「アクイレイアの巫女」 (Akuireia no Miko)
“The Priestess of Aquieleia”

They are wasting no time on diving into some pretty major plot developments this season. Of course, it makes sense being that this is the last one, but you still don’t usually see an invasion brewing that is intent on blotting out all that is pure and kind until at least episode four. Not that I’m complaining!

This episode brings us the start of the Pope’s two-week long celebration, not to mention the official debut of Louise and Tiffania in their Index cosplay. I have to say, I heartily agree with Saito’s sentiments – Index-Louise is just too cute! Though I have no idea where he got the “Lemon-chan” thing from. Possibly Saito has been watching too much Ano Natsu de Matteru. Once again, not complaining!

But anyway, the hijinks don’t last too long, and soon Louise has gone off on her own (again) and been captured by the knife-wielding gothloli, Jeanette (Takamori Natsumi). Meanwhile, Saito, who has been seriously negligent for not yet reinventing a tracking device to slap on Louise, gets in a fight with one of the other Elemental Siblings, Doudou (Iguchi Yuuichi). I’m really enjoying the Elemental Siblings inclusion into the story so far. They keep proving themselves to be both powerful and not idiots, preferring to use actual tactics like stealth, subterfuge, non-suicidal distractions and even poison to get things done instead of charging around blindly like Saito is wont to do. Plus I have a soft spot for characters who fight magic-users without using magic themselves, which is why I’ve always liked Agnes.

Oh, and there’s also this. Jeanette has, ahem, good taste.

Overall, I am obscenely pleased with the balance this season is showing. While I still enjoyed the previous ones even when they were 90% slapstick and ecchi, this season is managing to balance plot, fanservice and comedy quite well. Actually, you could say that it’s a bit light on the fanservice, with only Tiffania really holding down the fort, but I don’t mind. I feel fanservice works best when it’s done infrequently, otherwise it starts to lose its punch. And with plot developments like King Joseph capturing Louise with the aim of raising an army of demons and invading Romalia on the horizon, there should be more than enough to keep us entertained without overdoing the fanservice. I just hope they’re not raising the stakes too high, too quickly. If King Joseph is already invading countries, how much bigger can things get? I looking forward to finding out, though.

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ED Sequence

ED: 「キスシテ↑アゲナイ↓」 (Kiss Shite Agenai) by 釘宮理恵 (Kugumiya Rie)
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  1. I’m so glad the series put plot development ahead of fan service this season. Last season had little plot development and an over abundance of fan service. It was like they created fan service situations and then wrote a script around it.

    This season has been back on track and more like how the series originally started that I liked so much.

  2. I agree Stilts! I really do like the direction of this season so far! Can’t wait to watch this episode. Fanservice it fanservice, I agree with that also. Don’t overdo it, I mean you get used to it; it becomes annoying. Keep it on the low side. Though I can’t help but laugh when Saito and Louise still get into those little fights. Nice post!

  3. Looks like they are making up for the absolutly horrendous previous ZnT season.
    So far so good, but im still getting more and more tired of the generic tsundere. Looks like my years of anime watching is taking its toll.

  4. So there’s supposed to be 13 volumes worth of material in these 12 episodes? Based on this episode, what’s the pace like so far? Did this and the last episode cover pretty much one volume each?

    1. Seeing how the battle of Aquilia is only 1 volume long, I do suppose its going to end around episode 4 or 5. Unless they are going for an anime original ending as I don’t remember Louise getting kidnapped. We’re going to be seeing more tank action.

      Suppa Tenko
    1. Maybe a friend of theirs who works for that Hard Gay uncle of Siesta? Or a first-year in the Academy?

      I kinda thought Louise would question who is Lemon-chan and that Saito was a dead man when he said it. But WTF! Louise went all deredere instead….

      Well at least Saito did get blasted in the end, but for other reasons.

      The Moondoggie
  5. I guess with Louise captured we might get to see if Saito is Tiffania’s familiar or not. And from “lemons to melons,” that was funny to say the least. Louise is still so naive and cute, especially in the ending song.

    1. Yah! I’m wondering too if Saito is also Tifa’s familiar…
      He COULD be because 1) he did fall from the sky to Tifa (though it was accidental) and 2) the opening paired the masters and familiars together – the pope with Julio, Joseph with oba-san, and then Louise and Tifa with Saito.
      Sooo, that’s more evidence that Saito might also be Tifa’s familiar. I guess we’ll see. ^-^

  6. I done with Zero no Tsukaima long time ago they can have 10 season for all I care and I would still not bother watching it, why bother watching a show when the ending is already laid plain out, we all know who he goner pick in the end.
    The main character is a F#$#% wuss he absolutely got no taste, you got all these beautiful women throwing themselves at you, he has to pick the lowest one of them all.
    what so great about a flat chested loud mouth ill-temper annoying thing call a girl, the maid, the princess, the elf is way way better. If he a man go grab them all or at least have some standard to go pick someone better.

    Its like he pass by a big juicy steak for a cheap 5 dollar happy meal.

    1. Because “mike” Zero no Tsukaima isn’t just a romance story. Its also a fantasy and has other things besides romance. Its pretty damned obvious that Saito is going to be with Louise considering how season 1 ended.

      Suppa Tenko
    2. Even here? *Face Palm*

      As for your question: Saito had feelings for Louise. In the novel, it all first started with the pact they had as master and familiar. When Saito felt that he love Louise, a question came about if it was just because that familiars should be loyal to their masters.

      Which apparently isn’t the case, proven when Tifa removed the charm on Saito using her Void magic. Saito choose to stay with Louise and be her familiar.

      And it’s not like Saito’s dumb. He do love “mountains” and admits both “plains” and “mountains” have their own plus.

      The Moondoggie
    3. Ah, but we know how most stories end – the good guy(s) win. It’s a very rare story indeed that makes the bad guys win, after all. So if we always know the good guys will win, why watch? It’s because we want to see how they do it, of course! So yes, it has been obvious for ages that Saito and Louise were going to end up with one another. I’d just like to see how it happens, and what ends up happening with this and everything else : )

      1. Make a story with a fantastic journey then give it a good ending, the ending is predictable? Who cares! the idea is to create a wonderful story that leaves everyone with the desire for more. Stephen King said that endings are the worst part of a story because you have to say goodbye to the the characters and the world the inhabit and sometimes leave behind the frustation of imcomplete information.

  7. I would have liked to see Louise and Saito somehow spend some time in our world. Does anything like that happen in the novels? It would have made a good arc at any rate if done well.

    1. @Karmafan

      It’s not the Novel, but if you’re desperate enough for that scenario I believe the second Zero no Tsukaima PS2 game’s setting is about the girls (all of them) going to Saito’s world.

  8. Yamaguchi Noboru: Hey, can I borrow this white nun theme for my series?
    Kamachi Kazuma (swimming in light novel sales money): Huh? Oh sure, whatever.

    And that’s how it came to be, and the rest my boy, is history.

    Gaze of Providence
    1. Better get a wake up post: Kamachi-sensei doesn’t swim in money.

      Sure his series was a huge hit. But it’s probably the executives at ASCII Media who are chilling out on their million dollar yacht from the sales. If he’s receiving some cash, it’s probably a pittance compared to the total sales.

      Really, authors SHOULD demand more.

      The Moondoggie
    1. Despite not being a big fan of Louise (or ZnT for that matter), I find the Louise banner to still be the best one. It’s nostalgic and calming at the same time, and seems to suit RC the best.

  9. I do wonder whether “Lemon-chan” was one of Saito’s geekish fantasies back when he was still in our world? IIRC A previous episode from season 2 or 3 did show him dreaming about returning “home” to Akihabara. lol (As a non-novel reader, I have absolutely no idea whether that was even canon. :p )

    Ah, nothing like a Kugimiya loli-tsundere ED to sooth the moe senses.

    Kinny Riddle

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