「ナオクラキソラ」 (Nao Kuraki Sora)
“The Dark Sky”

As seen in the ending sequence and confirmed this episode, a very innocent Sora did stumble on Nao having her way with Haru when they were younger. However, if that didn’t scar her childhood memories and convince her that Nao was trying to take Haru from her, a repeat of that in the same house should help in that regard. While it was Haru taking the initiative this time around and having his way with Nao, it doesn’t mean much when Sora wakes up to the sight of Nao with her shirt lifted and Haru aggressively thrusting up against her body. I really don’t blame her for interrupting them now that she understands what’s going on, and I was actually happy to see her throw Nao out the house, reveal that she knows what she did to Haru when they were younger, and tell her never to come close to Haru again. Admittedly, it’s kind of odd that I’m on Sora’s side when Haru and Nao technically aren’t doing anything wrong though. Part of me can’t help but feel sympathetic towards Sora’s situation, seeing as there’s a very real possibility that she does have intimate feelings her twin brother ever since their kiss. Of course, that would sort of suggest that I’m okay with an incestuous relationship between the two of them, which I really can’t say that I am. Not definitively anyway, and it’s not something that I care to get into a moral debate about either. All I will say is that from my vantage point, Haru’s personal happiness is coming at Sora’s expense and that’s not a trade-off that should have to be made.

If I were to take the stance that incestuous relationships are illegal, then the conclusion would be easy. Sora needs to get over her attachment to Haru and let him be happy with Nao if that’s truly what he wants. At the moment, he’s given every indication that he does want to be in a relationship with Nao, and is working together with her to try and make Sora eventually accept it. Legally speaking, there’s no reason why Sora should be as upset as she when Nao’s trying her best to get on good terms with her. After all, Kazuha, Akira, and Motoka were all quick to accept their relationship and show their support when Ryouhei tipped them off about the problem they’re having with Sora. But (and this is a big but), who’s to say that love thinks rationally like that? At this point, I can’t say whether Sora actually sees Haru in an intimate way or simply hates Nao for taking advantage of her brother when he was young and innocent, but I can probably safely conclude that she had no idea what incest is when Haru kissed her nor what sex is when Nao was taking her clothes off on top of Haru. Given the time that’s passed between then and now, it’s almost guaranteed that she knows what they are now, yet there’s an understandable feelings of anger from having her innocent heart toyed with back then. Once even remote feelings of love come into the picture, it’s almost guaranteed that thinking and acting rationally goes straight out the window.

On that note, it probably doesn’t help that Sora’s a hikikomori and only has Haru to interact with, meaning that if he does get into a steady relationship with Nao, it’s almost guaranteed that he’ll pay much less attention to her as an older brother. So even without the whole incest bit, Sora is getting the short end of the stick in one way or another. While the circumstances may be the same even if Nao hadn’t taken advantage of Haru back then, I’m leaning towards the highly likely possibility that they’d be different. At the very least, Sora wouldn’t have a reason to channel all her hate towards Nao, who clearly realizes she shouldn’t have done what she did even now. I’m just glad I’m not the one that has to try and sort out their current situation, because I can only realistically expect Sora to continue hating Nao and distancing herself from her and Haru. Over time, she may come to be okay with their relationship, but it’s not something that’s going to happen overnight when she’s resented Nao for many years now. The way that Haru and Nao are trying to get on her good side by cooking her curry, sharing lunch with her, and giving her fruits and vegetables feels like they’re trying to buy her forgiveness and ease their own consciences. It almost seems like they expect to her to be okay with it all of a sudden, which to me means that Haru clearly doesn’t understand Sora’s feelings at all. Anyway, the drama’s definitely turned up a notch, so let’s see how this one concludes next time.

* I haven’t made mention of this yet, but a letter and a number are shown on all the episode title screens after the first one and indicate what episode of whose arc it is. For example, this one was “N3”, indicating that it’s the third episode in Nao’s arc. The previous one was “NS2”, meaning it’s a common second episode in both Nao and Sora’s arcs.





  1. I don’t know the backstory other than what’s shown on the anime but…
    I can’t stand Sora. From the beginning she doesn’t do anything useful nor even tries. Then she expects Haru to pay attention to her all the time and doesn’t even say thanks when he does things for her like making dinner.
    We’ve seen the weak sister character before, but this one can at least walk around and do things on her own. She’s done nothing to help make things easier for the siblings to live in the house. I find it hard to believe that she’s the main girl in the series.
    On a sidenote, it’s nice that Ryohei is trying to make Nao happy, but his method of overdramatic reactions just isn’t funny.

    1. I have to agree. It’s kind of funny how many hate Nao as a slut, yet Sora selfish possession of her brother is ok. Incest favoritism aside Sora, or at least how the anime portrays her, has come of as a very unsympathetic character. All she does is lie around, use her illness as an excuse, and whine and complain about Haru not paying attention to her. At no point does she stop to think of how the world doesn’t revolve around her nor does anyone actually call her out on this.

      Her interactions with Akira are the closest I’ve seen her to being a better person, and it never really pans out.

    2. “at least this one can walk”
      Oh man… *rolls eyes*

      I think it’d be disgustingly tramatizingly down-right AWFUL to walk in to your twin brother twice in your life, but still no pity for Sora from me. I think Nao and Haru are a cute couple and I’m hoping Sora learns to open up her world to more than just Haru. :/ I just don’t see the attractiveness of her weak, emo, needy, jealous character… Anyone care to explain?

      1. Short answer: Incest. Long answer: Incest is hot

        Just look at the popularity of recent series like Kiss x Sis or Ore no Imouto. I’m not an incest fan myself but at least those sisters show empathy and affection for their brothers. Sora shows none of these redeeming qualities, all she does is expect affection to be delivered to her lap.

        Heck, Nao is more sympathetic here and fans call her a slut and treat the selfish, whiny Sora as a victim. It’s all double standards.

      2. I’m gonna expand my initial definition of the sister character type a little bit. When I said “weak sister” I was referring to the ones who are hospitalized and bedridden like in Angel Beats, Inazuma 11 (I could be wrong here, I saw 1 recap episode in Japan) and Evangelion. With these chara you can be sympathetic to their condition and at the same time see that the brother is caring and responsible.
        These sisters are different from the Kissxsis, Oreimo variety. Frag is right in that the incest trend is in at the moment regardless of how people look at that topic. Personally I’m iffy with fraternal twins. That’s a new boundary for me.
        Now you have Sora who possesses weak sickly characteristics so it’s supposed to draw sympathy. But her other qualities completely throw that out. She’s crying for food and complains about canned dinner, then she dumps home cooked curry. I bet she wasn’t the one who ended up cleaning that mess.

      3. Well you can’t say the KissxSis sisters are of the Oreimo variety because in KissxSis, Keita’s sisters may be very horny but they care about Keita very much and support him when things are suppose to be serious. No matter how you look at Kirino, she isn’t even a Tsundere, she is a complete bitch towards Kyosuke.

        Suppa Tenko
      4. Yeah, Sora’s selfishness really counteracts any sympathy points one could have for her.

        I’d probably put most of the blame on the time when she really was much more seriously ill and everyone doting on her about it, but now that she’s, compared to what we’ve seen, much more able than she was before and able to be more on her own, she STILL expects to have all that luxurious treatment just handed to her as if it were just natural for it to be done and if someone else starts grabbing Haru’s attention, rather than trying to move on and do her own thing, she just broods, sulks, and rages about it.

        She’s basically the Sasuke of this series so far XP lol.

      5. Well, I’m not here to defend Sora’s actions, but I guess a reasonable explanation for then is that as opposed to when they where kids, she now knows that her feelings for her brother are wrong and act with arrogance and agressiveness hoping to keep him at a “safe” distance from her, at the same time she still nurture those feelings and fear he gets out of her reach and so try to keep Nao away from then as she disliked her ever since the incident whith Haru when they where younger. Of course, she could just be bitching around… XD.

  2. How could Haruka do that sort of thing in his own house? And how come Nao didn’t refuse?
    Its only common sense that Sora would stumble upon them (and be shocked/disgusted) -_-” Neither gave a thought about it.
    Even though both of them appear to be caring about Sora, in reality they are thinking more about themselves. Dislike this couple.

  3. this year’s “the brother who doesn’t understand his sister” award goes to Haru! 😀
    though I have to say… I do feel that Sora is being annoying here… not that reverse ra%* or having your way with another girl in front of your family member is correct… but she could at least not be so hostile like she was in the other 2 arcs… (guess they probably just did not show it in the anime…)
    Sora, you probably don’t understand your brother either…
    Hope for a strong end…

  4. Ah well, does anybody notice that episode title can be read too as “Sora’s darkness”?
    I can’t but empathize with Sora, despite all what is wrong with her feelings towards Haru. She simply does not have anyone else to rely on left in this world, and I am afraid if not turning agressive (nice boat fans would love that, no doubt) she could commit suicide herself.
    Of all the wincest themes this season (Miya, Kirino, Sora…) this one seems most plausible, and most heartwrenching.

    1. Agree. There’s no one else for Sora. It doesn’t look like there’s ever been anybody else for her either. She probably doesn’t know how to live like a normal girl so I can’t blame her for her actions. Sora’s hurting herself by distancing herself from Haru because she hates Nao, and Haru is hurting her badly by leaving her like that thinking she will understand by herself. (Maybe Akira will help.)

  5. I actually feel a little sad when I see Sora as a kid watching her brother get well raped. What would you do if you saw your brother or sister doing “things” like that at that age. (Mind you, your Sora’s age so what would be going through your head at that time?)

    I wouldn’t know what to do. Just watch in awe? D:

  6. I can see that a lot of people are on the line about Sora, but I am sure during her story arc she will be shown in a much more favorable light. Also, I am sure anybody would have a problem with Nao if they saw what Sora saw as a kid, just seeing Nao must be bringing back some horible memories. And I think the reason that people refure to Nao as a slut is because of the fact that she took advantage of Haru as a kid just to make her self feel better.

  7. People hate on Nao? She doesn’t have the greatest arc but the spoiled little princess Sora doesn’t deserve any label resembling “sympathetic character”. If I could’ve gotten my kicks at that age the girl that did that would be my heroine.

  8. Nao disgusts me more with her body than her attitude.
    Seriously, her body doesn’t look hot at all, it’s overproportioned, looks not nice at all.
    Maybe I’m biased because she looks exactly like that megane girl from KissxSis, I just don’t like that type of character.

  9. Its kinda funny how people can be so ok about the whole raping bit and say all should be forgiven and Sora should just get over it… imagine for a second that their genders were reversed Nao = man Haru = girl Sora = twin brother. I really doubt people would be totally fine with the fact that Nao raped Haru if she was a guy. Most people wouldnt be surprised if Sora really did do some heinous things to Nao least of which through her out of the house.

    I doubt any guy would REALLY care if that happened to them at any age after puberty but that really dosent change the fact that Nao, at least was, kinda unstable. I mean if Haru’s ok with it i doubt Sora is going to take this to extremes but she sure as hell is justified for not liking her.

  10. If everyone really wants to see a good example of the wincest watch Aki Sora Yume no Naka 02 until we get to the story of Yosuga no Sora episode 11.

    Aki Sora OVA 03 aka Aki Sora Yume no Naka 02 = Yosuga no Sora 11
    Aki = Nao
    Sora = Haru
    Nami = Sora-chan

    Nami rapes Sora; Nao rapes Haru

  11. I liked this episode because there was really good drama and I also feel somewhat sympathetic towards Sora but still Nao did suffer too. So I’m divided. Sora needs to wait for her arc to get Haru to herself. LOL

    And we finally the class president again, I wish she could have had her own arc. I liked her in the first episode because she blushed easily when Haru was around.

  12. I too am a Sora sympathizer.

    They know she’s coming back home. They know she doesn’t approve of Nao. Yet Haru lets his hormones get to him and they start humping right where people could see them easily. I have little sympathy for Nao and no sympathy for Haru: those two should know better by now. I get that he’s a womanizer, but have some decency in your own home.

    The way they try to make up to Sora also seems shallow. Food and wanting to walk to school together, hoping to just act like the whole thing never happened??? Your sister saw you having sex. You can’t just blow that over with some cheery-happy and hope that she’ll “accept” your relationship. I hope the writers actually capitalize on that point though: that you can’t treat matters like this the way you’re doing it now.

    Sora wanted curry, yet Haru and Nao used it as an opportunity to try and “bond” the distance between Nao and Sora. That’s just insensitive, but at least the intentions are good. Deciding to sneak in a quick sex before serving said curry? No.

    1. You’ve hit the nail right on the head. There’s like a million and one ways they could have eased into telling Sora that they were together, and that Nao wasn’t using Haru’s body to make her feel “better” this time. It’s almost along the same lines as wanting to reveal a new relationship to your parents, only to have them walk in on you in the full swing of things.

    2. I totally agreed. You want your sister to forgive and accept you so you bribe her with food? She would sooner starve to death. It’s like they don’t even care about her; they could care about the fact that they could remain together.

      I’m taking Sora’s side on this. I feel absolutely nothing for Nao. To me, she and Haru are the selfish ones. I wouldn’t even care if she gets hit by a truck. They don’t even try to understand Sora or her reason for being this way.

    3. Completely agree with you. I understand why Sora would be mad, even IF she didn’t have her codependent/possessive personality.

      Not only do Haru and Nao not wait until they can tell Sora about their relationship, they completely disregard that this is also her home and the need to take it somewhere more private (i.e. his room). If I look at it from Sora’s view, I don’t think I would like it either that this girl who I believe had raped my brother has dared to show her face again WHILE repeating the same actions that made me hate her so int he first place. And maybe Haru didn’t see it as rape, but I believe Sora thinks differently. In her eyes she probably sees Nao as a manipulative bitch who’s trying to seduce her brother. Nao acting all nice and like a big sister to Sora probably doesn’t help much since it can come off as fake.

      Also you can’t really blame Sora’s hate as if its solely brought on by her being a clingy incestuous imouto, since its pretty clear her hate is focused only on Nao. Its not Haru being in a relationship that bothers her as much as it is that Haru is in a relationship with NAO ~D<~!!!111111

      And yes, their half-assed apology. It just looks like they're trying to suck up to Sora and bribe her with food… As there wasn't a scene for it I doubt they actually bothered to confront her with a verbal apology. Making it seem as if nothing happened doesn't appear to be the sincerest apology. To me it looks like the only thing they care is being able to feel free to bang one another whenever and wherever they want.

      I'm interested to see how they can possibly make it turn around so that Sora actually accepts Nao.

  13. I agree with phro, screw Haru and Noa, Sora is better than both of them put together. Also throughout this whole episode I thought that Haru was such a horny kid.
    Good review on the episode.

  14. this is what I meant on how I feared this arc will put hate on sora because unlike kazuha and akira’s arc, sora is more involved, playing the jealous,angry and possessive girl.

    this would paint sora in a bad frame and the same could be said for nao once we get sora’s arc. I can sympathize with nao’s situation a bit but I also understand sora’s situation like what the other guys said, haru is the only person that sora is close to and also the only person left to support her since she is sickly.
    as shown already in the earlier arcs, haru has definitely somewhat neglected her like in this ep where he forgot to shop for ingredients.

    simply a lot will not like sora because she is now an obstacle for a girl unlike the other arcs where she was (slightly) okay with haru going for the other girls.

  15. I blame Haru for the whole mess. He should have told Sora he was seeing Nao and she his GF and thats that. Its not his fault Sora is antisocial and has 0 friends. At some point in his life he has to have a relationship with another woman NOT his sister and Sora needs to make friends and get her own boyfriend. Having sex in the house like that probably wasn’t the best decision either but they thought Sora wasn’t home.

    How many of us adults that are sexually active have ever been caught or close to being caught having sex? Haru and Nao were not the 1st ones to be caught like that and they won’t be the last. Better she catch him having sex with Nao (Nao loves Haru at any rate) then if he was having sex with Ryouhei.

  16. Nah, Sora’s a possesive bi*ch. It’s true that Haru could have chosen a better place, but why should they expect Sora to sneak into the house through her window when she told him she’d be home late?

    Also what’s wrong with Ryouhei x Haru or vica versa? As far as I know she never walked into Ryouhei taking advantage of Haru when she was a child =\

  17. “All I will say is that from my vantage point, Haru’s personal happiness is coming at Sora’s expense and that’s not a trade-off that should have to be made.”

    That’s not the correct vantage to look at it from. It’s not just Haru’s happiness, but Nao’s as well, so does that mean that it’s still at Sora’s expense? What if it were a situation where not only Haru and Nao, but Akira, Migiwa, and Motoka as well were all happily involved in one big (and literal) clusterfuck? Do they all have to take a backseat to Sora? Why? Because she’s family? Because she saw him first? Because she’s a sickly hikikomori twintail loli and that’s the fetish du jour? When do we reach the point where it’s Sora’s selfishness that is the problem? Or more specifically, when do we reach the point where the loli twincest shippers realize that that is the situation. Or do we ever?

    If Haru wanted to put his who-who-dilly in Sora’s cha-cha, I’m sure he would broach the subject. Lord knows she’s made it clear that she would let him. Guaranteed he’ll be doing just that in a few episodes, during her arc. But if he doesn’t, whether it’s because he likes big tits, or he’s not into incest, or he simply doesn’t feel that way about her (or feels more that way about someone else), it’s not something to hold against him. Not only is it his decision to make, it’s only his decision to make. Not hers.

  18. What an annoying episode. Watching Haruka and Nao spending the entire episode wishing for the past to come back is annoying. What’s worse is they want to bring Sora with them to the past. This is probably a time which she doesn’t want to remember and wants to move on from there. Not only was Sora traumatized, she was also sick.

    With Akira, Haruka is trying to push her towards a better future. Same thing with Kazuha. Nao, ugh, watching two people try to relive their childhood – not fun to watch.

  19. They’re all selfish…..
    Haru – All about my Girlfriend and sex
    Nao – Raped ya, but Im repenting, now lemme cook my way into Sora’s heart.

  20. A truly tragic situation is when both sides are right, and both sides are wrong at the same time.
    I cannot truly condemn Nao, especially since Sora seems to accept her now totally. On the other hand Sora is helplessly dependant on her brother, and his new love can destroy her. I am afraid there are no good choices here, someone will get hurt.
    And @ Omegan – people usually are truly selfish in love too… after all it is that to please our own feelings of love that we do things to please our partners.

  21. somehow the “Nice boat” ending comes closer…
    Go Haru! Go for the Maid! Or even better for the Ojou-sama with the maid, her “sister” and the wealth to create a harem…

    gender bender Haru ftw!

  22. Sora needs to get over herself already. Haru and Nao dont need to be making any effort to make her happy, its all stupid. Traumatized from your brother having sex, bloody hell if Haru can move on why she still being a bitch when it aint her business to begin with. Haru made an effort to make friends so why should His happiness be sacrificed so sora can remain the same rabbit carrying, lazy, anti-social. There twins she aint 8 she needs to grow up.

  23. My goodness this arc is ripping the forum apart. I mean we seem to literaly have two different sides thanks to Nao’s arc that we didn’t have in anyother. I just hope that Sora’s arc goes better. Also how do you put spoiler tags on?

  24. @ magixii – follow the instructions under “leave a reply” button…
    some firece ship to ship combat, yes…
    @ Sora haters:
    Sora is weak, sick of body and didnt have much occassion to make friends spending lots of the time in hospitals… How do you expect her to suddenly become independent from the sole other person her family consist of now the parents are dead?
    @ Nao haters – should she sacrifice her own happiness and that of Haru too – just to help Sora stay brother-dependant hikikomori?
    As for me I pity both sides and sincerely hope some form of at least semi-happy ending will be found, perhaps with Sora finding a new circle of friends in the form of the rest of the harem girls plus Ryouhei. I dont like boats, no mater how nice!

    1. How about a 3rd option…. Haru and Nao get married (or live together) and Sora learn to accept Nao and become friends with Nao? This is how it would work in the real world at any rate.

      1. “This is how it would work in the real world at any rate”
        thats not a 100% guarantee, haru has already shown in earlier arcs to blush when sora is pretty close.

        anyway even though I prefer sora, I have a bit of a hard time to choose between them since each is justifiable, you only choose that because your either a nao fan, dont care about sora,
        or is pretty bound to real life, its fiction, you do not apply it to the real world, otherwise you wont enjoy things like this

      2. I can see one ending that would be good:
        Desperate Sora throws herself in a lake to drown, Nao rescues her and Sora is grateful enough too accept Nao. Kinda like nice boat, averted. Is that possible? Not sure. Anyway next episode is the last one in this arc so we will see it, then proceed to (much desired by many) final arc centered on Sora herself.

      3. I just loved this episode. The way that Sora kicked out Nao from her house was just so cool!
        I think Sora is being the only character that is making sense in this arc. I mean, what Haru and Nao were thinking when they started to have sex in the middle of the house?”oh, but they tought that Sora wasnt at home”. COME ON. They not even went to her room to check or called loud her name!

        Also, she saw Nao rapping her brother(yeah, rape. Even if she didnt hitted/hurted him, she definetly seduced an innocent child) so its just so fucking normal that Sora hates Nao with all her heart. And even if she hasnt feelings for her brother, still her reaction would be acceptable cuz no one would like to wake up and see a sex scene in the middle of your living room.

        And about Sora’s being selfish, apathetic and spoiled it’s also natural. She lost her parents and has a sick body, so she cant go out and do normal things like the other girls. She stays at home alone every day in a fucking hot city so how could she be a cheerful girl that is always smiling? It’s also coherent that Sora has a brother complex cuz he is the only person that she has in the world. But i agree with the hatters that Sora needs to let haru go and make friends, cuz he is a selfish bastard that doesnt deserve her.

  25. Wow, the first half of the episode had the tension so thick that you could cut it with a lazer, kind of awkward that it would be broken by a Sora-discovering-Haru-and-Nao-having-sex kind-of-bat.

    An open discussion between the two parties (Sora and Nao), with Haru clearing misconceptions should solve this predicament.

    Gaze of Providence
  26. Guys, you have the wrong idea about the show.

    Haru actually has parallel universe traveling abilities and right now he’s traveled to this universe so he can have sex with every girl in every possible way. Sora actually is just trying to stop him because every time Haru switches universes, Sora loses her life energy. Haru will keep traveling til he has sex with every single girl on this show, eventually to his own sister before he becomes insane and does a Higurashi.

  27. Gah.. I just can’t like Nao at all. She comes off as such a slut to me and her character design really reinforces that.

    Still, if I look at it from a neutral standpoint both Nao and Sora were at fault for this crazy drama.

    Nao letting her sexual desires go rampant and raping Haru when he was a child was really a mistake. Nao acknowledges this herself, but in the end Haru forgave her. That’s all fine and dandy for the two of them, but I wonder how it must have looked from Sora’s point of view? Did you see Haru’s DEAD EYES after he had sex with Nao? Damn, it looked like she sucked the life out of him. Also their superficial way of trying to make up with Sora was just… ugh, wth? Sora is NOT Index! It doesn’t help that Nao and Haru don’t keep private matters private either. Seriously they KNEW Sora would eventually be home. At least have the decency to find a private area before going all bam bam bam.

    Sora is indeed selfish and needy, but that’s not because she’s just being a little bitch like Kirino from Ore no imouto. Considering her back story, I can understand how she turned out like that. That being said, it’s not as if Sora wants Haru all to herself. Has everyone forgotten the Kazuha route where she supported Haru’s happiness? Or the Akira route where she also stepped aside. Sora’s hostility is specifically directed to Nao. She sees Nao as a manipulative bitch who pretended to be like a sister to her just to sex up her beloved brother and take him away. Now we viewers all know this isn’t true, but Sora hasn’t seen the same Nao we have. Nao’s actions don’t really show Sora any evidence to the contrary.

    Haru’s a too passive as well. He should just man up and fully explain the situation to Sora so she understands. Yeah she’s being evasive, but that’s nothing if you REALLY insisted on a talk.

  28. If the next episode Haru and Nao get their end together and Sora commits suicide, it would serve Haru, Nao and all Sora-haters right.

    Yeah, Sora needs to grow up. She has to make new friends and stop depending only on Haru. She needs to know how to live happily like a normal girl. But she can’t grow up by herself overnight. She needs kind advice, support, encouragement and most importantly; time. It may not be fair for Haru, but Haru has every responsibility to support and take care for her until she does. Right now, he’s the only one who can reach out to Sora. It’s Haru’s responsibility as Sora’s twin brother, family, and as a human being. Sora is very much like a baby: selfish, needing attention, aggressive, possessive but naive and innocent. It’s not that I approve of incest, rather I’m not even thinking about it.

    Well, Haru is young too and can’t be expected to know the right thing to do. But he at least should have the common sense not to make out with a girl in his living room where Sora would have a big chance of stumbling upon. Or have some self control over those desires.

    And Nao. She’s young and has suffered too. She doesn’t know about Sora so her actions towards her can’t be helped.
    But I hate her. I have tried but cannot think of any excuse for raping a friend as comfort at that age except because Nao was a slut. A normal girl would have flung herself at Haru and hugged him tight crying etc. But sex? No, no that’s not what a normal human girl would do. That’s what animals do I guess. And in the episode she didn’t stop Haru from doing it was because she is still a slut. They weren’t madly in love. They weren’t in a place where no one would discover them. It wasn’t because of curiosity. Women are supposed to have more control over their sexual desires than men, because of countless reasons, and Nao’s level undeniably defines her as a slut. I will have no sympathy for Nao unless she is diagnosed as having severe mental disorder. Even if her past trauma includes being raped, then she should know the pain of being raped and not do it to someone else! As a girl, I find Nao unforgivable.

    1. +1
      Well I think after next weeks episode, all these discussions become meaningless anyway, as I don’t believe the writers have thought that much about how the anime continues as we do.
      It will probably just end up with Sora accepting it for some stupid reason and Nao + Haru going on with it.

      1. I really hope they don’t do something so predictable. As much as I dislike how the characters are behaving in this arc, I have to say its the most interesting one so far. I’d like next week to be dramatic, it’d be nice if they pull an Amagami with doing something really unexpected with this arc’s ending but instead with actual drama included.

      2. I want Sora to die and Haru and Nao to spend the rest of their days regretting it.
        They can comfort each other all they want but the guilt of Sora will linger in their minds forever.
        BAD END!

      3. LOL to be honest I was thinking of a similar scenario…Don’t let them be happy! bwahahaha

        I’m interested to see how they’ll turn Sora around though, I hope its in some way believable. I think it’ll probably be Haru doing all the work in apologizing to Sora while Nao continues with her half-assed-ness. God I wish ‘feel’ hated her enough to give her a bad ending,the inner sadist in me wants her to suffer C<

      4. LOL I am so mean but to me, the Bad End isn’t what really happens.

        If Nao route will get a happy end, then perhaps Akira will save Sora by becoming her first friend.
        Haru and Nao may play a part in it by inviting the whole group to the beach or something.

        Akira is my favorite in Yosuga. She’s strong, compassionate, cute and playful! ♥

    2. Yay for another girl watching Yosuga \:D/

      I have tried but cannot think of any excuse for raping a friend as comfort at that age except because Nao was a slut. A normal girl would have flung herself at Haru and hugged him tight crying etc. But sex?

      Thank you! That she used such a “method” as a source of comfort at that age makes me think even more so that there is absolutely no purity in her character. Whothefarkk would have a mind process like “I’m so sad, why are my parents fighting?…maybe I’ll feel better if I rape a boy, no kissing or hugging…my chastity must be taken away!!!”. I can only see selfishness and lust in her actions. I really hate it when I see people writing it off like, “Haru got raped, that’s hot (cause a girl did it :Q), I wish she raped me :Q__”.

      It pisses me even more so when she tries to act like all chummy with Sora, even AFTER the second…impact. She’s now knows why Sora hates her and was cold to her before, yet she makes no attempt to give an explanation or a real apology. All she can offer is food and forced smiles/greetings.

      I don’t know if the original designer wanted me to like Nao or hate her, but from her design it seems like the latter. As vain as I may sound, she just looks like a girl with horribly oversized breasts trying to hide under a facade of innocence through her glasses and big sister act.

      I know everyone’s telling Sora to get a life, I actually agree. But I still think her anger is pretty much justified even without her codependancy. Yeah it may be Nao’s right to date Haru, but she needs to take care of her actions a little more. Same goes for Haru. Though I admit I did laugh that scene when Haru couldn’t stop even with Sora looking. Girl doesn’t need to be even more traumatized.

      1. Yay for another girl watching Yosuga \:D/
        >>Yay too!^_^/

        I hate Nao’s design too. I don’t like the idea of guys liking a girl because of her breasts. Raises the question about true love or bodily lust? Though it’s fine when a guy is first attracted to a girl because she’s sexy, then later loves her for who she is. i.e. love>lust (Lust is natural after all.) When it turns out the opposite, I disapprove. Like I feel it is with Nao and Haru.
        When they were doing it, I was making a face like Haru was humping a rotten fish with big boobs… and EWW enjoying it…

    3. You have pretty much summed up my opinion of Nao. That whole “lemme jump my neighbour’s son and feel better” crap just seems so bizarre to me, like it’s out of place for their age. If Nao and Haruka were 16-17+ when it happened, I could understand a little when Nao did what she did, but most people understand the who sex for comfort but once they’re a little older and have had more experience. What really gets me is deep down, Nao knows what she did was wrong, very wrong and she must know that Sora might just dislike her because of that event. Knowing all of this, Nao sets herself up for Sora to flip out on her…I’m surprised Sora didn’t give Nao a beat down.

  29. I’m in sora’s camp. Nao’s a slut. Throw that bitch out already and move to the next arc :)).

    The I’m gonna keep thrusting even though I already saw my twin sister peeking at me scene was lol and amplifies Haru’s Stud-ness and fuckYEAAWESOME too.

  30. This is my least favourite arc, Nao is too dramatic and I didnt like her at all the same way as Sora. The best arc for me is Kazuha cuz it’s really romantic how they hook up and plus she is THE HOTTEST and SEXIEST of all the girls. Second best is Akira. I would say Third is Sora though she is cute, the arc is way too dramatic second only to Nao’s arc.

  31. I’m still watching this show, but that’s because I’m at peace with what this show is. It’s not there to be pure or innocent, and the skit stuff at the end is just the show essentially laughing at itself for flaunting sex behind a fig leaf of innocence. I’ll credit the production values, but no, I’m not watching this because I have sympathy for Nao or Sora. I’m just seeing where it goes, and to know what’s going on when more people mob me to ask if “the stories are true” about this show.

  32. Oh btw, I’m sure this show is still censored 😛
    Annoying frozen frames are annoying. It’s obvious, just watch the omake, where the maid is talking in the end while hitting the jackpot, she suddenly starts moving again, lol.

    1. No it isn’t cheating on a lot of girls. Different retelling every time an arc finishes.
      So basically everything goes back to 0.

      On a side note.. This show feels like it’s going to send me to hell.


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