaku use only” on Kirino’s forehead that she was gonna write that is dirty that she couldn’t say?

    1. I think it’s a double entendre.

      FIrst, that she means that she will label Kirino as being for ‘otaku use only’ — ‘use’ as in self-abuse by the fans of her new show.

      Second, she’s insulting the quality of Kirino’s work, or more properly, the work that comes out of Kirino’s mind.

  24. On another note, I don’t believe for a moment that Kyou hates Kirino. Someone else also mentions this above (HMorris73). But he isn’t honest with himself because the truth doesn’t make sense. It’s actually inconceivable. So it’s easier to tell himself and her friends that he actually hates her but is doing his filial duty. Her friends (or his own) may consider him an idiot but at least it’s an excuse that makes sense so therefore, it’s acceptable and nobody argues with him about it.

    I wonder if Kirino’s next counselling session is going to blow his ability to lie to himself and others completely out of the water.

  25. Wow, lots of Kirino hating going on… I have to admit she sometimes wears on me, but not to the degree where I’m calling her a whiney bitch or a sick perverted otaku ^^’ It’s just a show guys, calm down.


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