「鳥籠 Crinoline」 (Torikago)

For all those shipping Claude and Yune already, sorry to burst your bubble, but the story is taking a different direction in terms of pairings. I had a hunch about it based on the character descriptions I read for the Summer 2011 Preview, but it wasn’t quite to the degree that they hinted at here. There was definitely a lot to read into after Yune compared of a crinoline to a birdcage, and Camille followed up with a figurative statement on how it prevents someone from reaching what they truly want. Much like Yune, I wasn’t too sure what she was referring to at first, but that was quickly answered by the way she set her eyes on Claude from afar. Camile also left just before Claude arrived, which didn’t seem like a mere coincidence considering that Claude was hesitant to go to the Blanche household — probably because it would’ve been awkward running into Camille.

So with that, I’m already thinking Claude x Camille. It’s not exactly a pairing anyone could’ve really anticipated when Claude has a beef against the Blanche family (and Alice in particular lately), but these two definitely have a past together. Judging from Claude’s facial expression, I get the feeling that they actually like one another, but Camille knew there was no way that her family would let her go out with a commoner. Whatever the case may be, I can’t say I’m expecting anything to develop between the two of them due to their difference in social status and the era they’re in. Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see a case of a elegant wealthy girl falling for a rugged farm iron boy, but I just can’t picture the series heading deeply in that direction. I am however dying to learn more about their past together, which putting them in the same room together should speak volumes about. All I know is that they secretly met up when they were younger.

Quite honestly, the Claude x Yune idea never worked for me, even if the age difference wouldn’t mean much a few years from now. I just never got a sense of any romantic interest between the two and didn’t really want to see any either. I really like the relationship that they have now, where Yune has a great deal of respect for Claude as the master of the house, while Claude looks after her like a little sister. I find that sibling-like connection a lot cuter to see, plus it’s what sold me on this series to begin with. Yune should remain the hardworking and diligent foreigner that she is, because it’s absolutely contagious to both Claude and myself. From her beady eyes waiting for Claude’s approval to go take photographs at Alice’s house to her bashfulness when she gets dressed up, this is the Yune that I know and love. At her young age, I much prefer the focus on Claude giving her more freedom like we saw in this very episode. I say leave the romance to Claude and Camille (if at all).

From a broader perspective, this episode had just about everything. Very cute and lighthearted moments when Yune taught Alice how to put on a kimono properly and of course the foreshadowing between Claude and Camille. The next episode should prove just as entertaining though, with Yune falling sick in a foreign place. Her older sister Shione will be making an appearance in a flashback too, and she’s voiced by the one and only Noto Mamiko. She’s like the go-to person for an angelic onee-san voice.

* Full-length images of Yune and Alice? You can be rest assured that I’ll put them together at every opportunity.




  1. Okay you’ve totally caught me as a Claude x Yune shipper. At first when I saw your post on the front page and read the first few lines I went “NOOOOOOOOOO.” But after reading the whole post I’m more inclined to accept that it’s not going to happen – your reasoning is a lot more sound than my shipping. In other news, this anime is adorable. Thanks for getting me interested in it, Divine.

    1. Yeah, Divine also got me on this one. Although even after reading all the comments (and the spoilers), I still don’t like Camille x Claude. I don’t know why, it just doesn’t work for me. I think one thing has changed though, I would now be an older and more mature Yune x Claude shipper (I mean, I want them to have a romantic affair once they get older :D)

  2. “For all those shipping Claude and Yune already, sorry to burst your bubble, but the story is taking a different direction in terms of pairings.”

    Someone spoiled it for me last episode and I went straight to the manga, me like it. Camille can get more screentime and depth instead of just being the “Ara, ara” character.

    Lectro Volpi
  3. While there is definitely something behind Claude and Camille, I still think there’s a good chance for Claude and Yune (and no, I’m not clinging to false hope because I’m a fan. I actually don’t care who gets together in this show.)
    The manga puts a lot more emphasis on Claude and Yune than the anime, so I think it’s fifty-fifty.

  4. One thing that does bother me about those photos is how natural they are. Correct me if I’m wrong, but weren’t people generally expected to stand stock-still without moving a muscle so that the photo wouldn’t blur?

    This is kind of dependent on when the show is set though.

    1. Yup, in the olden days with large format cameras like those, shutter speeds would be very, very slow, hence they’d be required to stand still for quite a bit of time, even in daylight.

      Actually, even modern day large format photography (think negatives/slides 4×5 or 8×10 inches big… not your childhood 35mm negatives, for sure), shutter speeds tend to be very long, which it’s why it’s mainly the domain of landscape and product photographers these days (those that haven’t gone digital, at least), though studio lighting and leaf-shutter lenses probably compensate a bit.

  5. Oh? It looks like they’re spreading out Claude and Camile’s childhood story…

    Heads up, it’s NOT the most depressing you’ll ever see- but it’s still pretty heart wrenching 🙁

  6. Come out in subbed already!!!!lol damn my grasp of Japanese language. oh well, I got time to learn…or do I. Anyway cant wait to watch! those gals are TOO damn cute for words.

  7. I’ve only read 2 volumes of the manga (I’m not even sure if it’s the original source or based on some light novel), and I personally think that a Claude x Camile ending is highly unlikely. I culd be wrong, though. Actually, the story doesn’t really seem to be set-up with a “pair” ending in mind. Seems more like “you’re family now” type with regards to Claude and Yune.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      Anyways dont count yune out yet. I’m not rooting for anyone I love this series just the way it is but there is still a 50/50 chance of it happening and if it does I wouldnt mind it. For now I enjoy everything that is going on I love all the characters ^_^

  8. Okay, I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that last remark about no Yune and Claude… 🙂

    I haven’t read the manga, but the series (to date) makes no reference to Claude
    having a romantic interest prior to Yune. I’m also considering the various
    dialogue between Yune and Claude, the almost touch by Yune of Clause’s back,
    and so on. There was the resounding silence to the question as why did Yune come
    to France in the 1st place (last episode or one before?)

    IMHO, none of those dynamics make sense to the development of a Claude x Camille story.
    What I believed I saw was Claude’s rejection (past and re-affirmed) of Camille;
    the reference to frilly clothes, to me, was almost directed at Camille. Camille may regret,
    but Claude shows resolve (to Yune) in any apparent past decision concerning her.
    Clause makes it quite clear his heart is in tradition; however beautiful and elegant
    Camille is, Claude cannot and will not forsake his heart and core beliefs.

    Too, with Yune portrayed so young, I believe they (the animators) are playing the
    romance close to their heart before the call is made near the end of this series
    (if at all).

    With all of that, I really enjoyed the photography session. In our day and time,
    it’s difficult to image the effort it took to take a single photo back then – I’m sure
    nothing less than Sunday’s best dress would do.

    I can feel the viewer passion (I can only speak for myself) rising – reminds me
    of how I was drawn into Sora no Otoshimono (another amazing series).

    Divine, I’d like you to know that for all of the series’ that you cover,
    your full-length captures are amazing and always appreciated. Thank you.

      1. Hmm. One on hand I don’t want you to blog because you be reminding me how I couldn’t watch raw. On another hand, now that I watch 5 and 6. I kinda wanted to know what happen between alice’s sister and Claude.




        still couldn’t decide what to feel.

  9. After reading the manga, Camille is actually rather creepy. Way creepier than in the anime. And I find a romance between her and Claude to be something rather unsettling.

    But there are a few chapters I do hope they animate~!

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Creepy? Hardly, it’s simply a matter of the perspective from two different social status. There are things that the upperclass people can’t do that the lowerclass wouldn’t understand and vice-verse.

      1. while in the anime you feel more sympathy/pity for Camille’s lack of freedom in the manga Show Spoiler ▼


      2. @neko
        No she didn’t.

        Show Spoiler ▼

    2. Clearly Camille implying that Claude is like a stray cat is her way of saying she likes Claude. Camille has things she can and cannot do, even if she likes Claude and has been indoctrinated with that since she was young.

      I think the way for the two to be together is 1. Claude makes himself equal to Camille in terms of Social Standing. Or 2. Camille gives up her social standing and elope with Claude.

      The Mo0nDOgg
      1. Show Spoiler ▼

        anyways like I said i hope this love story is put on the side lines I love the way the story is progressing right now as it is. i dont want to ship anybody lol I love the dynamic as it is.

  10. I get the impression that the story of Claude and Camille might be like “Roman Holiday”.

    For most of us from the 21st century “developed”/”semi-developed” world, we have a hard time understanding someone like Camille. This episode tries to portray some of that, though I wonder if our 21st century cultural baggage prevents us from being able to fully understand what someone like Camille really goes through and see things.

  11. This should be like Natsume and not have shippings. (Sorry to fans that disagree) There’s enough romance in the other animes for the world to go around, but calm, peaceful series like these are rare. This series is interesting as it is, a young foreigner in a new place, trying to get through life. Nice to see the culture clashes and just how life was like in 19th century Paris.

    Yune in European clothes is just moe~! >w<

  12. I so hope the show heads in that direction. I think the last good romantic/other show I watched was Basilisk and we all know how that ends. I’d be super excited if the romance took center stage but I’ll settle for a developed side story. I just hope it doesn’t fizzle out like most side stories do.

  13. Claude probably likes Camille. And vice-versa.

    Can anyone really imagine Claude liking Yune? I see it as only a brotherly kind of thing. Besides, in the end of the series, Yune will go back to Japan. Since in the manga spin-off ‘Ikoku Meiro No Alice-chan’, the story says that Alice has missed Yune since she went back to Japan ^^;
    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

  14. I almost cried while reading Camille x Claude´s past. those bashing Camille do not clearly understand her. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I’ve read up to the end of volume 2, and I didn’t feel anywhere near as “heart-wrenched” as you.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      TBH, I know everyone goes “Oooh!! Another loli!! Yay!!” when they get an ep with the little rich girl, but I just find her (and her older sis) a tad annoying. Maybe it’s the choice of voice-actresses in the anime version, since I didn’t really mind their appearances in the manga that much.

  15. I must be one of THE densest people alive. I didn’t pick up on the cam and Claude even once before this episode or that they had a past together. I figured the bird cage a symbol for the constraints an aristocratic life style places on one, less free time, uncomfortable dress, marrying for money so on. Now it makes sense especially when she was look’n at Claude but I never saw it coming,or past romance. I didn’t think she’d play so big a role and I’m still feel’n the Claude meister and mah’ girl Yune hook’n.

  16. I don’t see Claude and Yune as a pairing, either. I just see them as having that kind of sibling-like relationship with each other, where Yune looks up to Claude as an older brother and Claude sees Yune as like a younger sister.


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