OP9 Sequence

[flv:Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Konnani_Kawaii_Wake_ga_Nai_OP9.mp4 512 288]

OP9: 「irony」 by ClariS

Sometimes I wonder if Japanese producers are purposely dicking around with English.

I usually don’t say too much about the constantly changing opening sequence, but this one deserves special mention because I’m really starting to wonder what the country that invented excellent electronic dictionaries uses them for. Expensive paper weights? Heck, even a quick Google search would’ve done them wonders on how to spell “height”.

As for the character selection screens, I’m a bit disappointed that the cursor didn’t stop on Ayase so that we’d get to see her official three sizes and weight. (You know, for comparison sake.) It is worth noting that Saori is an absolute giant at 180 cm (5’11”) and 61 kg (134 lbs) though. She’s two years younger than Kyousuke and a girl, yet taller and heavier than him. Heck, that makes her taller than me too. (I’m Kyousuke’s height.)


“Look mom, it’s a beautiful blue sky as far as the eye can see. No naked girls with glasses here!”
I bet Manami wouldn’t mind Kyousuke mentally undressing her in the meat isle.

“Oh crap, the competition has arrived and I’m still in my pajamas!”

「俺の妹がこんなにメイドなわけがない」 (Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Medio na Wake ga Nai)
“There’s No Way My Sister’s This Much of a Maid”

As the precursor to the television finale next time, this week’s episode paved way for both that and the DVD/BD one that we’ll see next year. In particular, Kirino finally showed some appreciation towards everything that Kyousuke’s done for her up until now. Unfortunately, the first half of this episode set back the potential impact of that gesture, as it left a negative impression that carried on easily into the second half. It was probably five steps backwards and two steps forward with Kirino this week, as she sets up a trap to tarnish Kyousuke’s image even further. It just had to be over porn as well, which is probably the most insensitive thing she could have pulled, after he’s made everyone accept her eroge hobby.


Kirino just opened the floodgates to doujinshi of her getting it on in the living room.

I don’t know if that’s what the writers were hoping for, but people’s imagination are going to run wild when they hear Kirino suggesting random stuff like this. Granted, I did get a good laugh out of Kirino questioning Kyousuke how he would feel if he walked in on her having sex with her boyfriend in the living room. That is, before feelings of complete awkwardness took over. Like seriously, how did the discussion become about that? And for goodness sake, why did Kirino have to put images in my mind of her sweaty 14 year-old body in tattered clothes with an ecstasy-filled expression on her face? From pedophilia to incest, this was a subliminal trap on so many different levels.


Manami might be a plain girl, but she’s pretty flawless in terms of becoming a good housewife.
Take that Kirino!

With just one look, Kyousuke gets Kirino’s message about wanting to rip his balls off.

What does Kyousuke get for going out on a limb to protect Kirino’s secret? Set up with the exact embarrassment he saved her from.

I really wanted to give Kirino the benefit of the doubt about being appreciative of all of Kyousuke’s sacrifices for her thus far, but she makes it SO DAMN HARD. While I was well aware of the comedy they were going for with the whole “screw over factor”, it was hard to be amused when I had the urge to smack Kirino around a bit with a pillow (…to keep it civil). I mean, if she was trying to make Kyousuke regret saving her all these times, she was doing one hell of a stand-up job in that department. Of course, that would mean that a series renaming would be in order, which dumps the “cute” part with something like “obnoxious”, “brat”, or maybe even the word most people have all been thinking but I personally didn’t want to label Kirino as — “bitch”. “Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Bicchi na Wake ga Nai”. It could work. I’m just not too sure it’ll sell all that well.


Rookie mistake #2. Close the damn notebook lid Kyousuke! Forget the Escape button!

“Don’t judge me!!!

I’m starting to think Manami has a kinky side of hers if she’d gladly fulfill the younger sister role.

Even if Kyousuke was set up, he only has himself to blame for fumbling around with the notebook for so long. Closing the lid would have been the easiest thing to do, followed by pulling the battery for good measure. If he did that right away, there might have still been time to roll up his bed sheets and hide all the porn magazines on his bed. And here I thought he was a quick thinker. 😛

On the plus side, Manami seems more than willing to accept that side of him and even slot into any fetish he might have. There’s a belief that the quietest ones are potentially the wildest ones behind closed doors, so if a glasses-wearing younger sister is what he wants, a glasses-wearing younger sister is what he could get. The number of cliche statements doesn’t end there, as “don’t judge a book by its cover” and “what you’ve been looking for has been next to you all along” probably work well in describing Manami too.


They could have saved Kyousuke a lot of embarrassment without the harem welcome banner, but the weird looks from the receptionist were absolutely hilarious.

Reluctance on Kirino’s face is the one thing that can increase her cuteness points. She has one heck of a hole to dig herself out of before she breaks even though.

Shin breakers don’t help her image, especially not against Kuroneko and her custom-made cat ears and tail.

Forget Kirino. We need a spin-off titled, “There’s No Way My Sister’s Otaku Friend is This Cute”.

Even Kirino can’t deny Kuroneko’s cuteness. Score one for Team Maschera!

How dare she interrupt Kuroneko’s live reading of the manga she created for this joyous occasion!

Some people sure take offense to hearing the truth.

We’ve yet to see underwear sniffing like Kirino’s counterpart Ako in kiss x sis, but her butt “offering” was right out of episode one.

Not only was she the cutest one in a maid uniform, Kuroneko also happened to be the smartest one with her ingenious manga for the occasion. For a 15 year-old, Kuroneko sure knows how to get under people’s skin and strike a very sensitive chord in style. I can’t even begin to explain my disappointment when Kirino stuck her nose in and interrupted her masterpiece. I would’ve loved to see all the other scenarios she’d hit home with about Kirino and Kyousuke’s “sibling” relationship and how they’d react to the idea of them. After all, Kuroneko only grazed the surface of the eroge scenarios she could have pitted the characters in. I felt kind of bad for Kyousuke who wanted to go home (or just die), but it was a noble sacrifice if it meant taking Kirino down with him. Endure and take it for the fans Kyousuke! Expose Kirino for the brocon that she is!


“Don’t look at me!”

So this is what it feels like to be seduced by a feline-like 15 year-old. *gulp*

Kuroneko’s even propped up like a cat to complete the package. Her “Nii-san” was treading into some seriously dangerous territory, as Hanazawa Kana made it sound unbelievably alluring.

I don’t know what Kuroneko was hoping to achieve by spurring on all of Kirino’s jealous reactions, but I reveled in the latter’s inability to sit idly and watch Kyousuke in a nervous wreck. In terms of sex appeal, Kuroneko is years ahead of Kirino when she turns it on. Combined with the whole manga thing just prior, she completely stole the show during the second half and quite possibly the entire episode as well. Actually, scratch that. She may have stolen the entire series.


A present from Kirino was probably the last thing Kyousuke ever thought he’d receive from her.

Much like in episode three, Kirino’s embarrassment over expressing her gratitude brought out one of her few truly cute moments.

Kyousuke was moved by the gesture in more ways than he realized. Finally, he’s shown the gratitude he deserves!

I don’t think anyone was expecting a reaction like that, especially not Kirino as Kuroneko forced a handkerchief into her hands to give to Kyousuke.

After ten episodes of constant abuse that Kyousuke endured, I was appreciative of the sentiment they were going for with Kirino finally showing how thankful she is for everything he’s done for her. However, it didn’t nearly have as much of an impact as it probably could have, simply because Kirino has made it so hard to overlook all the horrible things he’s done to him. I don’t know who’s bright idea it was to have the first half of this episode showcase yet another incident where she screwed him over royally, but that definitely didn’t help one bit. Had it not been for that, there was a slight possibility that I would’ve taken Kirino’s gesture as enough to make everything prior water under the bridge. At the very least, I would have been a lot more receptive to Kyousuke’s uncontrollable emotional response, seeing as he’s the one that’s put up with it all thus far.

Given how things did unfold, this proved to be only a first step in the right direction for Kirino getting back into favorable light, as I still have a hard time liking her character and being understanding of the way she behaves. I do realize she’s probably a good girl deep down inside, but her balance between bratty/abusive and cute/caring is so horribly skewed that the writers have made it pretty hard to really like her unless you happen to have a bit of masochism in you.


It wasn’t quite a facepalm, but Kuroneko and Saori’s reactions were basically one in the same.

I personally thought Kyousuke was laughing at his own misfortune and at how Kirino is still Kirino even at moments like this.

At least she didn’t slap his hand away when he patted her head this time. Progress!

Overall, this episode did open the door to quite a few different possibilities — one of which we’ll see next time in the televised “Good End”. Kirino hasn’t shown any signs of appreciation since episode three, so there’s a good chance that this will lead towards an ending where they’re on good sibling terms. The “True End” that will be released on DVD/BD next year will likely explore the other possibility where they see each other as something more and the complications that arise from that. Both should prove to be interesting, provided that they have LOTS of Kuroneko in them. I’m sure most people will agree with that sentiment.

Addendum: The four extra episodes are expected to be streamed before the eventual DVD/BD releases, which means we should see them much earlier in lower quality. Dates have not been set yet though.


ED8 Sequence

[flv:Ore_no_Imouto_ga_Konnani_Kawaii_Wake_ga_Nai_ED8.mp4 512 288]

ED8: 「アキハバラ☆だんす☆なう!!」 (Akihabara Dance Now!!) by 竹達彩奈, 花澤香奈, 生天目仁美 (Taketatsu Ayana, Hanazawa Kana, Nabatame Hitomi)

An interesting ending sequence featuring real footage of Akihabara in the background.

Preview & End Card

Next week is the televised “Good End” as mentioned. We’ll have to wait for spring/summer of next year for the “True End”.


    1. I honestly found Kirino’s actions in the 2nd half to be totally forced… I didn’t buy in anything she did. And on the other hand, I loved the first half, Manami’s finishing blow was pretty great. Kirino was just shown 90% Tsun with 10% Dere… not a great balance at all. I’d have prefer Ruri to be my little sister if I had to have one. And Takaii! Even if thou is branded a M, I will still <3 you. 😀

    2. Yes… You have a bad case of the “M”….

      I would say that this was an improvement though my appreciation for her will never even break an imaginary 20% since my opinion of her all-throughout the series has been dead 6 feet underground.

      On a side note Manami is pure win here! Kuroneko as well.

      About the stats thing the OP… I find some daunting and out of balance… Kyousuke’s stats… I don’t know whether what to believe of it but he is pretty damn light for someone as tall as 175cm.

      He should go eat a sandwich or something….

      1. I don’t find Kyousuke’s stats so strange. I’m (an asian) male, 5 feet 9 inches (175.3 cm), and weigh 135 lbs (61.4 kg). That puts my BMI at 19.9 and a “normal” BMI is between 18.5 and 24.9. I can also promise you I don’t starve myself. This causes great confusion and some jeleousy among a few of my female friends. ^_^

        That being said, I completely agree that Manami and Kuroneko were awesome this episode.

    3. I even hate her now. Her moment at the end was cute, I cant deny that. But really- the episodes before have me fucked up. Kuroneko ist much nicer and cuter. Really, cant they’re be a show about her and her Imoutos? Since they’re not quiet rich, they’re Live can have some problems out of boredom or intolerant model friends. Just shoot Kirino and give us a spinnoff!

  1. THEY DID NOT FINISH THE MANGA you have no idea how sad I was … I cried inside, hoping, praying, that towards the end of the episode it’d pop up, but to no avail … my own curiosities were pushed aside in order to save face ><

    However, I AM looking forward to seeing both of the endings, in fact, they should do every single possible ending ever (like amagami ss) and I'd love them … forever

    But still .. no finished manga ¬_¬

  2. “So this is what it feels like to be seduced by a feline-like 15 year-old. *gulp*”

    Good lord, I had a flashback when Kuroneko got all cuddly there. Reminded me of when I was a teenager and my future wife did something like that to get my attention on a group date. She’s asian, small, and petite like Kuroneko and had the same hairstyle. Totally smitten…

    1. been not quite there, but not far off with 18-years girl that was even nicknamed “cat” amongst friends for feline-like behaviour…
      score one for Manami, I’d say she would gladly do anything with Kyosuke, glasses on 😛
      score two for Kuroneko, she rivals Azusa from K-ON as a feline moe symbol.
      score three for Kirino for getting some badly needed gratitude towards her brother – but deduce two scores for her earlier sabotage towards Manami
      verdict – Kuroneko WINS!
      I wonder how will the supposedly “good” ending unfold?

  3. Why can’t Kuroneko be the main character instead of the selfish bratty, no good, self centered, hard to like, and stupid bitch Kirino? Why does everyone likes Tsunderes so much? I just don’t understand why? Divine

      1. Hm… I’m part of Team Manami and Team Kuroneko.
        *drops to the floor to avoid the crossfire*

        Besides that, I’m agreeing with most people here when they say that Kirino’s actions in the first half of the episode completely detracted from the second half for me; as Divine said, I could possibly have accepted everything if it wasn’t for the extra parts in this ep.

        While your predictions for the ‘Good End’ and ‘True End’ sound like they’re probably right, Divine, I’m still going to cling to my hope that the True End is a Kuroneko or Manami sidestory. I can hope for it, right? 😉

  4. Kuroneko…so…damn…attractive…must…draw…fanartz…AGHHHHH!!!!!

    Seriously, it’s unfair how damn attractive she is. Why can’t we just base the entire story around her instead? She’s such a cute character!

    I also felt that Kirino’s acts during the first half of the episode made this a little anti-climactic, but I was too busy laughing my butt off to really care. I practically fell out of my chair when I saw the banner above the hotel room door and the receptionist’s reactions. I was sort of expecting Saori to make some sort of fancy party, but I think definitely enjoyed this far more.

    But seriously…that cat-like girl is so damn attractive….

  5. They should NOT have had Kirino be so horrible in the 1st 1/2 of the episode. She was over the top annoying and just plain mean. She could not make up for it enough in the 2nd half. Like it was said 5 steps back and then 2 forward was still 3 steps back.

    Also the 1st half was his fault the spineless jellyfish. His friend comes over to cook and clean and he stands there letting his sister dump all over the girl? He needs a slap as well for not putting his sister in her place.

  6. Aww…Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai is ending already…(I’ve always wanted to type out the full title. Normally, I just call it Ore no Imouto). Kirino’s gift was touching, but I also found it hard to forgive her after she plotted against him in the previous part and all the other things she did. Kuroneko ftw, and I want Saori to show her beautiful side. 😛

  7. One cannot comprehend the levels of sheer RAGE I was experiencing during the first half of the episode. It’s one thing to dump on Kyosuke, but when one starts talking shit to poor, sweet, innocent Manami, things have officially gone too far! By the time Kirino’s apology and her expressing her appreciation for Kyosuke came about, it was less “aw, look, she really does care,” and more like “yeah, you’d BETTER show some gratitude, you little twat!”

    Ah, well. Was still a good episode. Looking forward to the last one next week. =)

  8. 1st Half: I wanted a cameo by Touma to Falcon Punch that little b**** back to the stone age. But even worse than that is how impotent Kyousuke is when it comes to his sister. Its one thing for a sibling to be an absolute prat, its another to let yourself take it like some kind of abused housewife. Even worse is when he could barely stand up for his friend who’s done nothing wrong.

    2nd Half: This series needed far more Kuroneko and Saori, as it maybe would have compensated for the rage induced by any scenes with Kirino in them. And really? Her entire thank you gift is a used game? Jeeze, thanks. you shouldn’t have. No really i mean it, you shouldn’t have you twat.

    @Darth and Karmafan, agree with you both 100%

  9. Well, after the bitchfest that was the last episode, shit is finally starting look up, well only after setting my standards for judging Kirino as a person very low, I was midly on how she became somewhat cute here, though I felt like they downplayed Kyouske’s depression here.

    Everybody in this episode was great. I still want Kirino to get paid in full for all the freakin’ unwarranted abuse and overall bitchiness she has done though.

    Gaze of Providence
  10. <— Kuroneko fan from the first moment.

    Unrelated to the episode Divine, I think that your writing in this style has really improved. At the start of this series the posts seemed a little bit "unrefined" but this one definitely flowed very well. I know you've asked a few times what people thought about doing the film strip format and I think it is quite good and wouldn't mind seeing it in series like this.

    1. Same here…Attractive, refined and quiet are great but to also be voiced by one of my fav Seiyuu? Overkill. I was spoiled this episode knowing I’ve continued watching this series in hopes to see more of Kuroneko and Manami.

  11. So this is the second to last episode? Oh shizzzz

    Yeah, I have been noticing for awhile that the animators tend to make spelling and grammar mistakes that 8 year olds make. Is it that hard to find an employee in the company that knows even basic English? Its like in SRW during the Variable Formation when it said Only One Crach Protect Release. At least Michael Rivas speaks good English… Its also kinda said that Weight is spelled correctly right below that.

    Suppa Tenko
    1. I’m actually starting to think engrish(bad english) is so damn common over there that it has become it’s own language. Like they are so used to using it improperly it makes more sense to use it like that. At least compared to what the writers understand. I wonder if kids in school taking english lessons make fun of it. LOL

  12. I thought the True Ending was going to be broadcasted online before the bluray/DVD releases them so we wouldn’t have to wait too long. Or, are the online broadcasts going to start in the Spring or something?

  13. i hope the dvd special episodes that are coming in the summer better have an ending for kuroneko and manami. cus the though of having your own blood sister being considered as the opposite sex just grosses me out in real life.

  14. Divine, i’m not sure why tho, she’s Manami, but you refered her to as Minami in this

    “Minami might be a plain girl, but she’s pretty flawless in terms of becoming a good housewife.
    Take that Kirino!”

  15. I dunno, but I felt that the episode was a little bit rushed. The plot for the second half just came instantaneously. I’d say it would have been better if they alloted screen-time showing how depressed Kyosuke was before the party. Perhaps another episode could’ve bought more impact.

    On the other hand, I don’t really know much about the “True Ending” but if the contents doesn’t agree with “Bill 156”, which the Japanese are voting for this Wednesday, I wonder if we would still be able to see it. 🙂

  16. Totally awesome episode :3

    Tbh I didnt feel so trolled after seeing whats inside(last ep of soremachi was enough).
    Kudos to Kirino for pulling off something I thought was impossible.
    Quite disappointed because I was hoping to see Saori oujo-sama look in a maid outfit.
    Kuroneko in a maid outfit was priceless.

    “There’s no way my little sister could give me a present” or “There’s no way my little sister would give me something decent”.

  17. Kirino’s attitude toward Manami in the beginning was way out of line >:(
    The last half of the episode was such a HUGE contrast from the first, that it caught me completely off guard.
    Kyousuke is such a freaking trooper, its admirable. Looking forward to the “Good End” 😀

  18. I actually like Kirino, however strange you may think of that. Kuroneko is definentally a very close second though. And it might be me, but I don’t think Kyousuke is going to end up with any of them. Next episode is probably going to end up with him and Kirino being nice to each other and the ‘True End’ might just be a deep relationship together? But not that deep. Or maybe he’ll get with Manami.

      1. A BIG VOTE FROM ME! Also it’s not the incest genre that turned me off the most, it’s Kirino’s personality and the fact that Kuroneko is BETTER OVERALL! Second best is Manami (damn I keep spelling her name as Minami). 3rd. Saori, 4th Ayase (she was pretty nice b4) last would be Kirino.

        Show Spoiler ▼

        SO Lets all unite Kuroneko FANS! LOL!

  19. Its like sour, sour, sour, sour, sour, sour ,sour ,sour ,sour sour, sour, sour, sour, sour, sour ,sour ,sour ,sour sour, sour, sour, sour, sour, sour ,sour ,sour ,sour….. then a piece of sweet….
    Still doesn’t erase ALL THE SOURNESS OUT OF MY SYSTEM!!!
    Good start though.

  20. For Nakamura Yuuichi, Kyousuke’s seiyuu, this wouldn’t be the first time his character gets all flustered for being called “Onii-chan”. lol


    Casting Hanazawa Kana as Kuroneko is a master stroke for the casting director, as she clicks onto what makes Kuroneko stroke the hearts of us all. As if her mimicking Kirino during the narration of her doujinshi wasn’t enough, she had to kill us all with her “Nii-san” while dressed as a maid with nekomimi and tail.

    For the earlier scene with Kirino bullying Manami around, this feels like a role reversal for their respective seiyuus Taketatsu Ayana and Sato Satomi, from their K-ON days, as it was usually Satomi’s tomboy character Ritsu bossing Ayana’s Azunyan around.

    Kinny Riddle
  21. Divine, I’m surprised you didn’t mention the part where Kyousuke asks his mom how she knew that he looked up porn on Kirino’s computer and then she does a hilarious Kirino impression (I assume it was an impression). That part cracked me up lol.

  22. I will admit that I was LMAOing hard at Kyousuke’s misfortune at being set-up by Kirino, though if my little brother ever exposes my porn collection to my female friends, I’m so seriously gonna kill him. 🙂

    That said, I would still admit Kirino is surprisingly cute when she does softens up. It may not be enough to atone for her aggressive tsun all this time, but at least it’s a good start IF she keeps it up. (And that’s a big IF. )

    Speaking of which, could Kyousuke’s preference for meganekkos in his porn collection means Manami might just have a chance of winning his heart after all? She faces stiff competition from Kuroneko, maybe Ayase however slim the chances Show Spoiler ▼

    , and as we all know, childhood friends rarely win in a harem. She even offered to call Kyousuke “Onii-chan” just to improve her chances further. XD

    Now for the “Good End”, which I believe would be an anime original ending to wrap things up, with the novel storyline continuing in the DVD episodes towards the “True End”.

    Kinny Riddle
  23. LOL at Kyousuke’s unexpected fetish. Finally an anime main I can relate with! ;P

    I can’t help but think that the first part with Kirino’s extremely bitchy behavior were overall in Manami’s favor exposing that Kyousuke likes Meganekko. I say now that she knows, I hope Manami would use it to her advantage. Damn you Kyousuke! You lucky bastard!

  24. Personally I thought that it was Saori Bajeena a referance to Char’s alias in Zeta gundam

    and I thought Hanazawa Kana’s Nadeko was awesome, but here comes along Kuroneko’s sultry “nii-san”

    Hanazawa Kana is by far my favorite female seiyu, never thought she could pull of sultry.
    Somehow every time I hear her voice i picture Amano Touko with puffed cheeks.

      1. If I remember right, in episode 2, I think Kuroneko said something like Saori’s alias should’ve been something like Big Zam or Psycho Gundam instead. I thought from that moment that Saori was referencing Char, but I may be wrong.

  25. Ok so maybe the relationship is more of a bro-sis one, instead of an incestuous one (i hope). But why was Kirino so jealous? Does she really care if her bro has sex with the glasses girl? If I was their dad I would ban all their hentai (and take away their computer) so maybe they could have a normal relationship. Playing games that show sex with underage girls should be a crime.

    1. haven’t read any of the actual novels, but i believe she believes “neighbor girl” took her nii-san away. she blurted out in an earlier episode “oh now you show concern all of a sudden” or something.

  26. Kirino made everything worse [for her] when she told everyone about Kousuke’s meganekko fetish. And I do say, gotta love the page Manami had open.

    Though I extremely disliked Kirino from episodes 4 – 9, she’s improving step by step in this episode. And the counter lady’s expression is priceless with the “Kousuke’s harem” banner.

  27. The girl’s BMIs

    Saori: 18~19
    Manami: 20

    Kirino: 17
    Kuroneko: 17
    Gasp! A BMI fight! Who can go the lowest!

    …. hmmm
    Kyousuke: 20 (matching with Manami!! Go for it!)

    And a normal BMI of my sister: 19.

  28. I always thought Saori was a college student at least, considering her mature attitude and how she acts as the mediator between Kuroneko and Kirino. To find out that she’s only 15 is very surprising, to say the least.

    1. Yeah I’m in the same spot — just from her attitude and demeanor, and the fact that she seems to be a fan of classic Gundam, I would have placed her as much older than the others. It surprised me to find out that she’s any younger than 23-24.

  29. This was one of the best episode of the whole serie’s. I was really suprised when Kirino began thanking him and givin’ him a presant, and she didn’t even punch him when he got all emotional and touch her at the end. So this episode was I really suprised and it was sweet seeing that Kirino can be nice to Kyousuke, rather then beeing mean to him all the time. And I can’t wait for the final episode. I hope it comes with some new suprises as it did in this episode

  30. BEST FREAKING EPISODE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    -At first Kirino acted like her usually bitchy self but redeamed herself near the end.
    -The scene with the childhood friend made me laugh so much.
    -KURONEKO IS JUST SO CUTE and I agrre that we need a spin off with her as the main character.
    the maid uniform was great but her cat ears killed me.
    -Kyousuke finally recieves some credit I feel so proud of him XD.

    Damn this epsiode as a great one

  31. (@ω@)ッ ^ ^ (¬_¬)
    Well the all mighty button appeared for eroge(Esc) which was awesome. but still kyouske’s mother was still smart.

    The first half was good. i dont know if manami used onii-chan for fun or just she wamts to get kyousukes attention but was priceless.

    this nii-san thing was priceless but the sad thing for me is that it makes me remeber Rolo(code geass)

    1. God damn- I just got him out my mind man!

      UGH- now I’ve got Geass on the brains. Not a pleasant way to start the morning IMO.
      But at least this Nii-san won’t end in total disaster… right?

  32. “As for the character selection screens, I’m a bit disappointed that the cursor didn’t stop on Ayase so that we’d get to see her official three sizes and weight. (You know, for comparison sake.) ”

    From the LN.

    Ayase’s measurements:

    Age: 14
    Height: 166 cm
    Weight: 44 kg


  33. I think whether you found the last half very touching or not depends on how you’ve viewed Kirino throughout the series. I think I’ve seen her with more gracious eyes than most, willing to give her excuses for 80% of what she does. Of course, the first half was over-the-line, which for me made her gesture all the more powerful. When Kyousuke cried, I understood him – I would’ve done the same if my irritating sister finally showed sincere appreciation to me.

  34. Manami is the perfect wife material… Manami end FTW!!!
    Kirino is still a bit annoying… but I do see the impact they are going for XD
    Kuroneko custom made cat ear and tail is just the BEST!!!
    Hope the “good ending” will be good 🙂

  35. oh forgot to add. this and nii-san reaction kind reminds me of clannad where Tomoya reacted to mei-chan words “Oni-chan” to him. well they have the same seiyuu. thats a given. ^_^

  36. What everyone missed:

    1st half and 2nd half are separated by time

    also the game present in the second half is that game she was playing with her imouto mirror image

    Since she’s finished it and recommending it to Kyousuke as a present, that means she’s finished it

    In doing so she realized what a bitch she was and thus the second half was triggered


  37. Omg loli goth-esque otaku girl named “Blackcat” is wearing a maid outfit with added cat ears and tail and calling you “big brother” !!!

    <head a spload

    I love the fact that Kuroneko uses "Nii-san" and not the overly cute (for a goth) onii-chan and how she seems to not only be very perceptive about Kirino's latent feeling towards Kyousuke, but teases
    him with it just to see him squirm.

    Then we have Manami like in the fact that Kyousuke's Kirino porn trap heavly features Meganekko and that Kyousuke himself choose to have the girl in the eroge keep her glasses on and she vaguely looked like Manami.

    As for Kirino, I hate how she some how thinks violence towards Kyousuke is justifiable and love that he pretty much told her off, I realised upon looking at the OP Sequence that she is also only 14 and hasn't been close to her brother for a few years only to see him acting towards her various girlfriends and Manami as any normal 17 year old boy would.

    So although Kirino is a royal bitch most of the time and seemingly deserves to consideration in return, Kyousuke sees her as his dear little sister with a moe/eroge fetish and tries to be the adult in the situation.

    In the end I really want Kyousuke to hook up with either Manami because she would be a perfect wife or with Kuroneko because she is a good opposite to Kyousuke and has been show to be caring also but the series is about Kyousuke's cute lil sister not how he gets to date hot otaku sterotypes 🙁 but this is probably my favorite episode as a whole and it gave the audience a basis to imagine Manami or Kuroneko with Kyousuke.

    Oh and seeing Kirino studdering out her random scenario of having a boyfriend over but having sex with him as somehow a valid counterpoint to why she doesn't want Kyousuke having Manami over to cooklunch in a platonic friendship manner had me doubled over laughing casue it was such a out or left field suggestion.

    1. Knights who say “Squeee!”
      But, yeah, Manami all blushed after finding the Meganekko porn…
      followed by Kuroneko and her goth-feline charms
      she’s on the Azu-nyans level for cuteness
      even Kirino letting her dere side go off
      best episode so far

  38. Kuroneko truly stole the whole damn series. Well, she did for me much sooner already. I’d say she’s my favorite, closely followed by Manami.

    A thing I’m still annoyed about is that, even though we were teased about it, we never delved deeper into Ruri and Saori’s lives. I’d definitely like to see them get some more development, but I guess there aren’t quite enough episodes left for that…

  39. I normally don’t like Kirino’s bitchy behavior, but I actually enjoyed her antics in this episode because you could tell just how jealous she was of Manami. I find it difficult to dislike jealous brocon imoutos.

  40. Best episode indeed!

    I lol’ed so much during the first part. Manami and Kuroneko totally stole the show. Still, I can’t believe that Saori’s age is 15 years old.

    Btw Divine, may I ask you(or any RC’s blogger who can do it) to cover Katanagatari last eps since the first eps was already covered? I love reading everyones comment in RC and I want to know everyones final impression on it. Pretty please? ^^v

    1. 5000 times more realistic? A 14 year old best selling author with perfect grades, record track times, and a modeling career on top of hiding a massive otaku lifestyle and bro-fetish?

      I don’t entirely agree with Divine on his point though, there are characters who aren’t entirely likeable who are popular (Panty & Stocking perhaps?), its just that its very hard to find the redeeming qualities in some of these characters. And at some point, its almost impossible to justify continuing to look.

  41. “Forget Kirino. We need a spin-off titled, “There’s No Way My Sister’s Otaku Friend is This Cute”.”
    Couldn’t. Agree. With. You. More.


    I love Kuroneko and despise Kirino, so I’d absolutely go for that spin-off, in a heartbeat.

  42. About the crappy English, I found some more at the end of episode 10. There’s “dericious” doughnuts (Canadian spelling for some reason), but “DBD-BOX” and “Slu-ray” are inexcusable…

  43. “There’s a belief that the quietest ones are potentially the wildest ones behind closed doors, so if a glasses-wearing younger sister is what he wants, a glasses-wearing younger sister is what he could get. The number of cliche statements doesn’t end there, as “don’t judge a book by its cover” and “what you’ve been looking for has been next to you all along” probably work well in describing Manami too.”

    @DIVINE: You are definitely right about Minami! I definitely think that she has probably the greatest threat towards Kirino and Kuroneko, after all the two was very threatened by her enough to act coldly towards her. Remember that episode where Minami even suggested to Kyou that they take a bath together? Lol one of the best episode in the series even without Kirino! Also if some people thinks that Kirino’s obsession towards imouto galge was because she of her brocon feelings towards Kyou, then you can also say that Kyou’s glasses fetish might be because of Minami since they have been together for so long.

    I also agree with you about Kuroneko that she definitely stole the series for me! Man I love her character! The series may not be entirely about her, but she is sooo dam CUTE AND MOE!!! About the doujin comment regarding Kirino, well I suggest THE best doujin ever of OreImo (and it aint about Kirino) its about Kuroneko, I suggest taking a look at Digital Lover’s OreImo doujin 55 and 56, ah now that was HOT!

  44. I’m more a Saori fan (as far as her weighing more, well Kyosuke seems to be a skinny guy, and Saori has two sizable roundish, soft things…) But I am also fond of Kuroneko due to ep.8 (the one where it shows her home life and her little sister) My little sister’s Otaku friends can’t be this lovely indeed. That and “My little sister can’t be this much of a bitch”

    I don’t think the series will quite end here as the novels aren’t done yet; the titles seem more a play on the games Kirino plays.


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