Okay, wow. I had already anticipated the scenario where Naruto befriends Kurama and frees him from his cage two chapters ago, but seeing it actually happen so soon after is another matter altogether. I’m filled with a sense of satisfaction and a lot of excitement on where the series goes from here, the latter of which I could barely contain as I got goosebumps from the scene with the seal slowly being undone and then the gate blowing wide open with Kurama in full support behind Naruto. The recent chapters did a fantastic job of building up to this moment, starting with Kurama lending Naruto some chakra when he was faced with the real Madara, and it culminated to something really monumental here. The fact that things were fairly predictable didn’t take away from the day that Naruto and Kurama finally see eye-to-eye either, as that ended up hyping it more than anything else. I could even feel my inner shounen fanaticism tingling.

While Kurama was already aware of the kind of person that Naruto is, the turning point was undoubtedly the genuine compassion that Naruto showed Son. It was almost as if Kurama was waiting for Naruto to reaffirm his image of him one more time before deciding to lend him his power, so it was pretty cool how it all played out with Naruto not hopping on his initial offer to do so. If he had, it may have come off as another case of humans using Tailed-Beasts as weapons of war and ignoring their feelings, and from what we’ve seen, Kurama’s quite “emotional” about this kind of stuff. My favorite part was their unspoken understanding after the fist bump though — something that Son likely had with Naruto as well when he left his Jinchuuriki Roushi behind. I don’t know if the latter implies we’ll see more of Master Roushi in the upcoming chapters, but I’m willing to bet we’ll see Naruto hand over control of his body to Kurama so that he can transform into his full form. Tobi’s reaction will be priceless, as will Kakashi and Guy’s.


    1. I hated that it ended on a cliffhanger. I did a “DOH” when I saw the final panel. I wanted to see how the duo would look. Next week every Naruto manga fan will be rushing to see whats gonna happen. I can’t wait.

    1. Being a giant fox ain’t exactly fitting the shounen genre. Big Monster =/= Strong. I’m leaning more to the fusion of ninetails chakra and sage mode. Kind of like what happened with nagato vs naruto. Naruto will cause some havoc as nine tails but when the chips are down that’s when the fusion takes place 🙂

    1. Exactly my words. Lately, this manga has had me re-reading some of the latest chapters for some of these cool, cool moments that have been rolling in one after another.

      So much of these scenes could gain so much more if done correctly in the anime. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for it.

      Still, I cannot help but laugh at the idea of Kyuubi betraying Naruto now that he’s free.

      Naruto: Ok, let’s go!
      Kyuubi: MORON!!!!!!!!

  1. Wow…it’s taken awhile, but it’s finally hit me.

    Naruto is reaching the end. Can you people imagine a world without Naruto?!

    Because I can. And I can only hope this story gets put to rest as gracefully as these recent chapters have set it up to be.

    1. let’s just say that naruto freed all the tailed beast inside kuchiyose gedo mazo, tobi’s dead and everything’s obliterated except on the side of the 5 nations, then all of a sudden sasuke appeared out of nowhere who has this rinnegan-sharingan eyes combined, that is really effin hard to tell when Naruto will got to end. it’s so near, yet so far…

  2. Well did anyone consider the possibility that Kurama might take this opportunity to just get Naruto’s guard down? I kinda feel its a little early for nine-tails to give-in to Naruto’s good will… Ima not sure…

    1. It’s in the back of my mind, but he’s constantly said that he doesn’t want to be controlled by “Madara,” I remember him mentioning that “other uchiha” around the start of the time skip, somewhere back there. It’s probably because he didn’t appreciate being controlled by him the last time he was released and destroyed the leaf village. So I think he’s genuine in his “I don’t like ‘Madara’,” and at the same time uses it for tsundere effect!

      It really does seem like Naruto is winding down. One of the biggest hurdles has been the fact that Kurama could possess Naruto at any moment and aside from Tobi the only real threat left is emo Sasuke. Then you’ve got all the villages in an alliance right now so it’s almost like the peace Jiraiya’s been hoping for is almost coming to fruition.

    2. No I think the kabuto/orochimaru storyline will end with sasuke facing them; the lat storyline will then be naruto trying to get sasuske back to the village. Then Hinata and naruto have baby’s with an epilogue detailing how much better the world is. Meanwhile sasuke is still emo but married with sakura, and now an emo cop. No matter what sasuke will always be emo basically.

  3. “the epic brofist” right on!

    It made me cry. and I don’t think I’ve read any narutos chapter as many times as I read this 1 (about 5 times), and each time a tear came to my eyes.

    And kurama is such an emotional fox hahahaha xD getting all shy and all x) I think he was waiting for someone to believe in, so him tricking Naruto is a scenario I don’t expect seeing in the next chapter.

  4. It might be winding down and I can actually see it ending but there are a few things left in the list. Beat madara, save sasuke, bring peace, become hokage, and somewhere in there he might learn a new technique I guess

      1. ^Now that is funny. I hope beyond hope that they actually address that but I don’t know how they could at this point. There is no real history between the two but she is the best bet for a future wife and there would be a massive rage fest if he somehow ended up with Sakura. I think Naruto needs to have a ‘circle is complete’ ending where it shows him (and hopefully Hinata) with a child…..will of Fire, next generation, blah, blah blah, the end, great.

        btw, the anime handled that confession scene pretty horribly after all the added content. She confesses Naruto gives no reaction, barely a look. The manga had one panel showing his surprise that spoke volumes. Anyway, I’m looking forward to more Naruto on all fronts, action and romance (if there is any left to be had).

  5. These past Naruto chapters have had some AWESOME and SUSPENSEFUL cliffhangers. But THIS !! I think I’ve been reborn this is in fact the best chapter in the series now. All that build up from when the fox was introduced to now…damn I’m feeling nostalgic. The Naruto Series is just about close to reaching it’s highest point. All that’s left is the 2 Madara’s defeated. The war reaching it’s end by finishing all the remaining pawns. The aftermath of the War. Naruto becoming Hokage. NaruSaku or NaruHina. Then it will end. All that I would assume probably another 60 chapters give or take a few chapters. Almost forgot Naruto vs Sasuke. It’s BOUND to be the best fight in the Naruto History.

    Kishi has come a long way. At first I thought the manga was kind’ve boring but I stuck with it. (Im glad I did) now look. I’m at the edge of my seat reading chapter 570 over and over and over again just to confirm the he most badass Tailed Beast/Jinchuuriki bond I’ve seen been created. This chapter was so nostalgic on how Kurama was just a beast that people hated. Now Naruto has accepted him as his partner of the leaf village and that last panel with Naruto in front and Kurama smiling hungry for action just had me twitching. I now love the Naruto Series 10 times more than I did yesterday

  6. I can see Naruto and Kurama being best buds. Kurama has been hard to crack open, but especially with a hard nut like him, once opened can never be held back. It’s just fortunate that this time, he’s on the side of justice and free will.

  7. We all know that naruto and kurama will become best buddies after so many years.. But man, this event in chapter 570 is effin awesome!!!

    But if this actually happens, may gawd:

    Kyuubi + Sage Mode = god-like?!

  8. “…left his Jinchuuriki Roushi behind. I don’t know if the latter implies we’ll see more of Master Roushi in the upcoming chapters….”

    Aren’t the Jinchuuriki dead? and, I wonder if I’m being too pessimistic but, doesn’t all it take to tame the ninetails is to stare at the Sharingan?

  9. Amazing. I wonder though what Goku gave to Naruto. I know it’s just a fist bump but the author must be hinting something. Anyway, we know that Kurama lost half of his powers so he is only at 4.5 tailed beast at best. I still see naruto losing and that he needs a miricle. But, I am wondering if B will merge with Samehada any time soon.


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