「散りぬべき時知りてこそ」 (Chirinubeki Toki Shirite koso)
“Knowing When Not To Scatter”

The Earth Cradle chapter comes to a close both inside and out, as The School children rid themselves of their past demons and Sanger/Wodan settle their rivalry once and for all. While I already knew how things were going to unfold, that didn’t really take away from the bittersweetness of it all. I even found myself getting a little teary-eyed at the end when the emotions poured uncontrollably out of the kids. The flashback at the beginning went a long way in building up those emotions, since their time back at The School hasn’t been shown thus far. It highlighted the kinder side of Ouka, which made Cero’s sacrifice to restore her memories an a roller coaster ride of emotions that would tumble down when she sacrificed herself to stop Setme. The positives to take away are Ouka regaining her memories before she died and deciding for herself to protect those she cares about.

In comparison, Sanger and Wodan’s climactic battle was a lot easier to swallow, simply because the two of them seemed to have an unwritten samurai-like code of honor. Their battle wasn’t completely driven by hatred or deceit and instead, and came down to something that was inevitable given their conflicting goals. They share the same desire to protect Sophia, except Sanger wants to stop seeing her used for the wrong reasons, whereas Wodan feels Shadow-Mirror needs her control of Machine Cells for their cause. The key difference I see between Wodan and Setme is that he doesn’t see Sophia as a tool but as an important existence, despite how much the stasis capsule she’s in suggests otherwise. For that reason, I’ve also thought of Wodan as a respectable antagonist, whose death here leaves me with mixed feelings.

Animation-wise, it’s worth noting that this episode was all over the place. Any opportunity to lessen the details on the robots was taken, which accounts for most of the distant shots. In execution, it didn’t really take away from the experience, but it was really apparent as I was going through looking for images to capture. To be fair, I pretty much expect this in a robot anime that’s been running for two-cours without the same budget as Sunrise’s Gundam ones get, so I’m more understanding towards the dips in quality. I do hope this means Asahi Production will be saving the best for last though, now that the story is gearing up towards the finale with Kyousuke receiving his Alt Eisen Riese upgrade. Neo DC is out of the picture for the most part (there’s still Egret and Uruz), meaning that the focus should be shifting to Inspector/Shadow-Mirror alliance and the Einst.

There hasn’t been much focus on the Inspectors after Operation Plantagenet, so in my mind, the only outstanding subplot that needs extra attention is Kyousuke and Excellen’s one. With four episodes remaining, there should be ample time to wrap everything up.

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  1. I’m surprised Egret and Uruz did not appear in this episode – based on the video of this scene in the games, they were there, though I cannot complain with how the anime depicted it. I’d have liked to have seen more of Sanger and Wodan’s final fight, but with so much action and plot packed in there, it was really great. And Ouka’s sacrifice… I really thought this would be cheating her fate from the games!

    Next episode, looks like it’s all coming together for the finale. I can see one episode for Excellen, then one more for each remaining villain group, though given the preview shots, looks like the structure will mix it up a bit more than that.

    Sol Fury
  2. This episode was generally a huge disappointment.

    The battle between Sanger and Wodan left a lot to be desired, especially with a lack of star-splitting Zankantou goodness(it appeared, but nothing more). Wodan’s death was a lot better in the games where he at least went out with a bang instead of just collapsing.

    The School children scenes were better but there were a lot of times where the only thought I had was “meh”. This episode really felt as a big time rush job and doesn’t bring much hope for the episodes to come.

  3. agreed, i found myself laughing out HARD at one particular point when Sanger and Wodan were going at it in the background on top of the dome..SOO CHEESY!!!! that 2 frame animation of KLANG!! KLANG!! rinse and repeat x4…terrible….and was ouka full of crap about that “I’m gonna die anyway, I’ve been in the system 2 long”???? hahahah i don’t even think the doctor was dead yet LOL, he might have had a diff opinion on her “I’ma blow myself up thing”

    BROOKLYN otaku
    1. Well, it’s fairly clear that Doctor Cuervo but a hair away from death, if not dead already. He wouldn’t have survived for much longer, even if he had gotten out.

      It’s true that some more dynamic Zankantou action would have been nice. However, I myself find it nothing to fuss over; given the show’s presumably lower budget and Obari’s track record when it comes to his shows and QUALITY, I’d say it’s a wonder they managed to make the battle as nice-looking as they did.

      Overall, not a fantastic episode, but still good.

  4. Not quite as good as last week’s episode but still had its moments. Wodan vs Sanger could have been animated better but it’s okay. A little disappointed that we haven’t seen real men riding each other so far but now I’m hoping we get to see them doing it IN SPACE!! IIRC the last boss was definitely big enough for them to pull it off there.

  5. The battle between sanger and wodan was a little bland, but I guess I’ve been expecting too much.
    But the flashback between the school children was kind of tear jerking, though.
    Not as epic as before, but at least still packed with action
    I want to see Alt Eisen Riese in action! I want to know the upgrade!!

  6. Obari,

    I am disappoint.

    The best level in all of OG, and you shove it aside in favour of watching children cry some more. I should have seen it coming; The School has had more time devoted to it than all but two storylines, and as previously noted Egret/Uruz had already left. QUALITY animation all round didn’t help, but after that two minute flashback my heart sank. Not even Setme finally getting squashed could ease my butthurt.

    At least we won’t see any of them next episode – if there’s two characters that The School will have to make way for, it’s Excellen & Kyosuke. I hope the reason this episode was poor wasn’t down to budgeting, because from here on in it’s almost all action. Don’t fuck this one up.

    On a lighter note, Zengar/Arado taking leaves out of Kyosuke’s gambling manual put a smile on my face.

    J Jay
  7. How does Ouka pilot when strung up like that? Completely telepathically?

    Judging from responses and School children’s tears, Ouka’s death seems to be permanent. I was hoping she would come back like Lamia.

  8. This episode WAS awesome like always, but yeah I agree with everyone else it could have been at least 3 times better. It’s a real shame. I really hope thy were saving up for the next ones, and haven’t totally ran out of cash.

    Ouka and Wodan, truly too awesome to live, the world couldn’t take it.

  9. I wanted some “Sword that cleaves evil” screams, but got none this episode T-T.Ouka looks like Yomi from Ga-Rei, it’s very hard to unsee it.I did not need that in your face shot of Setme’s zit/pimple/blisters, that was just nasty.

    Sidenote:Latooni has boobs wtf!?

  10. The lack of Daizengar and Sledgermir action dissapoints me. also

    Show Spoiler ▼

    One more thing, I heard that Obari will spend their full money on animating those 2 battles to the max, But i still see QUALITY. Goddamit Obari.

    1. ANN says 26 episodes. Assuming that that’s true, they have four episodes to:
      Show Spoiler ▼

      That’s a lot of material in not that many episodes.

  11. OUKA-NEE-SAMA!!!! IMO quite possibly one of the two most tear-jerking moments in this entire series, as Ouka’s one of my top two favorite ladies in SRW.
    Plus the Rapiecage is badass.
    (I think my username gives a big clue what the other is, neh?)


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