It’s really starting to feel like Naruto’s reached the functional equivalent of the Majin Buu arc of Dragon Ball Z. I figured we were still floating about the Cell arc with Super Saiyajin 2 power levels, but it’s probably more accurate to assume we’ve hit Super Saiyajin 3 after learning that the Naruto who defeated Raikage is just a clone. That seems awfully powerful even by Naruto-universe standards, considering the number of clones that Naruto created and sent off in all directions. In all likelihood, the clone that fought Raikage probably had less than a third of his full power/chakra, so between Naruto and Muu, our hero appears to have an edge with his newly acquired Kyuubi form.

At this point, I really don’t know what to make of Muu’s summon, other than feelings of bewilderment over how the Kage fight still isn’t over. It sure looked like it was a done deal with Naruto picking out the White Zetsu clones as originally planned, but evidently Kishimoto won’t let this Kage-level battle end just yet. I guess this is good for the anime though, because when a sub arc feels long in the manga, it’s almost guaranteed to feel excruciatingly long in the anime and will require a ridiculous amount of episodes to cover. The broadcasters can happily milk these chapters for all they’re worth.

Anyway, it’s nice to see Naruto making a personal impact on the battlefield by saving his friends. This includes both Sakura and Hinata, scoring him some more brownie points in their good books (not that he really needs any for the latter). It’s always more meaningful when we know (and care) about the ninjas he saves. Overall, this felt like a tide-over chapter for another confrontation with Muu. What that will entail is anyone’s guess. I’m not even going to try and guess what Kabuto’s trump card is when I have nothing to go on.


  1. @divine: if i am not wrong, doing clones splits your chakra. so if making a clone cost 10 chakra and you have 100 chakra points it would be (100-10)/2. meaning clone and you have 45 chakra points.

    1. But since Naruto(with Kyuubi) has close to infinity points of chakra, the amount used to make a clone would be so miniscule that it can be ignored. Therefore we can conclude that each Naruto has One/How many Clones he made.

    2. The chakra level of his clone wasn’t the biggest surprisein my eye’s. I was more surprised at the fact that hisclones are more stable. The clone should have been taken out when it failed to use the tailed beastbomb. The pop from it should have been a strong enough hit.

  2. I thought that every time Naruto use bunshins (especially like this case…there’s a lot of clones out there) in kyuubi form,the chance of that the kyuubi will take over his body/mind will increase to,still there is no sign of that,not that i want to see it. And about the power levels,Naruto learned how to control the kyuubi chakra recently so u can say that he’s between ssj and ssj2. An ascended ssj like Goku/Gohan/Vegeta/Trunks during The Cell Games.

    1. Pretty much what Hyjinx said. When Naruto splits himself into clones, he has a higher chance of being taken over by the kyuubii, but that was back when he was trying to use the kyuubi’s chakra and turning into the different tailed forms (like against Pain, for instance). But now he has control over the kyuubi’s chakra. They’re working together now so he won’t be transforming anytime soon, at lost not like before where he lost all control.

    2. The reason it was dangerous before was because when he split into multiples so did he split his own chakra while the kyubi remained as strong as ever. Thus his split off clones had each less chakra to resist the kyubi with. Now if he can use the kyubi’s chakra, then it is also split with the clones and it is thus no extra danger of being taken over.

      The same logic applies to expending his own chakra. It used to be dangerous for him to expend all of it as then he had little to resist the kyubi with. But not he will just expend the kyubi chakra along with his own and thus there is no extra danger for him when getting low.

    3. Yomax us right. It wasn’t intill Naruto took control over the kyuubi’s chakra that Bee explained how the Kyuubi will still try to take over and the more of his chakra Naruto used the higher of a chance this will happen. It’s a stage that Bee and the Eight tails has already past because they are working togither, but it hasn’t been shone that the Kyuubi is working with Naruto yet. Unless you want to assume that when Naruto told the Kyuubi that one day he will bare his hatred for him so that his heart wont be filled with it anymore as a sign that they are working together, but I don’t think it was good enough.

    1. In a way so do I think it was a mistake to have her confess like that as it makes Naruto look bad. It’s quite rude of him to wait this long and not give any kind of answer, not even saying that he needs time to think about it. One can even say that he has to say yes now as turning her down after having her wait this long will make him look like an ass.

      1. He an ass who cares for his “friends” but an ass none-the-less.
        I love how shounen heroes just do not have enough care for opposite sex.
        At least he could had a convo with her afterwards, lol

      2. I’d prefer a well-done series without romance to a ham-fisted, laughable attempt at being emotional/romantic. And this isn’t even about a lack of attraction; it’s about the complete ignorance of important events.

  3. I know the action is gonna look good in the anime and knowing those guys they’re gonna make this last twice as long. The only part of the fillers I did like so far was how they dedicated an entire episode to Hinata’s battle with Pain. Let’s see what kind of haxor summon Muu is gonna make…

  4. *sigh, why cant Naruto anime become like one piece anime, which has less annoying fillers

    Damn, why can’t Kishimoto kill Muu already. He’s dragging out the already dragged-out arc

  5. I like where this is going. Naruto saves Hinata this time, unlike his time with Pain where Naruto was helpless when Hinata was stabbed. Bet Naruto is going to say next chapter “Here to return the favor……and I accept your feelings.”

    Anyway, from the obvious point, I can tell that the Naruto with Garra won’t be able to tell what Zetsu is what, causing a bit of a disadvantage.

    Code Fanboy
    1. “Bet Naruto is going to say next chapter “Here to return the favor……and I accept your feelings.”

      For the first thing you said, maybe…the second…in your dream!!! Naruto and Sakura will end up together.

      1. I have my doubts about that, since Sakura did confess to Naruto and he didn’t really like that confession. Mmmmm, I’m not the author, but it would suck if Sakura just hears Sasuke would just die like that and then falls for Naruto.

        Code Fanboy
  6. So hey, after Hinata’s confession did anything happen after with the two? :S really hope they do SOMETHING. Though knowing how relationships work, the only way wed know is they’re shown together after the fact or something,

    1. Nothing really happened. Naruto didn’t do a thing, after beating Pain, with Hinata. Though knowing the author, he would do some flashback where there was a time when Naruto and Hinata were together.

      Code Fanboy
  7. I hope the confession thing gets addressed someday lol. Until then I’ll wait for Naruto to go into sage mode while in kyubbi mode, while using the sharingan while using the byakugan while while using nine-tails chakra where the eye changes to a fox eye while using the seven swords of the seven swordsmen while using rinengan while using a lv.2 curse mark while opening the 8th gate, while eating chouji’s power pills, while under edo tensei but uncontrollable by kabuto WHILE using the thunder bird technique while being infused with the power of all the other tailed beasts and ALL other bada$ses in the show while using the arms filled with sharingans. And THEN do the signature Radengan that will end the show that is so powerful it reverses time and kishimoto re-starts the whole series! HAPPY DAYS!

  8. hhaha, i agree with the dragonball stuff, but wanna know something funny? remember that naruto its still a GENIN!!!! XDDDD its been like that the whole manga lol, the autor must have forgotten about it XD and for naruto to take the exam should be ridiculous easy or even useless, they should just make him a jounin… XD

    1. Kubo: WHat’s that?
      Writer: Oh i have the ninja hiding behind a tree devising a strategy on how to win.
      Kubo: ANd whats the thing he’s holding?
      Writer: Those are kunai. remember those?
      Kubo: No one needs to hide behind a treeanyomre, give the ninja a hax ability that can level the battleground and let them duke it out!
      Writer: What? And have no sense of ninja tactics at all!? This is madness!
      Kubo: Madness? THIS IS NARUTO!!!
      * Kicks desk over*

  9. The only difference between the clone and original is the chakra level and their ability to take hits. Naruto doesn’t really use his chakra in the battle as much as his skill which can be spread with his clones at no cost. And if you noticed, none of the clones have actually been hit.

    Suppa Tenko
  10. Wait a minute, Chouji was talking about the ‘huge thing’, which I assume is the summon Madara left for them to deal with. Where did it go, and what were those circles they were confined to. I was a bit lost.

    1. From what I understood Soldierx, they drew those circles so as to counter the Zetsu clones hiding among the good guys. No one was allowed to step into somebody else’s circle, and if they did so, then that person was to be treated as an enemy.

      I find it weird though for an entire army to be just sitting around, while other fronts (namely Hinata and Neji and Kiba’s for example) are going in an all out war against swarming Zetsu clones disguised as the good guys…

      Also…I get the feeling things won’t go smoothly with that revived Leaf shinobi imprisoned in Shikamaru’s front (can’t remember his name…It’s the one who was happy to see Naruto wanting to become Hokage just like him in this chapter). Why don’t they seal him up already?

      Maybe he’ll somehow be freed and Naruto or someone else will have to fight him?

      Also…Could anyone tell me please if Hinata and Neji and Kiba are in the same battlefield as Kakashi?

      1. Oh, sorry SOSAnimeBoy, confused the name.

        I didn’t forget to adress that actually, it’s just that I assume it’s pretty obvious it’s Madara’s summon they’re talking about, just like you said.

  11. For everyone saying Naruto not responding to Hinata’s confession, I’m pretty sure it has to do with him raging and forgetting when he went all 8 out of 9 tails on Pain. Probably just a thought.

    1. Not only is that a convenient cop out, it’s never even addressed. We don’t even get to see Hinata acknowledge that he may have forgotten.

      So no, that’s not an acceptable excuse.

    1. my eyes… omg. what’s happening to meeee…
      (still I think it’s quite… dunno… amazing? daring? funny?)
      I used to like the previous one much more, but still there’s something interesting in this one. Thanks for the comment otherwise I’d have missed such a piece of… ehm, art.

    2. Thanks for letting me know about the new opening, don’t follow the anime.
      Seriously though, I would pay all my money to see a scene where them 9 flys together and shoots lighting at a flying madara as an actually scene

  12. Shounen series or not, even knowing that it’s only natural that Naruto would have grown beyond imagine with the impending threats of Sasuke and Madara; it’s still a pretty big testament to him, now that we discover that this entire time, it’s been his clones we’ve been watching. Even if he’s working with/has control over the nine tails chakra.

    Now if only Naruto and Hinata could have that awkward talk about her confession while on the battlefield. Only because I can’t help but think of Naruto’s recurring lack of tact .. It would be an interesting couple of panels in any case. (:

  13. The naruto that beat Raikage was a clone? Wow I didnt even notice…Thats kind of absurd in a really stupid way. I’m all for power ups but come, a mere clone can beat a Kage level ninja? Thats retarded.

    1. You forget Naruto IS kage level now probably even higher plus Kyuubi mode then a direct switch to Sage mode
      the clone is 10 or 20 times more durable it can take harder blows without disappearing almost instantly. plus naruto only won cause he used his head instead of his body with hot blooded reactions. in short he had raikage defeat himself naruto just gave him a hand with rasengan to bounce his arm into him. so no it isnt retarded. not to mention Kyuubi mode is faster than raikage by a small amount almost unnoticable. but if anything their the same speed. but sage mode is only about 2x faster than the normal form but with all the chakra sensing going on he can dodge alot later enough time so the raikage couldnt counter attack


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