「陽だまりに翳りなく」 (Hidamari ni Kagerinaku)
“There’s No Shadow Beneath the Sun”

Well, it doesn’t look like Kurisu is quite ready to jump ship onto the good guys’ side, but given that Miku didn’t hesitate to help her and Genjuurou even jumped in to lend a hand, it should only be a matter of time before two Symphogear heroines becomes three. This episode took a somewhat typical yet arguably effective approach to get that point across, by having Miku and Kurisu run into one another after the latter somehow managed to get away from Finè in one piece. Both of them were going through an unwanted/unneeded phase and ended up finding an answer to their problems from one another.

In Miku’s case, her inner turmoil stemmed entirely from her inability to be honest with herself and how she truly felt about Hibiki hiding her Symphogear secret from her, which quite honestly, surprised me given that I didn’t pick up on any cues about how that might be the case. At the same time, it didn’t come off as a poorly developed scenario, as the look back on what Miku said to Hibiki with her phone actually improved my opinion of her character as a whole, which is actually saying a lot since I thought it was pretty reckless of her to lure the Noise away when Hibiki was already there and ready to transform. The way I saw it, Miku simply wanted to help support her best friend and putting herself in the same kind of danger as Hibiki was her way of sharing the burden. There’s no arguing that it was a pretty dumb thing to do from an outside perspective, but it’s not all that hard to understand either considering that Miku wants to help Hibiki even though she doesn’t have the necessary ability to do so. The last thing any good friend would want to do is watch from the sidelines after all.

So where does that leave Kurisu? Still torn over whether she’d rather be alone or put some trust in Hibiki, Miku, and the rest of the Mobile Disaster Prevention Unit evidently (save for the fashionably late and evil Ryouko). We did see more of her orphan past and how she was subjected to what I can only imagine to be very terrible things, so it’s definitely nice to see her get some much needed characterization before doing anything just yet. With Tsubasa taking on more of a supportive role since her injury — and getting cheered up by Hibiki instead of the other way around — I can’t imagine Kurisu will hold off for too long.

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      1. I thought she is just singing her personal normal “sustaining song” that Tsubasa and Kurisu sing when they fight in Symphogear as well?

        I suppose the ‘swan song’ will not be in Japanese from the 2 times it has be used.

  1. Kurisu is one step closer to the light, Hibiki got her wife back, Tsubasa shed some more angst… Yup, this episode was everything I could’ve hoped for.

    Glad to see Kurisu fighting on something that could be seen as “for the good-guys”. She’ll come around, probably with a little more prodding via Hibiki and Miku.

    Still no clue if Ryouko is crazy or just has a crazy twin…

  2. Genjuro is extremely GAR for holding off an entire group of noise with no Symphogear. Hibiki couldn’t have picked a better mentor.

    The make-up scene was just diabetes inducing. I almost thought that Hibiki and Miku would start making out on the spot. I’m happy for the quick reconciliation though. Its going to make Hibki’s inevitable death even more tragic.

    1. wow you make such a good point O_o; it certainly looks the same doesnt it? (besides the fact that miku is right next to her in the original photo but she somehow disappears from the photo by the grave…lol)

  3. So all you have to do is join the track team. You can out run super monsters and out run a super hero girl who leaps buildings with boosters and jets.

    I see, anime logic.

    So children slaves must be fed pretty well if Kurisu can grow to that height, have so much strength, and have such high value assets.

    I see, more anime logic.

  4. so sums thing up

    chris is now going face also seem genjuro might know about chris & yea WOW really pulling the piece of road got wonder is he over 9000?!

    yep the hibiki-miku les-yuri sis-mance sis-code is back together now.

    ok then we got wonder what next?

  5. Miku was really lucky to be up against the slowest Noise ever. The other noise zap around in spear-ike form really quickly, but the Octopus Noise rather walks leisurly.

    Also: Wow, she managed to put quite the distance between Hibiki and herself O_o

    Those two were the only things that made me raise an eyebrow in an otherwise pretty enjoyable episode. I also think Chris armour is awesome in a Heavy Arms sort of way.

  6. Miku and Hibiki are daaaw worthy!!! <3

    Yeay, Hibiki, no more sleeping in the couch for you!!!

    I only ask for two things in the remaining episodes, Miku and Hibiki kissing, and an happy ending. I dont care, they can use a Deus Ex Machine plot device or something, but I want my happy yuri ending!! T_T


    I love the show but its really starting to piss me off now with just that one thing. Its seriously breaking my ability to suspend disbelief.

  8. Miku.
    Having interacted with 2 Symphogear users, will she come to approach Tsubasa as well?
    Wonder if she would become a Symphogear user in the end as well somewhat like how Kazuki Kumon became the last Dunamist in Ultraman Nexus.
    Or would she become some kind of emotional support for the Symphogear users?

    She used some big words last ep, I suppose she wants to perfect the Symphogear tech and be closer to God or surpass God.
    Could she have experimented on herself too? And the Fine appearance a byproduct?
    Like embedding a relic in herself to replicate Hibiki’s case?
    So she absorbed Nehushtan and used it to complete Kadingil?
    Would be nice to hear her whole elaborate plan/origins from the start, hope theres an ep for it.
    Which comes first Fine or Ryoko?

    If only the heroes can snatch or destroy the Staff of Solomon then the threat of Noise should be gone as that relic controls them.
    I suppose without it Noise would be just like animals minding their own business unless you disturb it.

    2 years is all it takes for a little kid to become a big girl.
    Fine should have done something to her beside torturing her.
    Could she have a piece of Nehushtan in her to invoke that armor healing?
    Or could she have another something in her?

    The human-relic hybrid.
    Could she evolve to get a new form?

    13 episodes, 5 more to go.

  9. The only reason I’m still watching this series if because I’m already halfway through. Well, that and the hope of sloppy lesbian makeouts.
    The series has consistently failed to live up to its promise and I have no investment in any of the characters.
    At least the Heavyarms symphogear was neat.

    Bio D

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