「鴨川に来た男」 (Kamogawa ni Kita Otoko)
“The Man who Came to Kamogawa”

This episode was so maru maru maru maruuu~! Forget not being able to do no wrong; Rinne no Lagrange just seems to do everything right. The flashback to Lan’s childhood was an eye-opening one, raising a big question as to why Villagiulio parted ways with her and became the leader of Kiss (and effectively her enemy), whereas a day in the life of Muginami with her easygoing yet clearly manipulative ways brought the matter front and center, revealing that she’s “acquainted” with Villagiulio. All the while, the lighthearted moments continued to be prevalent throughout — even with Villagiulio himself — and didn’t take away from the seriousness when the tone suddenly changed. In terms of execution, not only are we getting a perfect blend of story and comedy, but also a lot of speculation-worthy build-up that has me eagerly anticipating where things are headed. That’s a very good feeling to be left with after an episode, especially for a series that I’m enjoying as much as Lagrange.

Right from the get-go, this episode seemed intent on making the viewer dislike Muginami’s character for being a fake and manipulative bitc– alien girl; however, I honestly found it hard to hate her since it looked like she was genuinely enjoying her time with Madoka and Lan, and was quick to reveal that she possesses the Memoria for Vox Ignis when asked what she’s after. That suggests to me that she isn’t hanging around them just because of an ulterior motive, but that it’s reflective of her nonchalant personality in whatever she does — even when it comes to fighting a war. Where things got really interesting of course is when Villagiulio threw her away like some dirty old rag for taking the last Vox for herself, leaving her in tears and absolute disbelief that her beloved “onii-chan” wants nothing to do with her. I honestly felt bad for Muginami as she started to tear up, but given how it looked like it pained Villagiulio to do that to her, I suspect that it may all have been an act to get Muginami working together with Madoka and Lan. For what purpose I don’t know, but that’s largely why I want to know how he and Lan eventually became enemies. Whatever the reason may be, I really don’t see Villagiulio becoming the main antagonist of the series, given how charismatic he’s proven to be.

As for some general points of interest, I’m still not sure exactly what De Metrio and Le Garite are, but judging from Lan and Villagiulio’s dialogue in the flashback, it does sound like they’re both planets and that Le Garite was (or still is) allied with De Metrio. If so, this would imply that there are differing views over the legend of the Voces and that an interplanetary war is now taking place on Earth over them, much like I was suspecting. Also noteworthy was mention of Lan’s brother who was slated to become the next king of Le Garite. I got a bit of an ominous feeling from that, thinking that he may have passed away fighting one of De Metrio’s wars. Either way, I’m sure Lan’s brother will come up again, but not before we see what happens to the heartbroken Muginami who doesn’t appear to have fully activated Ignis yet.

* Spot the Nissan cars!
* I just loved Muginami’s line about how the Vox poked her, given where her Memoria is located. And here I thought Madoka and Lan’s were in scandalous spots. Boy was I mistaken.
* Ask and I shall receive it seems, as Hiroshi got a good moment in the spotlight already.
* Full-length images: 01, 17, 19, 25, 26, 28.



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  1. Showing loli Lan was just plain criminal. Many people of /a/ died that night. Even her failed attempt at baseball was cute

    Villa is clearly not that bad of a guy though. Im guessing he wanted to leave Muginami with friends she enjoys living with. But since Muginami was devoted to him so much, he had to break her heart just so she can leave him willingly. Kinda harsh but noble motive.

    Also mental note: DO NOT make Madoka mad. She was practically channeling Yoko when she glared at her uncle. But when Villa ripped into Muginami like that, Madoka FLIPPED OVER A TABLE AND TRIED TO PUNCH HIM! Why is Madoka so GAR? It just shows she can be serious if the wrong buttons are pushed.

    1. I thought the same thing. From the rest of Villa’s behavior and little expression as he left, you get the impression that he threw Muginami away for her sake rather than Villa actually revealing his inner asshole. It also fits too well with his ultimatum towards Lan/Madoka, generally laid back demeanor and the that the enemies don’t come across as bad people.

      Considering the fact that the guy that wrote the second half of Darker than Black. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a revelation that the current enemies fall under the good guys category.

  2. for a moment i thought things would get ugly but it got uglier. never thought mugi would “betray” lan and madoka but she in turn got “betrayed”

    talk about double crossing.

    and yes certainly this episode is MARU MARU MARU

  3. Villagiulio basically threw Muginami into Madoka’s arms, and Muginami’s lucky that Madoka’s merely disappointed in her. No one would particularly blame Madoka for rejecting Muginami, considering what Muginami did. But of course Madoka would never, ever do such a thing.

    Muginami is pretty clearly damaged, so I’m very interested in learning more of her backstory, and hopefully this experience will help her grow into a better person.

    And she’d better damn well apologize to Lan, even though her passive-aggressive tormenting of our lovely failure princess was quite amusing.

  4. I totally agree with Divine that Lagrange is doing everything right. It was really interesting to see how the plot is developing. We as viewers don’t really know what’s going on between De Metrio, Le Garite, and Kiss. But through the introduction of Villagiulio and Lan’s flashback scene, we are getting more information . No forced exposition or narration is necessary to tell the story. And that’s what Lagrange is doing successfully. Maru!

    1. It also has probably my favorite OP music of this season (along with Amagami+’s OP). I really want to see whats next. Will be interesting to see if Muginami is still working Madoka and this dustoff by her “brother” is an act. I’m sure Lan will still be giving Muginami the stink eye for a while trying to figure out whats going on.

  5. Villagiulio can be said as the enemy of all women here. Miking an impression as a Bishi Oniisan when Lan was still as loli. Being a Dandy Oniisan to Muginami. Breaking their hearts…

    Madoka on the other hand can be perceived as anti-bishi and anti-dandy hence on guard to Villagiulio. He offered alcohol to a minor and peeked up her skirt. Being disappointed its a swimsuit not a white pantsu.

    Though out of the three Villagiulio likely found Madoka the most attractive due to her personality resembling somebody he knew.

    That being said young girls should be hidden from this lolicon.

  6. Given how the girls were supposed to be together on the same side, I’m surprised on HOW the plot get there

    the series is maru for me so far as well…
    … ‘cept for the fact that there’s no technical explaination still on the clearly-alien-mecha-that-can-exit-and-enter-the-atmosphere-by-themselves-unassisted …

  7. Poor Muginami. They made her look so much like a bitch I wasn’t surprised that Villa himself told her. I thought he would rather use a you don’t know anything about comrades etc speech though. I also suspect it was an act so now I’m just waiting for next week. Damnit I’m already thinking about the pain I’ll have waiting when the first 12 eps will be over…
    I want a Muginami end card next week to make up for this.

  8. Something of interest somebody pointed out on an internet forum I’m a member of: The ailien writing we see is English flipped upside down.

    That being said, this episode sure did open up a lot of questions. And the series as a whole is rapidly becoming one of my favorites, though EVOL is still beating it for me in the mecha department.

  9. Tiger err… Villagiulo’s move to deny Muginami, imo, was an act to save her from the war. After all, he did say she wasn’t a soldier and the like. Lagrange, why are you so awesome?! Now if there would be actual romance, aside from the Yuri-field (Which isn’t bad), it’d get even more interesting!

    1. Now if there would be actual romance, aside from the Yuri-field (Which isn’t bad), it’d get even more interesting!

      Why? What about a male and a female hooking up is in herently more “interesting” than two girls hooking up?

      1. [S]he probably holds that personally significant viewpoint because [s]he isn’t homosexual, so [s]he can’t relate to and share the desires of the characters as well. I’m not saying that a heterosexual cannot perceive that there are feelings of love between homosexual pairings (or vise versa) that one might experience themself, but rather that one is often more receptive to pairings of their own preference because they can actually experience the feeling in that context.

        I mean, I can (and have) very logically come to the conclusion that two women can share the same feeling that I might have with another guy, but I cannot experience it in that context and simply believing that it may feel the same is not sufficient to replicate a very inherent experience.

      2. I believe (s)he said so because ALL the girls in the story is on the “good side” and all the baddies are on the “evil side”. more or less.
        It’s the super original “love over borders” story. Either way, don’t be too quick to judge

  10. I thought it was interesting that Lan is almost an entirely different person when in private – just compare her when she woke up to how she is in the rest of the series.

    Shyness or something else ?

    1. I didn’t see a difference. She’s always straightforward and loyal to her friends. The only reason she didn’t have it out with Muginami before this was because it would have upset Madoka. It’s sorta a given for me that she knows more than she is saying since she’s an alien, but she’s not telling only because she cares and is afraid or Madoka getting mad at her, not anything malicious.

  11. https://randomc.net/image/Rinne%20no%20Lagrange/Rinne%20no%20Lagrange%20-%2005%20-%20Large%2022.jpg

    Now that’s an interesting place to put the “Memoria.” Lan has hers on her side-boob and Madoka has hers one the waist above her upper right buttcheek.

    It also looks fairly reminiscent of a Witch’s Kiss or Command Spells/Seals. Puella Magi Madoka Magica or Fate/Zero shout-out? XD

    Also, the rock-band Kiss is now the big-bad of this series? Now I’ve seen everything. =)

    1. Madoka’s cousin knew where that memoria would show up if Madoka would ever link with those wonky mechs. That is a bit suspicious and hints at the cousin knows something, maybe Madokas mother (farfetched, maybe that Yurikano that Vilaguilo-what’s-his-face mentioned) happened to get the same.

  12. Villagiulio is too cool to be the bad buy. It’s only his first appearance and already I feel he’s the Proto Man of this series.

    I liked seeing Muginami’s cheeks all squished up XD

  13. Well for anyone who didn’t guess that Muginami was a few cards short of a deck, there ya go! Personally I was expecting her to be more “why is it wrong to kill your friends?”, not “lets have fun until we have to start killing each other”… now I’m not sure which is creepier. I was glad though when even Madoka got mad at her, since it makes her actually believable where she’s been a bit too accepting of Muginami since last episode. It’s a given that they need to recruit Muginami now, but I hope Madoka doesn’t just say “lets be friends” and that’s it. I’d feel bad for poor Lan, since we get some serious quasi-yuri vibes from those two.

    Also a great dose of Lan, which is never a bad thing. The “secret” thing doesn’t bother me too much since I’m guessing the secret of Vox is that the pilots die with their machines or something like that.

    1. I think “lets have fun until we have to start killing each other” feels more grounded. It’s basically looking at the sad truth behind war in that people who could otherwise become good friends have to fight and eventually kill one another. Muginami didn’t come across as creepy as much as she seemed pretty world weary since she’s aware of what will happen.

  14. For some reason Lan in this episode remembered me of Eureka… Maybe I’m seeing thing, but her behavior reminds me of good ol’ memories 😀

    Onii-san sure is getting kind of a bad guy for the ones in the show, but I like it!
    And O-Nissan had opened their pockets beatifully for this show.

    1. The other major sponsor for the anime is the Kamogawa Tourism Department. The constant shots of the beautiful ocean aren’t a coincidence. Not that I mind, as it makes a pretty background for giant robots to fight in.

  15. I knew “onii-chan” did that act on purpose. Why? I don’t know any 2m assholes that’s willing to bend down to pick trash up. Also Lan’s flashback slated him to be a good Guy.

    1. Man I want to cosplay Muginami more and more. T-T Heck I just want her outfit. lol

      I love how human all the characters are including the “villains”. I find it refreshing and Villagiulio is not a bad guy so i make me wonder what is the cause of this war.

    2. I suppose he left Le Garite as he discovered that Lan’s brother is up to no good?
      Could Le Garite be the central force of Polyhedron now? With Lan’s brother as the leader?
      Thus Villa established Kiss to go against Polyhedron?

      Then could De Metrio too have discovered something and wanted to leave Polyhedron?

      Then there is the Vox and its legends.
      And since the prequel is called “Akatsuki no Memoria”, could there be some Vox related tragedy concerning Yurikano?
      Villa seems to know much about De Metrio’s princess too.

      If Le Garite/Polyhedron is bad, Earth is on the way to be part of Polyhedron with the Vox mecha.
      Unless Earth fights back.
      Moid does seem very sinister.

      Otherwise to make the current revealed characters look good, there could be a mastermind that has yet to appear.

  16. Maru maru maru maruuu~! indeed. Rinne no Lagrange can do no wrong at this stage. There’s always something to look forward to at the end of each episode and I’m so glad the producers have 2 cours to work with.
    That Kamogawa drink looks yum and seems like something that will give me the strength to “Fight-O!”. Villagiulio can’t be evil. He’s the Kaburagi T. Kotetsu of Lagrange 😉

    Seishun Otoko
    1. The official site of the ‘another-story’ manga:
      You can read the first chapter in Japanese there.
      (I would say first that its a bit NSFW.)

      Set in De Metrio during Polyhedron calendar year 1529.
      In some Royal Army training academy where those first 3 opponents of Madoka are enrolled in.
      And Princess Yurikano is a instructor-in-training.
      A bit more background about Izo, Kirius and Array is revealed.

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

  17. She’s the president of her club – so she’s going the extra mile to protect and accept
    her membership. The writers did an excellent job with her GAR moment.

    …and you know what – Villagiulio ain’t destroying nuttin’ tomorrow (except his ego) –
    he pissed off the wrong girl…

  18. I got a Tytania flashback from watching the little princess in the garden with the fleet headed for space…even the ships look like they’d fit the show. Might be nice to see a little of that sort of plot and intrigue here but really they’re doing a great job as it is. Definitely agree that Mugi’s ni-chan is taking one for the team to better serve some purpose. I totally wasn’t expecting her to be so ruthless when she thought she’d part ways. There’s a bit of backstory i’ll be anxiously awaiting to see where she comes from.

  19. According to the JA wiki article De Metrio and Le Garite are part of Polyhedron.
    Polyhedron is an interstellar nation from outside our solar system.
    De Metrio and Le Garite are planets.

    Kiss is classified as an Anti-Polyhedron organization.

  20. It seems De Metrio and Le Garite were once allied or at least friendly, and now are at war, or in covert rivalisation for the Vox units.
    Kiss seems to be kinda organised crime syndicate, hostile to both, but for now allied with the losing side.
    And nobody is telling the Earthlings (especially Madoka!) the full truth about what is going on…
    It seems following abandonment by her “Oniichan” and disclosure of Vox insignia Muginami will be more or less pressganged into service along Madoka and Lan…


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