By that I mean Naruto as the second coming of Rikudou Sennin, the founder of ninjutsu and Jinchuuriki of the Ten-Tails. And here I thought Naruto and Sasuke would “only” be ending the feud between their Senju and Uchiha ancestors. Evidently, that’s too small of an achievement for Kishimoto as he intends to take Naruto’s character from the bottom of the barrel to the top of the world before all’s said and done. I’ll be quick to admit that my initial reaction to that thought was how absurd it is, since I just got accustomed to the idea of Naruto surpassing his father and proving that he has what it takes to become the next Hokage, but I’m slowly opening up to the drastic change in scope. Still, all the implications of Naruto catapulting well beyond his Hokage dream haven’t quite sunk in for me, as the scale of his next power-up pretty much implies that there’s no more room for improvement — and with it, no more room for story progression.

So what does this new outlook change? Well for me, it’s making me second guess myself on whether there will be a follow-up arc with Kabuto/Orochimaru as the ultimate antagonist. While I still think he’ll wind up being an enemy above Madara — judging from how he’s surprised Tobi on more than a few occasions — it’s starting to look like a showdown with him will be lumped together in the current arc. All the Tailed Beasts except for the One-Tail and Eight-Tails have transferred some of their power to Naruto before getting sucked away by Tobi’s Gedou Mazou (a.k.a. Demonic Statue of the Outer Path), so our lucky recipient who’s been entrusted with their souls is only a couple of beasts away from obtaining what Tobi’s been after all this time. I presume that Naruto will obtain some godly power once he does — a power that can defeat Madara once and for all — which kind of closes the door on any future conflicts. (The shounen trend seems to be having a character’s power level peak just before the final battle, as things would be rather uninteresting if they were the strongest fighter/ninja alive at the beginning of an arc.)

For the time being, there’s still nothing to suggest that will happen any time soon though, as Tobi, Kabuto, and Madara could always pull “new” countermeasures out of nowhere, but it is probably safe to assume that we’re close. Since the Bijuu Dama clash ended relatively quickly, the next chapter should give a better idea of how much more Naruto has to go when he squares off with Tobi himself. However, that’s assuming Tobi doesn’t decide to retreat without any Tailed Beasts to do his bidding.


* I bet Naruto’s not the only one having difficulty remembering all the new names, so just for the record we have: One-Tails Shukaku 「守鶴」, Two-Tails Matatabi 「又旅」, Three-Tails Isobu 「磯撫」, Four-Tails Son Goku 「孫悟空」, Five-Tails Kokuou 「コク王」, Six-Tails Saiken 「犀犬」, Seven-Tails Choumei 「重明」, Eight-Tails Gyuuki 「牛鬼」, and Nine-Tails Kurama 「クラマ」. There respective Jinchuuriki are: Gaara 「我愛羅」, Nii Yugito 「二位ユギト」, Yagura 「やぐら」, Roushi 「老紫」, Han 「ハン」, Utakata 「ウタカタ」, Fuu 「フウ」, B 「ビー」, and of course Naruto 「ナルト」. You’ll all be tested on this later. 😛


      1. currently its at the revelation of Naruto’s birth, and Tobi attacking right then…i think you should make a special exemption and blog these flashback episodes, they are just so awesome, and we finally just saw Kyuubi mode animated!


      2. I don’t understand what’s with Naruto that make’s me come back every week watching or reading it. Naruto is the only mainstream anime I’m watching or reading at the moment. I really got tired of Bleach, One Piece and Fairy Tail. None of them appeal to me any longer…

  1. Soooo Toad mode was kinda thrown away, berserk kyubii mode is kinda underwhelming now, Naruto just received a new karuma/naruto love form and now there’s going to be a new form just around the corner?!?!?
    I think Kishi just wants to put Naruto and a bunch of different outfits and give reasons behind it, lol.
    I think its a bit much but I also though ssj4 was too much so I’ll see what happens. ^^

  2. I don’t think that the series will end here. There’s still Sasuke – as an Uchiha he has what it would take to become a second Madara, or even greater.
    My guess is that this arc will end with Tobis demise (I guess also that Naruto will somehow loose a part/all of the power coming from Kyuubi, Ichigo style), then next one will be about Kabuto (or whatever that thing is now), and then *maybe* the final one with Sasuke, providing no new opponents jump out of nowhere.

      1. Sorry to crush your hopes, but Naruto already rejected Sakura.
        There has to be a pretty good (read unbelievable) reason for it to happen (if something is going to happen at all, he may stay single).

  3. Really, NO comment about the super adorable chibi bijuu’s? O_O;;

    This chapter freaking killed me with an overdose of love and ADORABLENESS. Who knew Kurama could have such a gentle look on his face?

    Tsundere indeed.

    Skins Thunderbomb
  4. This is really awesome! After a hell of time, the kyuubi decides to help and he’s one strong son of a bitch too. But if Naruto becomes the 10 tailed host won’t he be like freaking powerful? hahaha! I don’t think that will happen cos he still has Sasuke to deal with but I’m thinking that there will be little fight between Naruto and Sasuke coz Itachi would come in.

    Instead I see Naruto+Sasuke vs Tobi in 10 tails. =)

  5. >Naruto summons the power of all the tailed beasts
    >Naruto on steroids mode
    >Naruto defeats Tobi/Madara
    >Tailed beasts all go to heaven; Naruto downgrades
    >Perfecting the Sage mode

  6. Okay, Chibi Bijuu are officially super cute.

    But I must say, interesting development here. Naruto just could be the next Sage of the Six Paths (but not as over-powered for plot’s sake).

  7. Remember how Goku became stronger than God in Dragonball? And then never got any stronger or any more developed after that?

    Yeah–there’s always more room.

    As for Naruto’s growth expanding “beyond” simply becoming Hokage… that has ALWAYS been part of the story. Go back to some of the earliest chapters/episodes. Much of the dialog (from Naruto himself and others, speaking about him) involves “changing” the whole concept of what Ninja are in the Naruto universe.

    Basically, a revolution.

    Something that ain’t possible being the leader of just one hidden village.

      1. Except they didn’t. Not really.

        You see, Naruto ~never~ wanted to be the Hokage. Not really. Why do I say this? Look at what the Hokage’s job entails–long hours, lots of paperwork, waking up early, sending other people out on missions instead of doing ’em yourself… does any part of that job sound like something Naruto would want?

        Of course not.

        To Naruto, becoming the Hokage was simply a means to an end. He saw that other character recognized the Hokage, and wanted to be recognized by the village–therefore he wanted to become Hokage. These sentiments have been discussed several times by several characters, one of whom very succinctly pointed out to Naruto that the village did not recognize the Hokage because he/she was the Hokage, but he/she was able to become the Hokage because he/she was recognized by the villiage.

        Naruto “became the Hokage” when he defeated Pain. The moment he was recognized, that ambition–that yearning–was fullfilled. This is why he hasn’t spoken a single word about becoming Hokage, or expressed any resentment about still being a Genin, since defeating Pain. This is why he’s able to devote his life–and risk it completely–on defeating (and/or redeeming) Sasuke.

        I don’t think I need to articulate this line of thought any further, right?

  8. Well naruto is developing way to quickly, his powers soon to be godlike, make me wonder where the series is going.
    Well all know that the final match is going to be with Sasuke, kishimoto already confirm this, but there is now way that sasuke can fight back at this stage, so my guessing is that after Naruto defeat Madara, he will lose the bijuu powers including kurama, if that happens there is going to be a overwhelming advantage to sasuke, i think that make it more interesting only if Naruto win at the end.

  9. honestly, he was so cute. Why did the Kyuubi turn into such a violent creature.

    I can make my bet that next chapter Tobi will show his face or Sasuke will make his move an stab Tobi in the back.

  10. hnn… and here I was thinking that the bijuus will be free of the statues and their jinchuuriki revived. I might have been hoping too much after each bijuu and jinchuuriki threw their names at Naruto…

    But hey, at least them dead guys finally got some dialogue; with any luck, there’ll be filler eps dedicated to them once their VAs have been green-lighted (if it hasn’t been decided already), aye?

  11. wow cant believe how damn cute kawaiii chibi bijuu were, especially the oh so tsundere kyubii….one of the comments about how naruto wants to change the ninja world and needs to become stronger than a regular kage to do it struck me, it makes sense. Ever since pain he’s been wanting to change the hatred that all ninjas go through, only rikudo senin ever achieved something such as changing the entire world…

    naruto has to become something like him in order to implement his change that he wants, wow i didnt think about it but damn kishi not bad at all, i dont like how he’s discarding new powerups left and right thgouh, ill hate it especially if sasuke’s still more powerful than him when they fight

  12. So, Rikudou sennin=Ninja Jesus, Naruto=second coming of Ninja Jesus… Perhaps he will die for everyone’s sins?

    Lol, now there’s going to be a new nickname for Naruto. Ninja Jesus. That is way better than the titles that people have in Bleach and One Piece.

    Suppa Tenko
  13. We need a Chibi Bijuu offshoot series, there was just too much “Daaaaaaww” for one appearance.

    “Bijuu babies, we make our dreams come true ♪
    Bijuu babies, we’ll do the same for you ♪”

    +1 internet points for getting that reference. Internet points are subject to local taxation laws.

  14. Ive often beleived that naruto wold end up as the next rikudo senin for no other reson then thier outlines being virtually the same! The only really forseeable issue is having naruto develop the rinnegan! although frankly as hes proved more often then not if you mo fast enough and hit hard enough you simply dont need special eyes!

    1. yeah thats the only thing the rinnegan, i keep thinking maybe hell get sasuke’s eyes somewhow and then turn those into rinnegan since he is senju and an uzumaki like nagato. This of course after their epic fight, but i dunno all that would have to be executed very nicely and how that fits in with him attainly (close to) all the bijuu powers i dunno.

  15. Idk how to say this, but I got the feeling Kabuto will go down during this arc. I still cant imagine him being under the main spotlight of an arc… Although indeed he became way powerful and cunning now, his past of being Orochimaru’s underling might be the reason making me think so… he is just shadowed by him I guess…

    Seeing all the tail beast sharing power to Naruto also makes me think that the death flag for KillerB/8tail is kinda raising. I certainly hope not though…

  16. Im figurin that most of the epicness that is going on now can be attributted to the other bijuu’s chakra being shoved into naruto. I think that the form that naruto is heading for is somthing like B’s. From what I can tell Naruto is still just using kurama’s chakra and not manifesting him physically.

    Side note: Ive had a Kurama plushy for years (

    I do want a chibii one though.

  17. This is a long-shot but I was thinking about the earlier chapters where it was discussed how Naruto and Sasuke would fight each other and die… Often enough I find that those statements are “true” to a certain degree, I.E. part of Sasuke dies, (just the evil/emo portion) or something along those lines… But the thought crossed my mind, if all that is needed to achieve rinnegan status from mangekyo sharingan was the 1st’s DNA… Then doesn’t Sasuke already have access to that? (Yamato sensei anyone? or the zetsu clones?) That thought entered my mind while I was thinking about the implication of the 2nd coming of the Sage of the Six paths (Naruto). If Naruto does in-fact create a mini 10 tails of some sort in the future, as we already assume, he is the body of the Sage. And all he would be missing is the eyes, which of course Sasuke would eventually have to create. Ah, I apologize, it was a long day at work and now I’m just throwing random things out there because I didn’t know where else to find people willing to discuss them.

  18. I’m happy where the story is going, and agree with all points from Divine.

    On my end though, I am worried that some plot twist will result in Naruto being de-powered just to have a confrontation with Sasuke on equal footing. As things are, there is no chance at all for Sasuke to evenly match Naruto.

    Why is this a concern? I think for most long-time readers we have grown out of the whole Naruto vs Sasuke conflict. It’s been so many years, and we already know who is the winner (Sasuke will lose and is redeemed/dies/self-sacrificed)…I hope Kishi takes us somewhere else further for closure..

  19. Good times when naruto fights were about tactics and strategy, now it is all about meteors, explosions, unlimited chakra and god mode, quite the shounen cliche. That’s not saying I don’t appreciatte the backstory on the tailed beasts or Kurama’s relationship with Naruto.
    But as fart as fights go it became shitty, even if the art is awesome. Hopefully Sasuke’s and specially Itachi and Kabuto fight may change that.


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