「エンペラー」 (Enperaa)

It’s been built up for some time now and the episode title was a dead giveaway, so it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that the vacant First Division in Kiraboshi is finally filled by “King”. Sugata’s revealing outfit was probably the real shocker, given how low it plunges down in front. The real question is why Sugata finally decided to take his reserved spot as the leader of the very secret organization that he’s been opposing all this time. This is after he had Takuto fire him off as an “Eccentric Tau Missile” to completely annihilate the Vanishing Star trio of Sword Star (Kaji Yuuki), Stick Star (Suzumura Kenichi), and Camel Star (Kimura Ryouhei) that decided to gang up on Tauburn too.

If the end of the last episode and this one are any indication, Sugata learning that Keito is the east maiden and a member of Kiraboshi probably had a big part in it. I suspect that’s only what tipped him over to their side though, seeing as Sugata seems to have been preparing Takuto both mentality and physically to fight him. The start of this episode made it even more apparent that he’s hardening Takuto’s resolve should they wind up on opposing ends, which suggests to me that Sugata’s anticipated he wouldn’t be able to avoid his fate as the driver of the King of Cybodies. Not once has Sugata given the impression that he wants to betray Takuto and Wako, so I’m inclined to believe he foresaw joining Kiraboshi to be inevitable — perhaps due to something in his family history that we haven’t been told about. All the while, he’s been getting Takuto ready to stop him by building up his desire to protect Wako. In retrospect, Sugata’s decision to suddenly ask Wako on a date after receiving a painting from Reiji appeared to be his way of getting Takuto even more riled up.

The other possibility is that it’s all for Keito’s sake, which I feel is unlikely since Sugata only recently found out that she’s a member. I can’t see him going undercover to sabotage their efforts either, as it would be a repeat of what Marino did for Mizuno. There are also only two episodes remaining, so all that foreshadowing about Samekh being the “final boss” of the series has to start coming into play. I gather it’s no coincidence that Columna in the play they performed mirrors Sugata’s own situation, especially when Sarina was the one who wrote it. Based on what happened to Columna, it could very well be something as straightforward as being tempted by the power of Samekh. I suspect there’s more to it than that, but I’m pretty fixated on how it has something to do with the King of Cybodies that we, nor the rest of Kiraboshi, really knows about.

Overshadowed by all the attention on Sugata was Takuto’s long-awaited reunion with his father, whom he didn’t hesitate to punch in the face just like he said he would. Surprisingly, Takuto recognized him in a heartbeat and didn’t even question how he hasn’t aged at all, whereas “Tokio” seemed to be aware that Takuto’s his son. At least, that’s what one would conclude from his reluctance over having to bring Takuto down by force (as if they weren’t doing that already). I’m not quite convinced Reiji knows though, as it looked like he was simply trying to convince Takuto to join them, much like he tried to do with Sugata. In any case, it’ll be interesting if that particular subplot gets some more attention leading up to the finale. I hope it does and that Reiji finally gives up on his Cybody ambitions.

* Kei and Madoka were nowhere to be seen, but Ryousuke decided to make an appearance in Zero Time.




  1. Speaking of whether Reiji/Tokio knows about Takuto. Episode 1 apparently hits sub plot this from the outset with Reiji commenting on Takuto’s arrival “Probably searching for his father I bet.” That overlooked detail surprised me since Star Driver’s done a very good job of foreshadowing many of its threads. Interestingly enough Reiji made the comment rather sarcastically so you can take it as a serious comment or a dismissive remark that coincidentally hit the head (no pun intended).

    Odd detail I picked up when re-watching Sakana chan’s first singing of Monochrome which is still awesome btw =P

    1. Interesting. That was back when I wasn’t blogging this show and picking up on all the details. Rewatching the first episode’s been pretty educational, including the bit about the masks allowing entrance into Zero Time.

  2. such a WTF episode… shocking for sure with what Sugata did at the end…
    he seems to regained the personality when he first apprivoised. Maybe the painting had more of an effect on him as the maid sisters suggested?
    Takuto punch in the face was awesome! do that to that heartless father of yours. Though I am not convinced that Head knows Takuto is his son.
    Hopefully they prepared some plausible explanations to all these…

    1. NOOOO damnit! I wanted some Takuto x Keito! Stupid Wako! Why must shows fall into the same type of pairing plot device where the main character most of the time end sup with the first girl he sees at the start of a show?

      *sigh* Such a tired setup, writers need to move on already. I’d much rather NOT have Takuto just slot into position next to Wako by default because Sugata decided it’s best to go on a power trip. Takuto should finish his fight, take down the crux and leave the island at the end.

  3. Honestly, how can all of you watch all this without a single thought about the purpose of this show ?
    Just take a look at the characters …
    What did they create ? Nothing.
    What are they fighting for ? Nothing special, no “right” purpose …
    They only put on their clown outfits and destroy what was was already created, while trying to look cool, competing among themselves who is the most cool clown out of them, with a useless slut as a reward …
    Being as miserable as they are, do they even have some human value without their stupid outfits and stupid fights for nothing ? At least some common human value, some common sense, some ideas to be respected for ?
    Without all the “zero time” thing they would be just a bunch of useless psychos burning out their empty and miserable lives on an island-wide nuthouse …
    Have at least one person out of those making comments here ever felt the same about this clown show ?

      1. Indeed, my mistake, there would be better ways …
        To my excuse though i mostly just did a fast rewind trough most of them, while hoping for them to gain some potential …

      2. In all seriousness this series is no.2 in my priority list (no.1 is Madoka). While I have to say I almost drop Star Driver during the dragging moments before the Mizuno arc, this series suddenly goes a full 180 degree turn for the better during that arc. I guess their is really a reward for those people who have more patience. I think you just don’t understand the word “fabulous” 😀

        I agree with Divine here, if you feel like you are missing something then please re-watched Star Driver from the start, and no skipping or fast-forwarding please, their is no way you will understand why the “fabulous” is synonymous with Star Driver with that. Re-watching the series from ep1 is what I did when I feel like their is so much I am missing in the crucial midpoint of the series.

      3. This series is one perfect example on how your initial impressions in a particular series might not be the last. As for the reason why I re-watched STAR Driver is because by episode 12+ (I haven’t yet realize the potential of Mizuno arc that time) it is clear that I’m getting lost in this show, I don’t know the characters (by that time I’m wondering why random characters just keeps on appearing from nowhere), I can’t simple understand what Divine is writing about on his blogs and what other viewers are commenting, I question myself “Am I watching the same series as them?” It’s as if the entire time I’ve been watching this series is for nothing. When I start re-watching the series, things suddenly becomes clear and all things make sense. Whatever happen to me prior to re-watching Star Driver is still a mystery to me (lol), perhaps I gave up hope on this anime somewhere in the middle and watched it for the sake of watching it and wasting time. This time it’s no longer the case. It’s a good thing I gave this show the 2nd chance it deserves 🙂

        PS: I just realize I’ve just type a complete non sense and embarrassing comment.

      4. “trolling”-aside, Divine, can you name at least 1 episode in this show where at least 1 character would do something which is NOT EXPECTED BY FANS ?
        Below i would like to define what i’m talking about. For example, when you go to a theater, you watch a play which represents the feelings of the author, some kind of story snapshot which was once created and repeated many times since. It has reasons from the beginning and it has other reasons and results appearing while the show progresses. It depicts the fantasy of the author, some interesting scene out of many events.
        Another example is when you go to circus and watch a clown show. The performance there, in contrast to the one you saw at the theater, is made exclusively for visitors, they mostly get what THEY (the visitors) expect to see, but there is a feedback, the clowns there are alive, they are moving along with the visitors reaction, giving them positive emotions.
        But in case of really dumb clown show, you will get only clowns going on the predefined route without paying attention to anyone. They don’t bring any new emotions, they don’t mind the public, they just play what PUBLIC WANTED TO SEE. And the public shows monotonous predictable reaction. They didn’t create anything new, and neither do they represent some original reasons beyond the place, and the public came just along with their routine consumption habit to watch, eat popcorn and get exactly what they expected, to satisfy their CONSUMPTION HABIT.
        Same contrast may be depicted in case when you go to some classic music concert to enjoy the feelings from the music and when you go to some pop concert because of fashion just to follow the usual routine of you “fanship”.
        Same argument may be applied to this show. In my option here we have (characters – fan expectations – personal PR of makers = 0.00000…1), leading to worst characters design in the season when we subtract “fabulousness” which is just an another way to expect fan’s expectations (i.e. most things except personal PR of the makers were made just to satisfy the CONSUMPTION habit of a certain circle of anime fans). For reference, there is word origin and its contemporary use practice – http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?term=fable, http://synonyms.woxikon.com/english-synonyms/fabulous.php, http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=fabulous . That was was meant under “emptyness”. Just another, but yet very extreme form of PR-related fanservice.

    1. I watch this as I would a 70’s super robot show. It works pretty well, and is one of the reasons why I enjoy this show (and don’t mind Takuto winning all the time).

    2. Ghostalker, maybe you meant “_boob_ulous” for the lack of such word ? 😉
      Well, if i were missing that and would that badly need it in _anime_ series, i would prefer some better quality h-rated anime instead of re-watching this one.

      1. Words like “fabulous” can’t explain anything, only the personality of the one who mentioned it. What i see is a pointless product of entertainment industry targeted at people who failed in their everyday lives yet they would like to make their life a constant entertainment. Yes, they find it “fabulous” watching “cool kids” in clown uniforms gaining some illusory personal value between themselves, while creating nothing and being mere clowns who consume the products created by someone else while competing in the “most cool way of cunsumption” … Isn’t it kind of ironic ? Do you remember “Welcome to NHK” ? Then try to think how much worse the ending would be in this show, if the characters were suddenly ripped off their expensive toys, which actually don’t even belong to them …
        It is definitely pointless from a cultural aspect or general human values, and while relying on “_boob_bulousless”, it manages to fall behind most ecchi shows. What did i miss here ? I made my statements in the first comment here, hence i would like to see what you can counter those arguments with.

      2. You are trying too hard. The only reason someone would post comments like these in such an amount as you have is if they are looking to get a reaction out of fans, a.k.a. trolling. Which you are. Poorly I might add. People will feed even the lamest trolls these days…

      3. @SpoilerMaker

        You are thinking things too much, the reason I brought up the word “fabulous” is because its a term brought up by one sub group for good use in this series.

        I understand you don’t like Star Driver, their is no point of force feeding you something you don’t like, and the reason I replied to you is pretty much because your pose are saying how you didn’t watched the episodes “properly.” As with anything just look in my second pose above explaining the details on why I re-watched the series, I thought the same thing could happen to you. But if not, as someone already pointed out, I can’t believe you reach episode 23 with that state of mind on a series ~ its like you tortured yourself so much that you started giving comments here like the way you are doing. Only a person who really hate a show can do something like that.

      4. wow spoilermaker. you’re like the ultimate troll. as a grad student with a background in literary criticism, history, and political science you are trying _way_ too hard to try to sound intelligent. if you don’t want to watch a show, that’s fine. if you dislike the content of the show and wish to criticize it, that’s also fine. but don’t go fast forwarding shit and then try to spout out some pseudo-intellectual babble about lack of “meaning.”

        it’s called entertainment. i spend most of my day researching, analyzing, and thinking about theoretical implications, so let me give you some advice. pull that stick out of your butt, get over yourself, and chill out. if i tried to try to analyze the artistic merits of every god damned thing, i’d sound like you.

    3. If you had actually watched the entire show, I highly doubt you’d have these questions about it. That said, on the small chance that you’re actually not a troll, I’ll try to answer each one of your “arguments”.
      What did they create?
      – Not sure what you mean by creating something, but they’ve created friends, rivalries, romances, stories, experiences. Definitely not nothing.
      What are they fighting for?
      – One side wants to get Cybodies into the real world and conquer it, while the other is intent on stopping them. Did you really watch any of the episodes?
      Clown outfits, destroying what was created, etc.
      – I think it’s painfully obvious that your fixation on hating the “fabulous” style of the show has caused you to ignore the underlying story. Anyway, they fight because one side wants to bring their created Cybodies into the real world, while the other side won’t let them…
      Any human value? Without “zero time”, psychos, etc.
      – I don’t understand why you think this whole show revolves around their outfits. It’s just an outfit, they’re still personalities regardless; making friends/enemies, protecting loved ones, protecting/conquering the world, parent issues, etc. The list of human values portrayed goes on and on…unless you are one cold-hearted mofo, these stories and personalities have plenty of human values, which aren’t affected in the slightest by their “clown outfits”.
      You are either just showing an appalling lack of understanding of this show, or letting your hatred for the outfits cloud your understanding. Notice I have not made any judgments on whether this show does these things well, but the arguments you’ve made against it certainly do not hold any merit. This show has a purpose, which is to tell a story that you have been unable to comprehend, even in the simplest way.

      1. Thanks for the answer. As about the “small chance”, i didn’t deny the purpose of making comments. The reasons extend to watching repetitious discussions over this show where no arguments were presented except its being “cool” or whatever alike. There is a similarity in watching a crowd of people gathering each single morning near a fast food store to get a “Super New Hamburger” in addition to their portions when they order their food before 10 a.m. and discussing how they are going to get their “cool” hamburger …
        Watching them make some people (like me) wonder why would they do it. Would it be called “trolling” when the 20th time you see them you would come closer and ask “But it is just a junk food in a pretty cover ! Why on the earth would you eat it ? It contains low-quality meat with preservatives, harmful additives and God knows what else … “. The difference is that they don’t know or don’t want to know how the food is made. Then another person approaches and ask “Why are you telling that ? Is it just to get the reaction of those people ? How low of you !”. Who is the one “right” and who is the one “wrong” in such a situation ? That is about my reasons for “trolling” – not that i regularily do it elsewhere, but this particular discussion looked much like such such a gathering.
        Speaking of my lack of comprehension, it is rather a lack of acceptance – just because sometimes i bother myself reading various articles about the personalities involved in anime/manga business, as a business, not art. Sadly enough, the worst personal traits of the makers (some of the producers) go directly into the products they create, which are manga/anime in this case. Some of them are mentally retarded, in the worst meaning – they are sick masochists, they have really dirty hobbies etc. That is about how the “food is made”. When an art work is created, their personal traits get frequently depicted as well. When i notice that in their “products”, it makes me detest their art works as well. Is it wrong to judge the “food” by way it is made and slight scent of unnatural additives and wastes there ?
        And it is the traits of some of the producers and makers i see here. It is the whole lesbian theme in the way it is presented, it is the lack of consistent storyline at times, really dirty things depicted as innocent themes, metaphorically.
        About the things which were created, i rather meant the cybodies, material welfare used by them in everyday life at the island – and they are just consumers.
        As about their fights – it would take way less time to deal with the matter outside of “zero time”, once and forever. Not mentioning the multiple gaps in the plot which make it questionable whether the “cybodies” would be at least of any practical value outside of “zero time”.
        As about personalities, my point of view is that they are just plain empty, going for their never-ending fights, fashion and “i want” things. Probably there is some irony in that, depicting the “best traits” of the modern life which is at times revolving around fashion, false values and everyday egoistic desires.
        If you replace “comprehend” by “accept”, you would be totally right – i’m indeed unable to accept that story.
        And indeed, i would sometimes stop nearby happy gathering and ask – “What on earth are you eating ?”, driven by unhealthy desire to watch their reaction and by a small hope to make them think.

      2. This is exactly what I mean when I said that your dislike of the style, and presumably, the people behind it, has affected your judgment on the reasons why other people enjoy the show. To go along with your fast food analogy, a food critic does not let their review of a burger to be affected by the way it is made. Knowing how something is made doesn’t change whether it is good or not; it simply tells us how the quality came to be, and whether we should have expected more or less. It is fine to dislike how the additives/preservatives taste, but it is wrong to judge the taste of the food for the reasons that the additives were added. Similarly, it is fine to dislike an anime because of its content, but wrong to judge it by the personalities that have made the anime.

        Another problem with the fast food analogy is that it is well accepted that the processes behind fast food are unhealthy, while the processes behind the making of an anime are not considered negatively by everyone. Your own subjective opinion of the producers/makers has affected your opinion of this anime, which in turn has clouded your opinion of the people who enjoy it. Not everyone has a problem with lesbian themes or “really dirty things depicted as innocent themes.”

        There are many reasons why I think you do not comprehend this story. I don’t understand why you have an obsession with the creation/production of a material good like a cybody, and their so-called consumption – it is a means to accomplish their goals, which is obvious in the storyline. Your comprehension of the personalities is similarly poor; no protagonist wants to fight, there never any mention of “fashion”, and the only “I want things” traits displayed are ambition, not for material goods. Rich personalities abound in this anime. One character has all the money, but she doesn’t want material goods – she wants a loving relationship. Another character has lost many important things in his ambition for power. A shrine maiden balances between her duty and her thirst for freedom off the island. One could argue that the personalities are stereotypical, but you cannot argue that they are empty.

        In your fast food analogy, you presume to be healthier and smarter than the people who want to eat it, and wish to make them stop and think. With this anime, you presume that you are smarter than its fans and want to make them think for their own betterment. When it comes to fast food, you have an objective basis to make your case with, which does not exist with your critique of this anime and its fans, and cannot to presume to know better than they do.

      3. >essays worth of comments talking about the depth of/lack of depth of star driver
        This is kind of silly really.
        You can watch the show and think…
        1)derp, fabulous / plot armor robot fights
        2)Wow, a story about how a desire for power can overpower the power of love.This is deep as evangelion. (After the play, it is so obvious this is what is going to happen with sugata, it is kind of stupid.)

        Just interpret it the way you want. And seriously. You are are fast forwarding through the episodes, and barely paying attention, just stop fucking watching it all together dumbass.

  4. Ehhhhh, I dont think this show is that great tbh. I honestly only started watching it because of the great art quality and the ensemble of A-List seiyu. Truthfully, the only episode that had meaning was the one with the flashbacks to Sora. It really was the only relevant material. The beginning battles were all pretty much filler as they really didn’t have an impact on the rest of the arc. But man, Kei and Madoka on the beach was awesome. Only good part about the show were the lesbian sisters imho

  5. The show’s not exceptional but it has a few gems here and there. It does actual foreshadowing really well unlike other, lesser series that just pull twists out of their asses. For instance Tauburn’s known as a special cybody but something as simple as “The only Cybody made for humans” made the whole explanation click very well. Also, the way it handles characters, especially the supporting cast, provides another point in its favor.

    The most ironic thing about the show comes from how dull the actual mecha battles are. The first couple, Sugata piloting Pinkie’s cybody and the fight with Head, serve as the only ones where I felt any tension and/or involvement with the story. The rest of the battles feel disconnected from the characters. That and unlike the main plot, Tauburn’s abilities just show up out of the blue w/ no warning and insta gib whoever Takuto happens to be “losing” to.

    1. I’ve noticed lots of manganime characters punch like that. Body down low, arm raised much higher. Have you ever seen anyone punch like that? I’ve been in lots of fights and no one has ever done that. Of course, I’ve never fought anyone in Japan…..

  6. Takuto x keito or Takuto leaving the island damnit! Don’t give me the default Wako end you bastards!!! Can’t writers come up with something else instead of the default “main character ends up with the first girl he sees in ep1 of the show” setup?

  7. SugataXKeito. TakutoXWako. Everybody’s happy. As far as I’m concern, that’s the ending and it has already been reached. Everything else that follows this episode is just for kicks and giggles.

  8. IMO I would say Sugata may have decided that Takuto can’t protect Wako anymore and joined up to better control the situation, or maybe he is just tired of being relatively powerless now that the cybodies are immune to King’s Pillar. Of course that doesn’t mean that he wont fall to temptation just like the play…

    1. Also, there is a certain similarity between Wako and a certain character from Bakuman. Hence many Bakuman characters are copied off real people in anime and manga industry, one could assume that the makers of “Star Driver” did a “fabulous” job as brown nosers by inluding someone from their “famous” female workers in that industry in their mostly useless but expensive piece of artwork.

  9. Star Driver could be a lot better, is not a bad anime but they dragged the story too much with these endless battles (some of them are really cool like this week but others are just dispensable) and buried all the potencial that the story could have. I’m afraid that the end will come rushed and without a lot of answers and closure. Another anime that sufered the same fate is Utena. Just my opinion, of course.

    Hoshi Akari
    1. More battles = more fans who would put out their money for the “fabulous” piece of anime, more pointless talks, and better profit. Just to make more noise, without making anything worthy and leaving the answers coming loose – in the end it just serves the hyped popularity of the producers.

    2. It is natural that the show is going to end with answers coming loose, as it was designed only to keep the attention of the crazy fans, and it would just end at the point where it no longer manages to keep the hyped popularity.

  10. In the middle of the 3v1 battle, Ryosuke said something interesting. Something like “when you think about it, it’s a miracle he’s [Takuto] survived so far.” I think this is hinting at Takuto’s first phase, something I believe I’ve mentioned my thoughts on before. I truly believe that his First Phase has a lot to do with luck.

  11. this is why sugata is may fave character in star driver. a real man. he steps aside instead of trying to get wako through deception, trickery, manipulation, forcing, etc. not like some characters ive seen in love triangles where they lie sometimes to try to get the girl.

    oh and I love how takuto just punched his dad before talking to him. its diff from the usual “dad?”, and when he answers, he then punches. also, no teary eyes.

  12. If I normally don’t like mecha series (except for Evangelion and Gurren Lagann probably), do you think it’s worth to give this series a try? ‘Cause I really like the animation and the character designs =/

  13. I have a funny feeling that Keito’s the one pulling the strings for this “coup within a coup”, right under Reiji’s nose, not Sugata.

    …did Takuto met Reiji already before this episode?(Am too lazy to look back)

  14. Anyone else think that Tauburn is still not gonna lose any matches in the last two episodes?

    Seriously dude. If it’s not Sugata helping you, it’s Wako. I don’t even know why I even bother worrying.

  15. You still can’t know if:
    1.) Takuto loses and the 15-year-olds and Head (the only adult) get their Departure, in which case season 2 might be Takuto chasing down the Cybodies to recapture them
    2.) Glittering Crux is somehow prevented from EVER having the Departure, either by all the Cybodies save Taburn being destroyed or Sugata destroying all the Cybodies, including Taburn, then falling into a death coma.

    As for Wako, I wonder how fast she let her hair grow for the Festival play. Her hair didn’t look like artificial extensions.

    You have to wonder about the “Mark” families. Superstitious ignorance becoming alien technology, four maidens that don’t know what they are protecting, outsiders finding the “abandoned” gold mine with the Orichron field and the masks/marks that can operate in the alternative dimension, and somehow making a secret society full of 15-year-olds, one older school nurse, and older scientists that hope to become world superpowers in their own right. Notice no explanation of written records, ancient ruins, stories, even poetry left over by the islanders. Just the legends and the recently-given Festival play. Not much motivation for what is apparently a multi-million effort by Adult Bank to get the Cybodies to operate in normal time. A prequel series would do almost as much as a sequel in this case, showing the initial discoveries on the island and how Glittering Crux was formed.

    Head’s friend in the coma hasn’t woken yet, is that going to be resolved by episode 26 or for the second season?

    1. Very true. We also can’t know if:
      1.)Wako turns out to be a Lesbian and hooks up with Keito
      2.)Head goes nuts and kills everyone
      3.)Utena guest stars in the last episode
      4.)This show is even worth dropping a conclusive ending just to have a lead in to another season just to answer questions for a forced story which people only watch for the love triangles, the fanservice and the mechs.


    2. you’ll be surprised to see how far we’ve come in terms of wigs and hair extensions (those would be expensive)

      fyi, notice how Head’s back inside a cybody cockpit in the preview (do note of his remarks on how he’s envious of the youths and their libido through out the series)?

  16. “If everything goes on as it is…. Wako and Takuto will leave me behind”
    “I’ll become the last boss” “If I win I might get them under my wing + world as a bonus” “If I lose… well I was going to lose them anyway”.

    Like they say… power isolates people!

  17. This show is really getting into my skull, i remember the first episode i was completely shocked by the flamboyant transformation. It really shows you cannot judge a show by its first episode!

  18. Sugata! Changing sides on us, but cool mask+helmet combo!

    I think this is Sugata’s way to see if Takuto has what it takes to protect Wako? He did mention that a few times during the episode. Or he really wants to fight Takuto again? Either way things are getting interesting 😀

    Takuto’s punch to his dads face = LOL AWESOME xD

  19. It’d be a sad thing if Sugata follows in Columna’s footsteps. I’m hoping there’s more to it, since she did say it was all up to them in the end. Maybe Sugata doesn’t have to end up with the same fate, if he so chooses. I really hope it doesn’t go in that direction.

    Gia V.
    1. I went back and watched all of Sakana’s story and it’s more likely that Takuto’s character in the play (Mark) would be Sam. The ill-fated ending suggests that he wasn’t able to avoid history repeating itself. Takuto in our current story looks poised to break that cycle with the help of Tauburn.

      1. In the play it seems that Mark already had access to the ship but chose the girl. If Mark took the ship there would be no way for Sam to kill the squid making the king mortal… and thereby taking it from the King… Ship goes from King to Sam. Mark took the girl.
        And the play says that the ship was sealed away, thinking it could mean if both Wako and Keito’s seal breaks, Samekh is released.

      2. Hmm, that’s a good point. Perhaps the two stories are alternate endings. Sam’s being the bad one and Mark’s being the good one.

        I can’t see either of them being an earlier iteration of the other, simply because the King dies in Sam’s story and the ship is gone in Mark’s.

  20. Did the aliens made Tauburn for human-use only? I kinda forgot the play episode…

    That said, I do agree to the people who find Sugata’s King costume the most fabulous yet. Kinda remind me of someone all clad with gold. Takuto’s meet with his Dad ended up with a Falcon-punch right in the face of Tokio. Given how Takuto’s mom died and how Tokio abandoned her while pregnant with Takuto, he definitely deserved that.

    1. I don’t recall anyone saying that Takuto’s mom died. She left Takuto with his grandfather and then no one really knows what happened to her. I wonder why no one blames Sora for leaving though, only Tokio (or am I missing something here)?

  21. Whose the designer of guy’s costumes? I don’t know if it’s just me, but i’ve noticed the higher in rank yjru get, the less clothing they have to cover themselves with.

    -I’d say more, but what i wanted to say. Has already been said in the 90+ comments above me.

  22. Think as the play mentioned… Sugata is tempted by the power cybodies. Been training Takuto ever since he was forced into the RA’s cybody and now with being a Tau Missile, the power tempts him too much.

  23. I think that Sugata will break wako’s seal at the end of the series.
    He’s really intent on letting wako fulfill her dream, so breaking her seal lets her leave the island.

    Of course theres the whole cybody buisness, so he plans to drive samekh and obliterate all the cybodies and intentionally lose to takuto, leaving only Tauburn as the only operational cybody… whom he trusts.

  24. I haven’t read all the articles on Star Driver so this may have already been said, but has anyone else thought that the island itself is samekh? What made me think of it was where Wako conducts her purification there is a raised hand, and as we know, inside crux’s hideout is samekh’s raised hand crushing the evil cybody. Put the 2 together and we get a giant mech.

  25. I usually think Sugata is a little scary looking, but he looked pretty cute here, though they did have that extra scary-looking version of him this episode (even though it was a portrait). Although it was obvious that Sugata would join Kiraboshi eventually, I still think it kind of came out of nowhere at this point… I would really love to know what he’s thinking, and also if he even likes Wako at all.
    To be honest, Wako x anyone is kind of boring to me, but it’s kinda sad that there’s no hope for Wako x Sugata since they are still engaged and all. It’s not fun when the triangle is completely one-sided. It’s interesting to see him with Keito though, who is a much more interesting character.

    Also, there have been a few comments about a second season, but nothing has been officially mentioned, right?


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