「ケータイ無問題」 (Kētai, Mōmantai)
“Cellphone, No Problem”

Souta sexually harasses Inami which prevents her from coming back to work. Just kidding! We all know he wouldn’t do that…Or would he?

That preview image of Souta forcing himself on Inami was all to make our imagination run wild. He was just trying to save her after Kyouko was too lazy to fix her incorrect stacking. But leave it to Souta to degrade his image further when he touches Inami while she is sleeping. He enjoyed it a little too much. If you’re going to make excuses, stick to one story man! And of course Inami is going to go nuts about Souta’s proximity to her face. After all, it is hard to work with someone you are attracted to (or so she says). When he makes the comparison to making contact with a rare wild animal, I would say he was spot on. Except in this case that rare wild animal is a bear who can who can kill you. I have to admit though, I was a little happy at the prospect of not having Inami in the restaurant from this incident.

I shouldn’t be too hard on her though. I know I’ve said in past posts that I would rather not have them focus too much on the couple but in this episode Inami really helped deliver the funnies. Her confrontation with Jun was great. It was like a game of chess. Jun’s assessment of the situation was hilarious. I’ve been watching a lot of Gundam episodes lately so he struck me as one of those calm and calculating captains who face an impossible situation. Keeping composed is the face of death takes a lot out of you.

I knew they’d break out another cameo appearance eventually so seeing Souta as Kotori wasn’t surprising. If you’ve been keeping count this season we’ve had the Izumi in episode 3, Otoo-san’s wife Haruna in episode 4, the kid in episode 5, the twins in episode 6, and Kirio in episode 7. They’ve been consistent on introducing something new every couple episodes to stir the pot. Now I’m just waiting for Maya to talk again before the season ends. Judging from Popura’s hair, we might be heading towards Christmas.

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* The way Aoi locked Popura in the freezer reminded me of a death shown in an American TV show called
1000 Ways to Die.




  1. This episode had me cracking up during the break room scene with Inami and Satou. I liked your chess reference for that one, Unlisted. Also, does Inami’s mom know Takanashi’s secret!? Sounds like trouble for him in the future…

    1. I think Inami’s mom knew from the start, last season she “said” takanashi was a girl but not very convincingly. My face hurt from smiling by the end of the episode, they really had the gags lined up well. For me this has to be the best episode for humour in the whole series so far. Also bwahahaha at Sato being cornered in the break room. Everyone’s reaction was stellar.

      1. Thanks for the reminded (actually went back and watched that episode from the first season over the weekend). I’m only left wondering if Inami’s parents realize the devastating effects of her androphobia. Maybe that is why her mom doesn’t say anything about Takanashi’s situation… although she seems to find it as funny as I do

    2. I wondered the same and if she’s not protecting (and hopeful) of their friendship.
      But letting a boy into her daughter’s room — taboo?

      Great episode. I think unnoticed is Aoi’s growth – she does stupid things (e.g. believing
      the “cell” phone will give her confidence) and is truly sorry when her actions cause grief
      to someone – she doesn’t make excuses and is genuinely trying to better herself (taking
      notes like in the last episode). Maybe this is why they’ve accepted her as their extended
      “sister” in her extended family at the Wagnaria.

  2. to say that Jun is calm and calculating might not be as true…as his thoughts were on the verge of panicking like a madman…

    …and the cellphone saga continues…with Yamada-chan desiring a cellphone…though not with the same result(s) as last week

    @ Cain: it’s only Inori’s dad that would make trouble, not her mom, so I doubt anything bad’s going to happen (maybe).

  3. Jun’s pale face is a keeper for me. LOL I hope to see more in future episodes.
    The whole time while Souta was hesitating to touch Inami’s head made me so nervous.
    I guess Souta’s punishment wasn’t a punch to the face but being made to dress like a girl. Who knows which one is worst?
    Aoi’s reaction was great – “I’m going to tell everyone!”

  4. Yamada’s timing for walking in on Takansahi and Inami. Hehehe, she would XD.

    Souta’s Text to Yamada = Brilliant. XD.

    Inami’s mom in on the scheme = Takanashi “fml”.

    Inami having a “fever” … … that one’s gonna take a while to cure.

  5. Hahaha this episode was pure win. I try to understand Inami, I try… but she’s still one of the most annoying characters ever @_@ Yamada continues to amaze me with all her adorableness, and Souma is just Souma, I love it when he starts to mess things up haha~

  6. Kudos to Satou for managing to maintain his proud record of being the only guy ever to elude Inami’s fists, made even funnier by the fact that despite actually being scared shitless, he managed to keep a cool facade and figured out how to escape from her. lol

    For a while I thought Takanashi would start to prefer petting Inami’s head over Popura’s, and then work their relationship from there onwards. Though it was not to be with Inami freaking out at such an event.

    BTW, at the end of the episode, did Inami’s mom figure out “Kotori-chan’s” true identity?

    Kinny Riddle
  7. I was really nervous that Katanashi will get punched several times in this episode but I’m amused that Inami managed to restrict that temptation regardless of her androphobia. Over all the episode was pretty good. Inami did a development but I doubt this will be the last episode that we will see Inami resisting herself. XD

  8. I was laughing so hard when Kyouko announced Inami isn’t coming to work because Takanashi touched her head, it didn’t help that she was keeping a straight face when she said that lol.

  9. Personally I really like Inami’s character so this episode was total win for me. Think what I like is that her violence really does have something behind it and is something she truly wants to get rid of. Then you get cute moments like freaking out at the boxes and of course Takanashi touching her head.

    Getting some slow, but positive progress from Takanashi’s side. On his own initiative he touched her head and looked really happy when he did so. Things looking good there, though it’s slow going.

  10. Now this is how you make Inami not seem like an irritating character, by not letting her really hit people (or do it very very rarely) but leave the threat there. A lot of anime should really do that. Mindless abuse is already too cliche

    Sato really showed some manliness there, being calm and composed in the face of death (or hospitalization).

    Yamada was also great, being her ridiculous self, with the part where she merrily skipped into the rest area before also merrily skipping out being very characteristic of her

    Zaku Fan

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