「描かれたあの日の虹」 (Egakareta Ano Hi no Niji)
“The Rainbow Drawn That Day”

The plot finally opens up in a major way with backstory on both Reiji and Katashiro Ryousuke (Miki Shinichirou), and comes with a love triangle that’s oddly familiar to Takuto, Sugata, and Wako’s situation yet noticeably different at the same time. Also, the suspicion that some people had about Reiji actually being Takuto’s father turned out to be true, as his real name is Tsunashi Tokio. The explanation behind his young appearance and ignorance about Takuto being his son is hinted at briefly at the very end, when Ryousuke mentions that he’s lost his heart in Zero Time. That was undoubtedly the biggest revelation this episode, but it was just the tip of the iceberg.

I almost don’t know where to start with how much was divulged this time around. We have Ryousuke whose life was decided for him by his parents from his fiancee Sora (Orikasa Fumiko) to his participation in the secret organization attempting to revive the Cybodies (i.e. Kiraboshi), and Tokio who ambitiously wanted to take part in it but couldn’t because his father Ikurou chose not to pass on his mark to him. The three of their paths cross on Southern Cross Island much like our current protagonists, and Sora ends up falling in love with Tokio because she mistakenly believed Ryousuke didn’t care about her. It seemed straightforward but came with the twist that Ryousuke backed off after using his mark’s ability to presumably see the future, and Tokio’s obsession with receiving a mark from one Makiba Shingo (Asanuma Shintarou) led to him forgetting about Sora and the fact that he had gotten her pregnant. She leaves the island and many years later, Takuto returns in her place, leading us to where we are now.

Incidentally, it doesn’t seem like Ryousuke’s ability could foresee everything, as he took out his own left eye after realizing that Tokio could appreciate Sora’s beauty in ways he couldn’t even fathom. Had he known he would abandon her as soon as he found someone who would give him a mark, I doubt he would’ve given up on Sora so readily. What kind of puzzles me is that after Shingo fell into a coma for a yet to be explained reason, Ryousuke voluntarily gave his mark to Tokio, claiming he has no need for its powers, and goes on to support “Miyabi Reiji” in his pursuit of taking the Cybodies out of Zero Time. The mark is one thing, but the support part I can’t quite grasp the justification behind unless he’s doing it in pursuit of knowledge as a researcher. I would’ve figured he’d feel spiteful towards both Tokio and the Cybodies, seeing as those very two things led to Sora being forgotten. I’m rather curious as to what motivates him now, and if he’s truly just following the path in life his parents decided for him.

All of that served as ample build-up towards Takuto’s eventual face-to-face meeting with Tokio, whom I’d imagine he’d recognize without his mask on from pictures that his mother likely had. However, the story actually progressed on several different fronts with a little tension in Vanishing Age between Head and Camel Star, a.k.a. Ginta Ryou (Kimura Ryouhei), and both Needle Star and Window Star taking the risky plunge to revive their Cybodies. Thus far, Camel Star hasn’t really done anything to stand out, but his first phase ability to take control of animals and spy on everyone makes him the only outside person to know what Reiji’s up to and that Keito is the east maiden. There was also emphasis on other nations nuking the island if they actually manage to get the Cybodies out of Zero Time, out of fear of what they’re capable of.

In short, Camel Star’s been sandbagging the dart board so that his Cybody will be around to withstand any potential nukes, whereas Head’s been stalling for time reaching the next phase so that he can receive Shingo’s mark instead of risking the revival process like the daring female duo. Both revelations are particularly interesting, since they imply that those without a working Cybody when Zero Time is unsealed have no chance of surviving. This episode sort of drove that point home with Needle Star stopping Camel Star from going after Wako, because Window Star’s Cybody wasn’t fully repaired yet. From an overall story standpoint, it works well as a plot device since it implies the destruction of the island when the fifth and final phase is achieved.

Judging from the preview, the new thing will be some Over Phase System that the Science Guild cooked up to artificially reach the next phase. Madoka with her love for thrills looks to be up first, and achieves a state where the Star Driver and Cybody become one just like Head explained back in episode seventeen. We also see more of Sakana, whom I figured would be back at some point. Hopefully we’ll see Mizuno/Marino as well before long.

* Let’s see if we can make it through without any Geass or Lockon Stratos comments. Everyone’s already thought it, so you don’t need to say it. Now that I’ve already brought it up, you will look dumb if you do!




    1. Lolz? I thought the nudes were pretty painting-ish.

      I’m kinda curious as to the whole point of Takuto being bitten as it didn’t really affect anything.

      Also, does anyone else get gay vibes from Shingo seeing how he’s so effeminate and blushes when Tokio talks to him… and that Tokio is more hoyay with Shingo than he is with Sora?

      Suppa Tenko
      1. Yeah, you thought. But whether your impression is, it doesn’t change the fact these paintings suck. I could point out every mistake in them, but since there’s so many it would be pointless.

        About the second paragraph: fanservice xD

      2. well, he was definitely weakened by the poison and that was the main point of it. If it had not been for Crux interference, he would have lost and Wako’s seal would be broken. It’s rather obvious

  1. Thank you Divine, you have managed to clear up this crazy episode. Still it’s a bit creepy that Tokio painted that many pictures of Sora’s naked body and yet both were fine though I really felt that Ryousuke knew Tokio’s feellings for Sora when he saw that completed picture where they first met. It seems such a sad love story since everyone kinda got the bad end of the stick and here’s to hoping that the current love triangle clears up without to much heartache.

    1. What’s interesting about that scene is that the number of canvases around Tokio was increasing while Ryousuke was talking to him. It could very well be that all the nude portraits were a reflection of what Ryousuke saw with his ability, since Tokio didn’t ask to nor look like he was painting nude portraits of Sora.

    2. Well that’s just the thing. We don’t know to what extent Ryousuke saw. He knew Sora loved Tokio, and questioned if Tokio truly loved Sora in return. It seemed like he did from the paintings, but ultimately his obsession with the Cybodies consumed him.

    3. Argh this is all very subjective since we only saw glimpses of what he could do. I really hope that they have some more backstory to him as he is very interesting in his motives and what drives him to do all the things he has done.

  2. Great cover for the episode. After seeing that scene between Sugata and Wako, I kinda lost hope for a TakutoXMarino/Mizuno ending. Seeing how he became jealous over that made me think he’ll go for Wako in the end. But hey, Kanako or President wouldn’t be so bad as well given how president interacted recently with Takuto >:)

    Does anybody know what happened to Sora/Takuto’s mother. I think I might have just forgotten it but I don’t remember any mention of her in the past. Also in Takuto’s flashbacks, Sora was not shown. It seemed like he was raised alone by his grandfather.

    The Story You Don't Know
    1. I think Takuto was more surprised than anything else. I didn’t sense any jealousy from his reaction.

      Ryousuke mentioned that Sora left Takuto with Tokio’s father, i.e. Ikurou, and then went off somewhere. No one seems to know where she went.

  3. Its not that they can’t regenerate Cybodies in the 4th phase, its because they are advancing the 4th and 5th phase together so there is no time for regeneration in the 4th phrase. Wowz, its a great episode, but it kinda killed all the development between Takuto and Wako. Maybe its going to be a TakutoxNone ending and a SugataxWako+Keito or a TakutoxKeito to avoid what happened between Tokio, Sora, and Ryousuke.

    Suppa Tenko
    1. When was there any mention that they’re going to break the remaining two seals at the same time?

      Head originally said they need to break the east maiden’s seal last. One way of interpreting that is so they’d be in full control of when they want to do so. i.e. After making all the necessary preparations.

      1. No they have to break the eastern and southern maiden seals together.

        Head specifically mentions this in Episode 17 since the alternative is that Driver might end up trapped in a permanent state of apprivoise with the cybody in zero time.

    1. Not all of them has a real mark, those that do are limited, plus pride probably comes into it. Also remember they made that agreement that whoever wins becomes the new boss, how do you work that out if it’s a gangup on him?

    2. Prior to the coup they were using Takuto as a means of determining leadership.

      After the coup, they only have 3 active cybodies left. The two lesbians are insane and do what they want. Camel Star is only the tactical one and he doesn’t have any one to work with.

  4. who am i getting this feeling this is not just a 25 episode show

    or maybe the last 5 eps would have major plot contents

    what if will have a second season with the cybodies out of zero time, after the “Departure”

  5. oh haven’t anyone noticed? Shingo falling into coma, Samekh’s drivers falling into coma and never awaken, Sugata being the first one to awaken, i know Shingo’s mark is different to that of a Samekh’s driver and King’s and Maiden’s marks can’t be transfered but am i just seeing things or there is some connection.

  6. so basically Shingo’s “W” mark means “shin” and in some articles i read it stands for the word Shaddai, a name for God, and in the Arabic alphabet, it’s original position is at 21st, before “X” or Tau, but basically replaced Samekh’s at the 15th position.

    oh and Samekh can be referred to Samael or the “Angel of Death”

  7. It would be so funny if Takuto ends up marrying the girl from his childhood.
    Sakana-chan is in next episode fuck yes, even if she has 5 sec of screentime I’ll still be happy.
    I was pretty shocked when Camel Star bit Takuto and then attacked him directly in Zero Time. Since the beginning they never even tried to attack/kill Takuto out of Zero Time so I thought the scenarist would never resort to this.

  8. when did it indicate that Ryousuke power is to see the future, i think his power is something along the line of seeing his love of interest at present not future, and the increasing canvas is probably done for theatrical effect indicate how sora reveal all to reiji/tokio . Can someone please confirm this: is Ryousuke power able to see future?

    1. If you ever watched Utena you’ll know that this is more of Yoji Enokido’s stylistic choice than an actual First Phase, the paintings increasing I mean. Ryousuke seeing Sora kissing, I think he may be seeing the past instead like he can the history of a room looking by around it.

    2. It didn’t. All Ryousuke said is that his ability let him see “everything” between Tokio and Sora “from the very beginning” and that he “didn’t want to see it”. Interpret his ability as you will based on that.

      1. it seem to me, that his ability is to always able to watch his love interest(what a stalker) than able to see the past or the future.
        P.S. i would never thought i actually is right about reiji is takuto father, i always thought it was ridiculous conclusion from all the foreshadowing.
        P.P.S. is the spoiler tag not working?

      1. i don’t remember specifically the nature of takuto getting his mark, i just remember it was after that crash. did the grandfather give it to him? this would coincide with head’s story.

  9. Wait, if none of the inactive Cybodies from the second phase are unusable now, what exactly’s the point in keeping Takashi or the other “Stars” from eps 9 and 10 around? They’re just as useless as they ever were, and if their Cybodies can’t be repaired, what good are they?

  10. What are we down to, two Maidens, one Emperor, and three Warriors (Head, Takuto, Needle Star)? The story of the Departure keeps changing. At first it was all the Cybodies escaping Zero Time, then it was only those who have Drivers with Marks, now it’s only the fully undamaged ones once the final two Seals are broken. If I was in Glittering Star I wouldn’t be too enthusiastic about sacrificing my Cybody to let just one person escape Zero Time/the island. It’s gone from a “evil helping evil” to “every man (Cybody) for himself” to “just one person”. If the island gets destroyed by the breaking of Zero Time by one Cybody, or the island gets nuked if a Cybody escapes into the real world, where’s the incentive for the rest of Glittering Star? Can they hide in the old gold mine and bring out their own Cybodies after the Seals are broken? Or will the only triumphant Star Driver turn around and kill all the other people on the island to ensure they have the only Cybody in existence?

  11. Very disappointed with Sora’s affair. Especially hated the part where she gave up halfway while reaching for Katashiro’s hand. Also felt heart wrenching when Katashiro was surrounded by the nude paintings of Sora. Argh, what a tragedy.

    I’m predicting an ending where Reiji returns to the name of Tsunashi Tokio and leaves the island with Takuto, a happy family reunion between him and sora. Wako follows Takuto and pursue her dream as a singer. Sugata stays at the island with Keito. Keito gives up her dream for Sugata, probably recuperating after losing to Takuto @ the final epic battle.

    And Tokio… for a mark… you actually turn gay. -.-ll Tokio’s no Galactic Pretty Dad.

  12. Looks like Camel Star should have possessed more snakes to bite Takuto haha. The revealing of the truths at this point of time didnt really seem that impactful as I though it would be. And I feel that its quite ironic that Takuto’s watch given by his mother wasn’t from his father, but someone else instead. From the start there has been an impression that Reiji’s schemes have a deep meaning to them but at the end of the day this episode just reveals him to be power hungry after all? I hope that in the ending there’s some plot twist that makes his actions more justifiable. Oh well, lets all wait and see!

  13. @Divine: The part of giving his mark, in my opinion could be that Ryousuke thought of it as a curse. Since Reiji wants it so badly, Ryousuke thought he might give Reiji this curse to see into how miserable life is. or somewhere along those lines. But that’s just me…

    This episode is indeed quite a mindf*ck…

  14. This episode seemed a little out of place, given how far the anime is into it’s season. What i mean is that, if this series is really 25 episodes. Dropping such a huge plot point, this late in. Seems kinda pointless. Unless there planning on making a second season, then i guess it’s not at a bad spot.

    Agreed. I’d even be OK if other shrine maiden was a possibility. Can’t see why it wouldn’t be.

  15. After a while, I started to realize that this seemed to be coming since ep14 or 15. Takuto first mentions his dad in ep1 when looking at the painting by “R”. Then Sugata sees Head finish a painting (which I slightly remember it being signed “R”) back in 14 or 15. Eh, does this mean Sugata knows who’s Takuto’s dad? O.O


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