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LEVEL E may have just premiered a couple of days ago, but the opening theme by Battle Royale/Kill Bill: Vol. 1 actress/model/singer Kuriyama Chiaki, “Cold Finger Girl”, already has a music video airing on television ahead of the single’s January 26th release date. Admittedly, I’m still not that accustomed to seeing Chiaki sing, as the first and only other song of hers I’ve heard is “Ryuusei no Namida” from the first episode of Gundam Unicorn. Much like the music video for that song (included at the bottom of the Unicorn post), this one starts off similarly with her “making love to the camera” before she goes off on some sort of a heist. It’s not exactly the most exciting thing, but as far as Japanese music videos go, it’s a lot better than some other ones I’ve seen. As for the song itself, I’m still pretty indifferent about it one way or another, except for how it showed a different style of music Chiaki can sing. It does seem to fit the craziness that goes on in the sci-fi comedy it’s featured in though. Enjoy.


  1. yeah, it was also hard for me to get accustomed in seeing Chiaki sing. Im used in seeing her act in many of my favorite movies but not this. but anyway, i like her voice. She rocks and that’s a plus for me.^^,

  2. I have nothing to say about the song(good or bad).. but that beautiful-crazy-asian-killer-girl look on her is getting too old to me. I did find her cute the 1st time I saw Battle Royal(as an actress not as her character).. but not anymore -_-

  3. I like chiaki kuriyama very much. I’m really turned off on how she came out making her own pv. Is she trying to conquer all parts of specialization in the TV industry? I thought she was unique. She’s good just an actress and model. MV is pushing it.I’m not telling that she shouldn’t sing but it’s just that, I thought she has a very unique personality. She differs not from paris hilton and lindsay lohan who wants to become everything.

    I don’t like the fact that she’s trying to act like ayumi hamasaki. Ayu is like my fav singer since i was 9 and even if I’m tired, sick of seeing, hearing her over and over again… Im still loyal. This mv sounds like ayu and she acts like ayu.

    This MV is so pushing it. Too bad really… I really like her beauty.

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