OP Sequence

OP: 「Check My Soul」 by azusa
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「絢辻詞編 前編 ユウワク」 (Ayatsuji Tsukasa Zenpen – Yuuwaku)
“Ayatsuji Tsukasa, First Chapter – Temptation”

Amagami SS is back and just as enjoyable as ever. I may be a bit biased when it comes to the sequel to my favorite romance of 2010, but I really couldn’t wipe the smirk off my face while watching this premiere. This first of two anime original episodes for Tsukasa’s arc provided the same back-and-forth banter as the first season and in some cases, actually improved on it. The most challenging part of this sequel was probably finding something to stir up Junichi’s relationship with the heroine he already ended up with, so in Tsukasa’s case, we have a new character named Kurosawa Noriko (Tauchi Natsuko) wedging her way in between. The motive: She’s full of pride and has a grudge against Tsukasa. The setting: The school election for the next student council president. The wildcard: Tachibana Junichi.

Normally I hate plots that revolve around this kind of petty high school crap, but I really didn’t mind in this case since it’s Tsukasa. I feel sorry for anyone who has a bone to pick with her since she’s not nearly as sweet and innocent as she lets on, so I’m just waiting for the moment where she totally crushes Noriko. To that end, they sure are making it interesting with Noriko picking Junichi as her vice-president and leading preliminary votes using her father’s influence. The best part of it all is that Tsukasa does feel a little pressured and will actually listen to Junichi’s not-so-pure recommendations. I wasn’t entirely sure what to make of the photo session from the promo videos, but as soon as I saw Junichi’s reaction to Tsukasa’s skirt almost flipping, it just clicked. I wouldn’t go so far as saying I was on the same wavelength as Junichi, but I could definitely see how he secretly wanted to turn this into a gravure photo shoot.

The end result was some great fan-service, even though Tsukasa was in her school uniform the entire time. (Junichi sooo doesn’t deserve this.) There’s just something alluring about seeing a hard-ass like Tsukasa go along with one of Junichi’s whims even for a moment. It was also amusing from my perspective, safe from getting smacked around afterward. The cliffhanger was pretty good with Noriko and her posse setting up Junichi and getting Tsukasa to witness it, mostly because I found the preview absolutely hilarious. I get the feeling that Tsukasa will see through Noriko’s scheme but will give Junichi a hard time regardless, leading to more “interesting” scenarios in the second half.

* Pretty clever of the writers to throw Sae into the student council president fray just to give her, Miya, and Ai some screen time.
* Judging from how azusa sings the ED theme as well, it doesn’t look like there will be character songs this time around.
* Much like I suspected, the order of the characters PVs is the order the arcs will be aired in. Tsukasa -> Rihoko -> Ai -> Kaoru -> Sae -> Haruka. This has been confirmed by the episode titles.
* Full-length image: 22, ED 01, ED 02, ED 03, ED 04, ED 05, ED 06. *Special thanks to MrRei for the ED images.*


ED Sequence

ED: 「告白」 (Kokuhaku) by azusa
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End Card


    1. arrrggghhhh….so close, if Sae and Kaoru had their positions switched it would’ve been true. Nonetheless, I’m glad they’re just showing continuations even if its just twos episode per heroine.

      P.S: Okay no I’m not glad. I WANT MOAR!

    2. The problem with generic harem male leads. They are so bland that he can pair with any girl which are often on polar opposite sides of the personality spectrum. Oh and why do they fall for him? cause hes kind…like that shit ever works irl.

      1. Actually it does.

        Anyway with regards to bland protagonists. Please remember that this show is based on a game. The reason the protagonist is bland is because the protagonist doesn’t have any personality at all. In the game, you are the protagonist.

        Also this isn’t a harem show: it has arcs and routes. He doesn’t get all the girls, rather, it shows a “what if” senario instead.

        The Moondoggie
      2. Thats not really true that the protagonist must be bland. Same scenario we had Love Plus (where you literally are the protagonist). When adapted by Seo into Loveplus Rinko Days, he gave the protagonist a personality that he himself contrived. Story was still meh but at least he tried.

        Technically you are correct as in that this is not a harem. My assertion is that he is similar to a harem male lead. The ability to fall in love with almost any girl. I think that this could be realistic, but I wonder if it cheapens the feelings if it could be any girl. Of course he doesn’t need the dense aspect, but he retains the ability to make girls fall in love with him for rather inexplicable reasons.

      3. Love has no reason- it just happens. Oftentimes despite oneself.

        Sometimes you’ll look at a couple, and wonder “why the HELL would (A) be going out with (B)???”

        Sometimes it’s money.

        Sometimes it’s looks.

        Sometimes- however- it’s love.

      4. I don’t think Junichi fits the mold though. His just a normal horny teenager, and most of his relationships with the girls don’t feel contrived like most harems do.

        His relationship with Tsukasa was well explained. He inadvertently finds out Tsukasa’s secret and gets blackmailed. But Tsukasa soon finds that Junichi never really judged her and he soon becomes someone she can confide to. If anything it was Tsukasa who took the initiative, Junichi didn’t even seem that interested in a relationship until Tsukasa suggested it.

    3. What I like about Amagami SS arc style is that it allowed for Junichi to adapt his approach depending on which girl he likes. That for me is more real than the bland protagonist approach.

      And Rihoko better get out of the Friendzone this time! She’s my favourite girl and I want her to be happy.

    1. Ayatsuji Tsukasa is in episode 1 & 2 , so maybe Morishima Haruka will be episode 11 & 12. Well, I am looking to episode 2 and how it’s going to end. Hehe…
      As always, Junichi is just a normal high school boy. ^^

      I like Ayatsuji Tsuka & Nanasaki Ai & Morishima Haruka Arc.

  1. THIS is how they open a season? Cause I’m totally okay with it. Nice to see that Junichi is still the same guy even with a girlfriend.

    I’m happy that Tsukasa is getting the first arc. At least now I don’t have to wait 5 months for her like last time. I really enjoy the banter she has with Junichi. Not really liking the cliche “put a girl between them” scenario though, but I imagine the resulting Tsukasa RAGE will be gloriously entertaining. Messing with Tsukasa always seems like a bad idea.

  2. You have encounter monster Bastard Galge Main Character Junichi again. You use skill Falcon Punch!
    Anyways it’s great to seeing the girls again.

    Unless my memory has fails me, yeah it seems like they reverse order from A-SS.
    Yet they are still saving Risa’s and Miya’s routes for last. Cheaters ~_~

  3. Kind of wished they saved Tsukasa for last like before, since she is my favorite.

    But leading off with her means they are getting the ball rolling at a good pace too. ^^

  4. SS+ plus? That’s almost as repetitive as DmC-Devil may Cry…

    Anyway, could someone give me an opinion on if I should pick up this show? I enjoy romantic, slice-of-life comedies, but I don’t usually enjoy watching the ones that suddenly get terribly depressing in the last few episodes. Does this one do any of that?

    1. Watched the raw:

      Great that the girls did a properly set-up for Tsukasa instead of those horrible and unbelievable plot-twist generators like:

      “That random/old flare/obsessed girl suddenly kissed you and your girlfriend/love interest was passing by at the very exact moment in a crowded public place in the entire Cthulhu-damned city.” Yes, I am looking at you! love dodecagon GE Good Ending!

      The ex-bullies are now great wholehearted allies for Tsukasa (though she probably still does not think good of them).

      Lectro Volpi
  5. I wish there 4 episodes per girl, instead of just two. Or maybe an Amagami SS OVA(s) or a Grand Finale/Prequel/Sequel movie, or a crossover with Kimikiss. XD

    Did Kamizaki Risa show up in the OP? In the first Amagami anime, she’s usually in the background of the opening songs, right? Can someone check for me?

    1. Watched the OP using Divine’s link; I didn’t spot a Risa. lol, that girl’s turning into a Pokemon XD she always had a cameo in the ova’s where she’s stalking Junichi while he’s on a date with one of his girls!

    2. Well there’s only officially 12 episodes. So if they’re have 2 episodes for each heroine, then the only other way to have a Risa standalone is to have extra episodes bundled with the DVD’s when they’re released.

  6. You know, I completely forgot this series was airing o.0 I did have Asumi Kana’s “Suteki na Aru Hi” playing nonstop in my head without any prompting for the past several days though…

    Nevertheless, what a way to wake up, Junichi you bastard! Glad to have this series back 😀

  7. So is it confirmed every girl is going to get 2 episodes? I would prefer them to focus on more 2-4 girls so it wont jump around so much.

    I think Nanasaki and Morishima were the best in the original series. Tsukasa felt slightly rushed and I never quite fully understood her circumstances and how her past affected her personality. I can’t really remember if I finished watched Kaoru. Completely skipped Rihoko and Sae.

    I do think that completely separating the girls into distinct arcs creates less of cliche harem interactions that bog down the simple romantic aspect. However, it seems to come at the expense of slightly rushing the story and more importantly it lacks anything to bind the whole series together in a coherent narrative. I think that it would be a great choice for certain series like Little busters, cross channel, but I am not really convinced it works. I think solo routes or more specifically love triangles with more active protagonists like ef, true tears, KGNE results in the most compelling romances.

    1. Well there are advantages and disadvantages to either styles of storytelling. The only other anime that I could remember that divides arcs for each heroine is ‘Memories Off’. I think it really depends on what the writers want to put their bets on.

      On one hand, if you put the series into one coherent narrative, sure, it becomes more interesting and you have more drama and plot devices to use in comparison to dividing it into arcs. However, doing so would have an impact on the audiences that favor a certain heroine for the finale. The good news is it ensures that the people interested watches the whole way through so to find out if their favored heroine gets the gold nugget or not. An example of this is the parallel series ‘Kimikiss ~Pure Rouge~’ and I had been speculating whether the writers wanted to deviate from what was done in that series.

      On the other hand, when split into arcs you satisfy everyone who favor a certain girl/s. But the bad news is that people may skip the episodes that does not feature their favorites(like some of the commenters here do). This may or may not be a good thing in a marketing perspective if the show relies on television ratings. Maybe that’s where the fan service comes in, I don’t know.

    2. Yosuga no Sora used the same format. I think it was about the same season. Without the Sora route of that anime, I really don’t think I would describe it as anything but rather generic fare. I think a better style to follow might be Hatsukoi Limited.

      I wasn’t that big on the series but I really liked the mangaka’s prior work Ichigo 100%. I think that the interesting aspect of that series is trying to portray different girls in the same setting fall in love with different guys. In the end, you aren’t left with a rewind and choose your favorites. I think the downside is that it introduces too many guys (perhaps too convoluted) and almost turns it into a hybrid shounen-shoujo. I do think that it might be more difficult to realize but there is more potential there.

  8. Yes, this is it. I can’t wait to watch this! The first season was just sooooo good. I like this style. It goes into each story for each girl. I hate those typical harem animes with all these chicks on one dude and nothing happens. With this all the ending are decent. Well, let’s hope. Cuz some of them didn’t get full endings and the others got way too much ending, if you watched the first season, you know what I mean. Anyways, look forward to more posts Divine.

    1. I watched it real time, recorded it with my computer and made my own screenshots. I’ve been watching anime series since 1992 and its one of my primary resources in learning the language (a good way to learn too if you have a good methodology in place). And the more I watched, the less I needed to rely on the subs. Also, if you’ve been watching anime for as long as I have, you’ll notice that a lot of the same dialogue have being used over and over.

  9. Actually I think the whole petty student council election situation is perfect for Tsukasa. As much as she’s started changing being not so two-faced, she’s clearly not fully at peace with that yet. So this is a pretty logical stepping stone on her way to becoming more honest with herself. Also still great fun to see her evil/manipulative/competitive side coming out full blown. The episode was a great start, but man that preview might have been the best part with the mouthpiece joke. Cannot wait until next week’s episode (just so sad it will already conclude Tsukasa’s arc!!!).

  10. lol I was thinking for a moment that Junichi was going to let his perverted tendencies with the camera ruin Tsukasa-sama’s election chances, but damn I should’ve known Tsukasa knows better than that.

  11. Tsukasa and Kaoru can check my soul anytime 😉
    Can’t wait to see how Tsukasa swallow Noriko in whole then spit her out in pieces. This is going to be sooooo goooodddd…

    Seishun Otoko
  12. Am I the only one expecting another Hitler rant video “if” Rihoko doesn’t get her arc some justice!?. Hopefully I’m wrong and her friend-zoned status gets fixed, or Hitler will raise a bigger hell than hell itself. ;3

  13. 0/10. Yes it’s a rage-meter. No, I didn’t rage at this episode like the others did. For one thing, Kurosawa Noriko does have a thing for Junichi in the game and manga. But they make her feelings entirely vague here due to the new character interpretation: does she really like Junichi? Is she just doing it just to piss of Tsukasa? Or BOTH!? The next half should settle these questions.

    For now, my mouthpiece is ready.

    1. It most likely wouldn’t because Miya says that they’re helping her run for the position to overcome her shyness, whereas in the first season, Junichi has overcome her shyness. In the parallel Tsukasa world, Sae never met Junichi to the extent where he helped her to overcome her shyness. Plus, it would make for a really silly arc that would leave a lot of ragers.

  14. The problem, DIVINE, is that I feel while although they wanted the ball to get rolling on the season starting with arguably one of the most popular characters of the series, we might’ve gotten a lesser quality story than we expected.

    I mean last season, the middle arcs were fairly lesser in quality compared to the final Ayajitsu Tsukasa arc (you cannot deny how epic that was), so that leads me to believe that they could’ve come up with a better story had Ayajitsu Tsukasa been the last arc.

    It might be me, but I really don’t like ‘Touch my Soul’ compared to azusa’s ‘Kimi no Mama de’ and ‘iLove’, simply because… it just seems lazier and less-work into it.

    Other than that, I can totally see the producers trolling us in the Sae Nakata arc since he obviously won’t be running for President, since Tachibana helped her overcome her shyness (and in this episode, Miya quotes having her run for the position to overcome that shyness).

    Love this series.

  15. at least the antics of ayatsuji helps me to fill the gap thats created by waiting for hitagi. among all of the characters, ayatsuji definitely ranks in alongside ai nanasaki and morishima.

    frankly speaking, i WAS REALLY hoping that the photoshoot didn’t end up as a disaster

    come on… who would not love this pose >> https://randomc.net/image/Amagami%20SS/Amagami%20SS%20plus%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2025.jpg and THAT FACE >> https://randomc.net/image/Amagami%20SS/Amagami%20SS%20plus%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2026.jpg

    speaking of taking photos, i guess half the time, if the girl of your dreams or your own girl is infront of your camera, you tend to do that sometimes.i’m guilty of it as well

  16. Watched the episode. I think it was pretty good for what its worth managing to blend a more serious romance with plenty of fanservice quite well. Feel like it is a bit hard to grasp ayatsuji’s current personality but seems like she mellowed out quite a bit.

  17. Great first episode, especially that opening scene. Though I really want to punch the OC in the face. Even though I know all will be fine because Tsukasa are above petty high school drama crap I help but feel a little reverse-NTR what with Junichi blushing, commenting on the OC’s breasts and just standing there when she’s about to make a move on him. What are you doing man!? *cue in dark Tsukasa.

    Like the fact that Tsukasa is first by cry at Haruka being last. She was my favourite too. Also hope they do special episodes again for Miya and Risa.

  18. I don’t know why I hate this show even though it SHOULD be good… It’s like me hating Modaka(I dont I loved it), it’s frustrating to not enjoy it too, I feel like I’m missing out on the party. Well I just can’t fight my brain. I hate and love what I do without explanation and unconditionally. *sigh* oh well… I’ll just continue my hatred silently.

  19. I can’t believe it’s just been a little over a year since the first season ended. The way they started this series was like they never skipped a beat. I couldn’t help but smile and keep at the edge of my seat during the whole episode. Go Tsukasa! I definitely know that she has something planned like to counter this dirty trick. She isn’t the most interesting character for nothing!

  20. Oh god!!!! I was on the edge of my seat while watching the end part of this. Damn it Junichi… WHY DON’T YOU LEARN!!!! FDLJFDOUYAPUWER!!!! So frustrating… Overall, this was an interesting episode, it’s nice tosee the aftermath of their relationshp, and the bumps they hit, as this is definitely a big bump.

    Sora no Kaze
  21. Finally, a chance to do Rihoko, the true ending and one true star of Amagami justice. Can’t wait for all these arcs for the second stringers like Ayatsuji and Haruka to finish so we can move on the real course.

  22. @Hegent
    Treat this as second season.
    Each of the six girls have two extra episodes. I labeled this episode as Ayatsuji Arc Episode 5, where it resumes the story before the epilogue (which I like with Ai Nanasaki’s epilogue at second place.) at the end of episode 4 of Ayatsuji Arc (episode 24).

  23. The elections seem more contested than Republican preliminaries right now in the US…
    Whatever the new girl has been thinking, she has just pushed the berserk button on a mild, but still yandere. She could get away with stealing the elections, but stealing Junichi? Baaad karma.

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