I don’t know if there’s anything else to take away from this chapter other than the usual life lesson that “look can be deceiving”. Dealing with the Second Mizukage wasn’t as highly prioritized as the other Kages and now he’s going to make everyone regret it. That could’ve been because none of the Kirigakure (Village of Mist) ninjas present knew enough about their former leader to tout how how powerful he is, or simply the loud and obnoxious way he came off when he revealed the weaknesses to his techniques, but regardless of the reason, I have to admit that I had written him off quickly as well. As such, it comes as a pleasant surprise to learn that Kishimoto had more planned for this fight with the former Kages. I mean, if he’s able to pressure Gaara — one of the current big guns in the ninja world — then this fight clearly hasn’t shifted to “clean up” mode just yet.

Judging from how taxed the Onoki is and how forced into a corner Gaara is, I presume somebody’s going to have to jump in that lend a hand. Naruto looks gassed from his fight with Muu and Raikage too, so if I had to make a guess, B seems like the most likely possibility. After all, he hasn’t really done anything since joining the war except take a piss on the battlefield. Come on B, we could use a timely Bijuudama any time now. Just make sure you wash your hands first.


    1. It terrifies me how much that possibility could actually be true. The juvenile elements of Naruto have really petered out lately, so I was naively getting my hopes up that it’d be a more mature series.

      That said, I’m hoping Bee at least does something. He’s never really drawn me in as a character, partly because of his rampant and outdated stereotypical attributes (Shitty, racist rapping? Really?) so I’ve got my fingers crossed that he’ll actually prove cool, endearing and/or intelligent in the future.

      As for the Second, I have to admit I was really excited when he showed he could give Gaara a run for his money, since the ex-Jinchuriki has dolled out such copious cans of whoopass in this war thus far.

  1. How the hell did I forget all about Bee? Well, I guess when my last sighting of him was dude taking a leak I guess it’s understandable that I wouldn’t want that thought to linger. I certainly had written off the old Kage fights for clean up duty after last week, too. I’m sure that old Mizukage has some nasty surprises in store.

  2. Maybe it was just me, but I felt the pacing this chapter was a little odd. I had to check twice before going to the next page; I thought the fight was a bit confusing.

    That said, I too love the fact that Kishimoto had something else planned for this character. At first sight, I guess almost everyone had written this Mizukage off when around other, more mean-looking Kages…I can’t express my joy seeing the funniest character out of them also turning out to be the (arguably) strongest…Good one Kishimoto!

    Really liking the direction this manga has been heading since way back in the Pain arc. I guess I could go on and on talking about the pros…Thanks again for blogging this, Divine! It’s a pleasure to read this every week!

    1. for a second, yes, yes i did because that death looked so epic! “A single drop of water to the throat.” I actually felt sorry for the old dude til I found out he was fake

      Azul Flamed Samurai
  3. I didn’t really think the Mizukage was the weakness of the 4 when they first came out, what I thought was: “Woah,these are 4 kages, Gaara’s gonna have his hands full.”

    Azul Flamed Samurai

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