It’s not all that unexpected for Naruto and B to get some backup against Tobi and his Six Paths of Pain given the Jinchuuriki’s sudden surge in tailed-beast power levels, but it is somewhat interesting to me because I was calling for backup three chapters ago before this fight even started. The disparity in numbers alone suggested as much, plus Naruto and B would likely have their hands full against Tobi alone. The question then was a matter of who would come to their aid — especially with all the Kages preoccupied with Madara — so you can imagine my surprise when I found out here that it was two of my favorite characters in the entire series, Kakashi and Guy.

While the two of them look kind of beat up from their earlier run-in with Zabuza and the other Swordsmen of the Mist, regardless of any emergency treatment they may have received, I don’t know if I could’ve asked for a better duo to show up. I had originally ruled them out because of the battle they were just in, so I was anticipating Naruto’s friends — Rock Lee, Neji, Kiba, etc. — to show up, similar to the Sasuke Retrieval Arc where they faced off against Orochimaru’s Sound Four team. Against Tobi and the resurrected Jinchuuriki, I much prefer this duo consisting of a former Hokage candidate and arguably the strongest Taijutsu user out there. Exactly what Kakashi and Guy can do against the Jinchuuriki and their scalding armor remains to be seen, but they did deliver a blow to Tobi for the first time. They could very well focus on Tobi while Naruto and B keep the Jinchuuriki preoccupied. If Kakashi has enough chakra in him, he can start sending a few of them off to another dimension with his Kamui technique too. If not that, this is the perfect stage for him and Guy to whip out some new techniques they’ve mastered.


  1. Honestly, I’m not too sure that Kakashi and Guy will be enough to turn the tide. Yeah, they’re both complete badasses, but they’re facing off against six jinchuuriki here, let alone Tobi himself. And like you said, Divine, both just fought against all the Swordsmen of the Mist. There’s no way they can be in peak condition. It would be absolutely hilarious, though, if what finally shattered Tobi’s mask was a Dainamikku Entorī!!!

      1. Because “soon” would be a blatant lie this time. To be quite honest, I haven’t even started on it. There isn’t a day that goes by where it’s not looming over my head though.

        In all likelihood, the next season preview will be out much later than the last one.

      2. Well, it’s not like I didn’t do ANY research at all. It’s just that Divine’s season preview usually has some interesting remark that help me a lot when deciding which show to pick and which shop to drop.

        Actually, let me rephrase what I said. I won’t mind if it’s never going to be up at all and I will totally understand why. But if it’s up I’m going to be really happy.

      3. Serapita took the words out of my mouth. Totally fine if the preview doesn’t show up; but if it does, it’s honestly the best season preview I could find on the internet right now.

        Regarding this chapter, I really don’t care if it’s not-really-possible or illogical…I just wanna see Kakashi and Gai kick some ass, even if it’s for a few panels! And maybe change Tobi’s cocky attitude, if it’s possible, too!

        It’s been so long since we see Kakashi and Gai work together, lookin’ so badass…So pumped for this!

      1. If not Obito. It should at least be Obito’s eye or body whoever that guy is using. I’m kinda hoping it’s a disillusioned Obito. Giving up hope on people and wanting to take matters in his own hands. That or amnesiac student of madara? O_O

    1. Tobi can’t be Obito, the age doesn’t match up. Tobi was the one to attack Konoha, which at that time Obito would not have been fully grown, yet the one attacking was. Also Obito died as a Konoha ninja and used his last moments to give Kakashi his eye so what reason would Obito possibly have to come and attack Konoha, the village he adored? Even the massacre of the Uchiha’s had yet to happen at the time Konoha was attacked so that couldn’t be his reasoning either.

      If it’s revealed Tobi is Obito that would be completely foolish and I’d have to drop the series.

      1. exactly why my comment begins with “uh oh”

        It is not at all plausible even in shonen context, BUT as Divine has commented, almost any other ninja would make sense, but having these two is probably best.

        it’s also a really bad setup in the making if the ridiculous obito theory does pan out.

      2. Those were my initial thoughts also. If Tobi was Obito, then something would have exploded in Kishi’s mind. But then I made a thought that troubled me. What if, the masked man who attacked Konoha back then was the real Madara (just a little before he died) and Obito was dead by that time, and Madara found his body and used a jutsu to transplant some of his soul and power in it, after resizing it and make it tall of course 😛
        I know this sounds too far stretched and I hope it remains a theory, but I believe that it could happen.

  2. Hmm….. Gai Sensei and Kakashi….. why do I get this strange feeling that either one of these awesome characters may perish during this battle, but then again, if either one of these characters died right now, Naruto fans, including myself, would rage like never before!!!!!

  3. oh yes this is gonna be awesome! Just there’s one thing I keep wondering about, why do they refer to the new six paths as ‘resurrected jinchuuriki’? as far I knew the six paths are corpses being remotely controlled by the Rinnegan user so they’re not really alive…are they?

    1. Nine
      OK good. now 8 vs 4. still out number them. I’m not sure how they going to win this battle..
      7 vs 4 actually…. -_-;

      7v6, AMIRITE?

      Tobi + 6 Jinchuuriki VERSUS Gai, Kakashi, Bee, 8 tails, Naruto, 9 tails.

      Sorry, didn’t know how to properly quote..

      1. But I feel that you can’t exactly count those tailed beasts, right? They’re not necessarily involved, we don’t see any panels of them communicating.. and we don’t know to which level they’re connected to the hosts. Do we even know which method he used to revive these jinchuurikis? It seems like he’s using the same method that Pain did, but it has been implied that he’s doing it through “edo tensei??” as well. That is to say, Kabuto/Orochimaru’s technique. Anyways, I was sort of kidding.

  4. I’m curious… Did they actually hit “Madara”? Or Tobi or what ever that masked mans name is? Or did he become all gooey and untouchable before the dynamic duo could connect? I’m in a debate with a buddy and it wasn’t really clear.

  5. Madara did not get hit.. (Which is what i presume you mean when you say “deliver a blow to Tobi for the first time”). They attacked him just before he could touch Naruto to force him to go back to ‘untouchable state’, saving Naruto. You can see Gai’s foot coming out from Tobi’s face.

    Also i have a hunch Gai is going to open 8 gates during this battle and die(whether during battle or after) but hopefully taking at least Tobi’s mask off.

    ^ As an extra impact to the above (though i don’t personally think this will happen, though it is plausible..) it would be a massive cliffhanger if as Gai’s body falls, Tobi’s mask breaks and Kakashi looks up to see Obito’s face (whether it is Obito’s consciousness or not doesn’t matter) as he catches Gai in his arms.

  6. I just havent been feeling the constant power displayed in this chapter. No strategy yet from naruto. Hes been just an observer for awhile now. He aitn been active like in the pain fight before. Plus wanted to see his friends help him, to take the role of the younger generation moving forward. Love kakashi and guy but want to see lee and the others in action.

  7. >> If not that, this is the perfect stage for him and Guy to whip out some new techniques they’ve mastered.

    I’d rather he whip out the supposed 1000 techniques he copied that made him famous as Sharingan Kakashi tbh. He only ever showed Chidori/Raikiri, Kamui, and Kuchiyose, and that Headhunter Jutsu. And that Seiryuudan that he copied from Zabuza.

    I was so excited when Kishi revealed that Kakashi was gonna do that back then, but suddenly the focus of the story suddenly shifted to another battle. Please don’t troll me this time Kishi.

  8. Chances are that the rest of their groups are right behind the 2. If you recall, they did mention that their groups were finishing mopping up the last one of the 7 Swordsman and whatnot while the Kages are dealing with the undead Madara.

    As said, Kakashi and Gai alone, even at full strength, would’ve had their hands more than full with just “Tobi”, much less 6 undead Jinchuriki that are capable of turning into their Biju forms as well (we saw the Gobi butting with the Hachibi after all) and on top of that, they all have the properties of the Edo Tensei supporting them AND the advantages of a Sharingan and Rinnegan eye.

    Also, Kamui would not help at all here since “Tobi” could just as easily warp any warped away Jinchuriki back with his own time-space manipulation most likely, which was why he told Kakashi that it would be useless against him when he started to try to use it on him before when they found Sasuke. The other huge difference is that it seems “Tobi” has a lot more uses of time-space abilities while Kakashi has to use up a huge chunk of his chakra for each use of Kamui. On top of that, you’d have him using up more chakra and exhausting himself trying to fend off everyone else and making openings, thus less usage of Kamui even if he tried.

  9. Yes, finally! Kakashi and Guy will definetly shake things up. But seeing their condition it is gonna be a tough fight. But my guess is that they wont be able to defeat Tobi. I mean, if we all know the Naruto series we know that this can’t possibly be that last battle of the series (or arc). If this battle does take Tobi’s life then we all know there is even a bigger bad guy out there. I just hope Kishimoto doesn’t spring another evil mastermind if Tobi does die by the hand of Guy. 🙂

  10. Kamui never seems to work properly during “boss fights”
    I was a bit disappointed when Kishimoto shifted the focus from the Kages to Naruto but I must say I’m psyched again now that Kakashi and Gai has joined the fray

    Seishun Otoko

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