Well, it was one of the possibilities that I had in mind last chapter, namely that Itachi left a Sharingan counter for his own Mangekyou under the assumption that Sasuke would take his eyes one day. I wouldn’t have suspected that it was Shisui’s Sharingan though, nor the ultimate genjutsu Kotoamatsukami (“Distinguished Heavenly Gods”) that Danzou used before. Back then, it sure didn’t seem so “ultimate”, compared to now when it freed Itachi from the technique that supposedly has no weaknesses, Edo Tensei.

Interestingly enough, the one thing that stood out to me the most during Itachi’s explanation is that he helped Shisui “quietly depart from this world”, which showed that Itachi was loyal to both his clan and his village even when he acquired his Mangekyou. It sure put a new light on all those flashbacks where they had us believe Itachi murdered Shisui to activate his eyes. Now we know it was more like an assisted suicide. What gets me is why Shisui decided to kill himself to rid the world of his eyes rather than fighting to stay alive and being responsible for them. I guess he could have been mortally wounded when Danzou stole his right eye, but that’s purely speculation on my part.

So after all this time, things didn’t really turn out all that unexpectedly; however, there’s a sense of closure in knowing that Itachi always had Konoha’s best interest in mind — even when Shisui was killed — and that he did in fact entrust Sasuke with Naruto. We all suspected as much, but were never given confirmation until now. With that chapter closed, where things go from here is the real question. Kabuto’s after Shisui’s eye, but can probably dismiss the Edo Tensei effect on Itachi if he wants to just take him out of the picture. From my understanding, Itachi isn’t obeying Kabuto’s commands anymore, but is still tied to this world because of Edo Tensei. There doesn’t really seem to be any need to keep Itachi around either, seeing as the crow’s eye won’t simply disappear if he’s gone (or else it wouldn’t have been in Naruto all this time after Itachi died).

Be that as it may, I do want to see Itachi linger around for a while longer, especially now that Nagato’s eating Amaterasu like it’s nothing and busting out his Path techniques — Preta and Human (Gakidou to Ningendou). The cliffhanger was pretty good, but I’m skeptical as to whether or not Naruto’s soul can be pulled out so easily. Before it would’ve been instant death, whereas now he has a thick layer of Kyuubi chakra protecting him. There always seems to be some jutsu pulled out of the hat to escape these situations, and Naruto looks pretty poised to do that with a tailed-beast’s powers under his control.


    1. Funny, Itachi says: “Last time I met Shisui though… Danzo had already taken one eye”. So he was alive and now blind? or Itachi met a dead Shisui? he let Danzo get away with it? Shisui gave it to Danzo in the name of the village maybe? Itachi has poor coherence and is mixing events that happened at different times? hahahahahaha!

      There is a serious lingering issue in Naruto: Grave robbing. It just stirs chaos! people with powerful eyes or bloodline limits are conserved for no purpose (Konan kept Nagato’s body just for Madara! and the first Hokage is a poor recurrent victim), Norse funerals! now!

      Lectro Volpi
      1. He gave one eye to Itachi and lost another to Danzo (I strongly think he gave it willingly as Danzo was a village elder). The joke here lies in the fact that Shisui wanted to avoid conflict over his eyes but died blind! he gave his eyes already!

        Lectro Volpi
  1. Since when you use Edo Tensei, they magically regain their abilities even lost or taken away(Itachi’s eyes for example) If you use Edo Tensei again, and remove their eyes… you can duplicate any eyes/ability infinitely… Cause Technically there are 2 pairs of Itachi’s eyes in existence at this point. Plot hole or on purpose? I dunno.
    Back to the chapter, since kabuto heard the conversation, i suppose he’ll either steal the crow or revive shisui for them…

    1. well I dont think you can bring back anyone more than once, its always just one soul, and I dont think zombie eyes which disappear after releasing technique is much of a win

    2. Perhaps Kabuto is figuring its better to leave Itachi’s crow with Naruto so Naruto can mess up Sasuke/Madara’s plans. For sure Kabuto plans on turning on his allies at some point. Leaving the crow where it is will help weaken his allies for when he turns on them.

    3. Pretty sure you can’t bring back multiple copies of people because you’re bringing their soul from the other side and didn’t Kabuto say that it’s just kind of a faux shell that attaches to the dead sacrifice? So when the technique is ended they’ll just turn to dust.

    1. Agreed. Loved this chapter; the United Shinobi War arc is really restoring my faith in Naruto and reminding me why I got sucked into it in the first place.

      Hoping Itachi sticks around for a little while longer, too. I doubt Nagato will get that same chance, though, since then Naruto & Bee would have some of the most powerful Missing Nin on their side in this conflict.

      It’d really be something is Itachi was able to impart some of his personality/soul/whathaveyou into the crow before he’s put to rest again, so that when Naruto confronts Sasuke the latter will be more easily convinced of his brother’s wishes by hearing it “from the horse’s mouth” so to speak.

  2. So a second bout with pain? If a Naruto in “only” sage mode with a huge time constraint against way more pain’s could win,AND almost with out help….Then a Naruto who has the 9 tails subjugated with both Itachi, one of the strongest Uchiha’s and people in the show who over came the edo tensai, AND the 8 tails chill’n right over there to help…. Then I want to see Pain utterly obilterated albeit I know this is Nagato as pain and he’s like got infinite chakra and all that. I want a slaughter. lol

  3. I don’t really get it. Does the crow have only one-time use? Because now it won’t be a surprise when Naruto fights Sasuke. It’s also way too easy since it just self-activates, right?

  4. Lol, maybe not a slaughter since that doesn’t make for good manga but I’m picturing something along the lines of Naruto doing that six rasengan storm jutsu thing but with rasenshurikens instead while bee beast ball blasts him and itachi gives him the good ol’ black fire of doom lol. Considering naruto is as fast as his dad now pretty much except he’s not teleporting, he’s mov’n on his own. Still should be a good battle since Nagato is probably in top 10 even 5 of strongest people. CAN’T WAIT!!!! Can’t wait till the anime catches up too.

  5. So people seem to assume Kabuto can simply dismiss Itachi and he’d be gone…

    I’m not so certain of that. Itachi seems to have feed himself from Kabuto’s commands, so I automatically assumed he is now also free of Kabuto all together. Does that mean Itachi is back forever? No, I’m sure he has some time limit, but if Kabuto could simply make him vanish he probably would have as soon as he broke the link.

    Shisui… I have this nagging feeling Kabuto will want to use the DNA from the eye to resurrect him as well. As least that was my first guess when Kabuto said he was lucky.

    Nagato vs. Naruto, Bee, and Itachi………… c’mon! Okay, against one of them it would be an epic battle. But, 3 on 1? No freaking way. All the powers being in one body do have some advantages, but some disadvantages as well. For one, as Velocity mentioned above, he has lost his field of view advantage. I expect to see Nagato put down quickly, otherwise I call shenanigans.

    1. Theres still the disadvantage of Edo Tensei that Kabuto hasn’t told Madara that might come into play here.

      If Kabuto dies then Itachi will dissapear, I’m not too sure about dismissing him though.

      We still don’t know Kabuto’s real goals so maybe what he thinks Itachi will do something beneficial for him, like get rid of Madara.

      1. no if Kabuto die’s then Itachi won’t disappear why does everyone forget that

        Itachi is still linked by Edo tensei so Kabuto can just desummon him and I bet he well when he feel’s like it

      2. I don’t know… I still think Itachi is free from Kabuto. If Kabuto wanted to off Madara with Itachi, he could have done it a long time ago.

        It just seems to me that if Kabuto still had the power to “dismiss” Itachi after Itachi freed himself, he would have done it immediately.

        I’m going to reread this chapter just to see if there is anything I am missing.

  6. This chapter sure is epic in itself, but I still wonder if it’s planned. Since we have all sorta known it was to be used on Sasuke, but now it’s used on Itachi, and it will take another decade to reactivate, thus gone with the original Sasuke plan.

    So was all this a red herring so that Naruto will gain the help of Zombie Itachi to sweet talk Sasuke (for the 3rd time) back to Light? That would suck….

  7. Ugh, so dissappointing. Everything is pointing at some redemption for Sasuke. How about some respect and consequence for his choices? Madara only told him the truth and still he is going after konoha. Anything except death for Sasuke is going to be weaksauce

  8. I do find this interesting. I am wondering if what would Itachi do. Now he is back, better than ever now that he is immortal. I’m sure Sasuke would be shocked to see Itachi. The only question is the Naruto now, that Pain used the human path on, is the real Naruto or just a shadow clone.

    Code fan
  9. Nice Review,I Wonder if nagato can release himself from kabuto and the purpose of Human Path at end chapter is to turn nagato into human, Well Is no Surprise because one of Rinnegan abilities can control life/death Path.

    P.s seems funny for Naruto because he can store everything inside his stomach like Toad, Fox, Crow etc XD

  10. Man, can we just say right now in Naruto that shit is gonna get real!? XD I mean, we know WHY Itachi gave the crow to Naruto, and now we got Nagato going on the loose! What I wanna know is what will go on next?! I can’t wait for the next chapter!!

  11. uhh this might not be entirely correct, but Itachi DID mention Shisui’s eye’s cooldown can be drastically shortened with Hashirama’s chakra (I assume Danzo used this in order to shorten the cooldown of the genjutsu to a few days). IF that’s the case, Yamato technically has Hashirama’s DNA so his chakra may actually shorten the cooldown for the genjustu as well if they manage to somehow save him before he becomes a vegetable (lol punny).

    OT: epic chapter, I was not expecting Itachi to throw out hacks like that, but next chapter will be interesting, Nagato becomes the sage of the six paths please?

    Rise~N Seraphim
  12. Wasn’t Nagato caught in Itachi’s Amaterasu or did I miss something? And how would Kabuto get an eye made of genjutsu? It’s not even the real eye is it?
    I’m so glad my wish of seeing Nagato fight as himself came true. I so want to read the next chapter now.

  13. I dont get it. I thought Itachi killed himself with Amaterasu after being reassured by Naruto or did I interpret that panel wrong? Where you see Itachi then you see black flame in the next panel?

    Im also hoping Itachi sticks around a bit and help the good guys out. Feels too much of a waste to be free of a perfect control technique Edo Tensei and then just kapluts.

  14. so….itachi implanted shisui’s eye into naruto when he poked said fishcake after trapping him in a genjutsu…


    i’m assuming either kyuubi’s soul or some random soul living in naruto in the form of chakra is going to be sucked in by pain…….

  15. I’m still not sure if this answer is enough for me. It felt like the ends were there to justify the very weird, weirdo, weridy-weird means. But whatareyougonnado? I’m kind of just coasting on this series to get to the end. I’m ready to see what he’s going to do next.

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