「撃ちてし止まぬ運命のもとに」 (Uchiteshi Tomanu Unmei no Moto ni)
“Toward the Destiny of Never-Ending Destruction”

Now this is something I really wasn’t expecting, as Kurisu (new confirmed spelling) shows that she not only has Nehushtan, but also another relic known as “Ichii-Bal”. Isn’t that kind of cheating? Especially with the Gundam Heavyarms-like dual Gatling guns — complete with Macross-style missiles in her “Mega Death Party” attack. From a viewer standpoint, that surprise development sure made it easy to get excited on the action side of things, which is always a welcomed turn of events now that Tsubasa’s rejoined the fray in style. What’s more, the Ame no Habakiri wielder partners up with Hibiki as she’s been foreshadowed to, while Kurisu is slowly being brought about after Hibiki dove in fearlessly to protect her. While a bit predictable, it was nice to see everything that’s been hinted at actually come to fruition here, which includes the conspiracy surrounding Ryouko/Finè (another more or less confirmed spelling since it’s Italian for “end”), whom I can’t be anymore convinced is the same person now.

Going back two episodes, it would appear that my original hunch about Ryouko being obsessed with her research wasn’t too far off, though I wasn’t expecting her to be a Symphogear user herself. Leading up to that, it was nice to finally hear a proper explanation on exactly what her Symphogear research entails, since it clarified what Hibiki’s significance to the story is, beyond the obvious impact she’s already had on both Tsubasa and Kurisu. Ryouko’s obsession so to speak, appears to be stabilizing the negative effects that a Symphogear has on its wielder, which Hibiki’s chance encounter with Kanade seems to have provided a solution for. How she hopes to harness that ability by playing being a double agent is a lot less clear though, considering that she could easily study Hibiki right now. At the moment, that thought is the only real thing that has me still considering the possibility that Ryouko and Finè are actually two different people — perhaps twins — and having Sawashiro Miyuki voice them both is just to throw us viewers off. Regardless, neither of them are trustworthy, and will likely be the ultimate antagonist(s) with the direction things are headed. Tsubasa looks like she’s more than a little suspicious about what was happening to Kurisu’s body, and Kurisu herself looks like she’s more than ready to jump ship to the good guys’ side.

As for Miku, I’ve been humming and hawing over what her significance to the story is and after seeing her stop being Hibiki’s friend just because of a secret she was sworn to silence about, I can’t really say I feel sympathetic about the angst and frustration she feels. I would’ve figured she’d be happier learning that Hibiki had to blow her off to go save the world and wasn’t secretly spending time with Tsubasa like she originally thought. Something about that simply doesn’t add up for me, even though I’m more than aware that it’s a setup toward the cold opening to the series where Miku is crying over Hibiki’s grave. I’m just hoping that Miku comes to her senses sooner rather than later.

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  1. I agree with Divine that I also think Finee and Ryouko are perhaps twins. For an original show like this, I feel it would be way to obvious to make such a potential plot twice so obvious.

    1. Twins? Well, they Both like the Butterflies… She the Cup of Coffee/Tea and their Hairpins…

      They are both the same, in one Body. Perhaps they are the Last Survivor of the True Race, that used the Relics. But are somehow unable to gain the True Power out of it. Or it will bring them Death. So, she is not a Researcher. She know this kind of things from the Start…

  2. I thought that last part with Miku was more of a ‘I can’t be your friend because I hate myself’-type of thing. I think at first Miku was angry about Hibiki lying to her but realized, y’know, she was sworn to secrecy. I’m sure she feels she can’t be Hibiki’s friend anymore because she hates herself for hating Hibiki when Hibiki had no control over the situation. Or something like that. Unless she really just can’t be her friend anymore because of something so stupid. But judging by how close they are, I think it’s more of the former rather than the latter.

    1. I agree. Not even this show is that stupid that Miku would end the friendship just because of that. It’s either to somehow protect Hibiki or because she hates herself and feels unworthy to be her friend, especially after noticing Hibiki’s friendship with Kanade

      Oh, and Divine, you engrish skills need some improvement, it’s mega dEth, duh. 😉

      1. Miku try to keep Hibiks Secret uphold. She ca not tell Peoples the Truth. And before it slips accentually out of her Mind, She break off. To Save Hibiks Secret.

        In some kind of Protection Hibiki and her

  3. Oh come on, Mega Deth Party is an obvious reference to the Megadeth band. Of course it’s spelled “right.

    This series has the best soundtrack by far. Chris’ song was so good.

    It’s possible that Ryouko is of the same species as Finne or w/e she was talking about the lulu amels.

  4. oh boy i knew mid ep point would be turning point & yet it did.

    yea chris power-up mode yea it like heavy arms gundam.
    also hibiki & miku female version version of sis-code is likely oh no.
    & yea whole ryoko & blonde yea looking options i got left are either

    1.same person but different minds
    2.split personality
    5.hidden personal reasons same person

    especially all those pics of hibiki yea any bets for psycho lesbain?

    yea also look possible chris might go face or redempion?

    1. Yes, this might be is a turning point, especially to the story’s outcome. Hibiki vs. Finè? I am ready.

      You said those options last time, am I right?

      Psycho lesbian? Let’s talk about her touching Hibiki’s chest.

      If Kurisu makes a ‘face’ turn or she will go alone and revenge and such, we will find that out on Friday (or Saturday if you want the subs).

      Also, from what country are you, Sir?

      1. i watch subs version of this anime.

        give late watcher on this give slow tempt start since whole bloody face then saw pic of ep5. then watch it from start & yep i’m in.

        give indeed like mix nanoha, madoka, singing, & etc yea like whole especially those 3 at least there no (/人◕‿‿◕人\).

        yea give looking so far next few eps reach it boiling point like no tommorow.

    2. FTFY:

      Oh boy, I knew the middle episode would be turning point and it really delivered.

      Yeah, Kurisu’s power-up mode looks like Heavy Arms Gundam.
      Also Hibiki and Miku’s female version version of the sisterhood code is likely problematic.
      Here are my opinions on what Ryouko and Finè could be:

      1. split personality
      2. sisters/twins
      3. clones
      4. hidden personal reasons but still the same person

      Check out all those pics of Hibiki, any bets she’s a psycho lesbain?

      Also, is it possible that Chris might have a change of face and seek redemption?

  5. People seem to have become Miku haters after this episode, but could you imagine how terrible this’d be after Miku was such a perfect waifu for the first six episodes? Waiting for Hibiki, helping her with her schoolwork, always being supportive of her and even feeding her–Miku basically did everything she possibly could for Hibiki, but if this really happened she’d have lost to some sloppy bitch idol. lol It almost sickens me, but it also gets me hard.

    Anyway, explanation for Miku’s behaviour this episode is that she feels like she can no longer trust Hibiki. Hibiki has always been the most important thing in Miku’s life; but after lying to Miku, and repeatedly ditching her without explanation, evidently Miku isn’t the most important thing in Hibiki’s. Hibiki’s “love” for Miku is basically like convenience for emotional gratification–she comes home to “the sunshine of her life” to recharge herself by snuggling while they’re sleeping, using Miku’s body–but she’s never actually there for any of the important moments like their dates or their meteor shower viewers to confirm their emotional connection. After discovering that Hibiki was keeping such a humongous and personally endangering secret from her, Miku simply can’t trust anymore that Hibiki will take care of her feelings or always come back to her. Miku can’t be Hibiki’s “sunshine” if Hibiki doesn’t actually work to keep Miku in her life.

    Basically, Miku can’t just keep giving. She doesn’t want to feel like she’s being used. You can tell that Hibiki also feels guilty about how she’s been neglecting Miku by how sheepishly she approaches her after her secret was brought into the open.

    1. Yeah, pretty much this. You may or may not agree with how Miku feels, but she just doesn’t have any more to give, she’s given everything to Hibiki, and asked for very, very little in return, and then it turns out she wasn’t even getting that.

    2. Okay, I was fine with Miku’s reaction until the “can’t be your friend anymore” part. That’s just a step way too far. Hibiki was saving people’s lives, initially against her will, and under one hell of a gag-order! Miku probably would’ve been imprisoned or something if Hibiki had broken the order and told her anything! I can’t really blame any Miku haters, because the way she’s ending it, she’s projecting a really selfish vibe along with being heartbroken. This isn’t a situation where someone could think rationally, but come on! Miku’s only gonna regret this later.

      I have to agree that it seems like someone didn’t give Miku the whole story, or she refused to really hear it. Either way, really hoping for more to this next episode.

      1. The problem with Miku Hater, they forget Miku make everything for Hibiki, she love her a Lot and I don’t like people ignored that part. That’s a problem in many Divorce when one person life for her job, don’t matter they make good things, if they don’t take care of they relationship they going broke up.

    3. No, I can’t agree with this or what Fencedude said.

      Miku knew Hibiki has been hiding something all this time, there’s no way it came as shock that she had been lying. Now that the truth is out, there is more opportunity for Hibiki to give back in their relationship as well as for their bond to grow deeper.

      It makes very very little sense for Miku not to expect anything in return all this time and then suddenly be mad about it.

      I think either Miku is really mad at herself, wants to end there relationship because she doesn’t want to hold Hibiki back, or they didn’t tell her the whole truth.

  6. What the hell Miku!? Her heartbreaks are small potatoes compared to the fact that Hibiki is constantly risking her life being a superhero. Hibiki at least deserves a heartfelt talk and instead Miku just dumps her. Some (girl)friend she is.

    Chris’ symphogear is awesome because anything with Gatling Guns is up in the awesome scale. Its also obvious she geared to join the good side eventually. If she survives the series of course.

  7. I really think you missed a great word-to-image link moment there Divine. In this sentence “considering that she could easily study Hibiki right now.”, you could have easily linked an image of Ryouko copping a feel of Hibiki’s chest you know?

  8. Yay, Tsubasa rejoined the fray and more giant Ame no Habakiri please 😉
    Can’t say I’m too interested in what’s going on between Hibiki x Miku. Ryouko/Finè on the other hand kept things interesting and I can’t wait to hear what her evil master plan is.

    Seishun Otoko
  9. Okay, after thinking about it a bit more, I think I got something. Assuming for a moment that Miku was told everything about Hibiki’s situation (and I mean everything), Miku might blame herself for all of it. Hibiki was only at that concert alone because Miku couldn’t go at the last minute. Now, if she as given the specifics Miku might seriously hate herself for that; she might be telling herself that if they’d been there together she could’ve gotten Hibiki out of danger and Kanade wouldn’t have died protecting her, then Hibiki wouldn’t have the fragment in her chest and wouldn’t have gotten swept into this war and need to risk her life and lie to Miku. If she’s thinking all that, it must seriously be killing Miku to even look at Hibiki without wanting to punch herself. Maybe I’m overthinking, but it’s a plot point that’s been gnawing at me since episode 2.

    Hopefully Tsubasa (and maybe Kurisu) will help Hibiki and Miku make up, since Hibiki is probably gonna be pretty damn depressed and useless until they do.

    In other news: Ryouko, the hell is going on with you? O.o

    1. You mean Char Aznable Full Frontal Neo Roanoke?

      They listed him as being voiced by Koyasu Takehito, because he was. The situation is not quite comparable.

      Hell, way back in Zeta Gundam, Ikeda Shuuichi was credited as playing “Char Aznable”, even though the show didn’t outright admit it was him for half a dozen episodes or so.

  10. Trivia: Miyuki Sawashiro is the “First Japanese VA on an English Dub” (http://4NN.cx/10134).

    On a second thought, I was wondering if she just read the English dialogue script and did not correct it or something else. I even saw her Anime Expo video online and I was convinced that the VA speaks good English.

    I blame the scriptwriters for the horrible English dialogue. They did not consult the internet for that.

    Going on to Kurisu, I feel her pain. I was a radical when I started lurking down here on the internet, ending up being open-minded in some issues. If I can send her a letter, I would tell her that “her beliefs = non sequitur”.

    Finally, the naked woman named Finè has an armor that looks similar to those of Saint Seiya (in my case).

    Miku broke up with Hibiki because she can’t handle too much secrecy, perhaps? Or was I wrong with that?

  11. “Gundam Heavyarms-like dual Gatling guns, complete with Macross-style missiles in her “Mega Death Party” attack.”

    Actually, they were ripping of Kos-Mos ver. 4 from Xenosaga, and now I know why the gear design for their headarmor looked familiar from episode 1. The fact that they are ripping of popular shows of the last 10 years distracted me and I realized the Xeno-connection when Kurisu pulled her guns.

    I really think that this show was not meant to be taken seriously, even the heap of foreshadowing and hints we got this episode seemed like the writers trying to poke fun at their own work. All those butterflies were just ridiculous. Sure, there’s killing and blood, but really, this is just some writers idea of taking the basis of succesfull shows, mixing them up, giving it to the audience and seeing what’s gonna happen.

    While I’m far from loving it, I do enjoy Symphogear a lot and your reviews every week.

  12. I feel that it’s far more likely that Miku was advised to cut off contact with Hibiki for her safety by the suits. Not really anything to do with secrets or hurt feelings, but that is likely the method she chose as an excuse.

  13. Hasn’t anyone elde noitced the openning when it is showing the sympohogear users. Its shows Tsubasa > Kanade > Miku > Ryouko > Kurisu and then Hibiki. Soo as 6 out of the 7 aere gears users this could pretty much mean that Ryouko is a gear user to. Soo she could be Fine.


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