「若き猛禽」 (Wakaki Moukin)
“Young Bird of Prey”

Once I heard Dr. Radom mention “Pattern TBS” to Arado and how he “probably” won’t get a chance to use it, I was eagerly waiting for Seolla to come around and execute Wild Wurger and Wild Falken’s Twin Bird Strike combination attack. I’ve brought up my anticipation towards seeing it on at least a couple of episodes, so naturally I was a little psyched about the moment finally arriving. It was as if there was a “Twin Bird Strike” chant going on in my head while Seolla was struggling to regain her memories, which turned into a resounding “YES!” as soon as Arado sent the information to Wild Falken’s console. To me, the trademark attacks in Super Robot Wars is one of the biggest appeals of the franchise, as the sequences in the games become increasingly more animated, so getting to see it in an anime is always a treat.

Unfortunately, the attack wasn’t nearly as flashy as I would’ve liked, since it left out the part where Arado grabs the target with Wild Wurger’s Stag Beetle Crusher and Seolla unloads on it at pointblank range screaming “Shooooot!” However, playing Arado’s theme song “Wild Flug” in the background went a long way to making the finishing blow a lot better. The same goes for the build-up towards Arado’s moment to shine, when he was informed that Wild Falken is among the Neo DC forces and launched from Hiryuu Kai with Wurger’s new weapons to the “Ace Attacker Ver. W” theme. I love it whenever this series plays a character’s theme songs, as it reminds me of when a battle sequence starts in the games. Just take Alpha 3’s variation of Twin Bird Strike as an example. The music tend to get me pretty pumped up about the onslaught that follows suit. See below.

Show Twin Bird Strike from Super Robot Wars Alpha 3 ▼

Aside from a quick showing by Bullet and Kusuha in their newly-acquired RyuKoOh and Masaki sending out his cats in Cybuster’s High Familiar for the first time in this sequel, it was all about Arado and Seolla taking it to Anthuz and Thurisuz with some brief help from Lamia and Kyousuke (back in his Gespenst Mk.II Type-S for the time being). Quite honestly, I wouldn’t have had it any other way, since I like Seolla’s spunky character and have been looking forward to seeing her finally come to her senses. The end result with the Twin Bird Strike was part of it, but so was Arado’s kickass moment when he caught Thurisuz with his jaws of death and didn’t hesitate to crush him. With Seolla, three of the kids from The School have been freed from Dr. Setme’s brainwashing. Ouka on the other hand looks like a bit of a lost cause.

Somewhat overshadowed by during the attack on the Earth Cradle was Testuya becoming captain of a Space Noah Class battleship, and taking command of Elzam’s Kurogane while Hagane undergoes repairs. That is, until he put on the captain’s hat and came bursting out from underground using Kurogane’s enormous Titanic Drill. That was a pretty epic display and one I’m not even quite sure how it works, when I take into consideration the size of the drill relative to the rest of the ship. It didn’t matter though, as it led to the awesome setup for a showdown between Wodan and Sanger to settle things once and for all. We had Thrudgelmir and Dygenguar in all their glory, ready to clash gigantic swords. How is that not “win”?

Surprisingly, the preview seems to suggest that the next episode will be more about Rai and Elzam exacting revenge on Archibald. I really hope they kill that bastard this time around. I also see SRX firing its Gaun Genocider so the thought of another combination sequence is pretty sweet.

Note: I prepared 12 full-length images for this post. See images 04, 08, 10, 11, 17, 18, 20, 21, 39, 40, 41, 42. There was also a minor update in the OP, which now shows Excellen with the Rein Weiss Ritter.




  1. I want to see Kyosuke’s upgraded alt in action soon!
    thank God those machinery children are finally dead. They’re getting on my nerves, with those cheesy hairstyles and haircolours.
    Is there a chance next week will be zanpakutou vs zanpakutou? I’m dying to see it!
    overall, this episode just feels like a build-up episode. Maybe they save the best for the last 5 episodes

  2. The Machinery Children were only as stupid as their programmer, that old woman needs to burn! That’s who i wanna see buy the farm! I must admit I laughed when they touched off the self proclaimed better child freaked out simply when they started flying faster. LOL Your so cool Anthuz.

  3. Kinda bleh that the Machine Children went this early. In the game, didn’t they last till some of the last levels? Thanks to their 60K HP pools among the 3 of them, AND Ouka to deal with….UGH.

  4. I have to say, this is my favorite series of the season, and the only one I watch every week too. Been a long while like this! 😀 a little sad it doesn’t get the spotlight though ^^

  5. I almost forgot about Setme/Grims, but I hope Obari hasn’t pushed back *the* battle of the Earth Cradle another episode (no offence to the rest, but we’re here for Colossal Blades). However, if Show Spoiler ▼

    That PLUS Branstein/Grims may be more than enough for one episode.

    Whichever way it pans out, it’s going to be too much for mere mortals to take in. Time to see if this adaptation will be lauded or hounded.

    J Jay
  6. The music during the TBS wasn’t Ace Attacker W it was Wild Flug, and its not even a remix its the direct version from OG’s which made it all the more win.

    One of my favorite moments of the games will hopefully happen next episode but I’m not even sure they can fit all of the shit from that one battle in ONE episode but I guess we’ll see next week.

  7. Dual plasma stake Gestpenst Mk.II-S was awesome.

    For the next ep, I wonder if we’ll get to see Show Spoiler ▼

    in action.

    What’s more worrying is that there are only 6 episodes left, and we still need to deal with Shadow Mirror, the Inspectors, and the Einst. There’s a lot of plot and not much time left.

  8. I had a really big smile when Tetsuya put on the Captain’s hat.

    BTW I think that Gaon Genocider is part of the Full Burst… I hope we get to see another Variable Formation again :3

    And I was kinda hoping that Kyousuke would Gespenst Kick someone.

    Suppa Tenko
  9. so is this anime worth watching? I have never played any of the super robot wars games so got no background. I watched the opening of the first ep where I saw one of the robots had bazooka like boobs and I switched it off (thought , ‘no, this is not for me’).

  10. These full length shots are nice. Always welcome.
    Even if they didn’t show anything in the preview, I think Zengar Vs Wodan is definitely next week, the episode title is the same as the stage title where it happens.


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