「絢辻詞編 第二章 ウラガワ」 (Ayatsuji Tsukasa-hen Dai Nishou – Uragawa)
“Ayatsuji Tsukasa Chapter 2 – The Other Side”

Imagine my surprise when the other side of Tsukasa turned out to be more tsundere than anything else. And here I thought only Kaoru would be filling in that stereotype in this series. Tsukasa is a lot scarier with the way she threatens Junichi into keeping her secret, but there’s something kinky about the way she goes about it as well. It’s not every day you see a character like hers give an evil smile after getting her breast groped. It’s probably even rarer to see one tease about giving a guy like Junichi a second feel as thanks for “agreeing” to keep all of this a secret and maintain her model student image. Before long, I found myself caught in Tsukasa’s pace without even realizing it, which is kind of odd because she did give off psychotic-like vibes only minutes before. Her willingness to press her body up against Junichi’s likely had something to do with it, but the real difference maker was her surprise upon learning that Junichi didn’t even read anything she didn’t want him to. That was followed up by her flustered reaction for lashing out prematurely, and her fake tears used to blackmail Junichi for touching her breast. While I can’t say I’m a fan of that manipulative act of hers, the way she “manhandles” Junichi has an almost inexplicable (kinky) charm to it. Ultimately, that comes down to whether one prefers the assertive type that this new Tsukasa embodies, much like Nanasaki Ai before her.

Regardless of what I feel about her character, Junichi evidently has a way of winning her over by just being his whipped self. From the look of things, he may go down a similar path to the one seen in Haruka’s arc, where he comes off as a fairly useless yet faithful puppy that a girl can’t ignore. It’s not a path I’d care to tread myself given the submissive nature of it, so I have to give a little credit to Junichi for sticking with his planning committee duties even after learning of that side of Tsukasa. On top of that, he’s still supportive of her and hasn’t judged her in any way yet, which looks like it will eventually win him a spot in her good books. Coincidentally, he has started to suspect that Tsukasa’s unrest stems from home and likely her sister Yukari, reaffirming the suspicion I had last time. Going on that assumption, I wasn’t inclined to classify Tsukasa as a “yandere” without learning more about her circumstances, and after seeing what she’s like when she’s not carefully calculating how to keep up her wolf in sheep’s clothing persona, I’ve started to give her even more benefit of the doubt. During Junichi’s house visit after she collapses from overworking herself, we got to see more of her manipulative side in a lighter context, plus an earnest reaction towards Junichi’s compliments of her sister’s strong personality. In a way, it was the beginnings of a bit of subconscious jealousy forming that became a lot more apparent when Junichi started fantasizing about Hibiki in a swimsuit for the Miss Santa contest.

Given the way the contest was played up from Haruka’s involvement, I can definitely picture it being the event that Tsukasa’s arc may conclude around. That of course means that I can see her participating in the event to catch Junichi’s attention — with swimsuits and all like Kanae did in Ai’s arc — as her way of responding to the fact that he’s already caught hers without even trying. All it took was a dog peeing on her leg and Junichi making the most of the situation with his innocent offering of a piggyback ride to the closest water station. The number of times he got Tsukasa blushing helplessly near the end was unprecedented, and was in spite of her outcries that he’s a pervert for touching her butt. Judging by the preview, it looks like Junichi’s going to continue to win her over by treating her no differently than before, as well as helping her overcome any new problems that arise. Either way, it’s probably safe to say that Tsukasa is tsundere for Junichi.




      1. As da5id said, it’s ALL of them. The entire show is built around each of the heroines filling some super stereotypical role.

        That said, I think Ayatsuji breaks out of her stereotype more than any other heroine. She actually seems like a well formed, realistic person, not some crazy sociopath like her character type usually is.

      2. Or maybe Tsukasa is more complicated than standard “prim and proper kaichou” – she just covers middle ground between this one and completely mad one deconstruction like, say one in Sora no Otoshimono…

  1. I was also thinking something along the lines of her actions begin on the kinky side and I’m glad that I’m not the only one! For a moment there I though that she might kill him after he touched her breast but her reaction to it was unexpected. Still I like her manipulative side and hopefully we’ll get more of that, and I hope that Junichi keeps his fantasies of other girls in swimsuits to himself if he wants to stay in one piece.

    And it would be great if she participated in the Santa Contest!

  2. Tsukasa.. Oh my god<3.
    I never want this arc to end! From how tsundere she acts toward Junichi to how cunning she is with her whole “perfect” image, I’m totally down for this arc. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a little submissive in my own right, but I would love to get to know a girl like Tsukasa. At the same time, it’d be nice to bond with her real side and learn what kind of person she is.

    I wouldn’t mind giving a piggy back ride to Tsukasa<3.

  3. I would have definitely gotten stomped like Junichi did, that’s just to tempting a thought to leave it, and bless Haruka she knows how to use it. Also i thought Junichi’s punishment was offset by visiting Hibiki in her swimsuit LOL ….shhh >_> we needn’t let Ayatsuji know that part….

  4. They included my second favorite part of the manga (the piggyback ride) so I’m just HOPING they end it just like the manga. That way her arc ending is really my favorite part of any of the Amagami manga.

  5. And here I thought we would get a full dose of Tsukasa’s scary side this episode, but it looks like they’re saving that for next week… Damn! Now I really can’t wait!

    Anyway, I like how this scene feels similar to the first part of Motto To LOVE-Ru episode 3, but minus the fanservice-y accidental pervert moment(s). Bonus points for the bedridden tsundere girl being played by the same seiyuu, haha.

    Also: Imagine spot…DENIED! (Much to the chagrin of Hibiki fans.)

  6. Ahhh, finally able to watch it, Tsukasa’s arc is turning out to be just as good as I hoped, I do wish it does get better, the whole difference in personality just makes me wonders about things that could go on behind closed doors … lol

    anyway, I do wonder what wierd-ass body part may be chosen for Junichi to kiss/fondle/etc. Because it has been a while since anything like that has happened, and since I have yet to read the manga curiosities do form

    still, great job Divine, I do hope that this arc doesn’t come to a lackluster ending, but wows us more ever

    1. There kind of was one but I don’t know if they skimmed over it or if they are saving it for later. From what I recall I THINK it happens before she went sadistic, so they might leave it out since we’re past that point.

      As for the body part Show Spoiler ▼

  7. Totally true! I was thinking Tsukasa was a yandere at first, but it was just the “wolf in sheep’s clothing”. I’m sooooo glad, she turned out to be tsundere~ <3
    She can stamp on my feet and any other part of my body for that matter, any day 😀

    After seeing Hibiki blush, I have concluded she is a super cute senpai for Tachibana to work his magic on. And also, there should be an arc for Maya – his homeroom teacher! <3

      1. Bipolar is a good joke, but not so funny when you know people who do have it. My friend is bipolar. It’s not an on and off in a second. Sometime it’s weeks or months in one mood before changing into another. It’s an illness after all. It insane the amount of pills he has to take and stated that if he overtake them, he can died. I would reconsider the “LOL” if I were you.

  8. Despite your standard anime stereotypes I think has been one of most entertaining Arcs. Still not sure what her secret is though. I’ll bet it’s not as big a deal as Tsukasa thought it was.

    1. Maybe it’s a slim printer that the laptop is docked to. That’s kinda cool.

      I wanna see the 7th girl episode… instead of unlocking it in the game. Never knew there was a manga, will go read that too.

  9. I love how Tsukasa’s seiyuu is able to portray both sides of her personality. I just realized that her being the last arc worked at well for her. The audience would spend 20 episodes getting used to her “perfect” voice, until the other shoe drops.

    I’m a little disappointed that they skipped the “hair groping” part. I didn’t think it was possible, but they actually made Junichi LESS perverted than the manga, especially when he visited Tsukasa’s house. I suppose thats an improvement.

  10. First time I see Hibiki as a woman.

    I like that dumb, idiot, stupid sister Yukari… too dumb and cute to live!

    Loved the change of speech from the Perfect class rep to the manipulative woman she truly is.

    Lectro Volpi
    1. Hm, I am wondering if Yukari is really her sister? Maybe she’s actually her mother or something? 😀
      And I guess that what Tsukasa has written in her notebook probably has something to do with Yukari.


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