「因果律のメルト」 (Ingaritsu no Meruto)
“Paradox Meltdown”

Wow, that was really a heartbreaker. It might have been too slow for some tastes, but I wouldn’t change a second of it.

In a sense, I think this episode was a reward for 20 episodes of tremendous character build-up. The emotional intensity here was a direct result of all that heavy lifting, and as a result I thought this episode was tremendously moving. As much as a reward, though – and perhaps a bit of a breather – I think it was a necessary raising of the emotional stakes for the three episode final arc. An episode like this one will make you feel the urgency and tragedy of everything that happens over the final three episodes that much more deeply.

Really, this was an episode about how each of the three main characters, despite their closeness, are truly, existentially alone. As there wasn’t much action here, this was basically an actors’ episode – and that makes it a good time to reflect on what an incredible job this cast has done. Goto Saori’s fabulous work as Moeka in episode 19 was noted in this space, and Tamura Yukari was amazing during Suzuha’s arc. Miyano Mamoru has been fantastic all along (and again here, really bringing the depth of Okarin’s despair to life) but this was the moment for Imai Asami and Kana Hanazawa to really shine. KanaHana tends to be devalued a bit for her overuse and the fact that too many of her characters blend together, but when she finds a character in her range she’s spectacular. Her Kuroneko in Oreimo may have been the best performance of 2010, and Mayuri – to Hanazawa’s credit a radically different character – is one of this year’s best. She takes what could be a saccharine and cloying part in lesser hands and really makes us feel the purity and innocence of the girl. Mayushi is just good, plain and simple – she’s cute and funny, but her love for Okarin and her simple trust in him are incredibly heartbreaking in an episode like this one. As for Asami-san, it’s only when we stop and think that we realize how her portrayal of Kurisu has evolved subtly over the show’s run. She’s managed to wring incredible nuance out of this whip-smart, proud and ultimately noble young woman who has clearly fallen in love with Okarin.

While it can hardly be disputed that it was a terrible decision born of desperation, thanks to the writing and acting I could really believe that Okarin might try to defeat fate by killing himself. One of the possible outcomes for the Kobayashi Maru problem was for Okarin to save both girls by sacrificing himself, but I didn’t expect it to be attempted so soon and so literally. I don’t see any reason to think it would’ve worked and I suspect now that we’ve seen what we have, it’s off the table for the real finale, but as heartsick and defeated as the poor guy was, I can believe he’d resort to it. As much as anything, I don’t think he thought he’d be saving Mayuri as much as putting an end to the misery he’d been suffering. But interestingly, the last moments of the episode might subtly hint that Kurisu is considering an option along similar lines – and one that might be considerably more integral to the finale.

Of course, Mayuri has been suffering too, and not just in terms of her repeated deaths. She’s been dreaming each of those horrible moments in grisly detail, and refused to talk to Okarin about it even as he refuses to share what he knows with her. Her message to her Grandmother was as vulnerable as Mayuri gets, and as much as she likes the new lab members it’s clear she misses the days when she had Okarin to herself. But while she plays along with his games and fantasies, Kurisu is just the opposite – as she says she knew within five seconds that the entire Kyouma act was BS. That makes her his confidante in a way Mayuri can never be – but the implication here is that if ultimately forced to face the choice he dreads most of all, with all alternatives exhausted, Okarin would choose Mayuri. He’ll always protect his hostage, even from the truth – but he respects Kurisu’s intelligence and integrity too much to patronize her in the same way. He loves them both each in their own way, but in a sense Okarin is the father on the lifeboat with his wife and child, who can only save one of them. Everyone would answer that riddle differently, but I think I know how Okarin would answer it. He’d throw himself over the side if it was an option – but that trick won’t work with this dilemma.

For all the sci-fi and the otaku lingo and the meta-humor, Steins;Gate is a very elemental story. This is a classic moral dilemma dressed up in modern attire, but it’s a classic just the same. In terms of plot, S;G has followed the rules pretty much from the beginning, and whatever the ending is I expect it be something closer to a Greek tragedy or Shakespeare than some sort of wacky “third way” technobabble deus ex machina that hits the reset button. As surely as equivalent exchange had to be followed in FMA, I think certain guardrails are set up here. I’m preparing myself for something that will hit hard and take no prisoners, and I’ll be disappointed if I get anything less. I want poetry and elegance and astonishment – and as great as the writing for S;G has been, I’m pretty confident I’m going to get them.


      1. They skipped some material in Moeka’s arc (which is not mandatory to the overall plot –> kinda like an optional “side quest”). Some settings were changed here and there, but I’d say the anime is darn close to the game (85-90% similar).

  1. WOW, what an episode. Now that the cat is out of the bag, what is Kurisu thinking about? Killed herself or use the time-leap machine. Whatever it is, I’ll bet it will be great.

    Now that I think about it, didn’t he still have that D-mail lotto to undo. Why not do that first?

    I do have a question though. Why did Mayuri remember other lab member? As I recall undoing the D-mail also make some of them no longer a lab member(e.g. Feyris where she need to be lab member to send the D-mail, Suzuha even as lab member but never meet Mayuri during one episode pre D-mail.)

      1. This is what Okarin is thinking about when Mayuri is dying in front of him.

        I know I don’t like Moeka but it seem Okarin never mention her name when he said other people sacrifice the thing they hold dear. I guess in Okarin mind once a villain always a villain.

    1. Makise was considering her death and its effect. She is thinking, “If I will sacrifice myself, will it bring Okarin’s happiness?

      If you haven’t figure it out already, all the lab members have a single problem in common: They lack purpose. Each one try to find meaning to their lives, but are unable to. Thus, they all secretly desire a place to simply belong and have people they with them. The most obvious example is Mayuri, where she stated that she is finally of a use for Okarin.

    2. Mayuri was able to remember other timelines because of her interactions with Okarin. It was long predicted by many of us (I included) that Mayuri know a lot more than she appear to be. Just like the other characters (Ruka, Feyris, Moeka, etc) she was able to recall her memories of the other timelines and events that have happened…

      The next big issue is that Makise has enter the spot where she supposed to die. It means she is about to recall all her memories as well. That is the cliffhanger ending for this episode…

      1. We suspected that she knew everything all along. It was episode #12 withnthe opening scene that was made clear that she know everything and perhaps even more than Okarin himself know and will know…

        I can think of two reasons why she didn’t change her death:

        1) She knows she is unable to…

        Okarin has the special ability as well as the mean to do so (time travel), not Mayuri. Okarin himself came to the same conclusion even with his time machine and his special ability.

        2) She believe her death has a purpose…

      2. I’m not sure she knows those death are from another time line. All the other knew it because okabe explained it to them, “don’t you remember xxxx?”. For Ruka, he just mixed up his memories. Mayuri clearly take them as dreams and it’s normal. If she was realy killed, how could she still be alive? it can’t be anything but dream.

      3. I just watch back episode 12, YES you’re right. Shit why didn’t I see it before!!?? So is it because Mayuri also been looking for Okarin only to find herself have to die in this Alpha worldline in order to save Okarin?

        Now that I think about how she mention that the distance between Okarin and Mayuri is further apart. But only those that can see between worldline like Okarin and we will know that their distance grew further apart. For Mayuri, it should be few days ago Okarin still doing all the sunavubitch and Mado scientist stuff.

        Mayuri not as simple as she look.

        P.S. Could it be she also plan to take over our world with the epidemic Tutturu? She certainly got me….Tutturu.

  2. Note: it did not take Kurisu five seconds after meeting Okabe to see through his mad scientist act. She actually just states that she saw through him right when they first met; the five second thing was the subs being liberal.

    1. Yes, it was a fated meeting. That statement try to clarify to the viewers that she agree to be a part of Okarin’s life not because of his mad scientist persona or any of his bullshit, she clearly saw him as a caring and compassionate person that she secretly desire for herself. It also imply that Okarin is more than meet the eyes. My second thought was that she also meant that he was special. Indeed, he is. He is a time traveler. Like I said, the two of them were fated to meet…

  3. What a long review!

    This episode is just so heart-wrenching. I may not have shed a tear (well, I watched this a few minutes before holding my class, so I might have if otherwise) but it was like my heart was slowly being crushed throughout the episode.

    I also love the voice acting in this episode. Several scenes (Mayuri getting hit, Kurisu grabbing Okabe’s hand, and the graveyard scene) brought goosebumps all over me.

    While I am a fan of tragic endings (i.e. Code Geass R2), I think I’ll be happy with whatever the ending this series will have.

    1. Yes, this review was rather long. It was also not what I was expecting to read either. After the first paragraph, reading the rest seem like a pain. I swear I skip some sentences just to read “what I want to hear” not the other stuffs. No offenses intended, Enzo.

      I find that the comments are becoming more interesting that the review, which is rather sad. Like I said, no offenses intended Enzo…

      What I was expecting to read was what happened, what I missed, meaning behind certain scenes and lines, and finally what Enzo thought about what happened and what will happen next…

  4. Despite what people above and Enzo think, I clearly thought this episode was a waste of an episode especially for Steins;Gate and its finale approaching.

    The only real gold from this episode was the last 10 minutes where we hear Mayuri confession and Makise investigating her death spot. Other than that, I felt the animators could have better use of the remaining 20 minutes. I really was looking forward to Makise death and the finale that follow…

    1. I don’t think it a waste. If they keep showing all the gold, sooner or later we will get used to it. But if they do it like this, wasting time then getting into plot. It kinda absorb into us gradually and yet still able to surprise me.

      Beside after not seeing Mayuri (and tutturu) for so long. It best to get us know her again.

      1. Yeah, and directors get the point.
        We, viewers, only consider how harsh it is to Okabe to make his choice but none of us ever thought that Mayuri could be suffering. As told before, she was far from Okabe, we weren’t really seeing her anymore and then she appears again and it increses the drama.
        Now, Okabe feels guilty and is aware about how much Mayuri misses him. I think, without that, he would have probably made his choice faster but, no, how could he forget his childhood friend? His hostage? (yeah, to me, Mayuri is his childhood friend, she may be in love with him, Okabe loves Kurisu, that’s how it is… Just my op). I mean, for sure he intends to save her but in the current situation, he met the girl he needed, he tried so many time to save Mayuri always failing… He could resign and choose Kurisu but he can’t and that’s what makes Mayuri speech to her grandma so important.

      2. Okarin’s love for Mayuri was never a question. He did EVERYTHING for her thus far…

        I meant that it should have been more about Makise and her choice of her D-mail as well as her fate and the truth about the first D-mail. I was expecting a Mayuri episode after this one…

        By putting Mayuri first, it undermined Makise and the sacrifice that she is about to make for Okarin. Won’t it make more sense to focus on Mayuri when Makise is gone?

      3. It’s understandable but I prefer wife vs sister ’cause children have a particular meaning sisters don’t have : they’re both part of you and your love and that something which has a infinite value… And I don’t think Mayuri is both part of Okabe and Kurisu :p (though it would create a fucking interesting paradox now that I mention it rofl).

        Anyway, that’s not the point, sister or child, nevermind, fact is Okabe’s love is Kurisu.

  5. That’s what I call drama, I really was about to cry seeing Kurisu learning the truth from Okabe and Mayuri remembering all of her deaths :(.
    It was far more heartbreaking than feyris and uka’s eps simply ’cause Kurisu and Mayuri ARE developed characters. It’s not only about their own personality but also thanks to their relationship with the world, Okabe being the first (Kurisu using the same mythology as Okabe was really a key moment according to me though it seems to be a detail, it shows how they’re getting important for each other).

    Something else really interesting :
    Fate sure exists in S;G. It was the very first time Okabe tried to fight against it and it just leaded to the same result and it was his fault this time. It implies many things, don’t you think so?

    P.S : sorry if I made big English mistakes in my post, currently using my phone and well.. I’m French and not perfectly fluent :s

    1. Thank you for the beautifully written review! This is exactly why I come to RC, to read the insightful analyses that get at the heart of the underlying drama I would have otherwise completely missed. Your review is much appreciated!

      Also I agree, the voice acting and dialogue in this series is absolutely superb. This episode was so poignant at several points. I’m repeatedly blown away by the subtle nuances in that voice acting that make it all so real. So many heartrendingly unforgettable scenes in just one episode.

      One thing I don’t understand is the cicada that keeps appearing. Were the two butterflies symbolizing that Okabe and Mayuri will never be parted?
      Amazing series. Can’t wait for the finale!

      1. I think I mention it a while back…

        The cicada symbolized death. If you recall, it was always by Mayuri’s side symbolizing her inevitable death.

        The dragonfly represents change…

        The butterfly represents the effect of time and the fragile human existence. The twin butterfly represents Mayuri and Okarin mutual affection for one another.

      2. Thanks kindly. I confess I get a little depressed when I see the “not enough plot” complaints about eps like this. S;G isn’t just about obsessing over theories – it’s about the characters. Without them all the time travel business wouldn’t interest me. I think if all you’re doing is gnawing on possible explanations about the plot you’re missing out on most of what the series has to offer.

      3. @chaos
        Death there is cicada , changes for dragon fly and butterfly with time?

        Does it happen every single time? I saw that when Moeka die, there is dragon fly instead of cicada. Hmm…bah a reference needless to know, right? or is there something deep going on with it?

      4. When Moeka die, the anime didn’t focus on her death like they did Mayuri so they didn’t use the cicada. Instead they use the dragonfly, it symbolizes her change of perspective and also character development. It was the same for Mr. Braun.

  6. Look like this was Okarin’s first attempt of killing himself as an option to save Mayuri. It actually means a lot of things:

    1) That Okarin valued Mayuri’s life so much that he is willing to sacrifice himself to save her.

    2) He also valued Makise’s life so that he is not willing to undo her D-mail and rather be killed instead.

    3) Mayuri valued Okarin’s life so much that she DID sacrifice herself to save him. And she did it without hesitation and even smile afterward. If I have to defined love, that what Mayuri did was the bottom line explanation of it.

    4) He is becoming so desperate that he consider killing himself and taking Mayuri death spot in order to save her. Of course, he forgot that if he died, it is game over. Nobody will saved Mayuri, Makise, Moeka, Ruka, Feyris, Suzuha, and Mr. Braun.

    5) Finally, he can’t died. By Mayuri saving him, it is a clear indication that he wasn’t mend to be the sacrificial lamb here.

    1. the first part of the episode had to be tried and it makes sens, I would have done the same. If you don’t want to sacrifice Makise let’s try if Mayuri will still died.

      You also have to take in consideration that death doesn’t have the same value when you can dmail and leap.

  7. I have one crazy theor, since Okarin had to make the choice(as stated above) and based on how suzuha say that Kurisu is evil. My theory is that Kurisu make herself out as evil villain so that Okarin can kill her without feeling guilty. I guess it’s time for Kurisu to join the Sern.

    1. Nope…

      While you and I are heading down the same destination (Makise D-mail will be undone), our paths are different. What is going to happen is fairly obvious. Makise herself will force the undoing of the her D-mail because I know neither Okarin, Mayuri, or any other characters will execute that undoing. It will come down to Makise convincing Okarin to do it or she does it secretly without him knowing.

      The option of not undoing her D-mail is out of the question since there is no other options available. Okarin suicide attempt was the last straw. It was his final desperation move and it failed miserably. Now he is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

      Enzo example of the father choosing between his wife or child is just perfect. It is true, Okarin will take the third option to die to save those two, but with his failed suicide attempt, it shown that the third option is not available for him. There is but one path,…kill Makise!

      1. I suppose you’re right. At episode 21, I doubt I can see drama like that done well. So I guess in the end we just have to see how Kurisu force Okarin undo the D-mail. Or maybe she undo the D-mail herself.

      2. It is not about hope or intelligence…

        It is about emotions and drama. Which do you think people want to see more: Makise coming up with a perfect plan to save everything or watch her die and how it effect Okarin?

        The answer is obvious…

      3. Like somebody mention it before, the happy ending is not always the best ending. A tragic one works out well, too if used correctly. Examples are V for Vendetta and Code Geass…

      4. “I think she’ll come with some awesome ideas…”

        While I don’t doubt she is a genius but we also have to admit that it episode 21 with 5 more left, not much idea she could do to make it very drama. If they have time they should have include my Yandere loli inside.

        But then again this show surprise me again and again so I’ll be hoping as well.

        @chaos & Kratos

        Evangelion(Everyone die except two, none else will be more tragic than this one)

      5. You misinterpreted Evagenlion…

        To put it short, in the end when his father wanted to sacrifice all of humanity in the name of instrumentality (the unification of all into one being, aka God), Rei sided with Shinji thus giving him the power to agree it or reject it. Shinji rejected in the name of individuality and pain/misery as a necessity to happiness. Upon rejection, God Rei died and Shinji re-materialize into human forms. It remain that way for a long time and alone thinking everybody is died, then Asuka re-materialize next to him. She choked, but stop after her caress him. Rei also re-materialize before Asuka did, the rest is unknown…but the idea is everybody was return just a matter of time…

      6. @x

        To be honest, I don’t really get the ending of Evangelion at all. I even read the wikia and all other forum and rewatch the show. I still don’t get it. In the end I just assume all die and left just asuka and Shinji.

        Anyway the only best bet I have to understand the ending is to watch all the upcoming movies.

  8. Poor Okarin, he’s so ready to sacrifice himself to save both Kurisu and Mayuri and then Fate pulls a “NO U” moment on him. It really seems that reality itself is forcing him to choose PATH A or PATH B with no PATH C in sight.

    1. It was a foolish choice anyway. No sense in him dying now…

      The option of Okarin dying in the finale was an option, but it only make sense when he died before investing the microwave phone, not after.

      1. He can’t die until the very end. That will be bad end and force us to reload it. This anime does come from VN you know. But don’t you worry the choice will present itself very soon. I think!

      2. It is an POSSIBLE ending, not a definite ending…

        It would be a tragic ending where Okarin die in order to save both Mayuri and Makise. In fact, anybody of the 3 characters death would produce a tragic ending. I can’t see how Okarin justify living on after saving Mayuri at the cost of Makise’s life. He is basically murdering one to get the other. Not the Okarin that I know. Neither will saving Makise at the cost of Mayuri. And finally neither Mayuri or Makise will sacrifice Okarin for the other. So a tragic ending is unfavorable from all angles of POV…

      3. @x

        Well sometime the producer make a tragic ending for us, so we will troll their company or buy their VN to get the good ending. You have to admit it a good marketing strategy. I myself is hoping for good ending(hopefully harem end) but I guess if they use tragic end but tell it nicely I can still accept.

        Just a thought just went by, what if those evil producer decided to put an open ended ending? Like Okarin sacrifice himself but in the end show a person from the back look like Okarin but cannot confirm. He/She will be looking at the lab(like want to enter but decided not to)


  9. The episode was mostly talking and another failed attempt to save Mayuri, but like people have mentioned above, there are a bunch of character developments happening.

    But the real whammy is in the last few seconds, where we see Makise going to the 7th floor of Radio Kaikan, probably to stake out her dying spot in the original world line. I don’t think even Okabe would’ve kept track of the floor number in episode 1, yet here we have Makise hanging around there. And Okabe is with her, if you look at the preview. Could this be the meeting that Makise asked “What did you want to tell me 15 minutes ago?” in episode 1?

    1. Actually, the real meaning behind the final scene is to show that Makise is going to remember what happen to her in the other timelines. I am certain she will explain who killed her.

      A second important effect behind it is that she will recall her love for Okarin even more afterward. She is about to experience one hell of a roller coaster ride…

      1. “Real” meaning? That’s all speculation you’re doing. We still don’t know how the recollection of world lines works. All we know is that the memories recalled are vague.

      2. It is true that I speculate, but I am also right thus far on a lot of the events and mysteries that unfolded. When the next episode come out, I am pretty certain that I was right about Makise recalling her memories…

    2. I’m not sure how you come to that conclusion. If Okabe can clearly remember Makise’s death, he would clearly remember where it happened so he could convey it to Makise. It’s her life in line after all.

    3. Fragb85 is right. He did remember where she was killed, but frab85 is wrong in the sense that Okarin never told Makise every little details. He did tell her she die, she was stab, and how he did the d-mail. He never mention where she died. Thus, she couldn’t have known her death spot. The only explanation she that she is recalling her memories of the other timelines which brought her there.

      1. Ever heard of off-screen dialogue? That’s a far more plausible explanation. This entire conclusion is such a huge and baseless stretch. And again we STILL don’t know how recalling world lines works.

      2. LOL! 😀

        Then explain to me:
        -how Feyris recall her memories?
        -how Ruka recall her memories?
        -how Moeka recall her memories?
        -how Mayuri recall her memories?

        It is only logic to assume Makise is able to recall her memories as well. Maybe in a way, she knew everything that have happened all along like how Mayuri did, but in a dream like state so she ignored it. When Okarin told her the truth, it triggers the recall. When she came to the death spot, she was able to recall even more.

        While the truth behind the Reading Steiner is yet to be explain, all the evidences are there…Why can’t you SEE them?

    1. It seem to focus on the undoing the final D-mail…

      However, the storyline move beyond that. I hope they are not ending it with Makise D-mail. There are far more better ending than that. Examples are: Okarin killing himself, Okarin destroying the jelly-man, Okarin fighting SERN in the distant future, etc.

    2. My best ending have already been proven wrong, going into Delta worldline and harem ending.
      My 2nd ending will be saving both Mayuri and Makise and get dual flower ending?

      But if I have to bet on one of them: I will say Makise will killed herself(and thus earning all the S;G fan’s heart) to let Mayuri and Okarin together.

  10. Makise will probably do something related with SERN (we still dont know why she was called a SERN spy by Suzuha).

    I dont know how but if she could join SERN, she could just send a D-mail instead of Okabe to warn herself about being stabbed and erase Okabe’s one ?

    1. Suzuha explain that the reason for SERN raise to power was mainly due to Okarin invention of the microwave phone and Makise’s re-creation of the microwave phone into an actual working time machine. She was declare the inventor of the time machine, I believe..

    2. It won’t work. To undo the D-mail, it means she needed to died. So saving herself from being stabbed is the same as Okarin D-mail, she would still be alive. It basically come down to: she need to die…

  11. Some heavy emotional stuff again. It was indeed Mayuri-centered, and plays in very well with the dilemma Okabe has to face in choosing between the two.

    As Enzo has said, the VAs have done an stellar job at portraying the characters and bringing out the emotions they would be feeling at this juncture. Not sure about anyone else, but it felt to me the voices (except Daru, of course) were all a little shaky at their respective critical parts, which brings up the emotional value of the entire episode itself.

    Okabe MIGHT have already slanted towards one side after the grandma convo with Mayuri, but with the ending scene it’s hard to conclude. It will be pretty certain that Kurisu is going to either force Okabe to undo it or come up with an alternative that MIGHT save both of them, albeit with an insurmountable risk.

    Knowing, watching and feeling S;G so far, I’d say the last 3 episodes will not disappoint.

  12. HMM, I still don’t know why Kurisu was so surprised to know that she’s going to die if the world goes to the other timeline when she clearly knows that it’s the timeline where Okabe saw her “dead or something”. Or am I just thinking too much?

    Anyway, give me the next episode now!!!

    1. Weird, I could have sworn last episode when Kurisu remind Okarin that she is dead in Beta worldline; she seem to be fine mentioning it. Now that Okarin say it out, she act surprise.

    2. That is because Okarin was playing his spy game. How would you react when a person tell you that you were dead? You are still alive so the only logic reason is that the other person is crazy or lying…

      That is how Makise reacted.

      1. Logically, yes. But since this is an anime in fantasy world, drama and suspense rule over common sense and laws of physic…

        To answer it perfectly, it was all for shows. Given Makise intelligence, it wouldn’t take her 30 seconds to figure it out. But by now making her obvious of her death, it created the emotions and desired effects that the animators wanted from the viewers. So her intelligence shouldn’t be in question, but rather the animators intelligence should be in question…LOL

  13. it is a hard choice huh to choose between mayuri and kurisu~~ well, okarin did always come to kurisu when he has troubles, it is like…she is the first person he will tell when there is problem while he actually could work it together with mayuri too, but somehow, kurisu is always the first person he will contact. on the other hand, mayuri is ….mayuri. you could say, she would do everything in her power to be of use for okarin. and okarin actually knows that too, that’s why he is trying so hard to save her, but on the other’s other hand, he can’t sacrifice someone that he always relies when he gets trouble, especially after he come this far. so ironic.

  14. I’m a little bit confused with one part. How did Okabe manage to use a Time Leap machine. Didn’t he like use the time leap and undid most of the D-mail. Wouldn’t there be a possibility that the time leap machine didn’t exist or wasn’t thought of?

    Well in any case it seems the anime skipped some parts and just turned them into narratives.

    1. Okabe waited for 3 days to try to save her. At that time the leap machine was already built so there was risque. As for the Dmail, yes there a small chance that the leap machine wasn’t build but it is so small they don’t worry about it, or rather, it’s worse the try.

      1. It is not possible for Time-leap machine not being built. Since Okarin already master the D-mail system within all the worldline change(afterall only after the system is there can he have D-mail to undo)

        After that all he have to do is tell Kurisu the key point which gave birth to Time-leap machine. Since Okarin still remember all the previous worldline.

    2. Okarin know how to create the Time Leap machine now. In fact, if you re-watch the episode, Okarin specifically instruct Makise on how to create the time leap machine as well as the parts needed for him so he can use it later…

    1. I am getting a feeling that the EP #1 foreshadow the actual ending to the series…

      The only option that fit into EP #1 is undoing the jelly-man and evidences of time travel. It is the only one that has proven to explain all the mysteries in EP #1. However, I won’t cross out the twisted ending here…so expect the unexpected!

  15. WOW! now this was heart wrenching.
    Just in case it happens I am using spoiler tags:

    Show Spoiler ▼

  16. Wwow Guardian Enzo, such high expectations. But I seriously wonder if S;G can pull off something completely revolutionary that we have not expected. Like they say, high expectations is a writers greatest happiness and greatness fear.

  17. How do you guys explain the second Okarin in episode #1?

    Maybe Makise undo her D-mail and Okarin use Suzuha in an attempt to save her, but failed. If that is true, then the anime must be taking the jelly-man approach to the finale. Another evidence of that is Mayuri scene of 70,000,000 years ago.

    1. So, okabe leaps back and asks suzuha to let him down the day of ep1, then she continues alone to 197X. Her time machine being enable to go to future does pose any problem here. It’s just like he is taking a ride.

  18. How do you guys think the show is going to end?

    There were initially 3 options to the ending. Because of this episode, it maybe be down to 1 or 2 now. I really do hope that the anime is not end the series with simply killing Makise. It wasn’t mention as an option simply because it was unfavorable nor did it made any sense.

    I doubt the option of defeating SERN in the distant future mainly because the Terminator series already took it and it lack the drama and emotions that the viewers desire. But it is still available, just seem unlikely now.

    The final option of killing Okarin is less likely now. The main giveaway was Okarin failed attempt at suicide. However, it may be a foreshadow of future events. There were several moments where an obvious situation stated earlier on turn out to be true. For example,

    -Okarin openly declare Suzuha as John Titor back in episode #9. (Became true in EP #16)
    -Okarin suspicion of the origanization spies around him since EP #1. (Became true in EP #12)

    The option of Okarin undoing all the evidence of time travel including the jelly-man seem most probable…

    1. Haha, even though you narrow it down to 3 option. It would appear that you yourself do not wish for any of them to come true(or at the very least have plenty of self conclusion to say that it doesn’t make sense)

      I suppose at times like this we just be a good sheep and wait for the next episode to come out. 🙂

      That what I do.

    2. how about Okabe succeed to save Mayuri and Makise but at the cost of all his memories since the first Dmail. It wouldn’t be the first anime where a character pays with his memories.
      well… it’s just an idea.

      1. If the cost is his memories, then I believe the ending will be the blandest ending ever. Where since Okarin forget everything, he again going to make all the mistake all over again. Where for all eternity going from episode 1 to episode 24 where it jump back to episode 1.

        Please producer don’t ruin this anime with a lousy ending. I simply don’t see anyway it will turn out to be cool.

      2. @x
        I respect Kratos ending theory too, it is one of the most possible ending to happen. Which is why I’m afraid now!! I remember there were an anime just like this one (magikano) where at the end, everything is reset into episode 1 and it will keep repeating for all eternity. I guess my only salvation in this is that somehow it will not be like magikano but like higurashi where eventually Okarin need to figure out how to get out from the eternal loop.

        But since there is no S;G VN 2, I can only either the ending stop at eternal loop or hopefully something else.

    3. Going by the cynical approach here, but off all the translated alternate endings so far Feyris has the best result because everyone lives but never meet Okabe. So I figured that if Okabe is forced to sacrifice something other Makise or Mayuri, it would have to be something else important to him. That being all the time he has spent with Makise, so she’ll probably forget all about him, but Okabe can start over with her.

      I’m hoping for a happier, more idealistic ending though, but the way the show progressed, it wants to show that time-traveling has a price to pay. So Okabe needs to sacrifice something regardless.

      1. Actually, it does…

        I put it as going to the original timeline without time travel, but it basically means the same thing as you said. Trade time travel for the elimination of SERN dystopia and Mayuri & Makise death.

  19. My conclusion from all the comments so far. It seem that most people(including me) agree one way or another Kurisu will sacrifice herself to help Okarin. (Is she not adorable doing so many thing for Okarin without asking anything back except maybe love)

    Now we just have to see how the show connect the 1st episode,save Kurisu and Mayuri,explain Mayuri reading Steiner ..all of them into last 3 episode.

    P.S. Okarin still have the promise to Kurisu to meet her parent. Hmm, of all the lab member I believe she the only one who have promise with Okarin in the future. Maybe foreshadowing the final scene?

  20. A nice touch on the subtle hints. Mayuri does not have reading steiner but she does have a hazy recall on other timelines as dreams.

    When she said to tell her if she ever becomes a burden, that was a hint whether conscious or unconscious for Okarin that she would not blame him if he did not attempt to save her. That small sentence was very good for her character. She has never wanted to be a burden to Okarin and given her strong empathic nature, probably knows that Okarin’s hostage stuff was all for her in the first place.

    The scene with Mayuri and Okabe spending 2 hours without saying a word and not being self conscious abopout it spoke volumes for their relationship.

    There is one logical failure here though. By deleteing the actual text from the SERN database, there is no change to the worldline. You are merely taking an action in the worldline itself, just like Okabe choosing to go to CM or stay at the lab. This is very different from D-mailing which activates the butterfly effect which is totally uncontrolled. If he deletes the text, it should not save Mayuri as there is no world line change. Alternatively, depending on the time theory that its using, it may replace Mayuri with Makise so Makise takes the fall ala the same way Mayuri has been doing, which means that there is no return to a few weeks ago where he first met Makise. That is not possible as the voice from episode 1 was obviously Okabe.

    Zaku Fan
  21. Bravo, Guardian Enzo, Bravo! You just took the words out of my mouth and expressed it so beautifully in this post! We even share the same opinions about this episode and expectations of the show!

    Just like you, I felt that this episode was amazing! Sure it was slow, but I dont mind it one bit, in fact I enjoyed it! I mean I hated myself for getting used to Mayuri dying and just like how Okarin might have felt when he instead uses her death so that he can plan things out further (this was when he would wait till she die so he would know the worldline’s deadline), but this episode just rekindled the emotion of how sad and truly heartbreaking for such an angel character that is Mayuri (yes this girl is a personification of an angel!) to die like that, and worst is now we all know she remembers it or goes through it all in her dreams. Okabe holding Mayuri in his arms like that while cursing how unfair the world is, was such a sublime moment and goes to show how much Okabe truly cares for Mayuri.

    He may not say the words, but he did indirectly confess to Mayuri this episode, telling her she is his hostage and that he will never escape him ever. That was typically how this couple works lol, having multiple “plays”, “settings” or “setups” to convey how they truly felt to one another. Just as you said, this is the opposite of his relationship with Kurisu, and I felt the same as you that Okabe will truly choose Mayuri in the end seeing as how deep their relationship goes. Though nonetheless, he still truly cares for Kurisu enough for him to abandon the chance to save Mayuri in the expense of Kurisu’s life, and would rather risk his own so that both will live. Truly heroic, Okabe, truly damn noble!

    PS. I dont think Kurisu is trying to commit suicide by jumping off the building, I think after rewatching this episode like 3-4 times (lol im like this with epic shows like S;G), I noticed that Kurisu is actually looking at the room where she got stabbed and I think she is maybe remembering or at least trying to remember what happens to her in that different worldline. Take note, that I havent played the game (its in jap anyways right? so no way could i even begin to understand it) and also never spoiled myself in wiki or the manga, so all im saying are speculations it.

    1. The minute I open the RC again, saw the banner. Quickly go down to comment to see if any done it already and found you.

      HELL YEA, I love this more than Guily Crown(since I haven’t seen it yet) But I believe if Divine use a much cooler picture it will be nice. Maybe both mad scientist posing(Okarin & Kurisu)


      What ever happen to background? It used to be Menma and Infinity Stratos . Now it just all white.

    1. There were 2 assumptions by why there was the second Okarin:

      1) Okarin Time Leap and erase his memory afterward (explain the static phone call).

      2) He travel back in time physically.

      The latter make more sense. The only question was how? We all thought Okarin may have took a trip with Suzuha in her time machine. Up until now, we didn’t consider the option that when Suzuha travel back to 1975, that time machine must still be around. Thus, there are 2 Suzuha time machine now. If it exist, which it should, it must be hidden away somewhat. Probably Mr. Braun knows. I figure he used that one instead of Suzuha time machine on the rooftop.

      1. I can’t wait to see which one is the correct one. Chaos, just a question: If he really is travel back to time physically, then what do you think the static phone all about? Maybe Okarin travel back to time physically but require Okarin past for help, then later use pseudo time-leap machine to erase all his memories. This way the past Okarin will do thing exactly the thing he does and reach the Beta worldline.

        Also took the metal Oppa away cuz it expensive.

      2. Thanks for the catchup.
        Now we know whatever he told her didn’t save her life, which brings into question how much this particular plot thread comes into play in the final arc, but we know S;G doesn’t agree to the Novikov principle, so whatever happened in #1 might not happen again.
        Or it does, and we end up with the same events, Kurisu dead, Mayuri alive, no Time Leap Machine, along with an emotional twist to make it much less bland than I make it sound.

        lol @ okarin stealing the metal Oppa.

      3. The metal Oopa served a purpose…I just don’t know what.

        It is not that it is valuable. If anything, it is a key to time travel and SERN or a sentimental object between Mayuri and Okarin.

        But why take it from Mayuri?

        If it was sentimental, why take it away from Mayuri? Won’t it make more sense to let her keep it? There many objects that Mayuri have that can be used instead. Why the metal Oopa?

        The only logically reasoning is that it is a special object somehow…

  22. I personally don’t think that undoing the last d-mail will get them back to the original timeline. As was shown at the end of the episode, the time machine is no longer on the building where Makise was killed. This brings us back to the end of the Suzuha arc where she took the time machine to the past after Daru fixed it. In the earlier parts of the series, I recall that before the first d-mail was sent, the time machine was still there (reportedly a crashed satellite) which could mean that Suzuha was present in the original timeline as well.

    Early on, signs of aggression and resent from Suzuha towards Makise were evident which leads me to believe that Suzuha was actually the one who killed Makise in the original timeline. After all, she did die in the same building as where the time machine landed. Also the reason for killing her might not have necessarily been because of the fact that Makise will be a bigshot of SERN in the dystopian future, but merely because Suzuha didn’t want any witnesses regarding the time machine.

    So here’s my point. If at this junction Suzuha and the time machine are gone, would undoing the last D-mail actually lead back to the original timeline at all and consequently the death of Makise. Or perhaps they director’s just trolling us and the characters by making us worry unnecessarily.

    1. Correction, Alabaster…

      In the ep #1 timeline, Suzuha safely landed on the rooftop then Makise got murder. When Okarin text Daru about the murder, the timeline change from the supposed Alpha timeline to Beta timeline.

      In the next timeline, Suzuha crashed on the rooftop and Makise was not murder.

      So my undoing Makise D-mail, the problem was supposed to be fixed. The problem being Mayuri’s death. Even thus far, Okarin had no interested in stopping SERN. All he cared about is Mayuri and Makise…

    2. In addition, it is a week since the ep #1 started, so Suzuha was there, but left for 1975. Thus, the satelite was still missing.

      Recall that Okarin stated that each D-mail undoing delay Mayuri death by one day each…

    3. Finally, the answer is…no.

      You have to understand the definition of “original timeline”. It is defined as the world without time travel. So even with epiosde #1, the world has already knew of time travel (ex: Suzuha arrival and the original John Titor in 2000). In order to stop SERN, Okarin must eliminate time travel from the world.

      Basically, I am stating that the original timeline took place before episode #1. If Okarin manage to go there, it would solved everything. SERN can’t rule the world without time travel and nobody needed to died. The original timeline can also be interpret as our world…the real world.

      1. Don’t read if you are easily offended, it not spoiler

        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. I never said she wasn’t. In fact, I DID say Suzuha was the one who killed Makise. I just don’t see anybody else doing it…

        One option is Okarin. But, why would he killed Makise? The only logical reason is that the D-mail undoing failed and he had to do it himself instead.

        Moeka was an option, but not likely. Mr. Braun is capable able, but why would SERN killed one of their own? John Titor is a likely suspect, but bringing him up this late into the series seem odd and out of place. So all fingers point to Suzuha…

  23. Okay, so right now I’m trying to compile a list of ending here regardless I agree with it or not. I’ll just put in any sort of speculation of ending here.

    1)fragb85:I’m hoping for a happier, more idealistic ending though, but the way the show progressed, it wants to show that time-traveling has a price to pay. So Okabe needs to sacrifice something regardless.

    2)Kratos:Okabe succeed to save Mayuri and Makise but at the cost of all his memories since the first Dmail.

    3)chaos: a) option of defeating SERN in the distant future
    b) option of killing Okarin
    c)hope they are not ending it with Makise D-mail. There are far more better ending than that. Examples are: Okarin killing himself, Okarin destroying the jelly-man, Okarin fighting SERN in the distant future, etc.

    4)Owaranai:pretty certain that Kurisu is going to either force Okabe to undo it or come up with an alternative that MIGHT save both of them

    5)lkaze:a)what if those evil producer decided to put an open ended ending? Like Okarin sacrifice himself but in the end show a person from the back look like Okarin but cannot confirm. He/She will be looking at the lab(like want to enter but decided not to)
    b)My theory is that Kurisu make herself out as evil villain so that Okarin can kill her without feeling guilty.
    c)My best ending is going into Delta worldline and harem ending.
    My 2nd ending will be saving both Mayuri and Makise and get dual flower ending?
    Third ending is Makise will kill herself(and thus earning all the S;G fan’s heart) to let Mayuri and Okarin together

    Guardian Enzo: a)Okarin to save both girls by sacrificing himself
    b) the last moments of the episode might subtly hint that Kurisu is considering an option along similar lines
    c)with all alternatives exhausted, Okarin would choose Mayuri
    d)“third way” technobabble deux ex machina that hits the reset button.

    e)He restores things to the original timeline and Kurisu dies
    He finds a way to create a “C” timeline where neither Kurisu or Mayushi dies
    He finds a way, but only at the expense of sacrificing himself
    Kurisu, understanding the situaion (perhaps despite Okarin trying to prevent her from doing so) forces the shift back to the original timeline, sacrificing herself for Maysuhi and Okarin’s sake

    f)1. Good End. Okarin figures out how to take the good bits from different timelines and combine them into one, without taking the bad.
    2. Either Mayushi or Makise sacrifices themselves to spare the other.
    3. Okarin finds a way to save both, but only by sacrificing himself.
    4. They can both be spared, but only with catastrophic consequences for the universe.

    The Seven Basic Plots in all of Literature:

    Phew finally done, if there was any I misunderstood your ending or that I missed you, feel free to add in.

    1. LOL! Good work, nice to see you have plenty of time on your hands…:D

      I am going with the “undoing of time travel” ending where Okarin reset the world and make time travel impossible…AKA Okarin enter our real world.

      1. That’s the ending that I usually like (and I think is best). But something inside me is hoping for a happy ending for the series. I guess that’s just how attached I’ve become to the characters.

  24. Three new ending here (it’s becoming a game)

    – He saves both of but Makise starts working with SERN (As the first meting is the most important, he just messes it up while saving her)

    – They start leaving in separates worldline/rope (somehow like FMA first season) Makise get a world without Okabe and Okabe a World without Kuristina.

    – He runs away with Ruka to Holland and get married.

  25. But you know, if I was Okabe, this is what I would do:
    Step 1 Proceed with the cracking and ultimately restoration of the alpha world line, while bringing the time leap technology.
    Step 2 Use the time leap machine to determine who killed Makise.
    Step 3 Try to save Makise by stopping the killer (perhaps it is changeable unlike in the beta world line).
    Step 4 If step 3 wasn’t possible, send a d-mail different from the first one but with the same intention of saving Makise. Say for example a D-mail telling Makise to not attend the conference. And hope that the different D-mail will cause a shift to a C world line where neither Makise nor Mayuri would die (maybe Daru would die, I’m sure Okabe wouldn’t mind.xD)

    1. One problem…The timeline where Makise doesn’t die is called Beta timelines!

      You are basically repeating what the anime just went through. The idea is shifting from Alpha to Beta is the idea of Makise dead or alive. If she lives, it is Beta world. If she dies, it is Alpha world…

      C timeline or Delta timeline or whatever you called it is totally different timeline. A world without time travel can be consider Delat timeline. But since it come before Alpha, it should be called Omega timeline, not Delta.

  26. Wow, this anime is just plainly COOL! I hope the ending won’t be loose, I’ll be happy with a tragic or happy one or whatever, just please no loose ending!

    Speculations… I didn’t rewatch any of the episodes so I may be wrong, but I think that Makise will decide to go to the beta line to get killed and Okabe promises her that he will investigate what happened to her, quickly invent the time machine (he and Daru invent it anyways, given Suzuha’s info) and come back in time to get her, but gets killed instead. Then Kurisu faints when she sees the blood, which fools the other Okabe. And then the time starts anew and everyone is together !Happy ending! =D
    … That way all the pieces would come together (like the two Okabes in ep 1). Well, that’s just how I would end it given the background from the episodes so far, but since SERN rules even in the beta line (John Titor appeared in that line too) it’s wrong (but I would like it) and there is no way but to go to some delta line. I’m really curious how they pull off the ending!

  27. If i was okarin, i would keep sending d-mails till it reaches 1% divergence since the numbers seems to be random n theres nothing i could do anymore 😀

    Wad would u do if u were him?

    Ze Zombie'^^
  28. I can’t wait for today episode, this is day I look for.
    I have this feeling before when Code Geas and the Angel beats, Higurashi no Naku Koro ni first season when those show end it I thought I would find any else I hope, I can find something in the new season.

    Any body watched hellsing. I was little disappointed with the end, I wonder how many more are they going to make after this one.

  29. I had to pause the episode to write this when I saw it: OMG, SHE’S PUTTING ON THE HAT!!! IT’S SUZUHA WE SEE GIVING A SIGNAL IN EP. 1!!!
    I’ve seen the whole episode now. In fact, like many of you (presumably), I proceeded to re-watch the first episode, which I suspect contains the contents of ep. 22 from a different perspective. This has been a fascinating and fantastic series. By the way, I chuckled when I heard Daru exclaim, “Suzu~!” That was a nice wink from the writer(s).

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