「棚町薫 前編 スケッチ」 (Tanamachi Kaoru Zenpen – Sukecchi)
“Tanamachi Kaoru, First Chapter – Sketch”

Kaoru Kaoru Kaoru. The inseparable middle school friend who gave my favorite confession of season one after some lustful navel kissing hasn’t changed much since going out with Junichi, and I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way. Their relationship has to be one of the most natural out of the bunch, as both of them can just be themselves from Junichi’s perversions to Kaoru’s easygoing personality. Right from the get-go, it’s hard to believe that they’re going out at all, and the outside perception that they’re a “Bakappuru” (Baka Couple) is actually endearing and enviable when they’re not embarrassed about it. They’re just two big kids who haven’t really grown up — including their wallets — which keeps their relationship cute and playful for the most part while making strides to becoming something more when Junichi says something sweet and “punishes” her with a game. “Challenge accepted.” –Kaoru

The scene on the bus was “awkwardly good”, in the sense that it really had me going that the other tourists were thinking that Junichi and Kaoru were passionately making out, before surprising me by revealing that they could somehow actually see what was really going on. It definitely took me back to the passionately playful moments of the original season, which this sequel could probably benefit from by having more of — just for the sake of creating more buzz if nothing nothing. The timing is the tricky part of course, so it never hurts to have some wild delusional fantasies that can be thrown in at anytime. As for the overall direction of this follow-up arc itself, the live action hero show was a bit random, despite giving us some good looks at a victimized Kaoru, whereas the eventual bus tour made it fairly obvious that they were going to be left behind.

In the romance department, this arc doesn’t provide the same “thrill of the chase” feeling as before Junichi and Kaoru were going out — much like the arcs that came before it didn’t — however, it was still entertaining to watch in its own way. I became more of a fan of Kaoru after seeing her arc in the first season, so any more moments like this are always a treat. I can’t say I’m expecting too much from the second half, but when the preview shows the two of them running through the rain out in the woods somewhere, all we need is another Amagami shack “where miracles happen” to quickly change that. I can already picture them getting some alone time together, in a much more intimate way than they were even anticipating.

* Risa spotted!
* Who wouldn’t want to wake up next to Miya? Her groggy look was great.
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ED4 Sequence & End Card


  1. This episode is a god send. Watching this after that episode of Guilty Crown really helps me forget all the stupidity of that episode. The scene in the bus really had me laughing hard.

    This, IMHO, was one of the very best episodes so far.

  2. Sex Hair is now Chair Sex Hair. Junichi, you lucky bastard. All of my jelly. ALL OF MY JELLY! XD Yes, I wouldn’t mind if she wore a swimsuit, kimono, or nothing at all! XD

    Swimsuit: https://randomc.net/image/Amagami%20SS/Amagami%20SS%20plus%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2013.jpg

    Kimono: https://randomc.net/image/Amagami%20SS/Amagami%20SS%20plus%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2014.jpg (my personal favorite!)

    Nothing At All: https://randomc.net/image/Amagami%20SS/Amagami%20SS%20plus%20-%2007%20-%20Large%2015.jpg (goddamnit, steam censors! the Blu-Ray/DVD better remove this)

    When Satou Rina voices a Type-B Tsundere, we get the best results (points to biri-biri Misaka from To Aru Majutsu no Index, specifically episode 17 of season II)

    Maybe by walking through the woods, they’ll find themselves behind the school and eventually, inside the “Infamous-Amagami-Shack-Where-Kinky-Miracles-Happen”?

    Reminds me of her Ending Song in season 1:

    “Just a friend, such a friend, still a friend…

    Naze…naze…I can’t tell you my heart”

    Only Ayatsuji’s “Nageki no Tenshi” and Nanasaki Ai’s “Koi wa Mizuiro” managed to make an impression on me.

      1. I meant that besides’s Kaoru’s “Kitto Ashita Wo”, only Ayatsuji’s “Nageki no Tenshi” and Nanasaki Ai’s “Koi wa Mizuiro” managed to make an impression on me.

        So basically:
        1. “Nageki no Tenshi” tied with “Koi wa Mizuiro” for first place (I can’t make up my mind! XD)
        2. “Kitto Ashita Wo”
        3. The rest of the Amagami Ending Theme Songs. XD

  3. That bus scene was too good. Did you see all the other passengers?
    They were all like o.o hm?
    Then they were like O.o hmmm?
    Then they were like O.O HMMM!?!?!
    Then they were all like -_- awww, too bad. rofl

    I agree with you completely Divine, I love Miya-chan’s unique cuteness too! Niishishishi

  4. Finally an arc that isn’t boring. Kaoru has some nice chemistry with Junichi and they didn’t skimp on a bit of fanservice. The chocolate scene in particular was quite kinky. Being left by the bus was predictable but at least its not a contrived way to test their relationship.

  5. lol factor was high here… from the lapdance during the drawing lesson, to the villainous rebellion during the live show, to the obsession with limited time flavors, to the penalty game with watchers-on , and ending with them alone in the night. Is it me or sexhair is master at getting herself and Junichi into trouble?

  6. Kaoru’s sex hair is soooo irresistable!
    We need more kinky scenes like that. This episode reminded me of everything I love about Amagami.
    The return of the Amagami shack next week? I can’t wait 😛

    Seishun Otoko
  7. Kaoru!!! I always remember my ex when I’m watching Kaoru’s arc. You know how close friends are when they become a couple. It really doesnt have that awkward feeling. You hang out and have fun as you used to, right? That is why Kaoru’s arc is very comfortable to watch, as everything happens seamlessly. Everything that you do is fun, even forgetting about the time.

    I love you Kaoru! but I also love Ai! I cannot choose!

  8. So far based just on episode 1 this is probably the best arc of this season. The others were fine but (Rihoko aside) them already being together with Junichi really kind of robbed them of any sense of drama or anticipation. Rihoko’s still had that, but it was presented in a boring way. Karou’s arc at least has a sense of fun about it, probably the best thing we can hope for when the “will-they-won’t-they” anticipation already passed in Season 1.

  9. Im expecting more misadventures for the bakacouple, but man I dont mind that at all cuz the two are probably the most natural and the best couple of Amagami! They are just so natural together, it’s awesome!

    PS Whats with the knife scene in the preview?

  10. I didn’t realise they switched the order between the Kaoru and Sae arcs, but I must say, I quite enjoyed this episode, and this is coming off as a surprise, given that Kaoru hasn’t been one of my favourites. Nevertheless, I’m starting to like her more now 🙂

  11. Agreed Divine – Kaoru and Junichi’s casual “baka couple” interactions are really natural, which is why I think I like the two of them together the most. Either that or Junichi and Rihoko. I don’t know, maybe I’m a sucker for the whole friend(childhood or otherwise)-turned-lover, but I like how those relationships work a lot more than when Junichi is being the gung-ho weirdo (Haruka), the dependable instructor (Sae-chan), the baka man-child (Ai) or the masochist man-bitch (Tsukasa). With Kaoru and Rihoko, both the girls and Junichi can be themselves, so it just works better.

    That said, Kaoru > Rihoko, hands down.

    Side note: Junichi totally “finished” during that classroom scene. Sexhair is a worthy adversary…

  12. Yay! We got see Keiko alone eating a watermelon. She hardly gets any screentime especially scenes of her like that. Is that the first time Risa pop out in this new season? I hope we get another episode of her.


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