「無限連鎖のアポトーシス」 (Mugenrensa no apotōshisu)
“Infinite Chain of Apoptosis”

A couple of words come to mind when considering this episodes of Steins;Gate Intense, certainly Dark, definitely. But the one that really captures it for me is “joyless”. And while it was probably a necessary evil at this stage in the story, that didn’t make it any easier to watch.

I’ve seen the early discussions of the ep focus mainly on the right and wrong of what Okarin did to Moeka, both physically and emotionally. I don’t want to wade too heavily into that quicksand. I can totally understand Okarin’s perspective – he was desperate to save Mayuri, and angry as hell at Moeka for what she did. He’s seen where things go, and it’s a bad end for Moeka as well as Mayuri (and the world). Under those circumstances I could see where almost any action might be justified.

But while it may not have been wrong, per se, it sure didn’t feel right. Yes, I did feel sorry for Moeka – very sorry for her, despite the fact that she allowed herself to be manipulated into this dark place and she was responsible for terrible things. I don’t blame Okarin for punching her to get the phone away from her, or even for the emotional pummeling he gave her (which was far worse). I just think the whole thing was ugly and terrible and seemed to last forever, and if it was a necessary evil it’s not something Okarin should look back on as his finest hour. There was a glint of pleasure in his eyes at returning some of the pain to Moeka that she’d caused to him. Kudos to Goto Saori for the amazing work she did in that scene.

Then there’s the matter of what it says about Moeka’s neighborhood that she screamed and screamed and no one came to help for 10-15 minutes, and when the Obaa-san finally did, all she could say was “Couples these days?” A man is on top of a struggling woman, a table has been tossed out the door, and screams have been heard – and that’s what you come up with? That was a display as shameful and ugly as what was happening in Moeka’s depressing apartment.

None of that overshadows the importance of events in this episode as regards to the central plot. Okarin – finally displaying some of the scientific detachment that’s so far eluded him for the most part – allows Mayuri to die so that he can precisely determine what his deadline is. As myself and many others suspected, Moeka lied about her D-mail – the real one was a message with the whereabouts of the IBN 5100 Problem is, even knowing that and having brutally ripped Moeka’s phone from her shining fingers, he can’t undo it – because she’ll only believe a contrary message from FB. We don’t know – even Moeka doesn’t – what or who FB is, except that they apparently recruited Moeka at her lowest ebb, on the verge of suicide. She’ll do anything for FB, even kill – and she’s about to be asked to do so, apparently. Yet she still betrays FB in the end, by apparently telling Okain where she’s hidden the IBN – which would, in theory, cancel out the need for him to find FB in order to send Moeka a message not to go to the Shrine to steal it.

The only real redemptive moment was Makise telling Okarin that no matter what, he’d never be alone – a lifeline to a drowning man as well as a confession – but in these circumstances I see even that as foreshadowing dark things. It’s really striking how sad all these stories are – losing parents, losing your identity, dying in cold blood, abandonment and suicide. I see a growing message here that time manipulation is fool’s gold, a rigged game that promises happiness but delivers misery. Okarin is trying to put the genie back in the bottle, but I don’t think it can be done without a severe price. Moeka’s fate is on Okarin’s shoulders now, too – she’s a tragic, unstable and lonely person who rejected the only thing he could really offer her – friendship. I suspect her story was supposed to make us feel bereft and miserable and hopeless, and it certainly did that for me. I think it sets the tone for a dark and disturbing final arc of this excellent series.


  1. who would have thought moeka was that mentally unstable…

    also loved the kurisu moment “no matter what world line you’re in, you’re not alone. i’m here for you!”

    1. I don’t understand how she could be so needy and unstable and craving attention from FB and still be the stone cold killer person that shot Mayuri point blank in the head way back in the series like it was just another day on the job?

      Also who is the person at the end of the ED chained up naked to the wall? It looks like it could be 3 of the girls in the cast.

      and last but not least… TUTTURU!

    1. I don’t think it stop, it just briefly looked at it. The hourglass represents when Mayuri is about to die. To be more specific, it is only shown if she will that within that day. If you recall, a hourglass only last about a few minutes to an hour…

  2. Moeka did not reject it. Remember in the current time line, Makise does not know Moeka, meaning they had no party. She did not reject it, it was the butterfly effect that stopped Okabe from building her friendship. And the D-Mail not working could be due to the hourglass in the lab being frozen. Time is frozen and D-Mail does not work?

    1. The d-mail not working was nothing to do with time stopping.
      Show Spoiler ▼

    2. The D-mail actually did works, it just happen that the D-mail have no effects so the reading steiner didn’t activate.

      For evidence, look at Moeka phone through the scene of each D-mail. It changes halfway in. The first time Okarin realize that her phone was different, but later it return to the original phone…

  3. This episode really did set the mood for the final 5 episodes. I thought the light-hearted tone of the previous 2 episodes really made this episode seem much darker (lack of lighting didn’t help)

    Although Okarin punching Moeka was harsh, I think the fact that he is using Mayuri’s death as a timer is much worse, despite the logic behind it.

    1. Punching Moeka was harsh?!

      So Moeka when shot shot Mayuri in the head, it was all fun and game, right?

      Let not forget, Moeka ran Mayuri over with a car. I guess that was not harsh at all?

  4. I can expected Moeka to be a bit off. I didn’t expect her to be completely of the wall bonkers.

    And Okabe was COLD this episode. He essentially mind raped Moeka at her most vulnerable moment. Understandable though, since he just been through alot with all the timeline jumping. And on hindsight, he probably did it to save both Mayuri and Moeka.

  5. Maybe it was the middle of the day and everyone was at work?

    Anyhow, that punch actually made me feel good. I don’t know why.

    But this story is very, very good. I have been hard pressed not to read other’s comments because I KNOW people seem to be unable to contain themselves and their spoilers (*cough* Usagi Drop), but I do read the blog. So I have to disagree about this being hard to watch. I usually hate unnecessary violence. For instance, I stopped watching Elfen Lied, despite everyone I know telling me it’s great, after about 10 minutes and never went back. But, this wasn’t blood and guts. It was Okarin getting revenge for Mayuri. The girl is psychotic. Her screaming and whining and crying… watching her take one to the face (and a kick to the sternum) felt… good.

    She didn’t die. She isn’t even permanently hurt. She just got a good reality check. She is an antagonist. I have little sympathy for someone who can justify murder of an innocent person.

    This is probably my second favorite episode, having said all that.

    1. You do realize that in this timeline Moeka never met Mayuri, never killed Mayuri, and is pretty much destined to die before Mayuri? I can understand Okabe doing this since he is desperate, but this Moeka is pretty much innocent.

      1. Yes, I’m well aware that in the anime about time travel that this is a different timeline. :\

        However, Moeka is fully capable of killing Mayuri, as she already has. All she needs, as a blind sheep, is to be told to so by FB. Okabe watched her, with his own eyes, shoot Mayuri. He had every justification for his actions. Besides, if his plan would have worked, in the new timeline he would never have had to punch her.

        Moeka is not necessarily “innocent”. Though, I suppose we could go into the whole “Minority Report” debate.

    2. I’m with Ricalloo on this one! Come on people! What happened to the rage we had when Moeka killed Mayuri SOOO MANY TIMES! I still remember that moment in episode 14 when Okarin begged Moeka not to kill Mayuri, he was bawling like crazy, telling her he will do anything, and saying he regrets it all, and all Moeka did was walk away coldly telling him its too late. Remember that Moeka was already friends with them in that timeline, even still knowing that, she killed Mayuri nonetheless. That moment alone I would understand it if Okabe even kills Moeka, cuz that was very cruel scene to me (a hell of a lot more cruel than the scene in this ep, I re-watched that moment and compared it her, and I would say what Moeka did to Okabe was far more cruel than this).

      I even thought that Okabe was very soft, and quite kind actually since he only punched and kicked her in order to take away her phone, and even though he said such cruel words to her, I thought that it was justified, why? Because it was the truth! Okabe did intend to do it in order to torture her, albeit it had the same effect, but he only told her the truth so that she would finally wake up from her delusions.

      I do sympathize for Moeka being a complete wreck in life (though it wasnt really explained that much), it was already shown that she just wants to commit suicide and FB saved her from that, causing her to go lady gaga. However, that really doesnt justify what she did to Okabe and to his friends, IMO what Okabe did in this episode is more than justified cuz well look at what happened in the end… Moeka remembered a scene in a different timeline where she was a lab member and had friends, causing her to tell the truth about the IBN’s whereabouts, or was that Okabe’s flashback? I’m more inclined for it to be the former since this happens to the others as well.

      1. Does not matter whether Moeka did the killing. Mayushii is destined to die. It is not Moeka’s fault. Mr Braun, father of the little girl (Father Braun = FB??) Little girl also pushed Mayushii too

      2. Doesnt matter if Mayuri will die anyway, knowing who killed her so many times, and knowing she will do it with just an order from someone she never met or talked to, I understand why Okabe could get so pissed off about it. Man, Moeka really is a nutcase, how in the world could she possibly be that loyal to a guy whom she never met and coincidentally only messaged her when she was about to commit suicide and then thinks he is her savior? Just as Okabe said, she really is a fool, since they (Okabe and his friends) would have given her a place to belong and would save her if she’s in trouble. And oh, I think you just did a spoiler.

    1. Yeah, I had to turn my screen brightness all the way up just to see what was going on. At first I didn’t even realize Okarin and Kurisu was talking the the park until they showed Kurisu going down the slide.

  6. Wow another episode that left my jaw dropped. It was weird I was really happy when Okarin punched her, but felt really sad for her after she desperately begged him for the phone after the neighbor left. The dialogue after that just left me feeling really dirty, like I was the jerk… Weird.

    As dark as the episode was, I thought that brief scene w/ Mayuri and the litte girl mimicking the show on the CRT was really cute

    1. I don’t know. Moeka assume FB was like a mother to her. Watching over her, taking care of her, giving her a place to live, food to eat, and make her feel useful. So she assume it has to be a woman…

      When Moeka first mention that, I automatically assume…Makise! If you recall, that Makise in 2036 is apparently a powerful dictator like woman who created the time machine and probably head of SERN. If FB is indeed a woman, only Makise fit the profile…

    1. It happen to me every single time. That how good this show is. Sometime I wished that this show have some sort of continuation after the ending scene like some of the anime. Just so that I could watch a bit more.

    2. I must agree, it is kind of frustrating that they end the episodes so suddenly sometimes, but that’s what makes this show so good. The sudden cliffhanger leaves you wanting the next one as soon as possible.

      I just got a friend into it and in one night he marathoned the first 5 episodes and is thirsty for more just on the sudden stops.

    3. Yup, it happens to me. I was watching it til Moeka told Okarin where the IBN was, then BAM! The credit start rolling. I look down at the life bar and it was at the end…DAMN!

      Another episode pass, another week til another…T.T

  7. If Okabe could illicit the date and time when Moeka got recruited into rounders, then he could potentially save her before FB got to her. However, I don’t see Okabe being able to stomach making her a lab member if he still remembers her killing Mayuri.

    The punch was deserved. If anyone wants to feel better about it, just rewatch episodes 12 and 13 to get your RAGE back. The kiss/shut-her-mouth was just totally awkward. I don’t see Okabe’s rant to be mindrape as he is trying shock her out of reverence for FB. In the end, it paid off with a clue to the computer.

    Also, FB’s identity is horrible if what I spoiled myself from wiki was correct.

    1. I don’t know what you talking about, but that kiss was awesome. He punch her in the face, kick her in the stomach, pin her down while she is screaming like a schoolgirl getting raped, mindfucked her with the truth about FB.

      The only thing missing was some titties grabbing or some ass groping. LOL! I mean if you’re going to time leap into the past, anything you do now in the present doesn’t count…so rape away if you want. Hell, you can even her kill her…

  8. Just to throw my speculation out there since no one else mentioned it: I’m going on a wild tangent and predicting that Kurisu is FB.

    Suzuha hates her because she worked for SERN in the future and would be pretty high up on the hierarchy presumably, so that would make her a ‘bad guy’ and an antagonist later. Kurisu also was found dead in the beginning/end(?) of the series, so something must’ve deemed it necessary to kill her (and it was Okabe screaming when she died).

    And of course, FB is a suspected female 😛

    1. I think FB much like John Titor, is one of the characters we have already been introduced too. It gives a more significant “DUN-DUN-DUUUUN” moment. So I made list.

      1) Mister Braun – Most likely. When you think about it, isn’t it too much of a coincidence that his CRTV is a vital component for the time machine to work?
      2) Nae – Heck no, she’s a kid (OR IS SHE!?)
      3) The ramen restaurant owner – Not likely. She doesn’t have enough importance.
      4) The Professor that Okabe heckled back in episode one during the time travel lecture – Probably not. I remember him having a name, and thought he was important back then. But he hasn’t appeared since so he could be a red herring.

      By elimination, I’m guessing Braun is FB. Unless I missed any other characters.

      1. Maybe the professor is the one who killed Kurisu in the original timeline, since he said time travel is possible but Kurisu has a theory which disapproves it. Agree with you on FB being Father Braun

    2. I suspected that Makise is FB as well. It just “feel” right. In my past speculation, I predicted that Moeka D-mail was to stole the IBN from the shrine. Indeed, I was right.

      To add more evidence that Makise is FB. Makise in 2036 is probably the head of SERN mainly because she invented the time machine from Okarin microwave phone so SERN can rule the world. Makise was found dead because Suzuha killed her. FB is supected to be female by Moeka POV. I suspected that FB was a codename using Norse myth like Okarin usage for operation name, another link as to FB and Makise because of her association with Okarin.

      Of course, John Titor (the original, not Suzuha) could also be FB.

      And I am definitely certain, FB is not Braun. It just doesn’t make any sense. The only reason anyone who assume this is because of the B in FB as in Braun. Then what is the F? Recall that when Okarin talk to Mr. Braun, he told Okarin to call him by his first name Totensi (or something like that in eps 2). What I do know is that his initial is TB, not FB.

      1. There is no evidence that Suzuha killed Makise. That’s all speculation.

        I am quite certain Makise isn’t FB, everything about FB’s orders and Makise’s development is contradictory. For example, in the timeline with Mayuri’s first death, she got SHOT my Moeka.

        Also Mister Braun isn’t his real name, it’s just another one of Okabe’s nicknames. Come to think of it I don’t remember him ever stating his real name.

  9. How is Okabe time leaping and sending D-mails? Is it assumed that Kurisu created it already? Also, I know the time when Moeka sent her D-mail was a long time ago. How is he leaping so far in the past?

    1. I don’t know, and I’ve been asking to my self this but I can’t find an answer that can explain it. And I don’t think Okabe knows how Kurisu made the machine. Anyone else have a theory?

    2. in the other episode he could only leap 48h back because the leap machine was only created 48h ago, on august 11th. this time the leap machine was still created at the same day (august 11th) as before but more time has gone since them. When Mayushi dies, we are the 15th.

    3. Kurisu said that the maximum time he could do the time leap was 48 hours “at a time” because any further and the mind will not sync up right. It was stated before that Okabe will go back 48 hours, then time leap back again 48 as far as the 48 before the time leap machine is finished.

    4. Logically, Okarin would ask Makise in at least one point as to how to create the time leap in case he need to use it.

      I see that everything is still up to date and running according. Each D-mail set Mayuri death back one day. According to Okarin, he time leap 4 days before Moeka commit suicide. So I can only assume he time leap twice.

      The 48 hours limit only apply to safety of the sender. Okarin can go further back, but some of his memories will be mixed up and won’t assemble back right.

  10. Despite the speculation about FB and Kurisu, I do wonder why she’s the only character in the ending theme. Every single one of the last two months’ episodes have been incredibly intense. And at the end of it all, Kurisu is there. I really like her but knowing how grim this show is, I don’t see a good path she can tread down. D:

    having brutally ripped Moeka’s phone from her shining fingers..


      1. Ever heard of lighting? It’s just Makise’s RED hair mixing with lighting of the background. You’re looking way too much into this.

        Also its pretty blatant that the show is billing Makise as the main female lead. She has for more character development than anybody else and she’s pretty much the only person so far that Okabe trusts to get help.

  11. Holy-moley. This was about the darkest episode yet. My heart, too, goes out to Moeka. To her, there was only one person in the whole world who meant anything to her; beyond him/her, the world was empty and devoid of life. That one person had picked her up from the depths of disparity and given her life meaning, just when she thought she had none. She decided against suicide for that person. When that relationship which meant life to her required that she kill someone else, she of course killed her. By taking another’s life, her life retained meaning.
    There are many personality types in this world. Some of you are types that see the world in black-and-white, while others such as myself see shades of gray everywhere and think it luxury to encounter any situation wherein right and wrong are clearly discernable. To me, Moeka is pitiable and in need of love — in need of rescue. Nevertheless, I suppose it’s easy to empathize with Okarin. The sight of Moeka deliberately killing Mayuri at least once has been burned into his own psyche, such that whenever he sees her face, he cannot help but see a murderer. It’s not unlike the Part-timer’s reaction to seeing Kurisu.
    I’m eager to learn (the natural, non-spoiler way) FB’s identity.

    1. I find her character hard to believe. If you look at her, she is the hottest character on Steins;Gate. Full body, big tits, nice ass, and fully developed. Hell, even the glass on her made her look intelligence and sexy.

      I highly doubt a girl like that in the real world would be alone, isolated, and abandon. If you don’t know anything about woman, being beautiful is God greatest gift to a woman… (also his curse). In fact, if a girl is gorgeous, she basically doesn’t need anything else to be great in life (a very unfair advantage as compared to men).

  12. i actually enjoyed the episode
    while okabe shows al the hatred he have towards her,
    he still care

    and we are watching another face of moeka,

    in a fact, now i love all the characters except for mayuri….
    for me, she is just an extra character wich only value is her existance

    1. Wow, how little do you know… 😀

      If you only knew the truth, you would take that back about Mayuri. She is one of the best character in Steins;Gate. Okarin is the main male character and Makise is the main female character. However, Okarin love for Mayuri extend that beyond Makise. If you see why in the last episode, trust me, you will take back those words…

  13. Identity of FB puzzles me…
    Show Spoiler ▼

    other than that thanks to the Kurisu for the pudding moment, it helped to lighten the mood a bit in an otherwise gloomy episode…
    I can now somewhat understand Moeka – but still find it hard to forgive her previous/future killings of Mayuri… yes, she has been manipulated and used, but in the end we all are responsible for our actions
    I wonder what role will the IBN 5100 play now it has been found?

    1. I figure the IBN will be used to undo SERN data and spying on Okarin. They will use it to hack about into SERN and find out they plan regarding Okarin and the others. Finally, they will delete all data regarding them and shut down SERN by revealing their secrets to the world…

  14. WOW this was really intense!! Well I kinda feel that Moeka deserved the Okarin cold treatment. I mean would you go so far as to kill someone else for someone else that you never met before? I thought that this episode was handled very well. Kudos to WhiteFox studios.

    It is possible that Moeka metioned the coin locker as a trap for Okarin.

    1. No, I think she stated the truth. If you recall that everybody who encounter Okarin undoing their D-mail was able to remember the other timelines, then Moeka would have known what she did and knows that he was telling her the truth. She has nothing to gain from lying to him now.

      It seem that everybody who used the d-mail lost something in their undoing. I guess for Moeka, it is the IBN 5100.

  15. This is probably the wrong time to say it, but I thought Moeka was really cute without her glasses… but um… yeahhhh…. >_>

    But yeah, I felt pretty bad for her. The tension was through the f**king roof when Kyouma was scrapping with her, and when she was trying to break the door down.

    Gotta love the neighbors in this episode. DOMESTIC VIOLENCE IS OKAY IN THIS HOUSEHOLD.

  16. pic 19: another pink twin tail girl who is an anime character within an anime??
    pic 20: no one has made any lewd joke about this? Guess the dark tone destroyed any potentials

  17. lol Falcon Punch, but there is a something bothering me:

    I thought it is a bit strange that Shining Finger can believe her own message telling the location of the IBN5100 though it’s not FB. But not the one from Okabe using her cellphone because it’s not FB.

    Plot hole ?

    and yeah Obaa-san reaction …

    1. It isn’t a plot hole. Before she was just telling herself where the IB 5100 was in order to get it for FB. Now Okarin is trying to send her a message that tells her to disobey one of FB’s orders. Of course she isn’t going to follow anything he sends.

      1. I too, read the Clannad spoilers in the middle of the season, then when it was over, I saw that the movie came out… talk about a double spoiler before AfterStory.

        It didn’t stop me from watching AfterStory and still shedding manly tears, for it is a great story.

  18. Actually, when I played the game/light novel/whatever, I like moeka’s story:D. She is actually one hell of poor girl. And if you have already played the game/light novel/whatever, something twisted(yet funny) will come soon enough!

    If you think who FB is a big deal, then you won’t know what will hit you:P. Hopefully they animate these parts real good, or I will be pissed:P

  19. Well if FB is indeed a woman, then Kurisu would be the logical choice. Who else has been accused of beeing part of SERN in the past? Only her.
    Would make sense, considering her and Okabe’s relationship of (false?) trust in those past episodes was a main focus. Maybe we’ll get a nice flashback of her shooting Mayuri at the Comiket while talking with Okabe on the phone with a false grin. 😀
    OTOH there are too many moments where she looks honestly concerned and I doubt that she even put up a deceiving face when nobody, only us, is looking.
    So yeah, IF they’re going down that route, then I am really interested how they’ll make it believable.

  20. Damn, this is the first time in a LONG time I actualy cared about avoiding spoilers for a series. Everytime I see spoiler tags in the comments, or even the phrase “…. FB is really ….” , I just skip it completely. This series is just so damn good.

  21. Got spoiled on who FB was in the next episode after hearing the 2nd drama cd which Moeka was the main character.

    Moeka’s VA really did a good job conveying her desperation on losing her phone, not to mention her voice supporting the story portraying her as really close to a mental breakdown.

    That FBFBFBFBFBFB thing really reminded me of Suzuha while her hammering the door really made it seem like she would be a great Yandere.

    As someone already mentioned prior, the little party where Moeka sent her mail never happened. I think that party stabilised her enough for her to survive. If only they had more interaction, especially with Mayuri, i think Moeka would have slowly recovered since her problem was absolute long term loneliness without a visible near future change.

    Seriously though i’m surprised that no one tried to chat Moeka up prior to Okabe (ignoring the plot requires that to happen :p )

    Oh and for a different and much darker Kurisu http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LOFkctKYQWQ

    Zaku Fan
    1. My age is showing, but in my school years I’ve never witnessed a single girl hit either by another girl or boy… while I was in a few boys scraps myself, so I was no stranger to hitting someone. Back then it was just unthinkable.
      On the other hand, had I today run into crazy yandere wielding a knife, I would not hesitate a second and not only hit her but use all improvised weapons available, Krav Maga style. Survival before chivalry… But still I’d feel bad afterwards!

    2. “The old days…”

      Naggers please. Back in the old days, women get hit all the time. Just never seen in public. Do you remember the “Rule of Thump”? It is the basic rule of doing something, right? Nope, The origin of the phrase is that any man can beat his wife or any female in the family with a stick the thickness of his thump. Women were so abused and oppress back in the days. Recall slavery, servants, and sex trade. Prostitution was an age old job. In fact, it is still going on in third world countries.

      People forget that in countries like the US women get equal treatment to men, but in third world countries, women are consider lower than the family cat. Child is even lower.

      People need to appreciate that kind of stuff here in the US and stop complain about feminist movement. You want equal right? Do it in third world countries and find out your true value to society…

  22. Mad scientist breaker!!!

    I can tell that fixing all of the dmails will not fix everything. Okarin will have to do one more thing to fix everything. Also, I think Markise is the key.

    1. Of course, it’s pretty common sense. All the undoing of the D-mail will do is bring us back to the beginning (ep 1), but SERN still rule the world. So of course something more is needed.

      There are several ways to do it. Makise is a key or she is the caused. Okarin is the key and he is also the caused. Time travel is the theme, but it is also the problem. So naturally, one of these thing need to be killed. Makise, Okarin, or time?

  23. Anyone else here think that Kurisu mail is quite cute with the her smiley and also her face angry face when Okarin took her pudding.

    She is so cute that she is almost as cute as Yune.(heh almost)

  24. That was an amazing episode! Intense is definitely the right way to describe it. I definitely like Moeka’s character in terms of development more than Ruka and Feyris. I’m glad we didn’t have another “and Okabe gets the girl” episode. (Though he might in the end, who knows.)

    I’m so afraid for what’s going to happen to Kurisu. I can’t help but feel what she said is foreshadowing, and that Okabe really will have to return to a timeline where she’s dead.

    1. No need to fear for Makise. Here is the logic,

      In episode 1, she died because Suzuha travel from the future to killed her. It imply that Makise was the key to SERN rise to power. However, Okarin was in fact the true key to Makise invention of the time machine. After episode 2, where is turn over to Okarin side, the future was still rule by SERN. It means that regardless of Makise or not, SERN still rule. So killing her make no different to the future dystopia.

      In fact, one would say killing Okarin is the true way of stopping SERN. Another way is to defeat SERN in the future. The third option is destroying all evidence of time travel including the jelly man experiments. With 5 eps remaining, I suspect the ending to be option 1 or option 2.

      1. I don’t believe option 2 to be doable, since CERN is already invincible in the future thanks to their time machine. Killing Okabe isn’t very realistic either. Think about it: CERN will rule because they have the time machine, so naturally, to stop them from ruling, you have to make sure they won’t have it, by making sure they don’t know about the D-mails and Phone Microwave. At this point, they already know about them, so killing Okabe will change nothing. Undoing the D-mails to get back the IBN and destroy evidence of the D-mails is by far the logic solution that guarantees the least casualties.

      2. All options above are plausible…

        Option 1: Killing Okarin

        Since SERN only develop their time machine based off of Okarin microwave phone, killing Okarin in the past will prevent him from ever creating the microwave phone. Thus, SERN never created their time machine in order to control the world. I see what you mean. Killing Okarin now is useless because the already created the microwave phone. I meant killing him in the past before he created it.

        Option 2: Defeat SERN in the Future

        It work well for the Terminator movies. According to Suzuha, the future time machine can only travel back into time, not future. So SERN have no idea what their future is like. Like I said, no empire ever wins FOREVER. Everything has a beginning and an end…even SERN.

        Option 3: Destroy all time travel evidences

        This is the most important and vital step to prevent the creation of time travel. However, it require you to travel back into a time where all the Jelly man were scatters. Since Suzuha time machine can only travel to the past, you can start with the latest jelly man and go back until the furtherest. However, it is a one way trip. So you will end up in the past forever. I imagine the scene with Mayuri 70,000,000 years in the past make perfect here (assuming the furtherest jelly man was sent there).

  25. What he did was totally justifiable. He acted like a man for Pete’s sake, trying to prevent the death of his loved one. It was not his best moment? The way we act in these sort of moments defines us. It probably was not easy for him either, as I think that for a moment he felt pity for Moeka. Which after what he’s witnessed time and time again is quite praiseworthy in fact. Personally, I wanted to see him strangle the bitch

  26. I actually found it good that this episode was as disturbing as it was. It really added to the dark, intense side of the story. And even though he had to act as he did, I’m totally on Okabe’s side here. If he had not done it, he would definitely not be able to save Mayuri and Moeka would’ve met a much worse fate.

  27. I am surprised once again that nobody notice that Moeka’s phone change halfway in the scene!!!

    When Okarin first grab her phone and ran out the door, he remember that her phone was different after trying the first d-mail undoing. Afterward, he try another after learning about the IBN at the shrine. Then her phone change back to it original phone with the dots on it.

    How can you guys miss that?!

  28. So Moeka sent 2 D-mails, one for the phone and one for the IBN. However, now Okarin knows where the IBN is. The only trick is obtaining it and what to do with it.

    I figure Moeka will get another episode featuring her…

    1. Moeka only sent one D-mail. She pretended to send one about her phone, but it was actually about the IBN 5100. It was pretty easy to pick up on that from all the signs. After her D-mail was sent, no one knew who she was because she didn’t have to become a lab member to find out where the PC was. The dead giveaway was the fact that the IBN was missing and Daru, Kurisu, etc. didn’t have any recollection of ever having it. If it wasn’t obvious then, rewatch episode 8 now and you might be kicking yourself for not noticing. This is also why nothing happened when Kyouma tried to reverse the D-mail about her phone in this episode. There was never a D-mail of that kind to reverse in the first place.

      1. I noticed that they don’t use the IBN 5100, was thinking it might be missing but couldn’t tell for sure. Since it could be that the object was out of plot. NOW we know that’s not the case.

        Anyway I believe the reason Okarin cannot reverse the D-mail is because Moeka will go through any sort of rumour of IBN 5100 even if she have to die. That why even if Moeka or any other D-mail try to change her mind, it won’t work. Only the phone of FB able to do it.

      2. Oh, yeah. I knew she took the IBN 5100 using the D-mail all along. I was re-watching the episode and Okarin stated that Moeka send the D-mail and another one right after it when he realized the undoing didn’t work. Then he search through her outbox to realized she was the one who took the IBN 5100 so he send another undoing D-mail. It failed again realizing that Moeka will only obey FB orders.

    2. I re-watch the episode and the scene with her phone is confusing…

      There were parts where it has the dots on it, then parts where it is not. I believe his first undoing of Moeka D-mail did work, but not the second. Even Makise stated herself that Moeka must have believe the first one, but not the second.

      Anyone, it doesn’t matter now that the IBN location is known. The next question is who is FB and what to do with the IBN?

  29. Now this is what I’m talking about. This episode got me feeling goosebumps all over. Such an emotionally intense episode, especially when it comes to anger from Okabe. I don’t know how they did it, but I could feel in those few moments, everything was pouring out from him as he struggled with Moeka and battered her mentally.

    In the end, though, I’m glad he still remained the nice guy he always had been despite his raw rage. If there was ever a favorite male character poll for this anime season, Okabe heads the top of my list. Even kissed the person he hated the most just to get things done, then got Moeka to talk after simply showing his determination to save Mayuri and her no matter what.

    A lot of people are talking about the rage viewers should feel and less sympathy for Moeka, but I simply can’t feel less sympathy for her as a person, especially when her despair was illustrated so well by her actions, the scene changes and her expressions. I can’t help but pity her. As much as she was the perpetrator of Mayuri’s death, she was a puppet. Added on to the fact that she was truly abandoned…I can’t bring myself to hate her.

    Regarding FB, I get the feeling that that might be someone we know, but have yet to appear as a major character. The fact that “she” acted like a mother doesn’t necessarily mean “she” is a female.

    Lastly, the Kurisu moments…Her cuteness level continues on a steady upward gradient with the wriggling arms and pout, then her typical tsundere reaction over the phone. Her first interaction does trigger a death-flag there, I think…

  30. I just wonder why jhon titor from 2000 was erased of everyone’s memories when okarin sent the first message about kurisu’s dead… I mean before the accident everyone knew about jhon titor and his books but after the first d-mail he just disappeared and suzuha said that she wasn’t planning to go to 2000 so… I wonder if that is relevant….


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