「検体番号(シリアルナンバー)」 (Kentai Bangou (Shiriaru Nanbaa))
“Sample Number (Serial Number)”

Another awesome episode the very next week? Who would’ve thunk it? There was a bit of foreshadowing with Hyouka showing up, but this was an otherwise lighthearted affair with Accelerator and Last Order joining in on the fun. Definitely To Aru Majutsu no Index at its finest (…at least for me).

I probably could have done without the extra fan-service since we’ve been getting it in pretty heavy doses lately, though I’m not one to complain when Kaori’s at the center of it care of some inadvertent hazing by Orsola. (Go sister!) She was the lone Japanese girl at the mercy of all the European ones, which would’ve been even better if Kugimiya Rie and Ise Mariya were brought in to voice some lines for Agnese and Lucia. Still, props out to Kaori for wearing her yukata the supposed “traditional style” without any underwear. Now that’s what I call a saint!

Less Mikoto, more Misaka Imouto. While I’m just as much of a fan of Biribiri’s interactions with Touma as the next person, Misaka 10032 was surprisingly cute when she wanted a ring and overreacted to animal donuts being eaten. Getting to see a girlish side in any of the Sisters is always a plus, given how indifferent they tend to be most of the time. I’d say it’s probably the next best thing to seeing it in Mikoto herself.

All things considered, this felt like an Accelerator character development episode with Yomikawa preaching to him a bit about opening up people, except it was kind of hard to see it as such when he and Touma took part in a child-swapping day of sorts. Most of my attention was on how Touma seemed to get the better end of the bargain since he didn’t have to feed Index and deal with her complaints and biting, and became the abuser instead of the abused for a change. I got a pretty good laugh out of that, as well as Accelerator’s “…the fuck?” reaction to the voice message Last Order left. In contrast, the end of this episode was heartwarming in a way, especially with the way Accelerator showed his concern for Last Order.

Judging from the preview, it looks like these past two episodes are the so-called “calm before the storm”. Accelerator’s kindness will probably be tested by one Kihara Amata (Fujiwara Keiji) from his past, with none other than Last Order to get him all riled up. Interestingly enough, we also see the return of Sasha Kruezhev since the Angel Fall incident in season one, and alongside her is the yet to be introduced Vassilisa who’s also a member of Russia’s Annihilatus. I don’t know what role they’ll play in this arc, but Vento is still floating around, so it’s probably safe to assume that Touma’s going to be targeted sooner or later.




      1. From what I remembered the sisters are range from level 2-3, depending from clone to clone. And even if they did managed to get to level 4 or 5, they are not expected to see the in EM for some reason that they cannot match the original.

      2. Misaka clones started at LV2, but with over 10000 fights with Accelerator, they evolved into LV3s. Last Order started out as a LV3. (But for some reason, she can’t fight AT ALL, like Index) And yes, more moe Misaka Imouto. Unlike Mikoto, Imouto is actually honest, although we all know that romance story will go nowhere. ;_;

  1. so much fan service… but oh well… shouldn’t complain too much…
    I just love the character interaction here… though the pace is slow as normal for set ups…
    can’t wait for the big “storm”, and holy, accelerator is taking some serious beat down there :()

  2. In case anybody was wondering, Yes- This new Kihara is related to the previous Kihara(s), and just as sadistic as the others.

    You can consider the name ‘Kihara’ to be the Black Family of Academy City’s Darkness.

  3. Divine, you’re a real trooper, thanks for taking the time of ‘stitching’ those full-view shots. This is, imo, where Index’s strength lies, the fan-service now, and character build ups. The fighting and action really is lackluster, again imo. Also, I’ll be honest, I was tryiiing to wait out your post since you showed the full-view ones Divine, since 3am. <_< Yay.

  4. Today’s episode might as well be titled, “Misaka Imouto Ga Konna Ni Kawaii Wake Ga Nai” (Misaka Imouto can’t be this cute) with the way she latches on Touma… XD

    I don’t think Kaori ever wears undies even when in her usual clothes (asymmetrical tight jeans and tied white shirt). Her bath scenes from season 1’s Angel Fall arc also seem to imply this (and makes her portrayal in most Rule 34 fanart/doujinshi spot on). Nevertheless, the possibility of a Kaori x Orsola yuri pairing is welcome though. (The yuri goggles strike again…)

    And “Prince Ali” is the one voicing Amata Kihara? Knowing the bats**t insanity of the Kihara family members we’ve met so far and Keiji Fujiwara’s roster of villains, I’d say he’s a good choice for the role.

  5. I makes me wonder if Touma had ever given the thought that Misaka was like Last Order in her youth. If he does think about that, then I’m sure that would shock him. How did such an energetic young girl turned into a tsunedere.

    code fanboy
    1. true but consider that that’s where the novels are at. though Railgun was great filler, having to wait for a novel to finish is a lot more painstaking than waiting for an anime with the source material done, i.e. haruhi. when that happens you have studios “experimenting” with shit like endless 8.

  6. I noticed someone mentioned the name Vasilissa!

    I do not know who that is or what kind of character she will be ( i assume its a she).

    I assume that because Vasilissa is a Greek word which means Queen = Vasilissa ( Βασίλισσα)!

    Yes i am a Cypriot. A Greek Cypriot to be exact.

    I just love that anime in general use SO MUCH GREEK elements like names, legends and historic facts from the Greek History.

    It just makes me proud man. I am crying as we speak….( not really). But still….go Greece and Cyprus!

    Thats all. Thank you!

    1. Laura must truly be a devout believer in the “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” maxim. Even though she’s also from the Magic side and is supposed to be opposed to everything related to the Science side.

      The fact that the Administrator of Academy City Aleister Crawley is an ex-magician himself helps her fostering this “unholy alliance” as well.

      Kinny Riddle
    2. Show Spoiler ▼

  7. Damn, Accelerator. You a pimp!

    Index II Episode 18, a.k.a. “Accelerator and his pimpin’ cane go for a stroll”, a.k.a. “Accelerator calls Index a shithead”.

    Accelerator = god tier.

      1. Oh, that? He’s just taking a quick lie-down before he hands out his next gargantuan ass-whuppin’. I mean, hell. Even Cordell Walker was blindsided by an oar to the head. That doesn’t make him any less godlike.

    1. Yeah, uhm, I read all these scenes you know. Filler my tail. You need introduction and character development. Besides:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      So no, no filler. Not at all. Pretty much required even.

      Michael Chandra
  8. I can see why Touma bailed on Index. I’ll take feisty (untrue to her feelings)Biribiri,or her cluster of monotone clones over that any-day. Sorry index, but if you didn’t b**** and eat so much. More people would want to hang out with you.

    Episode wise, anything with Mikoto or her clones. Is already a good one. Add some plot and development, then we got something really good.

    1. You can almost see how relieved Accelerator is to finally be rid of her to know how annoying she can get sometimes. I mean, just look at how he enthusiastically whacks Last Order on the head – his way of affection. lol

      (I believe Accelerator is what you would call a “male tsundere” – people not being honest with their feelings towards people they like is not a female privilege. 🙂 )

      Kinny Riddle
    2. Yeah, but the point is… you are not Touma and you will be more annoyed if you find on a third Index season (if there is one) how much fond of Index is Touma.

      Also in this series:
      Mikoto =/= Plot development. Just only teases but no more.

  9. As if the interesting character interactions couldn’t get any better from last episode, this episode tops it up. Definitely the most enjoyable Index episode so far for a non-plot-moving episode, I found myself laughing from beginning to end.

    Kaori’s traumatizing experience with the washing machine is up there with the best comedic moments from Railgun. LMAO

    And just when I wondered whether Touma and Mikoto has ever met Last Order, in she comes introducing herself to them, with Misaka Imouto thrown in the mix as well. And they even have Index badgering Accelerator for added fun and intrigue. Pity Touma and Accelerator didn’t end up meeting, or maybe Kamachi Kazuma intends for them to fight each other again in the future.

    Kinny Riddle
  10. Nice episode. I have been waiting for Touma to finally meet Last Order and this was handled well. The interaction between Misaka Imouto and her Onee san ‘biri-biri’ was fun as was the pained look on accelerators face having to shepherd Index around.

    I am now looking forward to the day that Touma and accelerator get to compare notes on who suffers the most misfortune.!


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