「決戦!クラス対抗戦(リーグマッチ)」 (Kessen! Kurasu Taikousen (Riigu Macchi))
“Decisive Battle! The Inter-Class (League) Match”

For a decisive battle, Ichika’s scrimmage with Rin was somewhat unsatisfying since their wager was quickly brushed aside by the latter in the end. However, their short-lived match came with a bit of a twist, in the form of an unknown and unmanned IS that doesn’t use one of the 467 cores out there. While there are still a lot of questions surrounding this unidentified IS, its arrival is a welcome turn of events since it opens the storyline to our cast of characters fighting on the same side, much like we saw in the cold opening of the premiere. Unfortunately, it came with the trade-off of feeling like a sudden and somewhat forced development, which didn’t unfold very naturally when Ichika and Rin were trying to fend it off. I can’t even quite describe my reaction all that well, other than saying there was a lot of action going on but I just wasn’t “feeling” the excitement.

I attribute that partly to how Ichika pulled himself together and became Mr. Dependable during the emergency situation, winning over Rin even more. Most of my attention was on those two instead of the unknown IS attacking them, as Rin continued to hide her true feelings by constantly calling Ichika an idiot. All the while, the “competition” had their panties in a knot over Ichika’s safety and the envious thought on why it wasn’t them out there with him. Okay, not exactly, but it was a lot funnier in my mind to think that way. Similarly, I couldn’t help but notice Rin didn’t have any complaints about where Ichika’s claw was nudging close to. With all that going on, I have no idea how I was supposed to remain focused on the evil IS attacking them. They just looked really cute together even when Rin continued to give Ichika a hard time.

During the battle, it never felt like there was ever a real sense of danger, despite how menacing the other IS looked with its massive arms. Because of that, everyone’s concerns seemed a bit exaggerated when Ichika and Rin seemed to have things under control. Evidently, the characters didn’t feel the same way with Chifuyu showing her nervousness by putting salt in her coffee and Houki rushing to Ichika’s side to give him some words of encouragement. While both of them seemed to be overreacting from my perspective, it did indicate how much they were worried about Ichika, which was particularly surprising in Chifuyu’s case. Seeing the normally calm, cool, and collected Orimura-sensei get a bit flustered because her little brother’s in danger? Priceless.

As for Cecilia, it’s almost unbelievable how hard she’s fallen for Ichika, considering that she’s basically at his beck and call now (…and likes it). I’m still not sure where Ichika’s confidence about her arriving on time came from though, so perhaps deep-down inside he knows she’s always got his back (…in the stalking sense). Whatever the case, her unexpected arrival before the other IS made it into the arena seemed to go unexplained, which is where most of my surprise actually came from. Still, her Blue Tears’ shot was a nice finish that showed she has some teamwork skills, and a fairly flashy one at that. We’ll just have to see how well Cecilia holds up when Charlotte Dunois (Hanazawa Kana) shows up next episode. Apparently everyone thinks he’s a guy and the second male in the world able to pilot an IS. Yeah… I don’t think so, especially not with Kana voicing “him”.


ED3 Sequence

ED3: 「SUPER∞STREAM」 by 日笠陽子, ゆかな, 下田麻美 (Hikasa Youko, Yukana, Shimoda Asami)
Watch the 3rd ED!: Download, Streaming ▼

I was expecting Shimoda Asami to be added to SUPER STREAM last week, but it seems like the different ending themes will be a bit more spaced out. My guess is that Hanazawa Kana will be added at episode six at the earliest. In any case, I really like the in-character voices for this song, as Asami makes it pretty clear when it’s Rin singing.



  1. lots of actions… good, and why isn’t Rin complain about Ichika’s claw? +1 🙂
    though I kind of like the sudden arrival of the unmanned IS, at least it gives the show a bit more depth than just a high school harem comedy.
    Can’t wait when this second “male” pilot come into the mix 🙂

    1. Quote” I couldn’t help but notice Rin didn’t have any complaints about where Ichika’s claw was nudging close to”

      In his defense, he couldn’t tell the difference between her chest from the rest of her body. Not when someone is as flat as a washboard. Now if that was Houki hehe.

  2. For some reason, I feel a bit disappointed in this show. I was hoping the mecha action would kinda redeem its Harem-ness but now even the action is kinda disappointing… Back to Star Driver for me then…

    Suppa Tenko
    1. I expected the haremness so i am enjoying it. However, i do have to agree that they are concentrating too much on the character developments and too little on the mecha itself.

  3. For what its worth…despite everything that happened in the episode, it kinda felt like hardly anything happened. Potshots > *something* > more Potshots > *dramatic shot* > oh hey more Potshots > *chat* > even more Potshots? > Finally it’s over…no wait, Cecilia just has to get the last Potshots doesn’t she? I mean, you could see the (Itano) circus but it was the same act over and over and over and over again till it finally stopped.

    I do agree though, blushing Chifuyu is win :3

  4. Next episode we’ll have the 2nd “male” IS pilot in the world introduced….
    Oh boy, The amount of misunderstanding will probably rise with “his”Show Spoiler ▼

    addition not to mention that Show Spoiler ▼

    Ichika’s girls are already in a volatile situation every now and then.

  5. Since the time of Love Hina, I have not found a harem anime where all the female lead is likable. Even, the tsudere one is not that much tsu that makes me dislike her either. And the competition and jealousy between the girl play out smoothly as well without feeling annoyed. the girls are also quite honest with their feeling as well. The protagonist also shows that he knows when to comfort a girl when she is down from talking about the divorce of her parent is nice as well. Also, I do not know if I am not paying attention enough. I dont recall any panty shot or convenient-fall-on-top female lead. This series while may not be ground breaking, still turns out to be a pleasant experience.

    Though I just love the voice of Celia and her acting in this episode more than Rin. But it is purely due to my bias for CC in Codegeass.

  6. So far the drama feels a bit forced, and I really don’t get how Houki got out onto the hangar with Cecilia despite both of them being denied access to the arena earlier. Still though, Chifuyu putting salt into her coffee after acting calm and collected was pretty funny 😛

    The reverse-trap radar is off the hook today.

  7. rushed episode. they could have at least shown how ichika brought down the other IS. that scene where he started talking about the sweet and sour pork promise seemed kinda out of place too. i mean shouldn’t his first reaction be focused on what happened after he passed out and what’s with the unknown IS? this ep was just all over the place. hope it gets better tho.

  8. Still loving Cecilia even she made a direct on the Mechanical IS. And finally the ED with Rinin and her voice (feeling of Strike Witches).

    Apparently on this episode and unknown organization found a loophole on the “Alaska Treaty” the government never specifically say that Machines cannot use IS for war. That’s why the Mecha-IS is there (like the one on the Episode 1 Prologue)

    And Ichika’s IS is one with the 467 Cores (probably the recycled core from Chifuyu’s unit) so the unmanned IS is 468th unregistered.

  9. Well despite the tough image Chifuyu is projecting she is still Ichika’s sister.Bet she is the reason he is in her class.

    Frankly Houki did a very dumb move there. Calling on Ichika’s manhood endangering herself without a suit. What was he doing all that time being a coward? Since that thing’s target is him the more it is preoccupied the less casualties are. Ichika isn’t thinking something as dumb as being the strongest just strong enough to protect everybody.

    1. Actually, she was encouraging him which is why she (stupidly) came out there without a suit. Just like Chifuyu who acts all calm but was really nervous, Houki was the same but just a different way of showing it.

  10. Yeah… My favorite part was when Ichika got the awesome idea of jumping in front of the lasor. I mean DUHHHHHH. OF COURSE. I should have known that the lasers that have been whooping his ass for the past 20 minutes would obviously give him a power boost to do a finisher move with. Because that’s how robots work in Japan.

    Plotconveniencesthatnobodyknewaboutbuttheprotagonist ftw.

  11. In the Light Novel, there was several lines of dialogue between Ichika and Cecilia, staging the entire thing. Ichika was supposed to have done something that destroyed the barrier around the arena, thereby allowing Cecilia to enter and attack.

  12. Pretty good fight scenes, bad pacing/plot.

    For example:
    Chifuyu: It’s on level 4, no one can either enter or leave the premises.
    Cecilla: What about Ichika?!
    Green hair teacher: The teachers and their ISes are right on their way-
    Wait, where’s shinonono-san?
    Chifuyu: AW, SHIT. So much for level 4.


  13. Seeing the normally calm, cool, and collected Orimura-sensei get a bit flustered because her little brother’s in danger? Priceless.

    ^ i just fell for her more. LOL. chifuyu-onee-samaaa!! XDD

    anyway, i just can’t be patient about laura!! she’s just so kickass! XDD

  14. Glad there’s more to the combat than just sparring arenas now. With an outside threat, maybe some real business with those IS’s will come into use on a more serious scale! Liking the technical weaponry being stated now with new IS’s!

  15. I guess my sense of emergency was masked by 1) them two taking no damage at all 2) the little flirty antics going on there. Did not feel the tension of the plot evolving at all, not that I’m not interested in the plot. Anyway, so far I actually don’t know who I’m rooting for, I shall decide when all characters are introduced.

  16. – Ichika’s only win so far has been against a female instructor. He’s lost to Cecilia and Fan was beating the ever loving stuffing out of him, and he’s only been a pilot for maybe 2 weeks. And you wonder why everyone’s worried?

    – Fan’s not much better. She might be the Country Representative, but you don’t really learn about IS until you make it to the IS Academy itself. Thus, while she’s got some years on him, its like being the amateur leagues before the minors.

    – Chifuyu specifically explained that the whole complex was locked down and wouldn’t be back up again till the 3rd years hacked it. Which explains how both Houki and Cecilia got out later

    – Cecilia was talked down by Chifuyu, yet you expect Chifuyu to stick with that after putting salt into her coffee. Really?

    – Personal ISs are instant-wears. Hence why Cecilia is out and not the School Squad.

    – Ichika explains the Droid ISs weakness and we know all conversations are heard in the command center. What’s a good way to distract the opponent? Talk. What’s Houki do later? Talk.

    – Which explains why Houki was talking in front of the launch bay doors, to distract it from the fact that Cecilia has launched. Which makes this really not stupid at all. How to make sure it doesn’t realize about Cecilia, talk specifically to Ichika.

    – There was only a brief training bit last episode but it has been one week since that day ended. Which would give Ichika enough time to learn of all Cecilia can do.

    – Explains why he’s so confident. Not of himself, but of Cecilia who deserved that kill.

    Just a few things I thought to point out.

    1. Is this an “I’m all-knowing” type of post where you fill in the gaps as you see fit to make it seem like it was all laid out for us and people must to be stupid not to notice, or are you pulling this information from the the light novels?

      Either way, I’ll put it bluntly by saying it comes off rather snobbish.

      1. I wasn’t meaning to sound like a know it all. I tend to forget that while I can give an infliction of my tone with what I say and think, writing doesn’t do that. I apologize to Divine and anyone else for making it seem like that.

        The “and you wonder why” comment though… That’s not something I meant to put that way, but I did, so Divine, I apologize for that as well. Because that sounds like a direct attack at you.

        And no, I haven’t read the novels. Everything I mentioned was shown/explained during the first four episodes.

        I’ll specify when each occured:
        Ichika’s only win so far has been against a female instructor
        – This is true, he’s only beaten a female instructor. Told to use in Episode 1, when Ichika lets Cecilia know she wasn’t the only one to beat an instructor. Though how I used this, was quite stupid and did nothing for what I was trying to do. Which was explain why Chifuyu would be worried about her brother and Fan.

        You don’t really learn about IS until you make it to the IS Academy itself.
        – Its been stated that the only place to learn about IS is the Academy, it was taught to us in Episode 1. Meaning that while you might be able to fool around with it or hear about it or learn from someone outside the Academy, only the Academy will be able to give proper instruction.

        Chifuyu specifically explained that the whole complex was locked down
        – Explained to use in Episode 4, during the whole lockout phase. I just now can’t remember whether it was before or after Cecilia gets talked down by Chifuyu.

        Personal ISs are instant-wears.
        – This isn’t so much told, but shown to us in Episode 3, when Fan uses her personal IS to defend herself against Houki’s kendo stick. It would also explain why Ichika’s wearing the bracelet as it allows him to call his Personal IS. I would assume Cecilia and Fan also have devices they wear that allow them usage. It would also be another reason a Personal IS is highly regarded.

        …doesn’t explain why you must change into those battle suits. I’d assume there’s a reason though in the novels.

        Ichika explains the Droid ISs weakness and we know all conversations are heard in the command center.
        – This was shown to us in Episode 4. As Ichika and Fan were talking, it was relayed to the command center. So hence how Houki would know to use the talking as a distraction.

        Houki/Bay Doors/Cecilia launching
        – This is a bit of pulling together everything else for it to make sense. Houki would’ve found out the Droid IS’ weakness due to listening in on Ichika and Fan. The locks would’ve been broken down for her to get out. The only part I’m guessing here is about the cliche, but its the only thing that makes sense as to why Cecilia launched. Well, it is a partial guess about the bay doors, but in Episode 2, we do get to see them a bit from when Ichika first launched, and I’m quite sure if you compare from then, to when Houki appears, it’ll look kinda similar.

        There was only a brief training bit last episode but it has been one week since that day ended.
        – It was stated in Episode 3 when they were talking about the Inter-Class Tournament that it was a week away. I fault them for making the passage of time seem like a single day occured here, instead of an actual week. Kinda jarring when you do that.

        Ichika waiting on Cecilia and Houki’s choice of words
        – This is quite a bit of conjecture, but makes sense if we look at everything I mentioned previously.

        Now that’s how I should’ve did it, instead of what I did in the middle of the night. I swear, I’m never making a post in the middle of the night. As I really don’t put the necessary amount of thought into them that should.

        Actually now that I think about it, Ichika was given a booklet (more like index) in Episode 2 about the rules to engaging his new Personal IS in public, so that’s probably when we’re told you could use Personal ISs “insta-wear” style. …though really now, “insta-wear” is the best I could come up with? Ugh…

        I’m worried at this point of this post. Why am I paying that much attention to the details of the show? I haven’t even gone back to watch a previous episode and I’m recalling this information so easily. Kinda scary really.

  17. “Similarly, I couldn’t help but notice Rin didn’t have any complaints about where Ichika’s claw was nudging close to.”
    I found it more odd that Ichika could grab her with his claws at all.
    It has been shown that:
    – The shields are automatic (otherwise Ichika would have died already)
    – Ichika’s IS’s claws can be used as weapons

    So when Ichika went to grab her, the shield should have repelled him..

    While it is plausible that the shield can be manually disabled by a skilled pilot, I doubt Rin really had the time to do that in this particular case.

    But hey, if you want everything to make sense, you probably shouldn’t be watching IS.

    1. I also want to note, re the EDs.
      It’s interesting that the girl right behind Ichika has arm movements that are exactly sync’d to Ichika (right arm forward together, left arm forward together, etc), but this de-syncs as they move behind.

      So ep1, Houki has her movements exactly sync’d to Ichika. But for ep2/3/4, it isn’t.
      For ep2/3, Cecilia is sync’d, but for ep4 isn’t.
      And now, Rin is sync’d for ep4, but I assume won’t be if any more girls come along.

  18. Rin is definitely Justice Gundam imho, she has the same purple/black colour scheme and a double sided sword. The drone is probably Psycho Gundam. It was the best episode yet. it’s good but could have been great, if was hadn’t been spoiled by some strange and lazy unexplained plot decisions.

    -Why did the evil mecha suddenly stop and have a tea break despite having taken no damage for Ichika and Rin to discuss their attack strategy?
    -Okaaaaay… so Ichika recharged his shields by having Rin shoot him lol. If he had such a hax vampire move why didn’t he use it earlier in the match for an easy win?
    -the arena is locked down, how did Houki and Cecilia get in? Even if the doors had by then been unlocked, where are the teachers?
    -Why does Ichika know that Ceclia will save his butt? Where does this confidence stem from?
    -During the final scene of the fight, Ichika charges head first into a laser beam and everything whites out. That’s such a lazy plot device! how did he win?

    Ninja Penguin
  19. Huh,this is unexpected. A progressing plot. I was about to give up on this series if it didn’t get interesting by the fourth episode, but then is suddenly did. Mech battles in a mech show, i would of never thought that it would be a rarity in a uses it as its whole marketing ploy.

    Anyway if the series keeps going at pace this episode did, it might end up being worth watching. However if it reverts back to what it was before this, then well you know what will happen.

  20. wow, i’m kinda look forward for next week boy/girl coming in to the school, i wonder if the trap will be as cute as Kaoru (ladies vs butler), i could almost see the argument in the harem.

    trap?: i will be his roomate cause i’m a guy
    houki: what but …I’M HIS CHILDHOOD FRIEND
    rin: so am i
    ichika: i don’t really mind either way

    after discover his gender.
    houki: since you are a girl, he will move back with me
    trap: so are you
    cecila: you two stop fighting, he will move in with me


  21. at first I didn’t want to try this series but after the second episode although it typically feels like a harem in a mech world instead of the usual high school/middle school drama/comedy setting I decided to finish this series for the lols xD

  22. Wow, Ichika really irritates me now. For some reason, the why he acts just pisses me off. He’s too overly confident and thinks he’s all that. Also his lack of reality is just stupid. Hopefully that’ll get fixed, but I’m not counting on it. I’m still going to watch this anime though because I don’t mind any of the other characters. Well maybe Houki a bit when she ran out into the field to just tell him that one thing (why? there was nothing she could do). So to sum up, good anime with just a few mishaps here and there.

    1. I disagree with you about Ichika. I don’t think that’s he overly confident but rather he’s trying his best to not be a hindrance to everyone else as well as to keep his sister’s name. However I can understand why you see it that way as on a quick glance, that’s how it seems but after some more thinking, it’s different than that.

      1. For some reason, a lot of people do not like the main character. I honestly don’t know why.

        For the most part, it’s because he’s dense; thing is, the girls refuse to admit they like him: Cecilia puts on airs, Houki has this “I’m just your spar-mate” vibe, and Rin refuses to tell him what “I will cook for you forever” really means. If I were in his situation, I would think none of them had an interest on me.

  23. I agree with the fact the battle “twist” felt forced and there are so many plot holes or inconsistencies which D did point out (Cecelia’s arrival when they said the whole place was in a lock down AND the fact I thought she didn’t see him as anyone worthy in the first 2 episodes, the sudden turn in character with Ichika…). I’m really trying to follow and like this show but harem theme wise, I’ve seen better and mech (for once I’m really trying to go into Mech after reading D.) I’m just not too sure anymore.

  24. Interesting episode!!! Love how the plot is actually moving forward….. one thing that bothered me was that there was less houki in this week’s ending!!!! Rin and Cecilia hogged most of the lines!!!! But o well…. next we have Charlot… I mean Charles entering the stage…. I wonder how that’s going to work out

    P.S: Just want to say that this batch of animes this season have some the best music I’ve every heard in my anime watching career!!!!

    1. The opening makes it feel as though the last two girls are ‘party members’ rather than part of the harem, I have a feeling it will just be a battle royale between the three of them over Ichika while the others are mediators/friends.

      1. man, i hope you’re right. XD Bec. somehow, i don’t want laura going gaga over ichika. XDD rin can get ichika.. i kinda hate cecilia wanting ichi too. XD but in any case anybody can end up w/ him… laura ftw!! xDD

  25. Whoa, that shield energy-from-getting-blasted move, was that the “Ignition Boost” that Chifuyu mentioned? It would make sense if that was the case. After all if the enemy knows you can get a recharge from absorbing a full powered blast there’s no way they’ll shoot you with it again. Also it would explain why he didn’t use it in their match, he was looking for a good shot to get power from.

    Overall another pretty good episode. I’m totally loving the harem interactions. Although I’d prefer if Ichika actually went out with someone, but hey, the male lead not picking anyone is one of the things you just have to accept when watching a harem show. I’ll settle for just watching the characters. Ugh Cecilia’s deredere is really drawing out the HNNNG from me.

  26. daaaamn .. this was baaad .. very baad
    The first 3 episodes were all nicely done but this was a trainwreck.

    The shot in the back, Houki, Britain .. nothing made sense (well, yeah .. its a
    harem anime I know .. but at least a little bit continuity would be fine)

    1. I do have to agree when watch an anime where 99% of the world knows what all these girls think except that last % of this so call main character whos as dense as a brick wall.
      But is the girls fault too in some way when they knows they main character is just retarded.
      I say the girls need to say it plain out they like him and want to go out with him, after that they need to slap him hard so he can wake out and not being a retard thinking they were joking, the girls need him to clear his mind and have him think carefully what they just say to him.
      Ichika’s have this bad habit of thinking stupid stuff when he don’t understand the situation, so they need to slap him and real hard so he don’t think stupid.

  27. plot holes you can drive your IS thru!
    riding a weapon beam as a propulsion?
    how on Earth would he know about Cecilia coming in to help?
    other than that, another girl added to the harem… and ending 😛
    and the mystery of who is behind the drone IS?

  28. I agree with paulrenzo though technically Tenchi was the very first ‘dense male lead’ and the one who started the harem genre so blame Tenchi Muyo for the countless formulic harem shows we anime fans have gotten over the years excluding air, kanon 2006, clannad, and shuffle. P.S. I still love tenchi though

  29. KANADE!!!!!!!!!

    From this point on, I’ll only be watching for the drones. They better come up with some more awesome sequences for that thing, because the attention it got has miserable!
    I know it’s a harem, but at least give the badass some cred here! It probably would’ve been awesome… if we were allowed to see it in real action. Also:

    Tenchi Muyo? Damn, it’s been a while since I heard that name. Maybe I should go back and check it out…


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