Naruto’s always been a sensitive guy, so I guess there’s no need to bring ratios into the picture when he can just feel when the new Rasengan is right. Still, that training portion of this chapter did make me think about some potentially funny moments if math is a requirement to become a Hokage. The rest of the chapter was a lot more interesting in the sense that it almost felt like Kishimoto wanted to put all the suspicion and theories out there about who was in the final coffin to rest.

In Kabuto’s explanation to Madara on how the Edo Tensei technique works, he pretty much ruled out some of the big name candidates out there, such as Minato, Jiraiya, and Shisui. In addition, the DNA requirement was officially added to it, meaning that Orochimaru did have to do some grave digging in certain cases even though he doesn’t need the actual corpse of the person he wishes to summon. On top of that, there’s the limitation on how the ability’s unable to summon those whose souls have been trapped elsewhere, e.g. by the Shiki Fuujin (Dead Demon Seal). The last one was always a fairly popular assumption, though I do find it interesting how Kabuto attributed Orochimaru’s failed summoning during the Chuunin exam to that, rather than Hiiruzen’s intervention like it appeared to be. He did have a coffin prepared ahead of time, so it seems a bit odd for it to have failed during the summoning of the coffin and not during the binding of the soul to the human sacrifice. I don’t know whether or not that was a minor amendment to maintain consistency on how the technique works, but I haven’t completely ruled out the possibility given how I discussed something similar last time about what came first, the Rasengan or the Jinchuuriki Imari.

Assuming that the foundation has been set for this ability going forward, the speculation will probably continue within the confines of it. Madara’s brother still remains a possibility, albeit an unlikely one since we don’t know too much about his abilities (outside of Sharingan ones) and can’t really assess if he’d single-handedly turn the tides of the war. As such, Rikudou Sennin appears to be a much more probable one, since his name alone is enough to reaffirm that he would. Whoever’s in that last coffin, it’s probably safe to assume they’ll have a huge impact on the overall story, simply because their identity’s been kept a secret all this time. When I first read that chapter, I thought it was going to simply be a cliffhanger that would be revealed the very next one, except now it’s gotten to the point that it would be a huge disappointment if there isn’t someone “big” in there. That’s especially true considering that they’d be technically immortal with the forbidden technique, which just so happens to come at absolutely no risk to Kabuto. Talk about being overpowered.

In the meantime, there’s so much to get through before that subplot looks like it’ll be revisited, plus there are still plenty of other revived ninjas who should prove to be a handful already, such as Itachi and Pain. It’s news to my ears they still have their eye techniques intact, since their were eyes blacked out when they stepped out of the coffins, making me think they wouldn’t. (This was before the whole DNA bit came into the picture.) Before even getting to those two, Zabuza and Haku look like they’re up next, with Kakashi and Guy rounding things out on the ninja alliance side. I’m always up for seeing more of those two guys in action, particularly Kakashi since Guy’s already strutted his stuff recently in a tilt against Kisame. Other than that, I do feel it was a bit of a waste to see Torune and Fuu sacrificed so whimsically to demonstrate the technique to Madara. They are Konoha ninjas after all, and seemed to be respectable ones as well if we overlook how they served Danzou.


    1. Uchiha Shisui, Itachi friend whom he killed to obtain his Mangekyou Sharingan. He was well known for his body flicker technique, so well known that Danzo had his right eye and arm implanted in him.

  1. Oh Kabuto… just showed the entirety of edo tensei to madara -__-

    Now Maadara will do some ridiculous guesswork and when Kabuto FINALLY decides to betray him, Madara will laugh in his face because of some ridiculous hole in edo tensei he found….

    Otherwise bland chapter:
    – naruto continues to “learn” another rasengan….
    – Next chapter its time to derail the characters of Zabuza and Haku.

    1. also nothing makes you happy and no one is acting out of character so stop talking

      Naruto’s new move may not just be a rasengan

      Kabuto will take Madara down watch my words he has plans and he saw no harm in showing Edo tensei to Madara i bet he already has somthing else that will beat him then a back up for that too

      1. I don’t think he lied about the no risk part, but I don’t beleave it yet.
        No one has ever use Edo Tensei like Kabuto is useing it. So we will see, there might be some kind of small side effect that will only cause him harm because he summoned 20 something different shinobi.

  2. there was also what madara said; “this technique is too perfect, it must have weakness.”
    I wonder what will be the weakness? shortened life? or maybe the weakness was just experiencing peace and losing your regret like sasori.

  3. Kabuto is lying. If he tells Madara the techniques weakness, then he’ll be letting him know exactly when he’s vulnerable. I’m guessing Madara is thinking of killing Kabuto and taking his place controlling the edo-tensei zombies.

    And I thought the root ninjas’ deaths were awesome. Madara needs to show some ruthlessness to make himself look like a more competent villain.

    1. Exactly, its hard to tell how much of what Kabuto said is the truth as him and Madara are playing a very dangerous game right now.

      Either way its nice to see Kishimoto bring everything full circle. I love how he takes early techniques and expands upon them. Its one of the things I always love about naruto, the basics ALWAYS come back into play.

      Its why I don’t understand why people are hating on Naruto’s Rasengan. Its his ace move. A very powerful move that only a handful of people know. Why the hell would he NOT want to make an ultimate version?

      1. Rasenshuriken was already a great and highly destructive final version for the Rasengan.
        Bijuu bomb being like another more powerful Rasengan doesn’t add any variety to Naruto’s attacks, only destructive balls is boring.
        Actually, after what he went through training to make the Rasenshuriken, Bijuu bomb should be a piece of cake.
        I’m disappointed Naruto isn’t training to go into Youko Kyuubi mode or doing something cooler.

        Probably the catch to Edo Tensei is only Kabuto can do it. That’s why he’s not worried.

      2. Yeah, this isnt dbz, we shouldnt be impressed by how much destructive power a supposed “ninja” can do with energy balls.
        I think Shadow-Clone shuriken was the most creative move Naruto ever did.
        AFter that it was orb rehash again and again. IT sucks no one uses 8 gates since everyone has found the move obsolete.
        “8 gates? We’re all twice as powerful as any Kage now!”

      3. You guys are looking at the whole situation wrong imo. You have to remember who Naruto is and who has always been. He’s always been the kind of guy who was all heart and guts. He had an awful talent for ninjutsu, especially clone jutsu. Its that irony that made his mastery of Shadow Clones so great. He was also hella ineffiencent in his control over chakra. It kept him from learning the rasengan until he mixed shadow clones with it. (And he unknowingly was using the fact that you learn twice as fast with shadow clones.

        He then added wind element to it in a crazy short span of time by combining something of which most people can’t do. Using his fox chakra to spam shadow clones to the max.

        BUT his technique came with a price, he had to throw it or risk blowing his arm off.

        And now we’re at his next junction. He can’t do the real Tailed Bomb because of his inablity to meld with Kyuubi. SO whats he doing? The next best thing.

        So before you comdemn where Kishi is going you have to sit back and see that this is Naruto’s evolution as a character. Naruto will do whatever he can to get that next level up, even if it means he used the technique in a weird and sometimes incorrect way.

        And as far as Kage level, very few people are at that level. You have to consider that theres more to being a kage than brute force. There is a sense of intelligence and leadership skills that are only capable in a few people.

        Look at how well the Hokages have played the sitauations they’ve been in. Hiruzen literally fought off Orochimaru AND the first two hokages. And not with brute force but with intelligence and tactics. Thats a kage.

        And why would everyone want to use a technique that rips your own body apart within seconds. Its badass but its a glass cannon…

      1. Messed up my post. I was just throwing ideas around, cuz they never said where his body was I cant think of any one else freaking Madara out other then him. I know the chance of it being sage of the 6 paths is close to 0 but I just wanted to be the 1st to throw it out.

  4. I think the last coffin is Kushina Uzumaki, it would make a lot of sense and she fits into the requirements for the jutsu and it would be awesome to learn more about her own techniques, plus who better to stop Naruto then his mom, now there’s a tide changer.

    1. ok if not Kushina then, the next logical guess would be Madara’s real body, I mean if you think harder, what evidence is there to state that he’s not inhabiting another body with a combination of Mind Transfer Jutsu and Transform, Or he’s using the more advanced version that pein used on Itachi and Kisame for their 30% Clones they used to delay Team Guy and Team Kakashi from saving Gaara. This ability would afford his clones the use of his abilities. lol we could also go way back and say that he has Obito ^.^

      1. There is a possibility that Madara could be using a real body, however if that is true then he can’t summon him. He needs his soul to be on the other side. However if he did summon the actual Madara then this Madara is fake.

        Alex Dino
      1. Then my theory of Kushina being in the coffin is valid considering he had all the other Jinchuriki,Madara was shocked/afraid/threaten by the coffin, and It’s a major ace and emotional trigger for the reader and Naruto himself. I think that this is very possible.

    1. Actually there were three coffins summoned, but the third one didn’t work. The panels show Hiiruzen’s thoughts about himself assuming to be the cause for stopping the third coffin from opening. It has never been explained up till this chapter what actually happened. See ch. 117 p.19.

  5. Umm.. after reading this chapter, my feelings and overall emotional state can be summed up by Kathy Bates in this clip:

    I hate that technique. It’s completely overpowered. Also, I hate the fact that we are now rewriting history. The impression I get from the Orochi/3rd battle is that the 3rd stopped the coffin containing the 4th through some ability or technique of his…

  6. I kinda have a feeling that when this war is all done and Naruto resolves things with Sasuke and Madera the Naruto Manga will be concluded. Everything for the last 500+ chapters has been slowly moving in this storyline/direction.

    Can’t see what storyline they would come out with for a big bad after that? I’m guessing Tsunade will die with her zombie lover (I forget his name) or retire and this series will end with Naruto as Hokage.

    Or maybe even time warp like Naruto did to Shippuuden and the next series will be about Hokage Naruto and the hidden leaf with him as an adult?

    1. personally, I doubt if Kishi will end this manga but keep continue with another story (just like bleach resetted after Aizen ARC with ichigo have no power and introducing new characters) interesting indeed if we have another timeskip after this 4th ninja war arc 😉 maybe naruto in his twenty lol

  7. HAH!!!! TAKE THAT, FOOLS!!!! This chapter completely proves what I’ve been arguing about with a bunch of people for the last couple YEARS!!! (In terms of the previous Kages being unable to be brought back because of being in the Shinigami’s stomach.) Now they can sit down, shut up, and eat an entire humble pie!! XD

    And too bad on Jiraiya not being a special little trump card to use against Naruto. It would’ve definitely been a huge emotional distraction for him. (As if Zabuza, Haku, Chiyo, Dan, Asuma, etc wouldn’t be enough.)

  8. What if tobi is actually madara’s brother, and the person in the coffin is actually madara? That would explain how he knows about the story and why he doesn’t have the ems. Madara may have actually died in that battle against the first.

  9. Well I was wondering whether those two would show up. Too bad the moment they come back they died. Well since one of the root members came back to life, it is possible that Mandara, or Kabuto, will be able to get some information from him.

    Anko liiives, YEY. Well hopefully she will be saved before Kabuto would do anything to her.

    Mandara has not seen the Edo first hand. Well, since he used the Sharingan while watching, then Mandara would also have no problem using it as well.

    Mmmm. Where is Sasuke in all this? Now that Itachi has come back to life then the immortal Itachi could finally do something about his troublesome little bro.

    Code fanboy
  10. ‘tailed beat rasen shuriken’
    I can imagine the consequences after shooting one shoot -_-‘ even still in Sage mode wouldn’t the nine tail sucks up the Sage as well?!? that would be alot dangerous since naurto can turn into a toad so much faster, remember math 😛
    – naruto chakra 1/3
    – sage chakra 1/3
    – nine-tail chakra 1/3
    too much exposure to either sage or nine-tail chakra gonna kill him

  11. I wonder if Naruto can just use Sage Mode. I mean there’s no more fox hindering ma and pa frog from gather natural chakra. It would be less risky compared to using the fox chakra. 🙁 my thoughts.


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