Sorush finally meets his maker this week. Orang turns on his best friend based on his beliefs which is honorable. It seems that Sorush never believed in Farahnaz’s ideals. In fact, it’s not entirely clear why Sorush decided to join the armed forces. In the beginning of the episode, I started to feel like Sorush was a likable character but as the episode rolled on, that feeling subsided. My earlier assessment of him was just fine. His groupthink personality is very dangerous. Ades needs more Orang like people in their armed forces.

The one thing that really annoyed me this week was Sara’s grief over the loss of Sorush. If she had heard his traitorous words when she wasn’t listening, she definitely wouldn’t be crying. She even asked if Luscinia was there. As if her running out into the battlefield would stop them from fighting. Then again, I commend Gonzo for sticking with their guns and portraying her as still very naive. It still leaves Vasant in an odd place though since Sara saw Sorush’s flag conveniently fly up after the ship’s destruction.

Once again Fam does nothing of importance. The whole episode would have still made total sense without her. One could argue that it was for character development but I would say that she didn’t really develop after that incident anyway. I was ready to give her some props when she had a chance to save an allied ship from destruction (but she didn’t). There was a glimmer of hope when I thought she might finally do something instead of whining all the time. I really felt disappointed at that moment. Her attempt at trying to catch the Senapati was utter fail as well. If she had just used those missiles she dropped on its engines, she could have disabled the ship without killing anybody. Hasn’t she done it before (when she was capturing ships for Millia)?

The final surprise we get is Dio and Alvis finding their way to Boreas. It’s about time they brought him back into the foreground of the story.




  1. I can see Sara doing something stupid like running away to find Luscinia soon.. Not listening to Vasant and not finding Fam..
    And then things get even more wrong >.<
    I do hope that doesn't happen.

  2. Forget Fam for a while and just feel happy that the good guys are finally scoring one again.

    I never liked Sorush from the beginning, which shows that he’s a playboy rather than a soldier. Orang however, might looked a bit of a pain in the ass, but that’s because he’s just doing his job. In the battle between him and the pirates, and the battle at Glacies, I applaud him for being the loyal soldier type of characters I sorely missed, especially with the whole treacherous shit done in GC this week too, that generated so much rage, on both sides(for or not for Shu) of the community.

    On catching the Senepati. She has full catching equipment back then. Now she just have missiles so for me, it’s understandable she’ll fail this time.

    The Moondoggie
      1. If they go and “Reactive” Claus and Lavie. Then Last Exile 2, lost. Then they a relaying on the “Old Session 1” Heroes. As if Claus and Lavie, would end this War on their alone. The Last War ended because of Alex sacrifice and other things…

      1. Dio & Al have provided nearly all the strong moments in this series. They’re needed now more than ever.

        Claus and Lavie wouldn’t really add much (though I would like to know why they “gave” Al to Dio), but it would be nice to see them make an appearance at the end and decimate Jar Jar Binks in a race or two.

  3. it took almost the entire show for the creators to show us Fam being concerned about pulling the trigger. Normally it should happen early in the series — just like what happened in the old Last Exile — but with the direction this series went to, it was a surprise that the creators actually did that.

    *sigh I wonder what the creators were smoking when creating our main character, Fam?
    I don’t really hate her that much, but she clearly isn’t a main-character-material ANYMORE.
    Lately, she hasn’t really done anything else in the series other than spout nonsense. But there is still hope for her — Or is there?

    1. I feel we would have this conversation and comments too if Claus is a female sky pirate rather than a male courier.

      No, I’m not blaming this on sex. I blame the circumstances and their roles.

      Think about it:

      Claus is a courier. Big responsibility, has to bring home the ham and bread to his wife with Lavie. Doesn’t have any enemies or anything to do with any big event…. Until he met Alvis.

      Fam’s a sky pirate. Lives on her own terms, childish and carefree. Even though she takes pirate activities seriously, she doesn’t have as much priorities than Claus.

      Claus is pushed to battle earlier than Fam while Fam hasn’t been put to fight seriously until now. She’s a pirate. Piracy is what she do best. They don’t kill anyone, as shown. And Fam seems to haven’t had hated anyone/or given reason enough to want to kill people.

      The Moondoggie
      1. I don’t think circumstances are to blame as to why Fam has been failing as an MC.
        The ones to blame are the creators. They’re the one who decided to make her a member of an idealistic sky pirate, which in turn totally made the series less dark, less serious, and more light-hearted.

      2. i would have totally watched that version of a Claus still (besides his VA was a girl anyway so it was totally close). anything’s interesting as long as some angst is involved. angst, when used correctly makes you care for a character, makes you take them seriously. i refuse to believe that the pirate life is devoid of any violence that’s why i find it very hard to believe that she can be so happy go lucky for this long. it would be interesting if they decide to reveal that she’s actually forcing herself to be naive for a reason, like repressing hard and difficult memories, but there are no more hints of that (other than the medallion thing and references about her parents) and they should start showing them before it’s too late.

      1. Fam IS MC material. She being like this is GONZO’s answer to people who still, confusingly, clamor for originality.

        LOLZ at that. Fam’s concept isn’t even original:

        1. Sky Pirates:
        > Not original. We had pirates before Fam, and even they can fly.

        2. Female:
        > Not original. Do I even need to post why?

        3. Happy-go-lucky attitude
        > Not original. The biggest fool I remember is Carrot from Sorcerer Hunters.

        The Moondoggie
  4. Well, Battleships that can fly high in the Sky (with a High Limit), but cant maintain High on the Ground.. Perhaps this Hole around this Fortress, is deeper then then the “Sky High Limit”… Or they cant switch that fast back on raise Speed.

    And “Lucky” for Augusta, that the “Bridge” Collapsed, right in time. When he go on Maximum Speed to Ram her Ship

      1. There currently isn’t any material that talks about what the mechanics behind the altitude limit is so it’s anyone’s guess until Word of God clarifies.

        I assumed that it was something similar to that if the incredibly massive warship were to go past its limit, it’s systems would be unable to keep it up in the air and operational.

        If we assume regular physics, the incredible mass and volume displacement of the warships would make it a challenge of epic proportions to have it hover in the air, nevermind forward movement and ascending/descending.

        So I would compare it to something like an airplane stalling in the air and falling. The engines don’t necessarily stop working but non the less the aircraft will begin to plummet to earth after rapidly losing lift.

    1. Yup. It’s kinda of an idiotic move on her part. Just because she has the Empress doesn’t mean everyone will obey her. Even Sorush calls out her on this and refuses to join her rebellion since she’s using Sara’s name to justify her rebellion, making her not so different with Luscinia (Luscinia hides things from Sara for her sake and will uses war and WMD to make Sara’s late mother’s dream come true, Vasant manipulates Sara to make her support her rebellion and allies with the people who hate Earth natives and wants to kill Luscinia and his men to make Sara’s late mother’s dream come true).

      Sorush accepts his death with dignity and what he believed in uniting the world in peace and even accepted Orang staying loyal to his beliefs of serving the Empress. His attempts of capturing Vasant’s flagship even if it means heavily damaging the ship was showing Vasant that using Sara as a human shield won’t work and how naive she is. In his last moments, Sorush and his crew gives one last hail to Sara, showing that Sorush was still loyal to Sara as well.

      1. Actually, the presence of Augusta did remind Orang about his ideals, so she did serve a purpose.

        People must realise that symbols are important for many. The presence of Augusta both inspires and invigorates her supporters. The only issue is that there are many who do not value her as a symbol, but are more than willing to replace her with someone else. Doesn’t help that Augusta is a mere 6 year old girl.

    2. It was incredibly devious and clearly a choice of much forethought. Vasant is pulling no punches in bringing as many advantages to her side as possible in the fight against Luscinia.

      It’s also interesting because it paints Vasant an undefined shade of gray, highlighting that there is noble ideals and dark practicality on both sides of the war, as there is in most conflicts.

      Sara is the main focal point for bringing Ades forces under her banner to face Luscinia.

      This reminds me of the Boshin war, where Imperial forces used the young emperor as their rallying point, fighting against the Shogunate forces with the intent to expel foreigners, end Shogunate rule, and restore the emperor.

      There are accounts of entire forces retreating rather than fight the Imperial forces when they saw the crest of the Emperor flying overhead. While the Shogun was the true ruler and the Emperor was merely a puppet, the clans of Japan technically swore fealty to the Emperor. Suddenly, the traitors were legitimized by the presence of the Emperor’s will.

      The Shogunate forces were not afraid of punishment but were hesitant in attacking the Emperor who was the highest symbol in the land.

      The clans that seized the Emperor’s court understood this and leveraged it to their full advantage.

    3. This is why I love you. I was a bit annoyed when the blogger pretty much ignored that fact, and ignored the fact that sorush didnt plan to kill her, and that pretty much sara is an orphan, and vassant not only started a fight with the others who raised her, but then used her as the human shield, most people think that sara is THAT stupid to where she hadnt figured out what Vassant did, she even SAID that earlier, about how she is so “useless” etc etc, she KNOWS she is being used and now her her own “family” is killing themselves off.

      Funny I came back after two years of being gone after Omni left. . .it seems that I’ll be staying gone since the blogger cant look at things more closer than a random naru/bleachtar. . .oh waii.

  5. I like that Top Gear parody intro, can we have that for every Last Exile post’s intro?

    The conflict could have been averted if Sara was brought along when Vasant engaged with Sorush and Orang. But I guess Vasant wouldn’t want that, she’s vengeful driven to see Luscinia’s goal to fail and exterminate all who supports him.

    In that regard, it’s hard to support Vasant’s cause.

  6. I actually quite liked that Fam is consistent with her character in this episode. Her naivete early in the season was just so annoying – much like I am very annoyed with kids who think only of themselves (but then again, they’re kids) – but when in the situation, she holds up to her self. It’s a generic character, though, and I can already think of a generic ending.

  7. I honestly want to like Fam as a character but as posted above, she definitely is no longer main character material. It would take a lot to bring my faith back in this character. I also was really hoping for the trigger scene to happen earlier than now. I’m still following this show but trying to keep the original as canon and completely separated from this.
    I feel bad for Vasant.

  8. Well, right now we have a Tie on both sides. Not on Army Power, on Reason why they fight.

    All now, depends on the Word of Queen Augusta. Perhaps she has now opens her Eyes, that She is manipulated, for the Bad or the Good Side. Both Sides brings Bloodshed

    Important is now, if Augusta still trust Vasants Action. Thats the important Point of these “Rebellion”. For the Sake of her Peoples, she cant be a Child anymore. She must Lead them.. Even if she still is a Child. She dont have the “Luxus” like Fam. Perhaps Millia can “support” her in Royal things. Or Anatory “Queen/King” will aid her.

    But First, there is this “old” Guy in Charge of Luscina’s Troops. Is he in Clacier?

    1. I am sure, that they will soon switch to Hijacking Attack Warfare. No more Attacj straight On. They lost to many Ships so far. And Looks like the “Old” Men, dont have that many Resources on the Hand.. Perhaps thats when Luscina’s New Toy will come handy

      And if i would Attack the Defenders.. Bombardment from Above, why going Head on.. Sure, you could destroy the Natural Rock bridges.. But Bridges can be build.. Humans Lives not

      But, hey. Nice Fight Animation.

  9. Man I want to see some Anatoray. I want to see their land on Earth and the progress in nation building. I also want to see how Claus and Lavie have changed, other than their new sporting haircuts.

    Fam did a fair amount I think. Whether or not it affected the outcome is something else. It’s not like anyone can know whether their effort pays out in the end except in retrospect. In her mind she committed to helping in the battle in the way she knew best. Claus did the same thing in his first battle, having only a couple seconds of smokescreen.

    Besides, overall it was a good idea anyway. She clearly had no idea how to fly her tiny Vespa once it was fitted with guns and ammunition.

    Also, I don’t know if anyone else watched the recap episode but the last few minutes were up to date animation.

    The Guild is still definitely on Earth in force, evidenced by them attacking Dio and Alvis’ vanship. Maybe they are currently engaged in conflict with Anatoray? But they still aren’t necessarily allied with Luscinia / Ades, since they have their own reasons for coming after Alvis (evidenced in the bridge manga).

    The relationship between Luscinia and the rest of the Guild is still incredibly vague. Is Luscinia a rogue agent? Does he have more Guild retinue? Is the Guild acting in unison or is it broken into factions, each working toward their own goals, and if so are they all independently working toward the same goals?


      1. Battleship? This is not Last Exile 1. The Ades perhaps has the wisdom to use them.. As you can see, after the “Rebellion” in Last Exile 1. They just dont wanted to lose control and keep the Peoples in check. But every one could use it.

        I dont think, that they have Guild Members in every “reactor room”. How do you explain the “Reaper” take over?

        No, on Earth the Guild Members have better do to, as being in every Battleship Reactor room..

      2. An interesting theory. It would also appear that Claudia units & related tech are all widely disseminated for all to use on Earth, as there is no evidence of Delphine style oppression, which must have been a corruption of standard Guild operating procedure. So I can only imagine it is as you say, since the Ades have some advantages that I do not think their struggling nation would have been able to develop on their own.

        Following this line of thought, the Ades Federation has indeed had a great amount of support from the Guild in technological and military efforts. This is further evidenced by personal Guild retinue attached to Augusta Farahanaz, which we don’t see supplied for any other nobility. There must have been some major support for the way that she went about ruling, conquering, etc.

        There is plenty of reasons to believe that much of this support would have carried over when Augusta Sara succeeded and Luscinia takes his place as Premier.

        But it’s also important that the Guild, while so apparently supporting the Ades and Luscinia, have yet to take any incredibly overt military actions against any other nations. It seems to me that the three main possibilities: The Guild on Earth have a no direct intervention policy, their forces are already committed elsewhere (Anatoray?), or they only have enough manpower to achieve objectives through proxy (hence support for Ades).

        If none of these are true it makes no sense to me for the Guild to not directly engage enemies with their superior weapons, ships and tech.

        I think it would be incredibly awesome of them to show Guild society at work and play.

    1. Well, Luscina has some “Dark Guild Members” Backup. You saw them attacking the Reaper, and when Dio succeeded in kill them, before they capture Alvis in the Field. SO he is not that Rouge. Perhaps the Guild that stand back at Earth and the Guild that come back from the Exiles are acting on their own. SO, Lucscina is not so Guild “powerless” as you think.

    1. And what this Episode tell us. Fam will never be a 2nd Claus. She will go her own Way, in this War. I wish her all Luck. But she is not fit for the Battlefield… Hope the Writers dont put her to many times on the Line… She is not fit for Taken Life on a Battlefield. She fight with her own “weapon”.. Sky Pirate style

      1. But, please. dont reactivate Claus and Lavie for fighting in this War. It is not their Story. Or if you really need to. Let them Off screen, and in a Flashback or Summary, explain that they Defend Alvis in her Home Country. Because if you do, you admit that Fam lost as MC

        And if you want to explain why, Dio is protecting Alvis.. Because Alvis wanted to see the World, and Dio granted her wish. He give the Word to Claus and Lavie, that he will Protect Alvis and stay at her side.. That is a good explanation… or Dio said it to Sophie (I bet she is some kind of Ruler there).. And why Dio is on Earth with them (He is still a Exile Guild Member). Ask Claus and Lavie 🙂

      2. Oh, i still thinking. That the Writers want us to surprise us… That Fam is more then she looks…

        She is a Orphan? But her appearance into the Sky Pirates outpost… Where you got this “similar” feeling? Did i hear Alvis somewhere? :). Perhaps if someone knows the right “Activation codes”.. We will get a Surprise

  10. Fam’s not so much a MC than just someone who knows the most number of important people involved. They should’ve named the series ‘Last exile: peace restoration’ or something related to the war fighting instead since it seems the main focus was the build up to a big battle. Even Orang changed more in this episode than Fam did – she’s still catching skyfish, or tried to.

    1. “Last Exile: Resolution of a young Queen”. You can take it for Millia or Augusta. Both has the same Fate.. Except, Emilia must somehow break the Control of her Sister about their Exile.. Because, Luscinia could use her again against her (Millia)


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