「恋に焦がれる六重奏」 (Koi ni Kogareru Rokujuusou)
“Sextet Yearning for Love”

If the finale back in spring didn’t seem conclusive enough on who won the harem war over Ichika’s heart, then this OVA should definitely clear up any confusion. To that end, this “Encore” OVA episode quickly reminded me of all their character nuances and just how much I enjoyed this “high-speed” romantic comedy, despite the fact that it’s “just” another harem anime. It takes place after the TV series’ conclusion and involves the girls not-so-coincidentally paying a visit to Ichika’s house, hoping to spend some time alone with him. Charlotte acts first with Cecilia not too far behind, and with everyone thinking the same thing, the whole gang shows up before long. Unlikely alliances are formed when it comes to having Ichiki feed them cake and envious stares result over Laura’s confidence, but the best moment during the visit had to be everyone’s dismay over Ichika’s married couple-like relationship with Chifuyu. That was a follow-up to episode ten when Chifuyu staked her claim on her younger brother (for taking care of house chores) and oh-so-fun to watch because of their reaction back then.

Once Chifuyu let the girls fight amongst themselves, their attempt to win over Ichika’s heart through his stomach proved to be more cute than anything else. While they were all secretly competing with one another — and trying their darnedest to prevent Cecilia from cooking anything — it came off as a friendly competition with the “SUPER STREAM” ending theme playing and the sight of them helping one another out. Save for Cecilia’s, the rest of the dishes turned out pretty well and led to a surprisingly normal meal too. Houki’s soy sauce-boiled fish and Charlotte’s assorted deep-fried dish looked pretty darn tasty, as did Rin’s meat and potato stew that she finally got to make for Ichika. Laura’s oden was lol-worthy though, simply because of how she chose to skewer the ingredients together. All in all, the dinner itself felt very epilogue-ish, so it’s almost as if we were given the option to stop watching at the two-thirds mark. Not a bad choice for some viewers, especially if you’re not a Houki fan.

I say that in hindsight of course, as I wasn’t even anticipating they’d push Houki as Ichika’s girl of choice as much as they did. Granted, I can’t really blame the guy after seeing Houki perform the Shinto dance at her “aunt” Yukiko’s (Okamura Akemi) shrine. The setup was perfect too, with Ichika actually complimenting Houki on how pretty she looks and causing poor girl to think she’s just dreaming. From that point on, it was all Hou… err… Ran (!?). I’ll admit that I like Ran just as much as the next person after the “strong” first impression she left, but I was rooting for Houki here after she finally got a bit of a green light from Ichika. Still, it was good to see Ran again and funny how both she and Houki instantly saw the other as a love rival. More importantly, Ran’s appearance seemed to give Houki that last push to make her confess to Ichika. It’s just too bad our dense protagonist didn’t hear it. At least Houki’s happy about growing closer to him and the ending sequence featuring her “Best Partner” song from the ending single — plenty to suggest that she has an edge over the competition. Suffice to say, the Houki ship has sailed.

* In case anyone’s forgotten, I was always on the Houki ship and not the Char one, even though I like all the heroines.
* It’s not quite nudity, but there’s clearly a nip slip in this scene.
* Full-length images: 05, 11, 31, 32.
* Update: See below for live performances from the “Infinite Stratos: One-Off Festival”, where Uchiyama Kouki was in the company of five lovely ladies.

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ED Sequence

ED: 「ベストパートナー」 (Best Partner) by 日笠陽子 (Hikasa Youko)
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    1. Well, I can understand why some may have liked Houki in this episode as she wasn’t her usual tsuntsun self but was actually nice all the time.

      But just because she have gotten better so doesn’t that make me like her more then any of the girls that was good from the start or got better quicker. Charlotte also have the unique honour of actually understanding the guy somewhat and not only wants into his pants.

  1. Really good post there divine.

    To be honest this wasn’t what I expected but still not disappointing, I get the feeling the the story here is somewhat incomplete and I don’t mean as in Ichika and one of the girls getting together finally but in relation to the IS, not much on it has been shown nor explained and they didnt explain some of the events that happened following the invention of the first IS.

  2. I hope that they give Charlotte another chance! The best reverse trap since Konoe Subaru … Viva la France! XD I want to hear Ichika no ecchi want more time…!
    P.s. Anybody knows if there are plans for a second season? Or this is the close that we will get?

    1. best trap? you’ve got to be kidding.
      she cant even look like a decent guy and she barely even sticks being a trap at all.
      yeah yeah she’s beautiful and all but “best trap” is a long shot for her…

    1. I like Cecilia as a character with her strong sense of honor, but guess she just had too much competition around her… and her high status doesn’t help her with her domestic chore appeal either :3

  3. finally watch the episode… Divine, you are fast 🙂
    Houki is definitely the winner here… awesome!!! (I am a bit of Houki shipper myself) although it would be just as nice to see any other girl win I guess… and big sis is always portrayed as “last boss” of sort :3
    Ichika is still as dense as any day… but I so envy these anime male lead with the ability to attract so many girls… WTF 2D world 🙁

    1. Too early to say that, IS dvd/bd sales are very good I think so a s2 should be in the works otherwise I doubt we’d even get this OVA ep.

      Also russia is pretty win,
      Show Spoiler ▼

  4. Is there any English subbed version? There’s none yet right?
    Yeaa agreed, even though this is a ‘simple’ harem anime, it left an impression on me.
    I do wish there’s a season 2 just for laughs though :\

    1. To me, only thing made an impression on me : Charlotte. That’s the reason why I managed to not drop the, otherwise, not-so-good series.

      I mean, let’s face it — most of the characters, including the plot or every element in the series are forgetable. The animation is good though

      1. Really? Maybe I played too much Cosmic Break..
        There’re a ton of animes out there which I remember the name but forget the characters..
        Or maybe I just am too into harem animes.. Oh well o.o

  5. I’m for any ship that doesn’t involve Houki.
    This is disappointing, I was hoping this Ova would ignore that bs anime ending but now my desire to watch this and watch eps 11-12 are gone.


    On the other hand, I still like Char a bit more, but that might just be from a Super Robot Wars person standpoint. IMO Char has the best IS because its basically equipping more dakka.
    also this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5T0-SyZmLqY

    Suppa Tenko
  7. I think Charlotte is the best choice for Ichika.

    Unlike Houki, Cecilia, and Rin, who are always quick at getting pissed off at Ichika, it is Charlotte who exhibits the most patience and a temperate personality… and is observant enough to have a clue about what is going on.

    That said… I imagine that most guys here will support Houki now that they showed off some nips.

    Junko Tamiya
  8. I know I’ve said this somewhere before, but let me say it again.
    IS is the only series to date I had difficulty in choosing ONE heroine.
    After watching the series my vote looked like this: Char > Houki > Cecilia > Rin > Laura
    After reading the LNs though, it became: Char > Cecilia > Laura > Houki > Rin
    Really pleased with how they produced the OVA :]

  9. No, chifuyu is the best and I have a feeling that Ichika is not chifuyu’s real brother. Also chifuyu is more of a brocon that what we see her to be. (a tsundere perhaps although hidden in her closet)

    1. If your referring to that:(Warning! SPOILER! DO NOT READ UNLESS YOU ARE UPDATED WITH THE LN TOO.)Show Spoiler ▼

      there is no proof of that yet. That incident could go off into a number of routes, I have only listed the top 20 things that might happen since there are so many.

      The Moondoggie
  10. whatever happens, I am still on the chifuyu boat.I dont mind wincest as long as they are the pair. they are both attracted to each other. (hidden?)(siscon & brocon) – ore no imouto & yosuga no sora anyone?

  11. Am I the only one who watched the series girls for the piloting skills etc? Laura is here my top ace, with really martial attitude and loads of combat training, with Char in close tow and loads of test pilot experience and great teamwork with Ichika.

    1. Nope: I do too. There’s Cecilia for artillery and sniping, Ling for all around support, Houki and Ichika for close range and melee.

      A complete squad. Not even Silver Gospel was a match in the end.

      The Moondoggie
    2. I’d have to disagree; even with all of Laura’s ‘combat training’, her flaunted skill is just to spam AIC, or whatever it was called, with her 3rd gen PERSONAL IS. On the other hand, we have Char fighting on par with all the other girls and Ichika with her mass-produced 2nd gen, changing weapons to suit the battle conditions and dodging and just being awesome, whether it be as a distraction by pinning down her enemy’s movements, or slipping under her foe’s guard and dealing a decisive blow. I’m referencing the Houki/Laura vs Ichika/Char battle, by the way xD

      I don’t know how it is in the novels but as far as the anime’s concerned, Char’s the only one among the haremettes that showed true skill (unless, of course, you count Blue Tear’s system, however that works with all the mini canons floating about, as requiring skill).

      ‘_’ on that thought, it would be fun to see Char with an actual updated IS; I recall the anime mentioning that her 2nd gen Rafael was meant to be scrapped because it is outdated, or something along those lines.

  12. @ moondoogie

    Yeah, I missed the point. But if there is a possibility that they are not even siblings, the better it is, in a moral point of view. I didn’t expect that you also like the pair? I thought you were a houki or char boat?

    If the author introduced chifuyu as a harem character/love interest and not the sister one, I bet many people would bet on her.

    1. Sorry for being ambiguous: Yeah, I’m a Orimura-cest fan….

      But if there is a possibility that they are not even siblings, the better it is, in a moral point of view.

      True. Well anyway, we still don’t know for certain: the author left us hanging with Ichika on the latest volume…. Show Spoiler ▼

      The Moondoggie
  13. Arrgh the live performances look great but my DL speed is sooooooo slooooooow >_<

    Hikasa Youko/Houki, Yukana/Cecilia, Shimoda Asami/Ling Yin, Hanazawa Kana/Charlotte, Inoue Marina/Laura FTW!!!!!! Asami is so cute on that frozen screenshot of the Encore Medley! :3

  14. Sigh, Ichika still makes me face palm all the way through an episode. I guess this should be popular enough for a second season. Wondering if the novels have enough material for another season yet/soon…

      1. Yes, I agree. All we have to do is let the author buy some time until Volume 8 is out and I have a feeling it will be released this month in December 23, 2011.

        Next, I hope they have season 2 later, because in episode 4, Chifuyu and Maya examines the defeated IS and confirms it is an unmanned IS drone with a unique IS Core that didn’t come from the 467 confirmed Cores and in episode 9, Ran Gotanda says she’ll join the IS Academy and become Ichika’s underclassman. By the way, let’s hope season 2 can cover Volume 5-8 like season 1 cover Volume 1-3 and the OVA cover Volume 4.

        Third, I hope they have some new characters like Tatenashi Sarashiki, Kanzashi Sarashiki, Utsuho Nohotoke, and Chelsea Blackett.

        Last, some returning characters from season 1.

  15. Seeing Chifuyu in casual clothes and that dress later on was awesome.

    Laura also looked very nice in her dress. Only other time we see her out of her (custom) school uniform was the beach, but seeing her in casual clothes was also great. She pretty much had my eye all through the first 2/3 and then, of course, Houki in the last bit.

      1. There are currently 7 novels out and the novel 8 is under works, the author said it will take some more time finish it and it´ll be out fot the first quarter of the next year. Can´t to see the new charaters.

  16. Ichika is such a dense bastard, he has six beautiful girls who are madly in love with him and he hasn´t realize anything yet, I think he´s trying to make competition to Touma Kamijo from To Aru majutsu no Index, there has to be something wrong in the heads of those two idiots.

    That being said, I have the feeling that Ichika has indeed fallen in love with Houki but at the same time holds feelings for all the girls of his international harem. It´s a little more obvious in the novels but I think that discussion is not going to be about who has he fallen for but who is he going to pick at the end, if he ever picks a girl. I have to admit they look really cute having together. The main candidates remain Houki and Charlotte, expect to see more in a possible second season.

      1. We can actually blame him if a war did break out. XD Example…

        Person Involved: French Representative (Name of representative is classified)

        Event: WWIII (France, China, Japan, Germany vs Britain theater of war)

        Cause: “Orimura-kun dated Cecilia! Not me!”

        The Moondoggie
  17. Still not on the Houki ship. Was never on the goddam Char ship.
    Kinda forgot some stuff already, but it came back to me.
    For some reason, I like all the heroines in the series, but can’t go crazy about any particular one. 🙁

  18. I thought Houki’s ship has already sailed during S1’s finale but seems like the first half of the OVA brought back some hope for the others.
    Houki’s nip slip… mmmmm…

    Seishun Otoko
  19. after watching this ep, I believe Charlotte is still the best.
    Why can’t more series do different endings like Clannad. I would like to watch a Charlotte route/ending. Houki does not even dance in this ep: it is just a moving picture (no animation).
    Houki is pretty but next to Charlotte, she is average.

    1. Yeah, the dancing was kinda lackluster. I expected them to do some nice animation, but was disappointed with that moving picture.

      Good OVA episode. Hopefully a 2nd season is in the making once more new LN is available.

      I probably will never continue watching Clannad, considering that I have been spoiled regarding the depressing last eps. of the 2nd season and I am not into that.

      1. Aye, very disappointing considering that was supposed to be the actual turning point in Ichika’s feelings for Houki. Not animating that suggests that their budget probably isn’t looking too great, which is one point that leads me to believe there won’t be an S2. Quite sad, because the overarching story gets really good for just being a harem. A less parsimonious explanation is that they’re saving it all for a big S2 premier! But I’m not holding my breath on that one.

  20. man, i didn’t know there was an IS OVA. but meh,, i dun care who wins Ichika’s heart. i hate his guts. And damn, Chifuyu x Ichika I DO NOT WANT!!! incest is just…pathetic.

    Chifuyu-onneesama is still the hottest no matter what happens XDD

  21. Not really a fan of Houki. Kinda made a bad first impression when first introduced and never really made up for it. Not really a shipper for any of the characters, but was kinda releaved Ran showed up. Before Houki went all tsuntsun and ruined things.


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