「おしまいの日」 (Oshimai no Hi)
“The Last Day”

Books, books, and more books. They may have been a mere plot device to drive Shiori’s arc, but they were used impeccably to give off a surreal conclusion to it as well. Compared to the previous two episodes, a surprising amount of detail went into the mountain of books in the background too, making this week’s one a notch above in terms of production value. In contrast, the actual amount of plot progression was relatively short, despite the three episodes allocated to Shiori’s story. There wasn’t a whole lot that Keima had to do to win her over since he more or less remained himself to do so (reaffirming my suspicion that a quiet girl like Shiori would be a good match for him). Most of his actual “work” came from trying to understand Shiori’s inner monologue and figuring out how to approach her to get her to open up to him and the rest of the world. As a result, very little actually happened on screen and made this come off as a relatively uneventful arc altogether. All we really saw happen were two instances where Keima purposely offended Shiori’s love of books to get some sort of a verbal response out of her last time. At no point did I ever get a sense that Shiori was falling for him, so there wasn’t any build-up in the romance department either. Because of that, this was far from how I was hoping this arc would unfold. I would’ve much preferred to see Shiori start showing some signs that she sees Keima as something more than a person she could talk to, even though that was already a big step forward for her.

All things considered, this was probably a two and a half episode arc at best, after our lovable Elsie made episode nine as much hers as Shiori’s. Most of the time was invested in showcasing all the nuances to the quiet, reserved female stereotype, rather than working towards getting a romantic response out of her, making me believe it was a conscious decision to make this whole arc play out like an eroge tutorial on librarian girls. Assuming that’s the case, Shiori’s story did work well in highlighting her shyness and showing how she confided in books as her safe haven from the world. Naturally, that made this entire arc more about Keima helping Shiori overcome her social problem by becoming the person who gives her the courage, instead of winning her heart and making her fall passionately in love with him. Of course, one could easily perceive the former leading to the latter, if they buy into the idea that Keima’s kiss instantly changed Shiori’s opinion of him from a supportive friend to a potential boyfriend. Quite honestly, I’m a bit on the fence about that one, but I do appreciate the sentiment they were going for and really loved the scene with all the scattered books when Keima helped her up and pulled her in for the kiss. Looking back, it was easily the most dramatic kiss thus far, and helped offset the lack of romantic feelings in the air leading up to it. However, it only ended up making the entire arc feeling better than average and not “amazingly awesome” like it could have been if there was more focus on the relationship aspect. Mind you, that’s coming from someone who really enjoyed watching the emotional changes in the girls in previous arcs, and was looking forward to seeing them in Shiori as well.

Regardless, I did enjoy seeing a few different cute sides to Shiori’s character, whether it was from her embarrassed reactions or her inner thoughts when Keima upset her. The addition of the first and fifth verses of the opening theme “God only knows” gave this episode a very different feel as well, befitting of the fairy tale-like finish. Things even left off in a way that had me wishing I’d get to see more of Shiori when she somehow caught onto the indirect kiss with Keima, who didn’t make it all that clear from his game selection whether he’s had enough of librarian girls. As such, I did like this arc more than I’m probably letting off, even though it didn’t go the way I was hoping it would. Anyway, next episode is the last until the continuation airs next spring, which the preview liked to joke around a bit with.

* Manglobe slipped in a plug for one of their previous works, Ergo Proxy.


ED7 Sequence

ED7: 「コイノシルシ」 (Koi no Shirushi) by 神のみぞ知り隊 feat. 汐宮栞 starring 花澤香菜 (Kami nomi zo Shiri-tai feat. Shiomiya Shiori starring Hanazawa Kana)
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  1. The animation in this episode was far from what i expected. adding the op song in the some part of the episode was fitting that i didnt know i was already being played. it was very good of that they put some additional story in Shiori’s arc. In this episode i feel that i have no regrets

  2. Yes or no…that is the ultimate question to ponder…

    I agree with the post for the most part though: it was sweet and sentimental and I liked it, but it felt a bit rushed in the development. Whereas I felt Kanon had dragged on a bit too long, I felt that Shiori required a bit longer, since seeing that change of “speaking up” more could’ve been more profound with more time.

    However, I find it funny that the first book Shiori reads is quite a complex one with a…Latin title? She must’ve been quite the advanced elementary schooler in her day :D.

  3. And so ends the chapter of my favorite girl with an Inception ending. Grrr… but still, really loved this arc. The pacing was slow, sure, but it was nice and calming. It was… gentle. I really loved the scene with the books falling, I was really impressed because I just didn’t expect it. All in all, I just really liked this arc probably more than most.

  4. what? i didn’t noticed the op song being played until you pointed it out to me.. those parts might not be in the tv size version of the song.

    for me it was the most heart warming scene in the series. you’re right about the romantic aspect but it isn’t the point in the story. isn’t it bad not to feel good about having keima save a hopeless girl who doesn’t seek out help. Keima presented himself as Shiori’s salvation to her fears.

      1. thanks for enlightening me! Third verse? that is odd.. anime songs out there seems to dedicate a minute and a half to the series and just extends the song with another verse (which sounds very same as the 1st verse and it looks made up just to sell a single) and a refrain to spice it up.

        to my surprise, the full version of the song is about 8 minutes long and divided by 5 chapters.. and the choir part is in english.. or engrish perhaps…

        The song made a good impact on shiori’s route…

    1. You should see the omakes where she tells Keima how importatnt was her part in some captures.

      But speaking of the episode a good one and I don’t know if everybody felt that this episode was carried at a pace the whole time and didn’t feel sluggish or quick just what the capture needed between the flashbacks, the songs, the books, and at last the first real conversation between Keima and Shiori.

  5. sadly though, while there are some interesting stories, he’s got a lot more captures until the story actually starts steering away from the monster/capture of the week format. spring’s not gonna be able to cover it. hopefully we can get some haqua in there!

  6. Love the symbolism of the books spilling over and covering Shiori – as much as she claims that books are her fortress, it is also her prison, giving her a convenient excuse to shy away from human interaction. The glow of the PSP…err, I mean PFP display which looked like a door was a nice added touch. And the scene of Keima deftly pulling Shiori out of her cocoon of books to kiss her and give her courage was beautiful. Definitely the standout episode of the series.

  7. hmmm… I am a bit disappointed about this episode I guess… the emotional build-up toward the kiss isn’t all that strong, and much of the episode was still devoted to Shiori and her flashbacks… Keima didn’t do much at all. oh well, at least the effects of the book is still cool, and of course, PFP light is still awesome!
    Guess next episode will make this open-ended show for the season 2?

  8. they really did a good job with this arc.
    twgok anime is really nice unlike several other anime when they animate the manga version. while they did extend it more than the manga, it actually felt in place and provided more background on shiori.

    I wonder how they will wrap up the first season. maybe the last ep will be the chapter where elsea sees keima in “capturing god” mode and doing 6 gal games simultaneously, or maybe they’re just gonna make cliffhanger about haqua.

    1. Two different extremes. Kanon relied too heavily on other people so that had to change. On the other hand Shiori did not rely on anyone and completely isolated herself. Shiori needed to allow other people in her life so she could become a better person while Kanon needed to stop relying on the opinion of others so much.

  9. The first part of the opening theme made the beginning of the episode so epic. I seriously can’t get some parts out of my head.

    And Keima was uber heroic In the end. Definitely the coolest moment in the show for me. Right up there with the thoughtfulness put into the track shoes gift in the first arc.

  10. Wow, I felt like I was watching an anime movie for this episode. I’m pleasantly surprised by the quality of this series. *thumbs up to Manglobe* And this is coming from someone who avidly reads the manga. I for one look forward to the next season!

  11. Well that was a nice way to end this arch. Though the ending was a bit sudden. Sudden heroic kiss, bam the spirit comes out. Kinda expecting it to span to the final episode, with some sort of bitter conclusion or a happier ending…or something.

  12. I don’t think the game question at the very end had to do specifically with the character herself. I get the feeling that it’s more of a reaction to the fact that all of these girls he pursues forgets about him afterwords. The “Yes/No” question was symbolic to the fact that in the real world his only option is “No”.


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