「存在了解のメルト」 (Sonzai Ryōkai no Meruto)
“Being Meltdown”

There should be something to please everyone in this week’s Steins;Gate. It’s a near-perfect blend of the hard-core character drama of last week and the plot-driven intensity that marked the end of Suzuha’s arc.

Make no mistake, this episode was all about Okarin and Kurisu. If there were any doubt that the two were in love with each other – which frankly there shouldn’t have been – it was dispelled by both their words and actions this week. Their relationship progressed with a refreshing directness that’s terribly uncommon in anime. Okarin said he loved her, they kissed, they stepped back and discussed it, then kissed again. Even her usual tsundere barbs and his mad scientist role-play had no heart in them, it was plain to see. These two were made for each other, and neither of them could deny it any longer.

What added incredible drama is that all this played out under the cloud (somehow the rain was quite fitting) of the bombshell that Okarin dropped on Kurisu at the end of the last episode. Their conversation on the roof and in the stairwell was heartbreaking both for its hopelessness and for its selflessness. One got the sense that they were saying goodbye long before the scene at Akihabara Station later in the episode – the whole episode was their goodbye, and they wanted to share a little affection before the end came. Kurisu was quite right in pointing out that in all his trips to the past, Okarin was being numbed to the horrors he was seeing – that if the cycle were to continue unchecked, he’d lose himself altogether to madness and despair. Rather than allow that to happen Kurisu was more than willing to sacrifice herself for Mayuri, because in doing so she’d be saving Okarin too – and because, for once, the genius 18 year-old scientist wasn’t able to think of a way out. This was their last day together and they knew it, and as she heartbreakingly pointed out, she felt like railing at Einstein because her relative time was passing so quickly. In a different medium they no doubt would have done much more than kiss, but that can be left as implied here with no complaint from me.

The meaning of Okarin’s “The one I love the most” can be debated – I don’t think it says anything about his feelings for Mayuri except that his love for her is a different sort of love. I don’t doubt for a minute that if he could have sacrificed himself in Kurisu’s place Okabe would have, but that wasn’t an option, and both acted as the adults in the room and accepted the cruel fate that seemed inevitable. Okabe’s coping mechanism as he pressed the “Enter” key that would doom Kurisu and break his heart was to fall back into his mad scientist persona, and while it was undeniably pathetic it was more gut-wrenchingly sad than anything. Even Mayuri seemed to see through it – how much from real memory and how much pure empathy it’s hard to say. But she’d barely given Okabe permission to cry when Kurisu arrived breathless at the lab, just to tell Okabe she loved him too. The cherry on top of the tragedy was that she was too late to finish the statement, though he surely knew.

So now we’re left with two episodes to make sense of the mechanics of what happened, and what will happen now. The evidence is indisputable that the 1% barrier has been crossed, and the timelines have definitely been switched. Mayuri and Daru (presumably) have no memory of “Lab Member 004” and Okarin wants no part of the phone microwave anymore, repeating what would be the obvious moral lesson of this story if it were a simple one rather than the byzantine maze it is – life should be one go-around, no do-overs. But nothing is so straightforward on Steins;Gate, and when the phone rings it’s none other than Suzuha herself – returned from the year 2036 to tell Okabe that he needs to help her prevent WW III.

Implications there? Many, and confusing. The dystopia caused by SERN getting Kurisu’s tech and taking over the world presumably didn’t happen in this timeline. So what’s this WW III – is it not related to SERN? Certainly world wars can happen for other reasons, and someone – like Daru, for example – could certainly invent a time machine in the quarter-century gap. Such a time machine might be a cause of the new world war – or it might simply be a means for Suzuha to come back and try to prevent it. But the fact that the root causes of the war can apparently be traced all the way back 25 years would seem to indicate time travel is a direct cause of the problem and not just a possible solution. Perhaps most importantly for our narrow focus, just what implications does this new reality have on the possibility that Kurisu might not be “fated” to die after all? In theory we don’t know if Kurisu’s death is one of those “watershed” events that’s integral to the Beta timeline in the same way Mayuri’s was to the Alpha – perhaps somewhere in there is the path to her salvation.

While all of that time stuff is fascinating, it’s still convoluted and impossible to nail down. What isn’t is the real, genuine and deep connection between Okabe and Kurisu in this episode. Their relationship has been one of the most interesting I’ve seen in any series for the way it’s developed over 22 episodes and for the amazing chemistry they have, and due to the strong writing and spectacular acting it was “consummated” as well as any anime relationship I can remember. Even if it hadn’t been under the cloud of tragedy it was, it still would have been a joy to watch those two drop all pretense and accept each other’s love. This was yet another stellar offering from S;G, and makes a perfect bookend to last week’s beautiful summation of the equally moving and complex relationship between Okabe and his “hostage”, Mayuri. It may not be a romantic triangle, but you’ll rarely see any character at the center of two relationships as fascinating and wonderful as these two.


ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「Game of Steiner」 by Takeshi Abo


      1. LOL.
        I guess I wasn’t expecting her to come rushing back the last moment and was preparing for the more abrupt goodbye where she disappears to catch her train after throwing the Dr. Pepper.

      1. @BlueFalcon

        Exactly, this is why S;G is so great. In just one episode all the ending that we piled up is thrown into rubbish bin. Well some of it is still feasible but most of them no longer matter.

      1. I think he is referring to:

        Show Spoiler ▼

  1. Now this the f%&king episode that I was looking for. Finally!

    If the animators choose this as the final episode I would have smash the TV. Thank God they didn’t. As I expected, Makise remember everything. In addition, her D-mail was finally undone. And finally, Okarin realize it is only the beginning and not the end. Time travel was still possible and Makise death was unnecessary.

    I predicted everything up til now. The rest is unknown to me. However, I am still confident that the finale will end the undoing of time travel itself. The final battle is ahead. Prepare for war, boys and girls!

    1. Just to confirm is it the engaging plot or the perfect tsundere girl. Both are thing rarely found in any other media entertainment anymore. So other show lately (live drama) is just recycled plot over and over again. Then again so is the anime. I suppose only S;G is different from the rest.

    1. No…

      She was head because of her invention of the time machine, supposedly. If you recall, she was one of the genius specializing in time travel. Given the time and the steps, her fate in SERN was obvious. However, her invention of the time machine wasn’t complete without Okarin. SO in that timeline, the two are on opposite side: Lovers turn enemies…

      1. Its also been established that Daru made the time machine that Suzuha uses. So Daru is probably the one who perfected time travel probably based on the Okabe’s and Kurisu’ research. It would also explain why Suzuha has one in the Beta timeline.

      2. Daru’s time machine was based off of Okarin microwave phone. Makise and SERN did the same based off of Okarin’s, too. The only difference is that SERN completed theirs by 2034 while Daru didn’t completed his by 2036. SERN was able to created theirs faster because of the Jelly-man subjects and knowledge of Okarin’s microwave phone.

        Daru created his time machine to counter SERN’s time machine…

      3. Well, yes, I realize that the reason she was capable of becoming head of SERN was because she invented the time machine. What I meant is why she *wanted* to lead SERN, not why she could. I kind of doubt she wanted to become the dictator of the world, and perhaps the reason she chose to do so was to prevent WWIII.

      4. Okabe doesn’t invent the phone microwave. Daru does. Okabe isn’t really a “scientist” in 2010. And SERN has their working time machine ’cause they got Kurisu. As the dystopia is inevitable in Alpha, and Kurisu is a critical component of this fated outcome, that’s why she MUST survive to build the time machine in this worldline.

        No one would know or remember other worldlines in full content except Okabe. Worldlines are inconsistent with each others based on the outcome of a specified event that causes a severe divergence, like the 1st D-mail. Only can Okabe act accordingly with his experiences from other worldlines. This is the usefulness of Reading Steiner, but it has put a heavy burden onto him at the same time.

        And Kurisu never become a leading figure of SERN. All we know of the future Kurisu is roughly based on Suzuha’s POV. Suzuha hates Kurisu just because she completed the time machine for SERN. And be reminded that Kurisu was already dead by the time of 2036. Indeed she was executed by SERN right after the project’s done(from official supplementary materials). Kurisu never wanted to be the Mother of Time Machine. Suzuha got the chance to learn of Kurisu’s true nature when she met her in 2010 and since felt more and more sympathetic for her. It’s a closed loop of tragedies in the Alpha Worldline.

        This is how things went in the timeline of the short story “The Far Valhalla” of the Alpha Worldline. It might contain minor spoilers but I think it’s kinda safe as the anime has already shifted to the Beta Worldline.
        Show Spoiler ▼

  2. Argh, bad quality pictures = me being sad and less impactful post.
    Where the hell did Makise hide her assets all along? Seems suddenly her assets grew when her shirt got wet.
    The scene where Okarin and Makise was talking by the staircase at radio station… Okarin was definitely overgrown while Makise seemed shranked.

  3. Nice stinger, I wonder if two episodes is enough to wrap it up? So Alpha timeline the future is a SERN dystopia, and the Beta timeline future has World War III. Guess Okabe is fated to be a messiah after all.

    I’ve got nothing much too add on the episode, its really mostly cheesy drama. I kinda of liked that though, when you consider all the little talks and arguments they had, it really did well to build up to this. This is one of the few times I actually liked the shipping result, largely because it was built up since the first episode.

      1. So, I was wrong, did you have a point? Did you just post that to stroke your own ego?

        Besides you were completely wrong in the prediction of FB, you aren’t really perfect at this. So I’ll probably just continue to contest anything I feel is wrong like usual.

      2. Some mockery and some ego were in those words…yes.

        I never said that I was perfect and right about everything. But, you did strongly argue with me last time over Makise recalling her memories in the final scene and I did state that you should wait until this episode to show that she did remember. Anyway, fun argument…:D

  4. this was a good episode, and is so true is so rare to see couple on anime.
    good for them and the making out,I wish they could have a little more time
    however,Okarin let her know how he felt and I think is part of who he is no being a fraight of show his emotions when she in the other hand don’t tell him ( no that I am complaining about her way to say I love you) maybe she is to proud to say I love you after all you can have something with some one with out saying those words.
    the only complain is that the episode is over:(

  5. The meaning behind WW III can be traced back to John Titor…

    The original John Titor that is. According to him, the world enter WW III around 2015. The US was fragmented. Much of Europe was destroyed and Russia ruled everything until later be defeated. From their ashes raised SERN and their time machine. Their dystopia soon followed…

    1. SERN dystopia exists only in the Alpha timeline were Makise lives. There is no WWIII, nor has there been any indication to it. The Beta timeline has Suzuha travel to save the world from WWIII rather than a SERN dystopia. Makes sense since SERN never did learn of the D-mail hence never got their hands on a Okabe’s time machine or Kurisu’s time travel theories(since she’s dead). Hence they can’t rule the world.

      1. Nope…look like you’re going to lose this argument, too.


        Recall the John Titor in our world, the real world. Steins;Gate stated the same things earlier, too. The original John Titor is not Suzuha. He claimed to be a time travel from the future (year 2036) and made several “predictions” for the future to come. One of those prediction was WW III in 2015. Go read all his predictions if you want, it is on Wikipedia:


        It is worth mentioning that he arrival in 2000 and left 6 months after in 2001. He claimed that while all his predictions didn’t happen because of his present thus he returned home. It was also mention that he had “special reasons” for failing to changed the world.

      2. No offense, but I really do think you’re pulling this out of your ass. You have no basis in story. There has NEVER been an indication of WWIII until now.

        John Titor has been established to be Suzuha from 2036 in the Alpha timeline. It’s established that she only came back to switch the timeline back to Beta. Such an important event like WWIII would not be ignored by that Suzuha. But WWIII doesn’t exist either in Alpha because SERN already rules the world.

      3. Phewwww, Okay. Let me explain this one.

        Steins;Gate started out parallel to our world. The whole time travel and John Titor idea was real. They mirror each other. So Steins;Gate did stated WW III, SERN, SERN Dystopia, as well as the invention of the time machine by 2034.

        Do you want me to find the episode and time when it said that?!

      4. Except the real John Titor was a future person with dubious predictions and has to be taken with a grain of salt. The Alpha John Titor, who was Suzuha, was indeed real(in the story), and did come from the future. So you are now mixing up what did happen in real life and in the story itself, and then assume that Titor will still be the same.

        Again, give me ANY point, ANY dialogue, or ANY indication that WWIII existed in the Alpha timeline. All Suzuha ever stated was a SERN sytopia.

      5. Do you want me to state THAT again?

        By THAT, I mean the “Just wait for the next episode and you will see that I am right…” again?

        It will follow by the “I told you so” statement…again. 😀

    1. What? Suzuha outright said that the first number is what’s needed to cross the divergence barrier. He’s already in the beta timeline, the same one from episode 1. This is indisputable.

  6. I don’t recall she ever saying that. She did say Okarin need to cross the 1% divergence in order to stop SERN and save Mayuri. She never stated that 1% divergence = 1.00.

    Let me explain timeline for you. You guys seem to gotten the whole Alpha and Beta timeline thing all wrong…

    Supposed when the anime started. It was assumed to be in Alpha timeline. It was suggested later than by entering 1% divergence, Okarin will arrive at Beta timeline.

    With this and last episode, it would seem it was all wrong. The current timeline IS Beta. With Makise death, Okarin arrived at Alpha.

    What you guys seem to missed is that SERN dystopia is still real. So Alpha timeline is not the right timeline where Okarin should be. So there must be a timeline existing before it…AKA Omega timeline.

    In Omega timeline, SERN dsypotia never happen and both Makise and Mayuri is alive. I am just using Omega as an example because in Greek, there is no zero. Omega is the number before Alpha, but it is also the last number in Greek.

    Take away the greek and you can simply use 0, 1 and 2 instead.

    2 = Beta = SERN dystopia, Mayuri dies
    1 = Alpha = Mayuri live, SERN dystopia
    0 = Omega = No SERN dystopia, Both Makise and Mayuri live

    Omega timeline or Zero timeline, or called it whatever you want is the timeline where there is no time travel (AKA our world).

    1. You’re completely wrong already. Beta is the one where we started. Alpha is where SERN Dystopia is and Mayuri dies. This has been confirmed by IN-CHARACTER DIALOGUE.

      SERN dystopia only happened when they got their hands on Okabe’s time machine. Okabe already made sure that won’t happen. SERN at this point doesn’t even know that Future Gadget Labs exists. That was the whole point of the Alpha timeline, Okabe’s first D-mail (about Kurisu dying) put them on SERN’s map. The IBN5100 was used to delete the evidence and the Future Gadget Lab is safe.

      1. If you are not willing to see it from my perspective, then let me show you the errors in your perspective…

        Okay. Suzuha called in the end stating there is a WW III coming, right? No argument so far I assume.

        If Suzuha is here, it means that time travel is still available. She used her time machine to get here. Still with me?

        Suzuha stated that she travel to the past to stop SERN dystopia in ep #16. So if she is here, SERN dystopia is also here. A second evidence of SERN dystopia is time travel is available. So one can assume without time travel, there is no SERN dystopia. Still with me?

        What about WW III? WW III is one of several events leading up to SERN dystopia. The ending scene is a metaphor rather than a word for words translation. Suzuha is basically saying, “Okarin, SERN dystopia stll exist…”

      2. Time travel technology exists != SERN dystopia. There are still others in this field. SERN can establish its dystopia only because they make a breakthrough with the discovery of the timeleap machine and Kurisu’s theory, plus the monitoring network of Echelon and the enforcement of its Rounder. They had monopoly on the time travel business. With the deletion of Okabe’s 1st D-mail, it’s gone. All gone.

      3. @chaos
        Oh please don’t try to be so smug. What you clearly don’t understand is that you are stretching you’re predictions outside what the anime has established.

        What is established:
        1) SERN is unsuccessful in their time-travel research(The Jellyman project)
        2) SERN is shady and has huge influence, they employ agents, assassinations and can lock-down a city.
        3) The Phone Microwave is a time machine by accident and SERN found out about it ( thanks to the first D-mail)
        4) They continuously track the development of the Phone-microwave then promptly attempt to steal it ONLY when Okabe decides to announce it to the world

        Put this all together, and you have a influential shady organization who wants to have a monopoly in time-travel and succeeds. Its a recipe for Dystopia. If SERN gets time machine, they pretty much rule the world so WWIII is unlikely to happen. This is what happened in ALPHA.

        Now remove 3 and 4 and move to the BETA timeline. SERN will not get their hands on a time machine. Instead its very likely that Future Gadget labs will develop the technology on their own perhaps make it even public. And since the BETA does have time machine that is likely what happened. The difference now is that WWIII happens.

        Oh and you’re little “WWIII=There is still SERN Dystopia”. Its just ridiculous. That was not a metaphor. They aren’t even remotely interchangeable terms. And again I have to keep saying, never at any point did Suzuha say there is WWIII in ALPHA. It was only mentioned this episode.

      4. You do realized that Steins;Gate use tons of metaphors and symbolisms in the storyline?

        -dark cloud

        Steins;Gate use very subtle hints in the storyline, if you watch closely, you can understand what the animators are trying to foreshadow…

      5. And somehow WWIII is symbolic or metaphorical? No. Just no. That’s just ridiculous. There is no abstraction to it. There was nothing deeper than what Suzuha said about WWIII. It’s just exactly what she said. Stop trying to find any deeper meaning to it. There is none.

    2. Deny all you want. It is mentioned very clearly stated that 1.00000000 is 1.0000000000% in the VN (I have gone through all the endings in the VN so I know). And Okabe iscurrently in the original timeline where he left in episode 1. And just FYI, there is no WW3 in the Alpha timeline.

    1. Pretty touching stuff, wasn’t it? If this had been ep24, I completely would have failed to hold back some manly tears (and lord knows that it would have worked as an excellent ending too). But now I’m hopeful that there will be a way to save both Mayuri AND Chris. 2 eps should give us enough time for one more twist…

  7. AMAZING anime and I can’t wait/don’t want it to end. It’s rare to see an anime that lives completely on dialogue and actually succeeds. Mad props to the VAs who have done an insane job with this

    1. True! They must have whipped the VAs while dubbing this XD It just sent chills through me. Somehow reminiscent of how I felt when I was done watching 5cm per Second.

      Amazing, can’t wait for the next episode.

    1. did you mean the one where Okabe become rounder? I was planning to listen to it after the anime. My only hope is that YouTube don’t get any bright idea to ban it.

      P.S. You know anywhere I can get delta worldline?

  8. Oh wow.

    Teared again. Yet another amazing performance by Asami Imai and Miyano Mamoru. Coupled with the music, that was really, really great stuff. As Enzo stated, this is really one of the best shippings in terms of the chemistry between them.

    I like how they switched the moods quickly. The shift from a light-hearted to a serious one at the stairwell was a little risky, but ultimately paid off as it seems to give a sense of urgency. As most of us have experienced it, Steins; Gate gives no rest as the next episode will probably be a frantic one with some high-tension.

    Suzuha’s call throws a wrench in all what seems to be a typical bittersweet ending though, and it looks to be really interesting as Kurisu is definitely not out of the picture yet.

  9. The reason grown men like myself were nearly moved to tears by this episode is because these characters have been handled so well. Makise and Okabe have grown into these incredibly sympathetic characters that we genuinely like.

  10. Re-watching the epsiode and found some things that I missed earlier:

    1) Makise wanted to be alone on the roof by not replying back to Okarin after stating ,”Hey, Okarin…”

    2) Okarin coat was cut in trying to look for Makise. She knit it up after hearing him stated so.

    3) Makise with blue hair was shown. Then shred some tears.

    4) The meaning behind the hourglass is finally mention. It represents Okarin desperate attempts to save Mayuri. When the houglass is back whole, it means he has succeed.

    5) Makise stated that there is only one way to save Mayuri. However, the imagery clear shown there is an alternate path. Do you see the second arrow pointing down?


    6) They didn’t show that Mayuri died again. Apparently, he ran to save Mayuri, but failed. In another attempt to time leap, Makise stop him.


    7) It clearly stated by Makise that Time Leap only cannot saved Mayuri.


    8) I just notice Makise has 2 different eyes colors around 9:22 (blue on the right eye and red on the left)…O.O

    9) They have been together for 20 days. The show started at July 28. So it is now August 18.

    10) After Makise stated that he should undo her D-mail, he finally realized that he loved her…


  11. Actually after re-watching this episode and 15 minutes of thinking, I do know what is going to happen next.

    When Suzuha called in the end, it implies that SERN dystopia still exist. It also means that D-mail is not enough to stop them. With Makise stating that Time Leap only cannot save Mayuri, both method have proven to failed against stopping SERN dystopia. That one leave one method remaining, Suzuha’s time machine. This explain why she called him and ask him to meet her at the radio station.

    In fact, Okarin was only concern with saving Mayuri up til now. Now Okarin must face SERN Dystopia head on.

    So EP #23 will incorporate EP #1 into it. It will also explain what happen in EP #1, which is something we all waited so long for. That only leave EP #24 to finish it off. It looks like the final villain will not be SERN after all. Then what you ask? It is…time itself.

    1. There is no more SERN Dystopia in BETA, only WWIII. There is no implication at all. Its exactly what Suzuha said. She’s there to stop WWIII. If it was SERN she would have just said that.

      1. Think about it Fragb85, I know you like arguing with me, but come on…

        The whole series have been about time travel and SERN dystopia. Then sudden WW III pop in. Don’t you even think that the storyline happen too sudden to be true? If this was a 50 eps series, then I would believe the sudden twist in the end of this ep.

        However with only 2 eps left, it can’t just have a twist into some nonsense like WW III. You’re wrong, SERN dystopia still exist. I am telling you…

      2. Believe me chaos, this time SERN’s got nothing to do with the Beta World line. It all ended when they deleted Okabe’s 1st D-mail(making SERN unaware that they made denwa renji-chan). There is no dystopia, only WWIII. It’s as Okabe said – “We’ve won against the organization”

      3. Then you’ve failed to understand the series. SERN is just an antagonist. The series is about time travel and the consequences. As Okabe found out, his time travel shenanigans only made his life worse, and he couldn’t solve anything even when he had a Reading Steiner.

        The problem with what you’re doing is that you’re trying to weave this over-complicated theories that are far away from what the story itself established. Ever heard of Occam’s Razor? You’d be surprised have often you can be right with just that concept. Hence when Suzuha said WWIII she meant WWIII. Not “ZOMG SERN IS TEH EVIL IS BACK”.

      4. Chaos you have failed in understanding the true meaning behind Steins;Gate. You have buried ur head too deep into all those theories and conspiracys. Steins;Gate is not all about time travel and conspiracy. It’s about LOVE. L O V E, LOVE. The bonds between people that can’t be constrained even by space and time. It’s actually a love story disguised as a Sci-fi triller. I’m very appreciated that Zero knows this very well in his recent reviews.

    2. To someone this whole WWIII mess might seems like an asspull, but everything is perfect in Steins;Gate. You will hit ur head hard when you know how it ties with everything so far. The beauty of causality. How a tiny thing makes a big different. Gotta give kudos to Hayashi-sensei for his godlike scripts.

      Oh and SERN actually is invovled in the future of this worldline. It’s just a minor spoiler, when I say minor it means it’s really minor, perhaps except for Chaos.
      The time machine in the Beta Worldline is
      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Never before have I seen spoiler tag so tempting. I wonder if this is how Adam feel when he saw the apple of knowledge.

        Based on what you could say, I could now say none of whatever shit ending theory that I conjure up ever going to stand a chance against the ending of S;G. And this is why I LOVE it.

        P.S. I am also tempted to buy the Kurisu figure now available in store.

  12. Ok this was an EPIC episode! But instead of asking questions about the plot or whats going to happen, I’ll ask for spoilers to those who played the game for minor details lol, so please spoil me! Thanks in advance.

    1. Okabe said that it wasnt his first kiss, so who was his first kiss?

    2. This is a VERY VERY LATE question lol, but what is the meaning to the letter “D” in D-Mail?

    3. Kurisu brought up a VERY INTERESTING point in how changing worldlines work, she asked what would happen to the world line that Okabe left when he sent out D-Mail or undo the D-Mail? Was this explained the game? So does Okabe in that worldline disappear or is his mind or memories simply transferred over?

    4. I read somewhere in the comments here in RC from past episode posts of S;G that the S;G game is fairly linear, that they did not really have routes like what you would see in most visual novels or eroges like you know a Makise route, Mayuri route, etc. Is this true?

    5. Related to my question above, since I think that this is definitely going through a “Makise route” (assuming there are routes) this really isnt a spoiler since we probably all knew this quite awhile since Kurisu is always shown in the end plus the events this episode, so if there is a “Mayuri route”, how did it unfold?

    Since I also really love Mayuri, and what breaks my heart the most this episode is how Okabe had to choose between them like that. This is why I love harem animes with harem ending! Screw harem animes were the guy picks only 1 girl in the end cuz I know most of us never really like the cannon or typical ending!

    6. GuardianEnzo brought up a really interesting point about Okabe’s the one i love or care the most being debatable, so spoil me spoilers in the game lol, does Okabe love Kurisu or Mayuri? (assuming there are no routes lol). or both! AH SCREW IT! Okabe if you really are a mad scientist, CHOOSE THEM BOTH!!!! CREATE A WORLD TRULY IN YOUR OWN WISH, BURN DOWN SERN CONTROL THE WORLD AND MAKE YOURSELF A DAMN HAREM!

    Ok I think i let out most of my thoughts for this very very awesome series, kudos GuardianEnzo for your very beautifully constructed post and thoughts, and to the author or creator of Steins;Gate, you deserve a Nobel Prize!

    1. To all those replying to him, you better putting every words in spoilers tag otherwise, we all will murder you for ruining the ending for the rest of us!

      PUT Spoilers Tag, Please and Thank you…

      1. Sorry I forgot to add, if possible, please put spoilers. However, my questions mostly are minor stuff except maybe about the routes which I would ask to put in a spoiler tag. Thanks.

    2. 1. His first kiss was Moeka’s, in which he did it to avoid being caught fighting her. She bit his lip afterword.

      2. DeLorean mail. It’s a reference to Back to the Future. Go watch episode 6 to refresh your memory.

      3. No idea.

      4. Show Spoiler ▼

      5. Spoilers for Mayuri’s route. Show Spoiler ▼

      6. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Thank you so much! Now I am satisfied! All I need is to wait how the story unfolds then, and I wish it would be much more amazing than this episode. Thanks again. I will probably look up the translated parts of the game then. By the way, anyone know if the game will be adapted in english officially? or is it only fan translation (which of course i dont mind at all, since they do it much more faster), but if there are any news of the game being officially adapted to english, I’ll buy it in a heartbeat.

      2. The fan translation is underway (currently 7 chapters of 11). Probably there will be no legal translation, except if some company decides to buy the fan translation in the last time.

        Fan translation usually are better than legal translation so don’t worry :p

  13. iirc Okabe’s first kiss was with Feyris…if not it was with Ruka ver. Girl.

    Alpha world line Suzuha is not the same as Beta world line Suzuha. “A” Suzuha wants to prevent dystopian future due to time machine monopoly of CERN. Thats the same Suzuha that trashed her time machine in the Radio Kaikan building rendering it to go only into the past.

    “B” Suzuha is different. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. I remember this part in the game where they played the ending credits (yeah same song as in the anime – Gate of Steiner) and at that time I felt trolled. It was like “That’s it? What about Kurisu!? You can’t be serious I must have gone through a bad end”. Then all of a sudden Suzuha calls out of nowhere (I almost forgot about her cause she was gone for 4-5 chapters in the game), brings in this working time machine like some kind of deus ex machina comeback…yeah good times…

    2. No Okabe’s first kiss is with Moeka 3 episodes back, when he had her pinned on the floor and she was about to scream for help he did the only thing he could to shut her up and that was with his mouth. Hence why he said that his first kiss wasn’t romantic.

      Although in the game his first kiss was said to be with Mayuri.

    3. @DYne
      In response to your spoiler
      Show Spoiler ▼

  14. Oh, man. Some of these comments above are just spoilers. I don’t read any comments with the words: manga, video game, VN, and route. These words are a clear sign of spoilers. I don’t mind speculations and predictions, but not spoilers.

    You guys need to stop or at least put spoilers tag on those comments. There is only 2 episodes left, don’t ruin the ending for us. It is like shooting yourself in the foot just inches from the finishing line.

    Just to separate myself from the spoilers, I am going to use the phrase “In my opinion…” for all my comments from now on.

      1. In my opinion Okabe’s love is Kurisu and Mayuri is like a sister to him. Remember? X) HA!
        Well, just kidding, wanted to show some ego also.

        I loved this ep! It was wonderful, the fact that none of the other characters appear until the ED was just a great idea. It did surprise also, I never thought Okabe would accept Kurisu’s choice…
        Definitely a great anime, it was all about Kurisu and Okabe’s relationship since the very beginning, it was all built perfectly thanks to details, just dialogues and attitudes which showed they were getting closer and closer.
        Watching Okabe using again his ‘game’ about the Organization and all to let his pain express was really sad and pathetic. It even became more than that when Mayuri said it was ok, she’s alive now.
        Talking about Mayuri : her choice was definitely unbelievable. She knew what Okabe was trying to do, she tried to tell him not to keep undoing D-Mail but never obliged him. She’s grateful but she also accepted her fated death in beta worldline… Now she’s just sad for Okabe. Grateful and sad. It was the stronger moment in this ep. After we just saw Okabe and Kurisu for 20 minutes, Mayuri simply makes us share Okabe’s pain.

      2. No worry, I can assure that none of the comments I have seen above really spoiled the ending. They merely reiterate the fact that was already given. Basically what the above poster said.

    1. Chaos is a rounder. He is sent from SERN to distrub us and bring us to, as his namesake says “Chaos”. He is trying to bring about Dystopia! Which is why he is so hyped up about SERN bring about WW3 and why he is trying to make Makise live as he needs her scientific theories.
      You have been warned.

  15. Kurisu clearly says SA-YO-NA-RA “sayonara” “goodbye”
    when the sound is omitted, i first thought it might be aishiteru or something similar,
    but after a couple quick rewinds and watching the very deliberate vowel sound animations it is most certainly sayonara.

    1. It depends on the ending…

      At the current rate it is the best show of the year. However, the ending might ruin it. On the other hand, the ending might elevate it to new heights. I hope for the latter…

      An example of the former is Darker than Black. While the show showed promise in the beginning, the ending ruined the series and left so many things unexplained.

      An example of the latter is Code Geass. While throughout the series many things got mixed up and people dying and randomly living, it all tied well together in the end. In fact, the only thing I recall from Code Geass now is the ending. Second is Lelouch and CC. Not much else I am afraid…

      Will I only remember Steins;Gate for its ending and Okarin and Makise, too? I hope so…

      1. There are too many shows in any given season. It is hard to know which is good and which is bad. Some started out good and end badly. While others have a bad start, but an awesome ending.

        I also get exhausted after watching a few shows, which kills any shows afterward by missing out.

        But, if it as good as you stated, I might consider watching an episode or two just to test it out…

      2. For Madoka you will need to test out more than two…I seriously nearly dropped it after the first couple of episodes which probably would have been the stupidest decision I “could” have made all year. So yeah, more than two! 😀

  16. Oh well, Kurisu x Okabe confirmed in a big way!
    Of course Okabe loves Mayuri too – like a younger sister I guess…
    Notes to myself: get yourself smart, even brilliant GF… this will ran counter to common wisdom but allows for excellent conversations about functions of the brain during kissing! Plus you both will enjoy smart exchanges of wry wits!
    Now we’re back to the starting time line, Okabe has to save the world – again!
    With Suzuha back (again) it is time to devise a plot that saves Kurisu and prevents WW3.
    It seems that death of Kurisu leads to:
    1.SERN failing to develop proper time travel (not jellyman)
    2.WW3 breaking out in the future.

    1. Correction…

      Jelly-man is still active. The clear sign is Suzuha time travel. Since she is able to, time travel still exist. With time travel still exist, SERN still exist. With SERN existence, the Jelly-man still exist. It is a chain of events leading to the inevitable paradox of SERN dystopia.

      WW3 was inevitable, too. The main point that people missed is that time travel is the enemy here. Because of its existence, SERN dystopia is inevitable. Another point that people missed is that SERN was only created from the evidence of the jelly-man. So no jelly-man = no SERN. No time travel = No dystopia.

      …in my opinion, anyway.

      1. We discussed this already. SERN and time travel are not mutual. Future Gadgets was already conducting time travel research without SERN’s intervention. For that matter, Dystopia and WWIII don’t happen at the same time.

      2. No because they have a bloody time machine. They can prevent any war they want. They rule the freaking world with a time travel monopoly. That’s the point of a Dystopia, a “perfect” world on the outside but ugly in the inside. No wars, no conflict, no disease etc. But the strict control leads to a rebellion of those who want to be free.

      3. Truthfully, I don’t really see the relationship between WW3 and SERN. I mean all the knowledge we knew is from Alpha worldline, I’m not even sure if Sern exist in beta worldline. Beta worldline only exist in our anime for half of episode 1 and few minutes of episode 22. Too few to confirmed whether anything is real or not. IMHO. Feel free to prove otherwise, I often overlook obvious fact.

      4. my take is:

        l—-worldline where Makise dies means SERN doesnt get her brilliant ideas and ends up with no functioning time travel, so SERN can’t control events and WW3 erupts
        2—-wordline where Makise lives, eventually gets recruited by SERN – either voluntarily or forcibly (the last involves killing Mayushi), SERN creates time travel, sends agents dwontime and controls events leading to dystopia
        3—-???? – the “ideal” world line where everybody lives and neither WW3 nor dystopia happens

  17. Well out of the frying pan and into the fire it looks like. Dystopia might not sound as bad as WW3 especially since the combatants are very probably nuclear armed = possible human extinction.

    Nice to see that Kurisu referenced quantum immortality, the logical consequence of the Many Worlds theory. If the circumstances wasn’t sad, Okarin’s words to get Kurisu to kiss him again would have been funny and moe but because of the circumstances, it ended up bitter.

    From the animation and the deliberate throwing of the Dr Pepper behind him, she definitelty said Sayonara. She wanted to spare him from the slow agony of seeing her leave.

    Mayuri’s words sound so eerily correct that perhaps the memories has leaked out to the beta timeline. Not surprising since withing the 0.5%, Mayuri has already demostrated the ability to remember in dreams her other experiences.

    Though its to be expected given Okabe’s scream in ep 1, Suzuha’s time machine will throw massive paradoxes into the picture since it allows for physical transportation.

    Zaku Fan
  18. this anime seems to copy my biography of time travel

    it won the best anime for the year in my world line

    which was 2.5% divergence from this world line

    read more about me if u want 🙂

    John Titor
  19. In preparation for the next episode now that Okabe has returned to the Beta timeline, everyone should rewatch the first episode and pay close attention to every single detail. Time frames, phone messages with nothing but noise — everything. 🙂

    1. Just finished the rewatch.
      Likes how Mayushi’s comments seems to indicate she is hiding or knowing lots of stuff. Making the animal mad = making sern mad (an enemy).
      Maybe giving the TV to Mr Braun was a bad idea.

    2. Et Tu, Divine? Et Tu?

      So you can sense that EP #23 will replay EP #1 as well? Look like you either read my posts to many time or we both think alike. But, been there, done that…I am ready for EP #23, bring it on!

  20. Kurisu is one of my favorite Tsundere character after haruhi lol
    This serie make me think of every loop anime = HIgurashi , Umineko or bla bla bla
    I love this anime but i think that in anime like this always need a word : Miracle and LOVE
    Obviouly i notice the fact that kurisu will be the main heroin after she was stabed and i saw her in the ending with the clock .

    Love kurisu very much and when they kissed i think that is the coolest moment of Okabe!

    1. Makise has a cute tsundere, but my overall favorite tsundere is still…Senjougahara (from Bakemonogatari).

      Nothing like a dose of loving yet psychotic abuse to warm my heart…

    2. It’s very refreshing to see a tsundere that doesn’t always abuse the the main character. S;G did an excellent job of transitioning Kurisu from more “tsun-tsun” to “dere-dere”. The dialogue between her and Okabe is highly entertaining, and it doesn’t come off cheesy or cliched (IMO) at all.

  21. ok, here’s my final theory, based on the movies I watched about time travel:

    – In episode one Kurisu says to Okarim that he had spoken to him before, then I believe that the current Okarim back in time to try to prevent the death of cris (the return of Suzuha and WWIII and reinforces it).

    – There was never any clues about who killed Kurisu, I believe the current okarim, trying to save cris accidentally caused her death. This would give a dramatic finish, especially after this episode reinforces the feelings he had for her ..

    1. It is dr nakabachi. has to be. i said a while back, and i still stand firm. he is the only other char after mr. braun that has said a few lines without being a main char. must have some part to play. in ep1 we can hear a guy’s scream of agony which sounded like okarin. okarin embarrased him and makise is out to disprove time travel so he attacks them both. So future Okarin is gonna get killed.

  22. I KNEW IT !!
    In a situation like this ,where the ‘father’ has to chose which one to save-his ‘daughter’ or his ‘wife’- the ‘mother’ always sacrifises herself , ALWAYS. I was hoping they’d find some way to save her ,but the happy ending isn’t the best,in my opinion, the more twisted and emotional it is – the better.It was really interesting to see their relationship develop and also to see an episode that was all about them.Once again Steins;Gate doesn’t fail to delliver.

    1. That is ironic…

      I remember the old saying, “If a husband had to choose to save between his child or his wife, he will surely choose his wife.”

      “If a wife had to choose between her husband or her child, she will surely choose her child.”

      “If a child had to choose between his mother or his father, he will definitely choose his mother.”

      So men are basically left out to die 2 to 1 here. That is the irony…

    2. hmm, from what I see. The show actually went beyond saving mother or daughter or sacrifice himself. This is like a whole new ending all together. Of course going beyond what I could imagine is exactly the reason I loved S;G

      P.S. Kurisu you rocked.

    1. I can’t believe what I just watch!! I am soo not prepare for such a sudden confession, how Kurisu convince Okabe go to beta worldline,the show actually reaching 1% barrier and stopping world war 3 mission. Man. Just one of the 4 things will have shock me but for all of them to come at the same time.

      P.S. Is this the only episode where there are something shown after the ending song?

  23. Phew!!, finally finish reading the comments. Damn, maybe next week I should start to skip my RL during wednesday and thursday. After this series ending, I am so going to play VN …when the translation is out. It’s time like this I envy people that can read japanese. People in RC that I know can read jap is cybersteel and Kansokusha. Anyone else here know japanese and going to play the game?

  24. No disrespect to you Enzo. I love your way of writing and blogging style..but a bit of advice…for such an important episode..you took some pretty horrible screen caps. I mean..birds? Wires? Him looking out the window? I’m pretty sure you could have done a bit better in that department ha.

  25. My only complain for this episode is for animation department. Some faces are awful (ex:the moment after kurisu slapped okarin, zoom out). I also expect Okarin to have some more expression when his VA already done a very wonderful emotion in his dialogue, but I guess the rest already too awesome so people didn’t really care.

    Well, I know, to create 24 episode the budget must be pretty strict =w=

  26. “Okarin, it’s all right… You don’t have to talk like that anymore. Mayushii is okay now. So you can cry for yourself, Okarin.”

    Anyone else confused about this statement or care to explain how Mayuri knows that she will be fine in this timeline but at the same time does not know how Lab Member 004 is?

      1. I know the story behind Okabe’s mad scientist persona but that doesn’t really help me understand how Mayuri knows that she will not die in this timeline… unless there’s something I’m missing which I would love an explanation for.

      2. Okabe created the mad scientist x hostage relationship to protect and cheer up Mayuri when they were young. After all these years, Mayuri is glad that Okabe is at her side. She can feel Okabe’s pain when he gives that speech, so she tells him that he can stop forcing himself because she’s okay now(she’s referring to her past trauma, not that she will die.) and he can cry if he’s sad. At this point Hououin Kyouma is officially DEAD.

    1. @ DrKM

      I don’t think anyone could answer you properly unless they use the material from VN. Therefore you can trust what Kansokusha said. He played the VN before, the mad scientist X hostage backstory is explained more properly in the VN which explain his answer. Although it doesn’t really make much sense how Mayuri actually know why she okay now, but that only for us(non VN reader).

      You can just pretend that S;G cannot afford to waste time on explaining whether Mayuri die or not. With 2 episode left, they just want us to believe Mayuri problem is solved and follow their new development(WW3)

    2. Mayuri was saying, “It is okay now, Okarin. You don’t have to use that fake mad scientist persona anymore. I am not going to die anymore because of what you have done. However, you did pay a high price in order to say me. That price was Makise’s life, the pain you have endured trying to save me, and the undoing all the D-mails. You can be sad and cry for yourself now, especially for Makise’s life. I understand…”

      1. As for the lab member 004 question, I like to think of it as the animators way of creating mystery around Mayuri. It follows her theme of “she knows more than she appear to be…”

        By adding the fact that she doesn’t recall exactly who number 004 is followed by the vague answer she give that she do knows what Okarin has done paint a mysterious portray of Mayuri. It is for mystery purposes, don’t look too logically into it.

      2. You made this up yourself? Basically Mayuri just says she has been recovered from her past trauma so Okabe can quit protecting her with his fake persona. It’s sooooo straight forward. Mayuri is a perfect mirror image of Okabe. She has probably healed from her wound long time ago, but chose to act as the “innocent” hostage for Okabe’s sake. She might seems to be an air-head, but in truth she’s a kind-hearted normal girl.

    1. Let me gues, you have completed clannad ? 😀

      I was about to stop watching it, thinking that is ending would be sad.
      But it didnt end like that.

      I can tell you that clannad has a happy ending, both seasons.

  27. Hmmm.. chaos, could it be that the real enemy is neither SERN nor time but Okabe himself? Or more specifically the fact that he has the Reading Steiner.
    It’s merely speculation on my part but the last few scenes in the Beta world line made me notice something. After Okabe asked Mayuri who lab member 004 was and he started his victory speech, Mayuri said something on the lines of: Mayushi is alright now… you can cry for yourself now. Later, in the cliffhanger Beta world line Suzuha is aware of the fact that she is Daru’s daughter.
    Could it be that the Reading Steiner affects the people whose fates have been changed through the world line shifts. The previous episodes have given indications that some of the people involved like Feyris, Mayuri and Makise remember the events of the other world lines. The events of the coming episodes may stem from the fact that they will have brought their memories to this timeline.
    For all we know, Makise would have been aware of her impending death in the Beta world line and avoided it through her memories from the Alpha world line.
    What say you?
    @DrKM: I think the memories you retain are only those pertaining to yourself. As far as I can tell, none of the memories carried over by the characters mention any other character aside from themselves and the Reading Steiner holder Okabe. Albein Kansokusha’s explanation fits too.

    1. Hmmm, this is a nice theory. This theory actually support the theory where Okabe have to sacrifice himself to save the world and both his girls. It quite a possible theory.

      Although too many (if not all) of my theory is keep getting upped by the real ending of S;G. I’m not sure if I even bother to try anymore. S;G is just too high level for me to predict anything.

      1. It is a plausible theory, but because Okarin already attempt the whole “suicide” act which failed miserably. I doubt it.

        However, it would make for a tragic ending. To be honest, what is the whole point of dying if the you died and the ones you loved most live on in pain and without you? Self-sacrifice is stupid it by opinion. Or any sacrifice for that matter.

        I say if we all can’t be happy together, then let us be miserably together because in the end, at least we are together…

      2. Okabe won’t be able to observe the outcome if he’s dead. And if the Attractor Field can determine someone’s death at a point, it can aslo prevent premature death. We saw it when Okabe trys to let himeself gets hit by a car. So self sacrifice is not an option.

    2. While the mystery behind the Reading Steiner is well still a mystery, there are several facts behind it. It would appear that Okarin have full power of it while the characters around him, mainly those who lives were changed by some means of time travel only partial recall their memories. The rest is speculations…

      As for Makise, In the previous timeline, she decided to die for Okarin and Mayuri. So the answer is no. Even if she recall her memories at the moment of her death, she would have chosen to be stabbed. The decision was already made.

      Yes, that is true. Those who recall their memories can only recall their memories and nobody else.

    3. What do you mean the enemy is Okarin?

      I doubt that the reading steiner is the problem. It is odd that he is the only one. It seem to be a useful tool and not one that meant to harm him.

      If Okarin was anything like Lelouch, I would expect him to go straight to SERN and trade the time machine idea in return for world domination. Then Okarin will be the villain from the start. But as the story portray, he lack the evil heart. Makise herself cannot be the villain. Neither can any of the characters. In fact, no real villain was ever stated. Sure there was SERN, it is an organization. We don’t even know who is the leader of SERN. A typical storyline has one main villain along with evil subordinates. The other option is time.

  28. I serious hope the next episode show just the so-called “SERN’s Dystopia”…

    Up to now, it only exist as words. The show never shown what the dystopia looks like. For all we know, Suzuha and John Titor could be liars. They are the rebel forces and rebels ain’t known for their honors. They could simply be an evil fraction trying to destroy the real utopia that SERN helped to create.

    Like the movie “Wanted”, where the hero thought that he was working for the good guys to kill an evil assassin, but by the end, he realized they were the bad guys and the assassin was his father who was trying to save him.

    I am just saying…show me the dystopia!

    1. After re-watching EP #15 and #16, I did find some brief moments of the supposed dystopia.

      -The streets are empty
      -Everything looked dead
      -People exist like robots
      -SERN Soldiers are heavily armored carrying SMG

      Just fragments of short pictures, not anything concrete though.

    2. Omg let’s get it over with. We are in Beta now. No dystopia for you. If not it will be weird, anti-climax, eliminating Suzuha’s wish and all the logic behind the 1st D-mail. It just plain sucks. WWIII is much horrible than dystopia. Whereas the dystopian future preserved humanity in a cruel fashion, WWIII promised the extinction of humanity. Note that Beta is also the original worldline. In other words, Okabe has “saved” the world by pushing it towards a “better” future in ep1. But it’s all back to square one now. See how ironic is that? He thought that it’s his fault to make Mayuri dies and the dystopian future comes true, so he sacrificed other’ memories, even the one he loved, to get back to where all begins, only to find that he was wrong. Boo? This is how twists and tragedies are done, not some single-minded, forced storytelling. There are SERN dominations in other worldlines, just not Beta Worldline.

  29. I just briefly read up on the so-called John Titor and there was no mentioning of SERN or dystopia…

    In fact, apparently he lived in a period after wars and catastrophes have occurred. The correct term is re-construction. His main mission was to retrieve information and artifacts.

    So where and why did the anime use SERN and the dystopia idea?

    1. SERN and the dystopia are Chiyomaru’s ideas. There’s always an evil organization in the Science ADV Series. And the Beta Worldline, the “original” worldline, is intended to be close to our world for realism.

  30. I just hope it doesn’t end like Stranger Than Fiction. The original ending was already a masterpiece, yet the author, because of her change of heart, decided to tie it up as a happy ending which was great for the ones involved, but destroyed the tragic beauty for the ones who viewed the story from the outside.

  31. While trying to find evidence to prove to Fragb85 that I was right, I look through the series from Suzuha and John Titor, but was unable to find the connection between WW3 and SERN Dystopia. I still believe it is the right prediction. I did however find some interesting facts along the way.

    In EP #2 (around 00:42), when Okarin met Makise for the second time, we see a flashback to her death. Originally, we all thought it was in Okarin’s mind. Now that I re-watch the episode in addition to the knowledge that Makise can recall her memories of other timelines, I clear believe that those were her flashback, not his!

    What does that mean? It means that Makise kinda knew her death and choose to be with Okarin subconsciously knowing the outcome. An evidence of this is her stating it in EP #22 that she somehow knew it all along and choose to be with Okarin by choice. The takeout here is the idea of fate vs free will. It look like time travel help trigger certain events to happen.

    This back up my theory that time travel gave rise to SERN Dystopia. By its mere existence, the dystopia was fated from the beginning…much like Makise and Okarin’s love and Mayuri’s death.

    1. To those who question or doubt that Suzuha was in EP #1, EP #15 clarify it. Around 03:04, it display the time machine information. She set the time to be:

      07/28 2010 at 11:50 AM

      In fact, the time machine was located exactly where is landed. It means that her time machine lack the power to move through space. It appears where is left. In this case, she left from the radio building roof and land at the same exact spot.

    2. EP #15, Okarin stated himself that his mission was not to saved the world. His mission was to saved Mayuri.

      With EP #22, Okarin himself finally have the face the fact that he need to save the world, too.

    3. EP #15, While talking to Suzuha, she stated that both Okarin and Makise died in 2036…

      My problem with that statement is that it may not be entirely true. Another problem is that Daru’s fate is unknown at that time as well. Since this is a time travel series, people disappearing doesn’t mean they are dead.

      What am I trying to say? Maybe Makise and Okarin escape their time by traveling to the past. It is a possibility…

      EP #15, it was also stated by Suzuha that Makise was the worship for her invention of the time machine…

      I remember somebody said that the series never stated it that. Well, here is the evidence. EP #15, around 03:52.

    4. There are several more information shown in EP #15 and #16 regarding explanation to EP #1, but it is late (3:00 AM) and I can’t remember them now. Maybe I can recall them after a some sleep…

    5. Oh Yeah. In case you guys are wondering about Okarin’s gift to Makise…

      It was Future Gadget #2: The Copter Cam. It is a spinning helicopter with a built in camera on the bottom. It did raise some questions:

      Why did he gave her that?
      Does it foreshadows something in the future?

      1. Yo everything is a conspiracy in Steins;Gate!

        To tell you the truth, the TV in FGL is
        Show Spoiler ▼

        And the Metal Uupa in ep1 is in fact
        Show Spoiler ▼

  32. OMG. Kurisu and Okabe just match so perfectly!! <<33 i love this pairing so much!!

    I'm still catching up in steins gate though. but this episode is just too much to pass up.


  33. TCH xD! I knew they liked each other… It’s one of those romantic you know o.o
    The episode of this, was sooo much like Chaos;Head xD!!!! OMG! I hope someone here knows or watched Chaos;Head. “This feeling…. Means… I’m in love with…” You know 😛 I knew that was coming! Even in Chaos;Head.. I was like thinking xD! I’m like chicka boom >:D WOW.
    *sigh* I wished it’d continue more.

  34. While re-watching some episodes and quickly scan through others for information, I find that it was interesting…

    I would highly recommend that when this series is over, you guys should re-watch it from beginning to end. Why? Because the storyline was well-written, the characters are well-developed, and the plots get more interesting with every episode.

    Once you re-watch the series, you will know exactly what I meant. There are a lot of metaphors, symbolisms, foreshadowings, and unnoticed events and hints within each episode. I am constantly amazed at saying, “How did I missed that?!” and “So it was all hinted beforehand…” It is like trying to find buried treasuries.

    If I had to say it, every scenes and plots come together beautifully as though it was the masterpiece of a mad scientist. All this is concluded without the ending, so imagined what it would be like with it.

    I already casted my vote for Steins;Gate as Anime of the Year 2011. I am pretty sure Divine and the other writers are thinking the same.

    I am pretty confident we won’t be disappointed with the ending…

    1. All I know about Isaac Asimov is that he invent the newton laws 🙂

      Just joking, he’s the fella that make the 3 basic rules of robot. Apart from that, nothing.

      So if you want to share with the class, please do.

      1. The Three Laws are:

        1. A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.
        2. A robot must obey any orders given to it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
        3. A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.

        So these are the laws of robots?! Don’t they sounds familiar?

        By that I meant, they resemble laws of humans. By replacing the word “robot” with “human” and “human” with “gene” in his 3 laws, you will essentially understand why I say humans are basically machine in flesh and blood rather than metal and oil.

        1. A human may not injure the gene being or, through inaction, allow the gene being to come to harm.
        2. A human must obey any orders given to it by gene beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.
        3. A human must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.


      2. While man himself is mortal, humanity itself is immortality…4 billions years in existence and still ticking.

        In addition, a robot’s OS is the equivalent to a human’s biological programming. It is all about the codes, one exist as 1 and 0 while the other is A, G, T, and C. A robot supporting programs is what we called human’s emotions. A robot’s interface ports is the human’s 5 senses.

        Thus, I see no difference in man and machine, except the concept of a soul…

      3. Just because it is called a “ghost program” it doesn’t mean it is actually a ghost. It is however mesh up bits of codes that join together to form a new function. If anything, it resemble life. Even if a small piece of life exist, it will join together to continue living.

    2. I think I heard of it. It was something about alien super being and time travel. That is all that I can remember as well as it was a long book from 1950s.

      I believe they made a film about it. A recreation of it was planned, but I don’t think it was ever put in motion.

    3. Ah well. The end of eternity is about a future in which an organization, known as “The Eternity”, time travels through the centuries (They expando thousands of centuries of interference) and choose carefully certain events to change the outcome of human history. The very existence of The Eternity prevents humans to expand throuhgh the galaxy and colonize it, instead they are like a paternalistic groups of “Eternals” (they are not, but since they travel from century to century people think about them as being eternal) that by changing history destroy the sense of adventure on humans switching it for a more “secure” world (they have prevented with micro interferences several wars and then some) In many aspects, you can say that that book is one of the finest by the late Dr. Asimov… many of the paradoxes in S;G are present on that book, I woudln’t feel surprised if the writers inspired this anime not only on John Titor, but also in the book by Dr. Asimov. The end of the book I rater not talk about it.

      Don’t take me wrong. I think that this anime has the potential to become the best of the year. Just pointing out that great minds think alike, in case the writers didn’t inspire thenselves on that book, and if they took some ideas to support the drama, then I’m fine with it too.

  35. I don’t really want to read through the comments because, as it has already been mentioned, there are way too many spoilers without spoiler tags.
    So my question is, what’s the name of the song that starts playing after Okabe presses the enter button to erase the trace of the first D-mail?
    It was also used when Okabe read Suzuha’s mail from June 13th 2000.

    Thank you ahead of time.

  36. I know it is kinda out of text, but I have always wonder why Mayuri keep referring to herself as Mayushii…

    Well, I kinda figure it out. It is a cross of her first name and last name:

    Mayuri Shiina


    Mayu-shii (minus -ri and -na)

    I am sure it means something in Japanese. Mayuri means peahen. Shiina means good or virtue.

    1. Both names, Okarin, Mayushii, are “portmanteaux”, a blend of two (or more) words or morphemes into one new word. It is the same as the word Smog, which is the blend between Smoke and Fog… You’re right of course, about the blend of bot names and surnames for Okabe and Mayuri. Christina I think it’s more related to the way Kurisu sounds, actually I think that the way Kurisu translates to english is simmilar to Chris. It does not have the same elements to convert it into a blend like his name and mayuri’s. anyhow, he refers to her also as zombie, and that is designed only to anoy her I think, just like Christina does.

  37. I love this anime down to it’s core. I cried to see Kurisu have to go. T_T Everything is so beautifully played out. It’s made me laugh, cry, think, and I trully feel I have gained something by watching Stein’s;Gate. I would recommend this to anyone. Let’s hope they don’t fuck it up with these last 2 episodes.


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