“Get the hell out you stupid freeloading angeloid!”
Tomoki doesn’t seem to know that Astraea’s also masterless now.

Who wouldn’t want to be the fourth Pretty-kun? You’d be called “Yondaime”.

There are some pretty good candidates, but Mikako’s father definitely has that gangster edge.

「節穴世界(ファンタジーフィールド)を覗け!」 (Fushiana Sekai (Fantajii Fiirudo) wo Nozoke!)
“Peek into the Peephole World (Fantasy Field)!”

The silly over-the-top high jinks continue this week, but surprisingly slip in a few big developments with regards to Ikaros’ feelings and Chaos’ interpretation of love. Leading up to that, it was nothing but Tomoki falling victim to the angeloids’ refusal to give him some alone time — not even in a man’s safe haven, the bathroom — before the master pervert himself got everything he deserved with the realization of the TOMOKI Peeking System. I don’t think I’ll every approve of the side projects that Tomoki invests his time in, but that doesn’t mean he never ceases to amaze me with their complexity.


A little stream of warm water up the butt does Tomoki wonders.

Even against the highest setting, Tomoki won’t back down on showing these angeloid’s what being a man is all about.

Yeah, look who’s laughing now. Not the drenched girls staring in awe at Tomoki’s blast off.

Tomoki’s got a pretty cozy closet until Ikaros turned it into a microwave. The Pantsu Robo picture he had in there was a nice touch. Funny how he didn’t try opening the other slider door when one was jammed shut though.

While Tomoki probably didn’t deserve any of the mistreatment he got in the first half of the episode, it did sort of emphasize the lengths Ikaros went to to look out for him. Granted, none of it was helpful in any way other than nearly cooking him alive, but hey, it’s the thought that counts. On a more relevant note, it did show a clingy side to Ikaros that we haven’t really seen before. Ever since the whole Choas incident, she’s been acting a lot more like a girl in love, which is pretty cute simply because she doesn’t know how to handle the emotions she’s experiencing.


Ikaros knows how to cut to the chase at least. Her first feelings of love have marriage in mind.

While Nymph was helping Eishirou scout out Synapse some more, all I took notice of was how cute she can be when she’s treated normally.

The same goes for Astraea after Mikako taught her how to play poker. Good thing she spared her the gambling aspect, because Astraea may have found herself the victim of strip poker before long.

She’s much better off freeloading as usual.

After all the blood, sweat, and tears, Tomoki finally sees the fruits of his labor in the elaborate TOMOKI Peeking System!

Now it’s time for some blood, sweat, and uh… drool.

Those were some pretty priceless reactions from Tomoki when the girls started showing up in his room one after another.

A Sohara karate chop looked like it was guaranteed…

…but she surprises everyone with a serious conversation about the angeloids.

Somehow, all the wacky humor that came with Tomoki’s peeking system was brushed aside pretty quickly when Sohara didn’t karate chop him like we’ve come to expect. She actually drops the bomb on something that I’ve been dying to figure out myself — why Tomoki will never take advantage of Ikaros when he doesn’t seem to hesitate with Nymph or Astraea. From a broader perspective, it’s probably safe to say that it’s because this series would be treading pretty close to hentai borders if he did. After all, Ikaros would undoubtedly do anything he asks of her without hesitation, much like Tomoki found out in the very first episode of season one when he told her to strip. Judging from that, I’m almost inclined to say that Tomoki doesn’t want to “take advantage” of girls who provide no resistance, which is the real reason why he doesn’t do anything to Ikaros. On some subconscious levels, he’s still a good person at heart who’s wouldn’t get any enjoyment from preying on someone as innocent as her. I dare say he would even feel bad for doing so.

It’s kind of hard to believe, but the angeloids who flock around him are aware of that good side of him to the point that they’re willing to put up with his perverted one. What was a bit surprising to see was Astraea inviting him to play cards with her after she received a bag of senbei rice crackers from him. That was probably the first time she’s acted nicely towards him, so it was a bit of a shame to see Tomoki flatly refuse her invitation as he scampered around trying to keep his project a secret. In Nymph’s case, this wasn’t the first time she’s shown a willingness to help Tomoki with his perverted ideas if he’d be willing to become her master; however, it almost pains me to see that she can never quite overcome that hurdle of asking him if he would. Instead, it looks like she’ll forever remain an angeloid that Tomoki welcomes into his home without even realizing how she truly feels. Poor Nymph.

It’s a bit of a shame to say the least, especially after he more or less won Nymph over by protecting her from Astraea just a couple of episodes back. As such, I’m just glad that she and Ikaros didn’t overhear his explanation to Sohara that he can’t possibly feel anything for them because they have wings. That was rather cold and would’ve likely dealt more damage to their “reactors” than he realizes.


A pervert who can’t even keep it down in their own room. Now where have I seen that before?

I loved the trap the girls set, but the warning message about how good kids shouldn’t imitate this behavior should have gone way back to the creation of the TOMOKI Peeking System.

Or extending here to Tomoki barely the goods for all of them to see.

Are those shrieks of disappointment on his size? If so, they should wait for the Tomoki Tower.

To Nymph it might have been a bug, but her reaction was one of the best.
“Ah! My virgin eyes!”

Ikaros however gets the knockout blow from Tomoki’s kissing face before all hell breaks lose.

An overheating angeloid is an amazingly cute one.

I don’t like where this is headed with Ikaros purging her memories of all the interactions with Tomoki that’s caused her to feel this way.

Meanwhile, Chaos has finally made it to the surface in her grown up form from eating all the fish down there. She’s pretty curvaceous as well, leaving me wondering why Nymph didn’t develop the same way when she fast forwarded to the future.

With twice the body size, Chaos looks like she’s back with twice the amount of evil as well.

Admittedly, I’m at a bit of a loss on what direction this series will take now that Ikaros’ has supposedly purged the memories of Tomoki that’s caused her to fall in love with him. Seeing as Sohara was the only other person really aware of how she felt, I gather no one will really suspect that anything’s wrong with Ikaros in the final two episodes. Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m okay with the idea of everything going back to square one after Ikaros finally acted so human-like, so I’m hoping she’ll somehow recover those memories once Chaos returns to stir things up. Incidentally, that would seem to suggest that this second season will conclude around Ikaros this time, which I’d be all for after all the focus that’s been given to Nymph and Astraea as of late.


ED10 Sequence

[flv:Sora_no_Otoshimono_Forte_ED10.mp4 512 288]

ED10: 「望郷の旅」 (Boukyou no Tabi) by 保志総一朗&藤田咲 (Hoshi Souichirou & Fujita Saki)

Tomoki and Tomoko sing a duet! How is that even possible?


Judging by the next episode title, Chaos will likely wreck havoc with her illusions.


  1. wow… Chaos is no longer a loli?! Fish must be really good for development… Nymph, you should eat more fish 😀
    really hope the memory wipe isn’t permanent, or it will sucks for real…
    and how I love the SD forms for all the female characters 🙂

      1. correct.

        the depth would not affect that great a time, or else everyone living above sea level would have to age considerably faster, and not slower as the OP claimed.

        in fact, while gravitational time dilation exists, experiments on earth note the changes to be extremely small (nanoseconds).

        the only thing that that depth will affect is the undersea pressure, which would be too heavy to resist.

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

  2. u kinda blew my mind on two points, 1# i didn’t realize that was Mikakos dad in that pick WTF? and 2# never woulda realized that in that EPIC “Advanced” TOMOKI Peeking System ED song it was tomoki and tomoko singing. talk about OBSERVANT VIEWING!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
  3. Weee, some more plot development. There were some plot development in episode 9 too, but not as much.

    I hope episode 11 kicks you in the balls with a steel shoe with a plot this time around. Though i love fanservice, i want more plot development. Seeing as there are only 2 episodes left, i hope they do something very drastic.

  4. From Tomoki’s perviness that knows no bounds to Ikaros’ way of looking after her master which does a lot more harm than good(microwaveable Tomoki)! Astraea is really taking up Tomoki’s offer, to the point of Tomoki starving! The reactions from the girls from Tomoki’s “bug” to Ikaros seeing the Tomoki smooch were priceless! How the hell did he find the time to make the TOMOKI peep system, even with Ikaros’ help?!
    I was shocked Ikaros decided to erase her memories of Tomoki! I hope that when Ikaros attempts to do so, she’ll fail to do so completely because of some protection that exists that keeps her as Tomoki’s angeloid, otherwise that means she would be breaking the contract she made that made Tomoki her Master, which, deep down, is something Ikaros doesn’t want to do. Well, she’s making a mistake, and Tomoki always tells her to act more human, so she’s following orders. At worst, she’ll go “day one” until Chaos shows up.
    Speaking of Chaos, she’s gotten more adult-looking, taller and her “wings” look deadlier, and is able to cause weather anomalies wherever she goes, so it seems she’s gotten a lot stronger since she was able to escape from the bottom of the Japan trench. I wonder if she’s going to keep the nun attire; it adds to her creepiness. Did she learn to swim? She can still shape-shift, so she can appear as a little girl to fool the people of Sorami City.
    Maybe Nymph should eat more fish to grow up, and get her wings back? Or is that something only Chaos can do(she lost half her “wings” from Astraea); she is the 2nd generation after all. I was surprised (in a welcome change from the old gag) that Sohara didn’t karate chop Tomoki; instead she had a serious talk about the treatment of the angeloids with him.
    What was up with the scene where Astraea was eating dinner at Mikako’s house and the shadows running behind her? Is something going on at Mikako’s that no one knows about?
    Eishirou better learn how to use the dive game machine Nymph lent him to contact Daedalus, a big battle is about to start, centering on Chaos showing everyone her “LOVE”!

  5. It is implied Mikako is Yakuza daughter…
    Chaos is coming, and shes strong enough to cause weather anomalies… yikes!
    Tomoki’s ultimate peeping system was while morally wrong, a giant achievement of engineering…

  6. of course tomoki wouldnt take advantage of ikaros, I remember reading it in air gear manga that its not “exciting” when the girl shows no reaction or has no shame(talking about onigire).
    I also found it pretty cute when smoke was coming out from ikaros since ikaros’ face was still stoicish.
    I wanna see tomoko in angeloid gear like in the OP and fighting, it would be interesting how tomoko fights other than the usual groping and stuff.

  7. Wauw they already fast forwarded to the latest chapter 45 about chaos return. Guess they are doing the same thing as sekirei changing the timeline, since they have skipped a good arc and chaos wouldn’t be appearing for like 14 chapters. So we can expect a season 3? To bad they didn’t show how chaos become a adult like in the latest chapter.

  8. https://randomc.net/image/Sora%20no%20Otoshimono/Sora%20no%20Otoshimono%20Forte%20-%2010%20-%20Snapshot%2014.jpg

    Hun, i must have seen a ‘wrong’ sub or something. In the version i saw, it said. ‘Purging interaction with Tomoki, would solve this problem.’ Not Purging to solve this problem.

    Also the way everything is being switched around it getting a bit frustrating. I know the last season ending was mostly dedicated to nymph, so i can see why they’d want to try something else. But they could have went with the ‘other angeloid’ that was hinted a few episodes back. Not jump to literally where the manga is at and possibly do ‘an original ending.’

  9. I guess they might just want to make the storyline consistent for anime viewers since Chaos had not appeared for like 20 chapters in manga and people might forget about her if they have to wait until season 3-4 of the show.

    Show Spoiler ▼

  10. Wow, the manga had the Tomoki peeping tom system too, but the anime really puts into perspective what a massive achievement of engineering it was. It takes some serious skills to construct something like that. When all his summer’s worth of hard work was put to waste in an instant, he came back even STRONGER making a more versatile Advanced Tomoki Peeping System. Ikaros is really putting those calculation skills to good use.

    @Ben The Marine Warfare Angeloid was only introduced to be eaten by Chaos anyway, as an excuse to have her rise out of the water. It seems like the anime is skipping the middleman.


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