「Smothered mate」

So we return this week skipping the intervention by the mighty Exile. Staying true to the episode’s title, Luscinia is about to become boxed in by the faction that is leading a coup d’état against him. This faction seems to be headed by Vasant with the blessing of Sara. With Vasant appearing to the defeated Glacians, it’ll be interesting to see what the other generals think. It was kind of odd though that she was able to travel from Ades to Glacies and then back again to be with Sara near the end of the episode. Did the other generals not notice that? Shouldn’t that be a long journey?

Much of the major plot development came during the first half of the episode. While I didn’t care for the second half’s character development, I felt it was properly balanced with all the details we got in the first half and at the end of the episode.

There were a few interesting bits in this episode such as the debate between Sorush and Orang over the use of an Exile. Orang questions if their actions were just and fair. This brings up an interesting debate over conventional and nuclear Exile warfare. There seems to be a growing taboo over using it though since even Millia thinks it wasn’t right to use the Exile (again).

After seeing the Exile fly over them in the last episode, Milia has found the resolve and determination to kill her sister if needed. If I remember correctly, in a past episode Dio said that if Liliana had died then her power to control their Exile would pass on to the next eldest daughter. It makes me wonder whether Millia has thought that far ahead. Ultimately, I don’t see Millia killing her older sister but instead see Liliana dying as a martyr.

Regardless of my theorizing, Luscinia seems to be after something even more powerful than an Exile. Maybe this will give us insight over Luscinia and Alauda’s motives. They are setting up the final episodes to be pretty epic. Despite all the stumbles Fam has taken over the weeks, there is still a good chance for a satisfying ending.

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  1. Did anyone else started head banging the nearest wall when Fam uttered these words – “Why? We just want to fly” ? Well Fam, maybe it had to do with all those ships you kept stealing, perhaps? Seriously, I’m starting to lose my patience over how they keep portraying her with this naive idiocy at times. The others of the main trio have matured and changed for the better, especially Millia, yet why is Fam still same the naive idiot who keeps spouting about the Grand Race and how it can bring world peace..

    I also have a huge problem with the Sky Pirates organization as a whole. The story portrays them as these free spirited people made up of outcasts from the other nations who seek for an adventurous lifestyle while having a huge love of the sky and the art of flying. Yet, at their core, they are pirates. They steal and hijack other peoples ships for gods sake. Maybe Fam’s band of pirates eschew violence when procuring their ships, but that cannot guarantee a bloodless operation every time. And other bands of Sky Pirates may not share their peaceful methods while hunting the ‘Skyfish’.

    1. I would imagine that they are not pirates by choice. When you become a refugee, job opportunities are not exactly numerous. They definitely don’t have enough land to farm nor any natural resources to speak of, besides manpower. The rationale would be that they steal and scrap ships to survive, like stealing food so you don’t die of starvation.

      The series does have a problem with contrived dialogue, which is very showing at times. But overall I think it can be chalked up to the fact that they are supposed to be not just literally but symbolically innocent, and purposely made out to be incredibly naive.

      And as before, the Grand Race is an important symbol of international unity that moderates of all sides cling to, similar to the many international humanitarian organizations of the real world. It’s just that they have no alternative to idolize while we in the real world have things like the UN, Olympics, Red Cross, etc.

      1. The only problem with the idolization of the Grand Race that is so prevalent in this LE and from Fam, the character, who spends every other line espousing its greatness (you’d think she’d bother to try and remember the history of said event) is that it was the sight of a bloody massacre that catalyzed a genocidal campaign. They are idealizing an event that started a genocide (and want to bring it back without nary a word about the underlying problems that caused said massacre, and in Fam’s case she seems to believe that the EVENT returning would somehow fix everything… hopefully with a massacre that includes her and only her), and effectively defaulting to: “Think happy thoughts and all the good times will come back!” This is a serious issue with Fam’s ideology, and is nothing more than a nice pretty band-aid over a eviscerated wound.

      2. While I can understand frustration that the staff didn’t choose a more complex and varied script, I feel like that’s an oversimplification.

        The event itself had nothing to do with the fact that Augusta was assassinated at it. The event is a symbol of hope and cooperation. The Olympics have the Munich Massacre of 1972 as a part of their history but the symbolism of the event is not marginalized because of it. Blame for the retaliation because of incidents lies not with the event but the people who move toward that end.

        As for Fam, the Grand Race is a comforting ideal to hold on to, and is ultimately a tool for her expression of hope for a return to more peaceful and simpler time as she remembers it. Whether or not the Grand Race can hold up to her expectations to bring everyone together is a different story.

    2. That sort of what bothered me as well. We saw Milia get affected a lot by watching the Exile get used again and trying to come to terms with what to do. However, Fam just seems to regress by appealing to her childlike sensibilities. I was really expecting them to discuss much more deeply to reveal some character progress on their parts with Fam at least showing that the untold degree of death and destruction is finally weighing on her. Instead, after a brief exchange, she just runs away and races, and then, all of a sudden that tension was just immediately resolved. These days, I just find Fam’s development just really clunky.

  2. Unless they make a reveal that Vasant is really twins or something…

    Getting from Ades to Glacies, back to Ades, the time it would take to convince Augusta to start a coup against the guy she just promoted and then the time to get the message to Kartoffel?

    Unless the girls trip to Kartoffel took a whole lot longer than shown that seems a bit rushed.

    1. The series takes place in what appears to be the region in and around modern day Turkey.

      I believe the Grand Lake corresponds to the Sea of Azov and the Black Sea. So either geography has changed somewhat from our world or the artists didn’t see the need for a 1:1 model of the world map.

      So the distance between the Glacies border and the Ades capital is actually not as far as one might think. If I were to eyeball it, I would say the distance could be anywhere from 350 km ~ 500 km. Considering an average speed of a 2 seater vanship, using Claus and Lavie’s as a model, 90 knots going somewhere fast, you could cover the distance in 3 ~ 5 hours.

      Kartoffel is a comparable distance as well from the capital, only going in a south eastern heading rather than north eastern.

      I would assume that this is occurring over a period of time rather than one day, also assuming that Vasant’s isn’t a teleporting alien.

  3. I believe I’ve been a fairly stout supporter of the series and studio so far but this episode’s pacing was utter chaos. For a better part of the episode I was thinking that maybe I messed up somewhere and missed something.

    I felt like they could have spent more time devoted to showing Vasant putting her plot against Luscinia into motion. I can’t imagine it’s a simple thing to organize a rebellion against what I take to be the equivalent of the Prime Minister who also controls the military, even if there is a well established opposition. And would Augusta Sara really just put all her faith into Vasant and cut of Luscinia without even hearing his side?

    The race was very well done and I like how the plot is beginning to really come to a boil. Luscinia’s moves are more pronounced and Fam & co should be in Anatoray lands by next episode.

    It was also interesting that they chose to have lots of inferred cataclysm and destruction. Most likely as much a design choice as it was one forced by time and budget constraints.

    1. Most likely as much a design choice as it was one forced by time and budget constraints.

      I guess it also has something to do with their lack of imagination. Have you noticed how they reduce potentially interesting battle scenes to a few frames or skip them completely (Dio’s fights, Exile vs. Glacies etc.) and those that are long enough are usually very linear head-on shoot-through affairs. The designers are much better off drawing something more familiar , i.e. cute girls, I’m afraid, that’s essentially why this series has too much F(o)am.

      1. With the staff drawing on a budget…

        I was really disappointed several episodes ago when all the ships in a race were grey. Real race “ships” should have colorful livery even if the models are all the same, that essential element killed the episode for me.

        Good times used to be when a pilot pulls a barrel roll @ the corkscrew to overtake the leader. Now we just get the excuse that the current pilot lacks the skill and technique.

      2. I don’t think it makes much sense to believe that it has to do with a lack of ideas. From personal experience in the industry, when it comes time for creative brainstorming, there are too many good ideas and it’s always necessary to cut away what isn’t needed.

        When your time constraints are incredibly strict because every other department is waiting for you to finish so they can start working, everything is measured out and decisions are weighed carefully.

        Plus the story board and most of the scenes are proposed by the creators of the Last Exile series. So it is the same people. If you look at their source material, the amount of detail they work into the LE universe is mind staggering. So no I definitely do not think it is a lack of imagination, considering that they are grown men and women who work with passion.

    1. Last Exile: Royal Winged Milia? Catchy.

      Wouldn’t it be ironic if, at the end, the series was named Silver Winged Fam because technically she IS Milia’s “wings”, since the princess wouldn’t have gotten as far as she is now without Fam’s help… Well, Fam’s silver vespa I mean.

  4. Wait wait wait did I just watched Luscinia wanting the old guy to attack Anatoray? If I’m not wrong Anatoray doesn’t even have a territory on Earth right now, unless Ades actually develops space ships to attack and invade Prester. How the hell are they going to attack Anatoray?? Don’t tell me Exiles can also be used for space to space combat too >.<

    1. They have a settlement on Earth. You can see it at the beginning of ep 12, where Dio mentions that they must flee Anatoray. It’s unknown how much of Anatoray Disith has arrived on Earth, but as of a few episodes ago, most of its military force is still on the prester or in transit. Luscinia has fairly recent intelligence on Anatoray, when Alauda went there, though they may get a few more warships if their Exile is in transit.

    2. Last Exile 1, ended with a Scene. Where they put Foot on the Earth. We saw, the Girl that controlled the Exil, doing that.. So They are landed on Earth

      (I have it on CD’s. Yes not DVD)

    3. and if i am remembered right, the Exile from the 1 Anime. Has 2 “races”. Something alike Glacies, and something alike Ades… In the End they overcame the Guild. And returned to Earth… First, i was thinking that Clacies are this “race” from the first Exile.

  5. …mmmm I get the Feeling, that the Exiles has a Secret. if some parts get combined, we get WORLD DOMINATION!!!! “Pinky, i will take on the World!”

    Well, to be truth. I am now confused. They bring back “The Reaper”‘s name. But are they not Captured, in the meantime. Striped of their Ship, in Prison or something alike? Oh, they hide the Ship from Luscinia? Why i hear “Deus-Ex Machina” Bells ringing?

    Until now, we have 2-3 Ship Fights as Anchor, for the Action so far. The “Get the Ships for us!” was a Filler. And what get we now?

    What i said. I am confused

    1. and i get the Feeling, that Ades Main City. Is a hidden Exile, like Clacies. So, they are not the “race” that stayed behind. Perhaps they where the first one, that returned. Or their Propaganda is very good…

    1. I don’t know.. I’m fairly worried for anyone standing against Luscinia. He controls the military and there must be plenty of hardline factions within it that are willing to fight on his side in a civil war if it comes to that.

      Then again who can resist the charms of the Loli Empress.

      Though according to this: http://www.lastexile-fam.com/img/pd_pd10.jpg

      This may be what Luscinia is searching for in Glacies. It definitely looks like Guild tech, what with the starfish and all. Maybe a Guild platform like the one that overlooked battles between Anatoray & Disith in the first series with extra bits?

      He may have used the weapon of mass Exile just to get this, whatever it is. Maybe it even rivals the power of the Exiles?

      Either way the studio is really setting it up for the world to unite and strike down Hitler with an eye patch. Hopefully with some spectacular broadside fire from Anatoray ships.

      1. That looks more like a Guild presence ship than a spectacular weapon. It’s a starfish carrier platform. It’s powerful, but far from being so overwhelming that it would outclass the entire Ades fleet. A presence ship and its complement of starfish couldn’t quite take down the Sylvana back in season 1.

      2. Perhaps the Guild on Earth is stepping in somehow. Or this platform has fancy bits that make it extraordinary?

        Which brings up another question. What or where in the world is the Guild on Earth? We know from the manga that it had/has a strong presence on Earth and do not shy away from possible conflict. If they are still around, do they have nothing to do or say about the Ades Fed? Or they really do completely support the Ades?

        I doubt Luscinia represents the authority of all of the Guild. Especially since Vasant and Augusta seem fairly certain of their decision to throw him out. Questions questions.

        Either way, I’m happy to see more of the intricate set pieces that the artists lay down in background and design.

  6. That looks like one beaten up Exile. A chunk at the side got blown off, and the front has been grazed badly. I wonder if it can survive another fall at all. I think the Glacies Exile might have exploded, thus explaining that faux volcano.

  7. I’m just curious but do these episodes not line up with the actual Ep. 14? Or have I just gone crazy? Since the episode I just watched had a mega air battle between the provincial fleets and GlaciesShow Spoiler ▼

    1. There was a recap episode officially designated as ep 9.5 Some sources named it ep 10 instead. RC uses the official number, making the current episode 14, while the sources that already named the recap episode 10 tend to have continued along that numbering.

      1. Oh wow, thanks so much. I was like… why am I behind…

        That’s mega weird, oh well, I wonder if subbers will catch up or always stay one behind.

        Thanks for the reply though. I was so confused :S

  8. You know… at the end of this episode… the one thing that popped in my mind was how screwed they were the moment they decided to war against Luscina with no real way to unless Anatory uses their Exile. Also, I was expecting someone to talk about how the Chaosian were sacrificed, within that operation, especially since they worked with each other for so long. This war politics is so messed up at the core as well, at the multiple fractions that are popping out seems to come out of no where (actually not true, it’s more like one fraction, but the fact they came out now, even after Luscina wiped out other factions, just seem to convenient). I could have sworn the Augusta would need further convincing, but from the season preview, it seems not. And Luscina probably going to kill everyone but the Augusta considering his devotion to her.

    Either way, I’m enjoying the show… I’m just going to sit back and watch the possible hell fest that may occur now.

    Sora no Kaze
    1. The key is how the military acts. While they follow Luscinia because his leadership has led them this far in their conquests abroad and quashed unrest at home, we have seen that some generals are beginning to question his ambitions. I would think that some soldiers mirror this thinking.

      It’s also important that the soldiers, while led by Luscinia in practice, are by doctrine loyal to Augusta, some fanatically. I would think that many would be at the very least hesitant to follow Luscinia if their Empress calls them to her side.

      But there’s also the fact that a lot of those that might have been fanatically devoted to the Empress because of segregation in the military were just totally annihilated, sacrificed at the Glacies border. If this is true, Luscinia is far thinking indeed.

      The current situation looks crazy. How could Luscinia possibly manage much without the patronage and backing of Augusta, especially since he’s made an enemy out of anything that breathes? Yet at the same time, he is remarkably resourceful and still holds several aces, like Liliana – Turan Exile, Araudia, etc. and might just be crazy enough to pull it off.

      Like you say it should be very intersting to watch everything go to shit and see Luscinia squirm.


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