…someone made another indecent remark about boobs. Naruto’s clearly too innocent to soil younger fans — even when he’s around Tsunade — so leave it up to B to say it like it is for us older ones. Honestly, I didn’t even want to take notice of B’s line as much as I did, but I couldn’t help it when he insinuated that the ultimate threat to the world, Tobi, is a dirty kinky bastard who hides behind a mask and fondles corpses. It sure doesn’t help his case when he’s sticking black rods in them too. I feel bad for Yugito, I really do. The same goes for Fuu as the only other female Jinchuuriki.

As for the Six Paths of Pain technique itself, it’s nice to see their shared field of vision come into play, because last chapter it just looked like a bunch of resurrected Jinchuuriki spamming their Bloodline Limits. Now it’s starting to resemble the complementary roles like Pain’s original version, albeit a lot more offensive-oriented from all six ninjas given their Jinchuuriki status. Tobi’s take on the technique is clearly an enhanced variation with the addition of the Sharingan, but from a reader’s perspective, it doesn’t come off nearly as dangerous as when Jiraiya first encountered it. Naruto knows how the technique works now, and he and B are no slouches with their harnessed Tailed-Beast powers, so its reuse is more nostalgic than anything else. As a result, I’m finding it hard to get excited about this battle, especially when the Five Kages are battling Madara elsewhere. All the action is great, but it’s lacking an element of suspense since Tobi’s staying on the sidelines where he’s safe from having his mask torn off. Hopefully that’ll change with B letting the Eight-Tails loose, but I can’t see Tobi getting drawn into the battle just yet when there’s no one around to help seal away the resurrected Jinchuuriki. Now if the Nine-Tails were to cooperate with Naruto and let loose like the Eight-Tails, then that would be something to get excited about.


  1. Umm, just to correct. Not sure if every resurrected jinchuuriki is using their bloodline limit. I think Madara/Tobi managed to also give them back their jinchuuriki powers too.

    Also, is Naruto even able to tame the Nine-Tails as much as B tamed the Eight-Tails? The Nine-Tails seems to be pretty much a feral personification of evil as it only desires destruction. Although, the Eight-Tails could have been similar at one point in time.

    And B still manages to retain control even in Full Eight Tales mode.

    Another interesting thing to think about is that when Minato sealed the Nine Tails in Naruto, he split its chakra into yin and yang and sealed half in himself before dying and the other half in Naruto. I wonder how this will effect things to come.

    1. The Nine-Tails has looked like he’s started to warm up to Naruto over his last couple of appearances. Remember B said the Eight-Tails used to be a rampaging feral beast too before he befriended it.

    2. Well, Jinchuriki who are able to control the chakra of the Biju pretty much are or resemble Kekkei Genkai. It’s why many fanfics bring up speculation that the root of all Kekkei Genkai is probably traceable back to a demon or something. Even the Sharingan is mentioned to have been because of Kyuubi’s chakra and it’s unknown whether the Rikudo Sennin ALREADY had the Rinnegan when he fought the Jubi or if he only gained it AFTER he sealed it within himself and learned to use it over time. If he already did have it, then Kakashi would’ve been partially correct in saying the Rinnegan is a mutation.

      And yes, it is said Minato sealed “half” of Kyuubi’s chakra (Ying) into the Shinigami with him and the other “half” (Yang) into Naruto. Based on that, I doubt it means he sealed, literally, half of the Kyuubi’s chakra away. Otherwise, what would be the point of trying to do the Moon’s Eye Plan since they’d be short half a Biju? lol

  2. i LMAO at that 1st paragraph but yeah it’ll be nice to see sage mode once again and rasenshuriken too. maybe naruto well pull a sexy jutsu outta nowhere for that “dirty kinky bastard” tobi lol. definitely make my day if we get to see nine tailed fox cloak or nine tails him self.

  3. Much as i am a fan of boobs, it does appear that the chakra conductor has been rammed into the heart area… reminds me a little of the sasori heart in box thing a while back.

    although i am quick willing to accept that kishi has some pervese character traits in store for tobi.. who it would appear, seems to swing both ways…

  4. Divine, I don’t think the Jinchuuri need to be sealed. They weren’t brought back with resurrection technique, cuz I seriously doubt Tobi would allow himself to be surrounded by what are ultimately Kabito’s puppets.

    Once the rods are removed they’ll just be corpses again.

  5. There is a bit of fridge logic when it comes to Tobi using the former hosts. Kabuto could easily cancel the Impure World Resurrection at anytime, which would effectively eliminate the six hosts. With the beasts sealed back inside the host bodies, if Kabuto undoes the technique, all of the beasts will be released into the wild again, and that would throw a huge wrench into Tobi’s plans. Not to mention the pains he took to implant the Sharingan and Rinnegan into the bodies.

  6. I thought it was good to see some action in this chapter, but I would’ve liked to see some of what was happening with Madara. I also wished the chapter was a bit longer^^ But all in all a good chapter. B creacked me up^^

  7. Naruto would become one of my all time favorites if the series ended with Tobi going down via Sexy no Jutsu. Would be quite an amazing inappropriate twist.

    I almost feel like I should be more attached to the Jinchuuriki as characters. I kinda hope that there would be some extra/filler chapters about how the various Jinchuuriki and their daily lives were before they got caught up in Akatsuki/Tobi’s scheme.

    I really do hope that Tobi turns out to be someone “we know” and not a clone of someone or some random important person from the Naruto world.

  8. I have my doubts that Tobi, after going through all the hectic trouble of sealing the Biju, went back and re-seal them in their hosts. If I had to guess, Tobi must have used Izanagi to create and implanted false biju into them. That would explain why we only see one tail so far.

    1. Actually, you see two tails with Fuu. Each of her wings is a “tail”.

      Also, Izanagi only works for short periods of time, so it would be impossible to create false bijuu for the duration of the war.

      1. It only worked for a short period because the Izanagi implemented by a Sharingan is imperfect. Only one with the Rinnegan can perform a true Izanagi if they know how and “Tobi” obviously knows how. Madara more than likely does as well.

        The Hachibi also does mention that the Biju seem “different” somehow now too, and I’d guess only another Biju would instinctively know other Biju given they all come from the Jubi and seem to know it too.

  9. This is all going too slow. I mean, all the battles that come up always look promising, but fail to serve out the good stuff. I am just expecting another hot-aired filled street fight with nothing big really happening. I sure hope that idiot nine-tailed fox works with Naruto too Divine. Let’s just hope this doesn’t turn into something that will drag on for the next ten chapters…

  10. “Tobi’s take on the technique is clearly an enhanced variation with the addition of the Sharingan, but from a reader’s perspective, it doesn’t come off nearly as dangerous as when Jiraiya first encountered it.”

    That was my feeling as well. As much fun as this chapter turned out to be with the other Jinchuriki finally getting to strut their stuff a bit more, I never really felt like Naruto or Bee was in mortal danger. Granted, they were given a run for their proverbial money what with how fast, hard, and coordinated their enemies’ attacks were, but again, the aforementioned suspense just wasn’t there. Seeing <spoiler: Naruto get kicked in the face when he seemed to at least have the upper hand was surprising, as was the reveal about how the resurrected Jinchurikis are being handled. I didn't expect Bee to whip out his Tailed Beast so that was a good cliffhanger too. Sort of torn with this chapter, but there you go.

  11. feels like naruto keeps taking steps back to me. He should have been able to sense the last attack and avoid it or use multiple kubi arms like he did before to fight the Jinchuriki. So why does he keep taking hits when hes supposed to be the best sensor ninja, with the fastest speed?? He shouldn’t be getting surprised even if he cant see them since he can feel malice now!! The writer forgets his own characters powers to build suspense is killing me.

  12. I smell a clandestine operation amidst the chaos. Anyway, I’ve been running through who Tobi could be? Is Tobi just Tobi a completely separate character? Or is it some vengeful bada*s from the past? I have a few people in thought but theres too many discrepancies… I hope the discovery BLOOOOWS me away. What’s Kakashi and Itachi doing? There are like 9 different agendas all going on at once, what a cluster f*ck of a war plan, but I guess one could expect no less from a great ninja world war…

  13. Interesting that B actually paid attention to Yugito’s boobies when he didn’t seem too interested in Naruto’s Harem no Jutsu. Guess he prefers the catty to foxy type 😉

    Seishun Otoko

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