「ガラス越しのキス」 (Garasu-goshi no Kisu)
“Kiss Beyond the Glass”

Whether you like Kanako’s promiscuous personality or not, it’s hard to deny how she spices things up by teasing Takuto about kissing her through the glass. Judging by her behavior, it has no bearing on the brigade’s plans to take their Cybodies to the fifth phase and out of Zero Time either. Instead, it’s just her way of enjoying her high school life, which works for me since this series is intended to be as much about school life as it is Cybodies. While most of the episode focused on just that, it did showcase a very cute side to Simone as well when she delivered Kanako’s letter to Takuto inviting him out on a date. It looked like she had completely forgotten about Takashi for a moment when Takuto worked his galaxy magic by calling her “Simone-chan”, saying that she must really care about Kanako, thanking her for delivering the invitation, and complimenting her blue eyes. It was a smooth four-hit combo on her heart, and one that left a lasting impression as well. At this rate, I think Takashi’s got more to be worried about than defeating Takuto’s dual wielding. As for Kanako, the only thing really missing from her indirect kisses with Takuto as she continues to make him her plaything is either Wako or Mizuno around to react to them. Up until now the story hasn’t played up any sort of jealousy between the girls, so I’m starting to wonder if they’re all content with sharing Takuto. Even then, I’d imagine someone would have said something after Kanako tricked him into a giving her a real kiss at the very end. Well played President.

On the more relevant side of things, there were a few interesting revelations in the latest brigade meeting. One was that they aren’t in any rush to repair Manticore’s Ayingott until they understand the Cybody repair process better, meaning that the second phase battles will continue on for a bit longer. The other is that there’s some sort of risk to the Star Driver in doing so, as it relies on the resonance they have with their Cybody and uses up their vitality, or “libido”, as Professor Green referred to it as. In connection, it was suggested that all the previous Star Drivers of Samekh may have had their vitality consumed to revive the King of Cybodies, and the reason why Sugata was able to wake up from his coma was because its resurrection is now complete. The latter was particularly noteworthy, as it implies all the previously defeated Cybodies can’t fight again without some risk involved, giving us a plot devices that saves all the previous battles from becoming meaningless. It may also mean that Sugata can use Samekh as he pleases, which gives me something to look forward to after all the subtle foreshadowing from his discussions with Head. At this point, I’m still not sure if Vanishing Age’s leader has some ulterior motive in convincing Sugata to use his powers, but I do want to find out the more I hear the two of them talk. In a way, it feels like their conversations have replaced Sakana’s story to hint at what’s coming. Supplementing that is Mizuno, who explained to Kanako that everyone can use magic of some kind, but a powerful magical demon lord has sealed almost all of it up. From the sound of it, she seemed to be talking about the Cybodies and Zero Time, though that would of course mean that Samekh is the “powerful demon king”.

Upon hearing that, I’m as curious as ever about what role Samekh will play in all this, because it’s starting to sound like it’s just as likely to be the ultimate problem as it is the ultimate savior. With the way the story’s been progressing largely in Takuto’s favor, the former actually seems likely as it would provide a real threat to him. After all, this latest battle showed Kanako taking it to Takuto pretty well in her Zero Time boxing ring, only for Tauburn to bust out a completely new move with the help of the funnel-like weapons on its hips and make quick work of her. I joked before them being overpowered, but now it’s really starting to shape out as such. In any case, it looks like the focus is shifting back to Benio next time, along with some backstory between her and Sugata. Perhaps there’s another reason for her orgasmic kiss in episode seven…

* Luckily for Wako, she only got pulled into Zero Time while she was brushing her teeth. I still got a laugh from hearing her talk with the toothbrush in her mouth though. That, and Kanako confident about beating Takuto and only worried about killing him.




  1. quite interesting, after this weeks cybody fight I’m starting to think that tauburn is basically a hell of a lot of weapons put into a single machine, also like how getting a cybody fixed up has its dangers, will using the more powerful weapons of tauburn have some risks as well?

    also don’t ya think this show is a little too happy go lucky at times?

    1. Yeah, Takuto almost literally pulled it out of his ass this time… those funnels called a Pile… it looked like Guren’s arm stakes used in the battle with Lancelot… and teh spinning looked like that thing the Vampire dude was using… but in the end its a Giga Drill Breaker with a Hadouken.

      Suppa Tenko
  2. it seems that Takuto is building his harem naturally. to think that president was also good at boxing beating up Honda in nick of sec. As Mizuno said everyone can use magic, making things clear for me that it is related to the maiden and king.

    well im going to watch this later again.

    i lol-ed at Wako that she was still talking with her toothbrush and that it fell when she was awed. and that the president trick takuto about the glass thing. hehehehe wako already taken the first bait ^_^.

  3. so much a harem building anime… Star driver might be a hidden beauty in that department this season XD.
    GN Shield bits can work as boxing tool as well? lol, it looks pretty unimpressive but very useful indeed…
    So another victim in Takuto’s harem next week? can’t wait 🙂

  4. Samekh would make the biggest challenge for Takuto and likely give a run for his money. Problem is this would mean Sugata would have to join the Crux and then become the leader in all likelihood and take that position they offered him. I’d been hoping they were going to avoid the whole “friends become enemies” plot device, but it seems almost obvious to me that it could happen.

    Sort of weird since I’ve had the feeling for some time that Head would end up being our final boss of sorts since he has the most potential to be that. Especially given all the hints that he is in fact Takuto’s father. I’d say he definitely has some ulterior motive to his talks with Sugata. I’d suppose it might be encouraging him to either fully activate Samekh as some means of getting him to join up.

    Of course, maybe Samekh is sentient and takes control of its Driver or something.

  5. Oh my God so much frigging OVERPOWEREDNESSS. I just wish they wouldn’t play the exact same track everytime things begin to go in Takuto’s favor, ’cause halfway through the fight I hear and I was like “Ach, here it comes.”

  6. I think this series has a repetitive syndrome. The 2nd half of the episode everyone can guess what the next thing is gonna be >.<!

    Why did Kanako called him Fool when he said he is gonna break all the cybodies? Didn't make sense. Just wondering if Takuto is doing the right thing?

    1. Hmm… she doesn’t really called him fool in Japanese, it’s just a common misinterpretation by the subbing group. The more closer translation would be “what a simpleton”. She’s more of a little envious of his simplicity rather than insult him in that scene.

  7. So…the funnels/dragoons/fangs are called Piles in here then. I was totally thinking he was going to say Piiiiile….DRIVER!!! lol.

    My opinion of Kanako improved a bit more I think from this episode. I was kind of rooting for her to win just to change things up a bit. Also, she was pretty hot in her casual clothes and boxing tights.

  8. I hope there will be more Kanako rants, its nice to get to know more of the Glittering Star members but I kind of wonder why they show it being “this” maidens arc and not as much character development. New OP&ED maybe ^^ cant wait.

  9. Do the folks that are running this evil empire (Glittering Star) not know who each other are without their masks on? I mean how many people on that island are built like the president with long green hair?

    Also for being the main girl of the series Wako is not that impressive. She is kinda like plain yogurt (bland and boring).

    1. Umm, I take it you haven’t seen or paid attention to the other episodes. Some of the bad guys were doing the Kiraboshi salute when they were in their normal clothes. I take it that Takuto’s the oblivous guy here since the villains know each other.

      1. Some of them are still surprised when someone reveals himself/herself. They don’t know who all the members are but are bound to know a few, especially when they’re working together for a long time.

    1. ????i don’t know this just sounds weird to me it would have been better to say life force or the life of the pilot—-which is kinda what it sounds like thoough takudo doesn’t seem to have much of an interest in girls-he mainly shows embaresment.

      also looks like another star saber is going to show up next episode. Also is this series only 26 eps because it feels like its going to be longer-i don’t know if they can hammer out that much plot in that amount of time.

  10. Eeeehm a typo; “garasu”, not “gurasu”….

    Btw, how many episodes will there be? I at first thought this was 12 eps anime, but apparently anidb says “unknown number of episodes” and ANN says 25 eps.

    And yes, I’m waiting for the time when Wako gets into the Zero with only a bath towel.

  11. What’s with the opening being 11 minutes in? I almost thought the episode was over at that point… haha

    I feel like this episode (the zero time battle in particular, and even more so at the end of it) was really well animated. Some parts really reminded me of TTGL and Kanako actually looked really cute while fighting…

    I really enjoyed this episode overall even though I don’t really like Kanako (although I guess she does spice it up a bit).

    Also, have you ever tried singing while laying on your back? It’s harder than Mizuno makes it look.

  12. When Takuto’s in a pinch, he always have something up his sleeve oh great lol.

    That new move of Tauburn reminds me of the mecha used by the vampire knight of rounds in CG.

    Im starting to like Mizuno’s song lol. I was humming it for a while after finishing the ep XD

  13. God Kanako is awesome.

    My favorite ep. is still the baseball one, and despite the ‘meh’ fight scenes, the only gripe i have is the seemingly random direction they take when focusing on the different characters/parts of the plot.
    (so far i can’t really tell why the whole last ep. was about Kanako’s servant except to give you an ‘IN’ on her suppressed good nature.)

  14. Look at around 21:20 minute, where Tauburn’s funnel returns to his hip.

    Tauburn is now severely damaged as it looks. I suspect at one point of this show it is going to break down!


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