「シャドウミラー」 (Shadou Miraa)

The intermission last time was short-lived, as the battles kick into high gear against the approaching Neo DC forces before quickly coming to a crashing halt when Vindel and Lemon arrive on the scene. Shadow-Mirror’s existence is finally revealed to our Earth Federation protagonists, and it comes with the shocking revelation that they have to obey them now that Graien Grusman’s seized power. With the threat of the Inspectors, it makes perfect sense for mankind to take extreme measures to cast aside their differences and deal with the alien threat. The only problem is, that doesn’t simply mean with Van Vat Tran and Neo DC, but the war hungry Shadow-Mirror who perceive conflict as the catalyst to human development. As crazy as it sounds, part of me agreed with Vindel’s statement on how humans bring about rapid advancement of technology and growth as a species when they’re fighting for their lives. He’s correct in saying that there’s historic precedence, except it doesn’t really sit well with the vast majority of people when he’s so concerned about the end results that the means don’t matter. However, I do like how Shadow-Mirror’s objective is more clear cut than Neo DC’s, which seems to be more of a rebellious one now that Bian Zoldark isn’t around.

In terms of immediate developments, the most prevalent one was Arado’s attempt to get through to Seolla. While he was unsuccessful in bringing her and the Wild Falken back, it was pretty funny to see him finally get through to her by talking about her breasts. Evidently, all the brainwashing in the world can’t make her forget about that touchy subject, which Arado did compliment her on at least by saying that they’re big. As for Ouka in her Rapiecage taking on Shine in her Fairlion Type-G, that battle actually turned out to be pretty cool because it soon became Ouka’s GEIM System versus Shine’s precognition. The only thing really missing was Shine fighting back in some way instead of showing how long she could last dodging Ouka’s onslaught. I was secretly hoping that Lat would do something to free her Fairlion Type-S from Rapiecage’s clutches so they can unleash their Royal Heartbreaker, but I figured it was too early to see that again. To Shine’s credit, she did hold out long enough to cause Ouka’s GEIM System to reach its limit, before the Machinery Children, Egret Uruz, Anthuz, and Thurisuz (Ishida Akira), arrived in their Bergelmirs and took away the opportunity to recover both Ouka and Seolla. While their appearance was rather brief and mysterious, that scene did make a point of hinting at how they were created from Arado’s genetic make-up. For now, all there really was to take away from their sudden introduction is that we have even more faces joining the fray.

The highlight of this episode undoubtedly goes to Lamia though. After showing her true colors and threatening to self-destruct Angelg and take out the Hagane and Hiryuu Custom as per Axel’s orders, she shows the first sign of making a decision for herself after hearing Daitetsu‘s voice of reason to Vindel’s depiction of an ideal world. The only thing that took away from her noble sacrifice of unleashing the “Ash to Ash” detonation on Vindel’s Zweizergain is that he survived relatively unscathed, as did Lamia if her eject pod is indication of anything. What is worth taking note of is Lemon’s interest in Lamia after seeing her make a decision for herself — a development that should be revisited down the stretch. Tiding us over for the time being was the cliffhanger exchange between Axel and Kyousuke. I’m actually not too familiar with the Original Generation timeline at this crossroads in the series, so I’m curious to see where the Hagane and Hiryuu Custom crews go from here. I really can’t imagine them sticking around and taking orders from Kenneth Garret, now that he’s the commander of the military.




  1. Meh at the Machinery Children. Lamest OG villains IMO. Really annoying.

    I got a good laugh at Arado waking Seolla up with his breasts comment though. Also Daitetsu’s speech and Lamia sacrifice was pretty nice.

  2. What I never got was why they didn’t capture Arado, since his machine is the Falken’s partner (that, and the fact that he’s also Seolla’s partner)? I mean, couldn’t they just recondition him (along with Latooni), and call it a day?

    1. Neo DC doesn’t know that Wild Wurger is Wild Falken’s partner machine. As for why they didn’t outright capture him. There’s evidence that Arado is highly resistant to brainwashing, whether it be his personality or his much lower IQ, or both. Also, if one of the good guys were going to be captured, you can bet the rest of the team is coming to be coming for them immediately. While it may seem that Seolla led Arado, Lat and Shine away from the battle, it really isn’t that far.

      1. Actually its hinted at in the games that he was the original pilot for one of their other projects, but vanished. I don’t know if they’ll use the same storyline concept though because it wasn’t really dealt on besides that.

  3. Vindel look so bad ass with his mech crossing arms, is like saying I can pwn you all with my stares alone.

    Only thing I don’t like abour this episode was ( Daitetsu‘s voice of reason ) abit too short, didn’t get the feeling that was a debate of both sides points of view.

    Quote: Meh at the Machinery Children. Lamest OG villains IMO. Really annoying

    Yea for some reason whenever I see them I feel like they are the three gay brothers, don’t know why they just give me that sort of impression.

    1. the machinery children are realy annoying so its feels better shooting them up-dam their auto repair functions. Im kinda wondering if Axel will turn out like the first og series game or if he will Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Do I have to keep repeating this? Axel is clearly the OGs version. Beowulf’s portrayal as an evil murderer infected by *SPOILERS* is proof of that because it gives Axel an actual justification for hating Beowulf. The entire Axel vs. Beowulf in the first episode is just an animated version of Endless Frontier audio drama, where he is a noble person who is only with Shadow-Mirror because of loyalty to Lemon.

  4. “it was pretty funny to see him finally get through to her by talking about her breasts.”

    It was even funnier to see her nipples perk up…no, wait, funny is totally the wrong word…

  5. Finally the Shadow Mirror appears.
    Arado joking about Seolla’s physical “features” is the best though 😀
    the only thing I think is a bit off is Vindel’s speeches about Shadow Mirror’s goal, followed by Daitetsu’s answer to it
    It just feels a bit rushed. Maybe they should’ve shown more of the crew’s reaction to Vindel’s speech, or something else…
    But still, this eps means that Op. Plantagenet will start and well, there seems to be Zankantou in the preview for the next episode :O

  6. The biggest question I have for the next ep is
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. i agree with you Show Spoiler ▼

  7. That…was a good episode, lol. This series always leaves me wanting more, even though I’ve played the games to death and know what’s coming, seeing it animated like this is so much better than scrolling text.

  8. I also thought Daitestsu’s speech was a bit rushed, but when you think about it, since in the game it’s just scrolling text you tend to think it’s slower. And they could have played Lamia’s song.
    Damn damn damn they tease us showing some Zankantou action in the preview. Next episode is far away, I don’t think it’ll air this week since it’s xmas.

    1. Maybe so. In the game, with the texts, I just kinda imagine the scene in my head. And maybe what I’ve seen in the anime is “faster” 😀
      But still, I hoped that Vindel’s speech made me think he is right, in one way, thus making me sympathize with his ideals. So much that even the crews themselves is lost in thought, thinking about his ideals.
      Then, come along Daitetsu’s reaction, as a veteran that he is, explaining by his past experiences why he doesn’t agree with the idea of never ending conflicts.
      oops, that’s too much of a rambling 😀


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