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OP: 「凶夢伝染」 (Kyoumu Densen) by ALI PROJECT
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「Rough sketch -素描-」 (Sobyō)

It’s very hard for a show with the kind of expectations I had for Another to live up to them, and after watching the premiere I have to say it didn’t. It surpassed them.

Simply put, this was an outstanding effort all-around. It’s P.A. Works, so you know it’s going to look great, and you won’t be disappointed. Character designs and backgrounds are gorgeous, animation is fluid and natural, and the overall look of the series is hauntingly beautiful. That’s not an accidental choice of words here, as PA combines their usual mastery of color with some interesting muted schemes and use of shadows to help create the pervasive tone of dread that pervades the entire episode. Director Mizushima Tsutomu has put the nightmare of Blood-C behind him, and appears to be back to his usual stellar form.

People are calling this a horror series, but I suspected it would be more mystery/suspense than horror, and that’s the vibe I got from the first episode. From the minute ninth-grader Sakakibara Kouichi (Abe Atsushi) moves to his late mother’s home town, it’s obvious that something is terribly wrong. He’s laid up in the hospital with a collapsed lung, for starters, where he’s visited by three classmates – Akazawa Izumi (Yonezawa Madoka), Kazami Tomohiko (Ichiki Mitsuhiro) and Sakuragi Yukari (Nonoka Ai). They’re quite a glum trio, and seem very interested in whether Kouichi-kun has ever lived in Yomiyama before (he swears he hasn’t). When he meets a fourth Yami North student, a pale girl with an eyepatch who introduces herself as Misaki Mei (Natsumi Takamori) in the hospital elevator, things get even weirder. Mei takes the elevator to the sub-basement (where the morgue is) and says she has to make a delivery to her “poor other half”.

The sense of wrongness here is certainly not subtle, nor is it trying to be – it permeates every frame of the ep, and writer Ayatsuji Yukito – a legendary “neo-orthodox” horror novelist and husband of fellow legend Ono Fuyumi – isn’t trying to disguise that something terrible happened here. The intro tells us that a pretty and popular girl named Misaki died 26 years ago, and the story is set in 1998. Kouichi is told that his name is “linked with death” by Mei when he meets her again on the roof on his first day at school – during which meeting she also informs him that his Class 3-3 is “close to death” and warns him not to try and get close to her. Sickness and ill fortune seem to follow the class – a fellow student has a heart condition, Sakuragi has a bandaged ankle and Akazawa is out sick. While just what’s happened isn’t clear, it’s obvious that the Kouichi is caught up in something he doesn’t understand at all, and it’s something nasty.

I love all the odd little touches that contribute to the disquiet we feel. The crows who appear on the roof behind Mei. The fact that Kouichi’s grandmother and grandfather are heard but their faces never seen (significant?). The sound design helps too, mostly chilling silence with occasional snippets of spare and austere BGM, and strange and jarring bouts of static. Mizushima-sensei gives us quick cuts to dolls in various states of distress (Mei is carrying such a doll when Kouichi meets her in the elevator). The only series I can compare this to in term of feel is Ghost Hound, because of the beautiful visuals and stunning sound but also because rather than gore and violence, both shows mostly rely on keeping the audience unsettled and unsure. This is horror, of a sort, but true psychological horror.

I’m not ready to guess what the true situation here is yet, but I’m on pins and needles to find out. Kouichi can clearly see Mei, who seems very obviously to be dead – but can no one else see her, or are they merely pretending not to? The timing of events is interesting – I’d thought Kouichi’s Mom or Dad might have been involved in the 1985 incident with Mei, but the timing really doesn’t fit. I assume the Grandparents are her parents, as she was obviously born and raised in Yomiyama, and the father is absent, travelling in India as part of his job as a college professor. We know that Kouichi’s Mom has died in circumstances dire enough to make her father tremble and cry when he talks about “that” happening to her – but no details yet. It seems as if things took a supernatural turn when another student referred to Mei being “still here” – and hereafter the school acted as if she weren’t dead, leaving her desk untouched and even making a place for her at graduation. But did the comment spur the haunting, or was it in response to it?

I haven’t been this excited about a premiere for a while – Another looks as if it has the chance to be really, really good. P.A. Works does have a history of starting out gangbusters and having trouble finishing a series, but the fact that this is based on a highly acclaimed novel should give us some protection against a significant drop in quality. It was obvious from the staff involved that the potential for greatness was here, and it appears that the story is up to the challenge. The cast isn’t full of huge names, but they’re pretty much spot-on across the board – subdued and pensive performances that match the story and visuals. In short, there’s no reason whatsoever why this shouldn’t be one of the best series of 2012. That doesn’t mean it will be, but at this point I wouldn’t bet against it.


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  1. That was one creepy school.
    The only problem I have is Mei looks so adorable (it’s always hard to make a girl with an eye-patch pretty) and not scary at all. But the ambiance is eerie as hell.
    ANOTHER anime series to add to my list.

  2. I couldn’t agree more. Being a connesieur of horror I settle for the 5/10’s and 7/10’s across all media, games,movies, anime etc. I have to say, RARELY do you get something this intriguing from the get go. This might be the Silent Hill 2 of anime! I’m pretty excited. I haven’t had an anime give me heart palpitations like when the music kicked up as Misaki entered the basement since Shiki’s tunnel scene. Plus it has the artistic beauty of Hanasaku. Hopefully it keeps this up! Man, from the color palette to the voice actors, a gem already.

    1. Not all horror genre are blood and guts, you know…

      If you can scared the crap out of people without gore, that is genius. Example: The Master of Horror series. They focus more on the fear factor than gore. I have always hated horror genre, but I can watch that series somehow. Not a fan of blood and guts.

  3. I agree, this show reminds me of Ghost Hound, however, I hope it does not pace itself like it. The mystery in Ghost Hound barely developed for some time and almost made me drop the series before it gave enough lure to keep me staying for that conclusion.
    But considering some of the recent PA Works (Hanasaku Iroha, Angel Beats), I doubt ANOTHER will let me down. =]

    1. Sadly it does take a while before things get really explained to start making sense (if they follow the manga closely). Its a slow moving starter like Shiki was. It will be worth the wait tho so hang in there.

  4. Horror, Mystery and Suspense….

    Another show to watch with courage while the lights are turned off. Truthfully I’m a bit of a scaredy cat when it comes to horror and suspense. “Mi nut liek gust end zumbees…” but I want to watch it so badly since the premise looks interesting.

    The Moondoggie
    1. I was watching this at 2:00 AM just before I went to sleep. I thought was another series, but I find myself saying, “No nightmare. No nightmare. No nightmare!” as I closed my eyes. This is one creepy show…

    1. Sorry, bro…

      I have watch many porn, but horror and sex don’t combined well. In fact, it is horrible. Steer clear of gore genre in hentai. Stick with the classic gangbang, fetish, rape, furry, lolicon, and beastiality. LOL! Avoid scat and pissing, too. Never was a fan of those. In fact, just stick with the classic straight porn.

      Sex + Horror = future psychopath…You SCARED me, bro.

    2. Uh make a doujin out of Another? They already made one out of Corpse Party so maybe yeah. That said, girls/guys getting raped by undead with their rotting flesh is eww to the core.

      The Moondoggie
      1. Sorry, wasn’t clarifying. I never said I was into it; just the thought if it were possible they would make one for Another. If they did for Corpse Party and even Ika Musume, then yes, it’s highly possible.

  5. Throughout the episode, I couldn’t help but feel like someone was just going to die in front of my face. Despite the cutesy character designs, the general dark/paleness of the environment coupled with the reactions shown through the eyes and the voice acting gives the show a very eerie, suspenseful feel to it. Hope this remains consistent throughout the series.

  6. Terrific write-up. I agree on a lot of points with the review but didn’t seem to like it as much. Still, this is probably the second best premiere we’ve had yet this season. Also, that sound direction is beyond phenomenal. The music as well.

  7. I loved majority of the episode, but this scene here felt really forced. https://randomc.net/image/Another/Another%20-%2001%20-%20Large%2032.jpg

    Unless the version I had was badly translated, all Mei said was “Your classmates haven’t told you?” To get the kind of reaction from Kouichi in response to a a question like that seemed kinda weird to me.

    Mei walking down the dark hallway to the morgue with the doll was definitely a highlight of the episode. I am a huge Ghost Hunt fan and all those dolls in this episode reminded me of the doll arc in Ghost Hunt.

    1. Also, when Kouichi met Mei for the first time in the elevator…where was he planning to take the elevator to? It just seemed like he walked in there and just watched as the elevator went down to B2 without pressing any buttons (nitpicking I know…)

  8. “It’s very hard for a show with the kind of expectations I had for Another to live up to them, and after watching the premiere I have to say it didn’t. It surpassed them.”

    That starting line by Enzo instantly gave a chill down my spine. Truly looking forward to this new series from P.A. Works.

  9. Had no idea who the Director was before coming here, but when I was watching I thought to myself the guys who did Blood-C should be taking notes from this guy on how to set the mood for a series.

      1. So instead of a suicide, we not speculah that Mei is dead due to murder… But who want to kill such a cute girl? And how? And why? And if Kouichi’s mom has a hand in the murder, shouldn’t the ghost of Mei curse him too?

        The Moondoggie
  10. Love this first ep. Surprised at how the studio who brought us those beautiful sceneries in Hanasaku Iroha can make a show this creepy. Will watch this to end for sure as I’m very much intrigued how f***ed up this is going to be.

    I swear those dolls appearing inbetween the episode were downright creepy.

  11. This might be the only show that I can watch this season. Can’t say yet since I haven’t actually seen it yet, but I just started a download. Looks like the type of show that’ll end in a bloodbath though…. which I can’t say I’m a big fan of.

  12. Yikes, I completely regret giving my brain a trip down memory lane as to why the Sakakibara surname was treated as taboo by Kouichi’s classmates. For those who were wondering as to why: Show Spoiler ▼

    In any case, like others have mentioned, ep one was brilliant. This is definitely going to be a series I will be looking forward to every week.

  13. For the whole episode i kept on thinking…

    “Don’t mention you see her.”
    “Don’t mention you see her.”
    “Don’t mention you see her.”

    Looks promising, hope this doesn’t dissapoint. Love the music used in the show!

    1. Maybe it is like talking to demons…

      When a demon exist in a place, everybody tell you to never mention it or talk about it. If one person talk to it, it become stronger and enter this world physically like Paranormal Activities. Maybe that is why nobody want to keep mention her name or anything about her.

    2. I had the exact opposite thought; I was hoping that he would drop that bomb in the scene with a lot of his classmates around. Regardless, I really liked how they they built up that scene where he asked his classmate where Mei was. I could tell it was coming, I knew he was going to say it and I was still freaked out going “oh shit, oh shit, here it comes” That’s the kind of response you want to illicit from your audience.

      1. I liked that they dropped the bomb early. Was just tense about it. They even teased us once in the classroom. Definitely has those higurashi vibes. Waiting for those neko eyed girls next ep. Don’t dissapoint! xD

  14. I regret not reading this in the preview before I watched.
    *jumps of a cliff*
    Since you said that this is more mystery than horror and that you enjoyed it, I will slowly watch this with all my might. (I hope I don’t get bad dreams) ;A;

  15. Hmmm, it seems to have all the elements that I want for this kind of series,..the eerie feel, mystery element, the background music, animation that is darker tone, of course the character designs is really something that fits the theme.

    For a primer it is very good in getting me hooked immediately to this series.

  16. I was watching this at 2 AM. It was creepy as hell. Those dolls were scary. Maybe it’s something about dolls and Charlie that scared me originally as a child.

    The show DOES take it time. It slow played everything making it very suspenseful and creepy. Example: When he was in the elevator with the girl, she left and he ask her for her name. It took her loooooong enough to reply that I was literally expecting something to pop out of the darkness and scream at me. Scary.

    I like it. It is different. It plays more on darkness and suspense than blood and guts like Elfin Lien.

  17. This first episode did a great job in setting the tone for the series. You know almost from the start that something is very wrong. This is probably the most difficult genre to do well, be it animated or live action, but I have high hopes for this series. My biggest concern is how 12 episodes will be able to adequately tell this story. I’ll watch this one to the end guaranteed.

    1. They asked him like 3 times over and over that did he ever lived there before. And he wasn’t the least suspicious?!

      Something is up with them…

      -First time doesn’t mean anything
      -Second time I am suspicious as hell
      -Third time, it is time to get the hell out of there
      -Fourth time, WHY THE HELL ARE YOU EVEN HERE? Run, stupid, run!

  18. I really enjoyed the episode. The only creepy part was when Mei was walking into the shadow, I thought something was going to happen but it never did. I hope this is the only episode where the kids ar ekeeping a secret because that can get old pretty fast.

    Also did anyone notice there was no fourth floor in the hospital? Relevant or a mistake? :-p

    1. LOL, beat you to the punchline by 4 minutes… LOl!

      Wacth out there so be careful when you ask a question. You will be spoiled.

      In my opinion, I don’t think it was a mistake. Everything in this series seem to be a setup for something greater. I am pretty sure there was a reason why the whole 4th level was missing. Another mystery to be solved later on. Maybe that is where they keep the real Mei. Or it is a haunted floor.

    2. Just to confirm, it’s very common in Asia for there to be no 4th floor, as it’s considered unlucky just as 13 is in the US. Very often it will be “3.5” or “F” or something like that. Not saying it can’t be tied into the plot, but it isn’t necessarily a clue in and off itself.

  19. Did anybody else get the feeling that everybody in this show is either dead, dying, or will die?

    Is there anybody who is healthy here and not dying of an illness? Any normal people who doesn’t goes bat crazy expression when “her name” is mention every time?


    1. Kouichi is 14, his Mom is dead and his father is gallivanting about India (and hardly sounds concerned about his son) – it’s not like Kouichi has a lot of choices. About all he could do is beg his grandparents to pull him out of school, but they hardly seem like they’re coping with life too well as is.

  20. ALI Project breaks my heart. </3

    Anyway, nice episode and a very cool atmosphere. Without reading anything I knew it was PA behind this because the BG art reminded me of Hanasaku Iroha.

    I'm just waiting for a random "FUKOOOU DAAA" somewhere in this show…

    1. “Don’t think about it. It’s perfectly normal.”
      “Don’t think about it. It’s perfectly normal.”
      “Don’t think about it. It’s perfectly normal.”
      “Don’t think about it. It’s perfectly normal.”
      “Don’t think about it. It’s perfectly normal.”

      The Moondoggie
  21. Well its stated in the winter preview that someone will die.
    What I found creepy was the fact that they focused on so many classmates while they were questioning Kouichi in class, like “You see them? They’re aaaaaall gonna diiiiiiieeee”

  22. I rarely (actually, never) watch this kind of shows, but the first episode seems good.

    Like Divine pointed out, the girl who died many years ago (same Mei?), Kouichi’s mother, and Mei may be the same person. It is just too convenient for the writer to introduce all three of them in the background in the same time frame.

    Of course, this doesn’t seem to make sense, but Mei did refer to her “other half”. And she does have an eye patch (Tsubasa? hahaha~~~). If this show does have anything supernatural to it, then conventional logic does not apply to the plot.

  23. Ah, it’s such a slap in the face to go from the typical, flamboyantly colourful anime with it’s overly hyper characters to something as subdued and dark as this.

    Very visually pleasing thus far. Built up intigrue with ease as well. My moderate expectations for this has been surpassed.

    But on the downside, it’s rather annoying how the protagonist of horror shows (or hell, even any genre) act as if they an inbuilt filter that blocks out any kind flag that screams out “something’s wrong!”.

  24. I haven’t so eagerly awaited the next episode of an anime since Gosick. Too early I think to call it a horror but I’d say Thriller. It would be awesome if the last episode had all the characters doing “Thriller”. lol.

  25. I haven’t Seen anyone mention this. But a quick correction. While it never shows the “grandfathers” face. Because he is in a dark room moaning about his daughters death. It most definitely did show the “Grandmothers” face in the hospital.

  26. I have to agree with Enzo about the sound direction, it’s pretty amazing. The part just after he sees Mai on the rooftop there is rumbling thunder as the scene pans around from the ground to the rooftop. Using a pair of good headphones I could close my eyes and follow the PoV from just listening to the thunder. Crazy and fantastic.

  27. So far this feels like a mix between Ookami Kakushi and Ghost Hound.
    Another show on my watchlist for this season.^^

    There are two things I have a bit of a Problem with though.
    First, I’ve only read the first chapter of the manga so not to spoil myself if the anime is good and there are already a lot of differences (aside from the obvious difference in art), so I’d love to talk with someone who has read the novels to ask them which of the two is closer to the original.
    Second, the OP. While I like Ali Project and also like the song I feel that it doesn’t fit the mood of the show. It has a too flamboyant feeling to it in contrast to the darkness and mysteriousness prevalent through the first episode.

    1. Hav’ta agree with ya Zannafar. I think the opening ruined it for me too. I have this creepy story and heavy ambience then in comes the ‘light’ op. Would have preferred the ‘heaviness’ of Magia by Kalafina or that crazy Mirai Nikki op.

  28. My gosh. The music… makes the series so much creepier. Props to the composer~
    Yes. ANOTHER is so good~ It’s been a while since I’ve seen a well-done horror anime series. 😀

  29. a few aspects annoyed me, but overall it seems pretty good and it has definitely perked my interest as to “what happens next”.
    like divine said though, in this case I’d prefer more realistic-looking character design instead of the more cutesy style used.

  30. Hi guys. I’m still alive! Shit the episode is creepy as hell. Mei is obviously either dead/related to someone dead since the freaking girl goes into a morgue… IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!

    But what rocks me the most is the OP: Hell Yeah! ALI Project rocks!

    The Moondoggie
  31. I read the manga before and honestly, this feels very different to the manga. I don’t know about the novel but the manga, had prettier character designs and the MC came off more strongly, confident and not soft spoken.

  32. Like another commenter, I had no idea this was the same director as Blood-C. If this had come out first, I would have thought Blood-C was a parody b/c of all the similarities, down to the introduction of the classmates. But I think I’ll be pretty upset when people start dying in this one.

  33. I knew Nagi was singing for Ano Natsu but had no idea about Annabel. Can’t believe both are singing EDs this season. I read some of the manga after this but I’m still looking forward to next week. The music really helps set the atmosphere, I can’t wait to see how this one will unravel.

  34. Wow this show. This show just jumped to the top of my list for this season so far. The sound direction in this one is the best I’ve seen in any anime in… years and years, I don’t even know how long. The music was absolutely perfectly placed to keep you feeling nervous and edgy throughout the whole episode. Brilliant, it’s honestly hard to believe this was the same director that did Blood-C, the two shows are like night and day. Absolutely can not wait for episode 2.

  35. Too be honest, sine I read the manga, and knowing this I’ll be biased… I was expecting to be more creep out. I definitely get the vibes from the music and stuff, and it’s not a bam super creepy kinda feel, which was what I was expecting. It’s nice to ease into it, which was probably the better move to get more enjoyment all around. I certainly felt my heart beat fast with the music out ofhow I felt some of it was creepy. The awkwardness made it better as well. I hope that the good work is kept up and that it gets more and more creepy!

    Sora no Kaze
  36. Went to read the manga as soon as I saw the trailer at in the preview post.
    So theres no need to speculate on this one 😛

    Now looking at how they repackage/rearrange it in anime form.

    Colors, speech, sound.
    Brings the manga to live 😛

  37. WOW! the last time I felt such a shivering “wrongness” was when playing obscure erotic horror VN that had really eerie atmosphere – it’s title was “Divi-dead”. The feeling of, ever colder, ever darker night approaching while music plays disturbing notes…

  38. Normally I wouldn’t touch such horror, but for two reasons I watched this:

    1. It felt more like suspense/mystery than horror, and I can take suspense pretty well. I prefer to do some thinking to unravel the mystery rather than hide behind my couch all the time expecting a zombie to lash out at the camera and ripping off some hapless soul’s intestines.

    2. PA Works. They have a track record for adapting dark series (Canaan) so I decided to give this a chance.

    I like what I saw. Though Project-Ali’s OP sort of ruined the mood a bit, their usual gothic style was too flamboyant for such a dark series, as someone above mentioned. The ED OTOH was just right.

    Kinny Riddle
  39. The typical Town With Dark Secret trope never bores me.

    The three classmates coming to visit Kouichi’s hospital ward felt like they were probing and ascertaining whether this “outsider” was aware of their secret, and once they decided he wasn’t, promptly welcomed him, but still with guarded reservations in case he tries anything funny.

    Even the clasmates, they were all making gestures and signals to each other behind Kouichi’s back in regular conversation, to distract Kouichi away from knowledge concerning the haunted non-classmate.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. yup, that trope is a classic, from salem to hinamizawa 😛 and here it is executed flawlessly, from the inquisitive fellow students to mysterious plague of various illnesses, to teachers wishing the studentsa to “graduate safely”, to the “countermeasures committee” – btw lead male is a bit dense, I would start with question “countemeasures against WHAT?”

  40. The hair in the back of my neck stand stil at the first 30 seconds of watching, it´s just incredible, all the atmosphere around the town, the people, specially the school and Kouichi´s classmates, everything has an ominous feeling wrapped around it that makes me feel truly scare. Throw an opening song by Ali Project and I am at the verge of tears, I´m not good with terror and scary stuff but I love watchig it and read tons of novels, you can say there something wrong with me.

    This show goes to the top of this season´s watch list for so many but I going to be in be through the whole story, seriously the only thing adorable in that highschool is Mei, her character design is just too cute for that hell hole. Everything else scares me to death like the Bloody Laberinth arc in Ghost Hunt, now that scared to death.

  41. Namedropping Stephen King already?

    Seems they tried to put up a sense of uncanniness in the school, which was sort of obvious at the beginning when the Kouichi’s three classmates visited him queerly and seemed agitated. However, they played it up too far with the class being completely silent when our protagonist introduced himself. It was ridiculous.

    Slight building queerness all around the episode, which is reinforced thoroughly by the school and class 3’s students. The creepy part for me was the discordant raising of chords when Misaki entered into the shadows.

    Sudden scene cuts to dolls, should’ve help reinforced the atmosphere but they overplayed it too much.

    Creepy town atmosphere could’ve executed better.

    Gaze of Providence
  42. Kouichi must be pretty dense not to sense some kind of weird atmosphere when the class reps visited him, I mean anyone would have felt something was off seeing them lined up like that. As well as asking why there is a dilapitated chair at the top right corner of the class room.

    Judging by the 2 class reps reaction when Kouichi shook hands with Akazawa, and the question if he really has never lived here, I’m guessing Akazawa is probably a low level psychic that is somewhat able to read a bit of other peoples minds.

    1. That or he has some sort of spiritual connection with Misaki since it looks (so far) like he’s the only one who can see her. Though with his name being associated with death, maybe it’s more like he’s cursed, and he can curse others if they’re not careful.

      Either way, it didn’t have as much of the occult as I expected from the spouse of Ghost Hunt’s writer.

  43. Being a fan of horror and suspense, the first episode was a huge let down in my eyes. The backgrounds were beautiful for sure, but with kawaii ugguu characters and nothing creepy happening, it was…meh. I will keep watching the series, but not with as much hope as I started off with.

  44. Things that interested/creeped me out in this episode:
    OMG the MUSIC!!! (who’s in charge of the music/sound effects here?)
    the mutilated dolls interpersed throughout the episode (some significance?)
    the question asked multiple times..(yes, this is agreed on)
    they avoided answering the question of “countermeasures” and changed the topic
    why in the world would Kouichi go into the lift without a fixed destination?
    (I know he wanted to contact his dad, but people would go in the lift and press a button, right?)
    why in the world would he ask her for her name? (curiosity, perhaps?)
    “poor other half”?
    (he was talking to her spirit? and the spirit wanted to visit her body? her other half..)
    (if a girl was going to the dark morgue alone in the night isn’t setting some bells off, those bells must be spoilt or something…)
    the bird (I think the bird has some great potential to scare me, no thanks to another anime which did this..)
    (I think I agree that there seems to be some significance why the grandparents aren’t shown)
    (I remember there was an anime that did this before, and it did have some certain extent of significance. Some help in identifying the anime?)
    “group matters more than the individual” (hmm… this gave some more higurashi vibes)
    holy! the form teacher’s voice is really…. (I can’t describe it… creepy vibes?)
    at how the class is soooo quiet when Kouichi is introducing himself.
    “you can all graduate in prime health next March”? (my alarm bells are already going crazy)
    (would teachers tell everything about the transfer student to the class?)
    a guy coughing when they are talking about India and the temperature there (time to add to that list: Kouichi had a collapsed lung right after moving in, who had that bandaged leg?, student with heart problems, Akazawa absent, and that guy coughing.)
    (would someone ask if the transfer student had something bothering him?)
    man, they changed the topic about Akazawa being absent quickly…
    the girl who landed in the sand during PE (I hope she isn’t injured)
    “Only class 3 is different.” (*restraints from commentating*)
    “Did they say anything to you?” “That’s all?”
    “If we’re not careful, Akazawa will yell at us.”
    the expression made when Kouchi asks about Misaki Mei (yes… agreed on)
    “Your classmates haven’t told you?” and weird expression. (higurashi vibessssss)
    oh godd.. the whole speech about being close to death..
    “Goodbye” “Sa-ka-ki-ba-ra-kun” (WHY DID SHE HAD TO ADD THAT LEVEL OF CREEPY??!?!)
    (hmm.. is the town really that wayward? the only car on the road?)
    someone-who-look-like-Mei is standing still in the pouring rain… (no comment, right?)

    (I had a tiny mixup of typing Kouichi’s name as Keiichi… my bad.. not intentional..)
    BUT both had a “Bara” in their names!! you can’t blame me..right?
    Maebara Keiichi…. Sakakibara Kouichi…

    In any case, this show is going straight to the top of my list of viewing.
    I can’t wait for the next episode!!
    Great review, Enzo!!! Cheers!

    1. wait… I auto-assumed that the Misaki that Kouichi was talking to was the one that the intro referred to (that she had died 26 years ago)…
      the intro only said the name “Misaki” not “Misaki Mei”
      they are two different persons, right?
      But I think I’m not the only person who auto-assumed that though…
      I mean… who wouldn’t assume that the girl-with-that-eye-cover isn’t dead yet?
      I don’t know of any living girls who would willingly go to the morgue in the night, and holding a distressed doll, and going to that darkness ALONE.
      If she is alive, she have nerves of steel.

  45. The show is starting off great. Filled creepy atmoshpere and mind nerving sounds, the sense of something horribly wrong permeates the episode from start to finish. Combine that with dire warnings from a ghost, this just became my late-night anime.

    After watching it, I realized something strange. I understand that Mei is dead. Yet she travels to morgue in the hospital scene, but why would she do so? Her corpse wouldn’t be in the morgue for that long since she’s been dead for 26 years. Otherwise, is she just doing a spirit routine?

  46. Three words about this show: Creepy, creepy, CREEPY.

    I got serious Higurashi vibes from this episode and the ED, but that’s likely because I subconsciously attribute pretty much most of horror anime to Higurashi. Anyway, the tension in every single scene was so thick, I practically expected someone to suddenly break out into screaming about how Mei’s actually dead. Everyone in that class, even the more outgoing ones, were so strung up…I would just hate to be Sakakibara in that situation. Definitely watching the next episode.

    My one complaint is ALI Project. After Rozen Maiden, all of their songs sound the same, jumping up, down and across on pitches and tunes without any actual direction. Other than that, great first episode.


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