「鴨川ロリータ」 (Kamogawa Roriita)
“Kamogawa Lolita”

Ika Musume as a blond-haired pushy loli in my Lagrange? I didn’t even realize it was Kanemoto Hisako voicing Asteria Lizamarie de Rochefort until I saw the credits, but it sure proved to be a highlight after the fact since she ravaged Madoka and supposedly brought the U.S. President to tears over the phone. Better yet, it turns out she’s the reason behind Lan’s “wan” greeting, which sadly we may never see again given the latter’s traumatic realization that she’s been trolled all this time. Still, it was fun to watch Asteria’s arrival put everyone on edge, particularly Tadokoro, before things took a more serious turn with the rather surprising revelation that all the “aliens” are actually Earthlings who left the planet after the legendary Vox tragedy from 20,000 years ago. (Not 12,000 years like that other show, but 20,000.)

Granted, the revelation was only as surprising as Madoka took the news, seeing as it actually brought things “back down to Earth”. I quite liked the strong female bonds that followed suit though, as the lines continue to blur on who the antagonists of the series are (if there’s even one at all). Villagiulio still doesn’t seem nearly as bad as he’s trying to make himself out to be, and Array pretty much dropped a million notches down in the badass department after we found out he’s the personal maid to Asteria, which primarily leaves the Voces and the tragedy associated with them as the main source of conflict in the series. There are evidently a lot of differing views on making the “Flower of Rinne” blossom, and Villagiulio is looking more like an antihero than anything else since he’s expressed interest in seeing them destroyed before. Asteria’s decision to keep them around but not let them bloom on the other hand just foreshadows the scenario where they eventually will, with Moid striving to do so under the orders of Lan’s older brother, Fin e Ld c Dizelmine (Ono Daisuke).

Yes, you read that correctly, as it’s already been confirmed on the official website that Dizelmine is Laffinty’s brother and the current king of Le Garite. However, his calm and composed disposition doesn’t make him seem like an antagonist to me, as I get the feeling that he has his own beliefs about the Flower of Rinne and what happened 20,000 years ago on Earth. It doesn’t seem all that unlikely that the Flower of Rinne is actually good thing if it blossoms under the right circumstances — whatever those may be. Madoka obviously believes in Aura, as do Lan and Muginami who hilariously went on strike for her, so I’m going to take a wild stab and assume that there’s some history twisting going on with regards to the legend. At the moment, the best candidate for an actual antagonist would be Moid, since he probably has ulterior motives and is only obediently following Dizelmine’s orders for now. In any case, I hope Asteria will make regular appearances going forward, as she’s the only person who’s been able to get Madoka all flustered. I guess it comes with sexually assaulting her.

* That adorable Lan! That end card! This awesome series! Why am I yelling!?
* Full-length images: 05, 07, 24.



End Card


  1. Single color theme, yellow dress, yellow hair, in the end card…

    …would it be too much of a stretch to assume she’ll be piloting a yellow Vox? Probably the earth element one?

    ANYWAY, great episode as usual.

  2. I enjoy how all the young girls are color coded for our convenience – green-ten (Madoka), blue-tan(Lan), orange-tan (Muginami) and yellow-tan (Asteria). I wonder when we’re going to get a purple-tan or indigo-tan or cyan-tan.

    The series should have been been the Rainbow of Rin-ne, clearly ^^

      1. I opened the page for 4GE and AhhhH! AChannel D:

        in a 4GE:
        Madoka: Wild Card
        Lan: The Ditz
        Muginami: The Sexy One
        Asteria: The Snark

        in a 5GB:
        Madoka: The Hero
        Lan: The Lancer
        Muginami: The Chick
        Asteria: The Smart Guy
        ???????: The Big Guy

        The Moondoggie
      2. It’s a figure of speech. Usually “the Big Guy” acts as The Berserker or Warrior Poet of the group. Attacking and the love for battle is her main description. Usually very GAR, bishounen/bifauxnen(if female?). As a female this is the one usually called “Onee-sama” by same sex admirers.

        The Moondoggie
  3. I am happy about the explanations about aliens. I remember back in episode 1, I really, really hated the fact that the so-called ‘aliens’ looks exactly the same as humans. This was one of the reasons why I didn’t take the show seriously and considered dropping it.

    Somehow I chose to be ignorant toward that problem and now I finally have an answer I am happy with.

  4. This episode wins just for the Top Gun reference.

    At this point I think the show is deliberately trying to provoke my Yuri detection. Madoka has the SWAG if she can somehow get groped by a loli(TWICE!), have Lan want to sleep with her, and then get sweet hugs from her harem in one episode.

    It is nice to see Madoka show some character growth though, I would have expected her to protest with Lan and Muginami but instead she took the order to ground Midori seriously. Especially after she heard of the legend. Its obviously not going to last though. Also kudos for Tadokoro for trying to stand up for the girls. For a commanding officer, he’s alright. Especially since Asteria is BOSS enough to order around the President of theUSA.

    All the exposition did make the setting more intresting. I like the idea of earth being the origin of all the planets. Gives a serious Sci-Fi vibe, and deepens the mystery of what exactly the Voxes are.

    I was also laughed at Maid Array. I didn’t even notice him until he spoke a line. I guess his humiliation by Giant robot Suplex wasn’t enough. Well played show.

    1. I hadn’t realized the maid was Array either till the end but as soon as the “maid” came off the plane I started to laugh because the perpetually blush gave it away that Asteria had trolled a guy to wear a maid uniform. The rest of the episode I was waiting impatiently for him to say something to confirm it. The fact no one else said anything about it in the cast is what I found odd. lol

  5. I think this line in the legend “Feeding off a tainted heart, they awaken from within the mind.” and the fact that the Voces are being by our three heroines is key in the outcome of the story.

  6. Oh, and I disagree with Divine about Dizelmine not being antagonistic. If anything, all evidence points out to that he will be *the* antagonist. Why else would you introduce a character by showing him speaking to his minion (Moid) only through holographic projection? Furthermore, he rules a kingdom and has the asset to do evil things (such as destroy the earth, etc.), something Moid himself cannot do.

  7. LOLZ. Now we knowz where Lan gats “woof”. It iz eh keik!!!!!1!!

    Sorry, I just WAN-t to go memetic about how Lan’s knowledge of greetings is a lie. (The cake is a lie, see?)

    And so now we hear the full story: On the Last Glacial Maximum the hoomin…err, humans moved out to space. They are Lan’s and Mugi’s ancestors that colonized other worlds. The Vox caused the LGM and almost destroyed the world. Pretty funny now that I think about it, in a morbid sort of way. And it happened OVER 9000 years ago!(actually 20000 something)


    Anyway for some tidbits I liek…:




    Goth loli as Da Boss! Proof that you don’t have to be large to be in charge…


    “We fought over love….!” If my japanese is working well….
    Yuri points? Over 9000!


    *Stares at teh maido*… Wait! Is that the shota from episode 1? Traps me liek! <3

    The Moondoggie
  8. 1.Definitely I suspect 4th vox (Vox Terra?) for the Asteria to pilot.
    2.Moid is emanating more evil aura than certain nurse from hinamizawa!
    3.This show has put my yuri goggles out of order for the rest of season. anyway Eyeball Mk1 is all we need to spot Yuri here…
    4.Definitely, Rinne no Top Gun!

    1. The Vox Legend only talks about 3 demons.
      Or is it incomplete?

      Or is a 4th Vox at De Metrio?
      Something that that sidestory manga could have touched on?

      Anyway I hope they will reveal the origins of the Vox units.

      Wonder what they were like 20,000 years ago.
      Now they are duck-billed planes at ‘Kamo’gawa 😛

  9. I had a similar thought (even the Schneizel parallel). Fin gives me that bad guy vibe. It’s not uncommon for brother and sister to suddenly be on opposing sides and if her brother is the bad guy and she had to choose a side, Lan would probably side with Madoka eventually.

  10. I don’t know if it’s even possible but this episode just made me love Madoka even more. This episode showed off all the parts of her personality so well and Asteria’s arrival even revealed a flustered side I didn’t know she could have considering how carefree she is around Lan and Muginami (swam with both naked and even embraced the latter in a steamy bath). That group hug looked so cute too.

  11. Well, there goes all those guesses we’ve made over the last few weeks out the window and down to the trash can.

    Still, I’m surprised how Madoka’s personality rubbed off on Lan and Muginami already, while Madoka herself was the calm one (and going off of her lecture by her gym teacher still from last week, I presume…)

    ANYWAY, who did not notice Array was in a maid costume until he started talking?

    *raises hand himself*

  12. Actually, I was thinking Victorique from Gosick – Ika was pushy but in a much more timid way
    (I didn’t match the voicer either – I only recognise one or two)…

    The “woof” was so funny and fits perfectly with her personality to date – Lan through this series
    has been totally troll-able. I kinda makes me wonder if she’ll have a serious role or there’s
    something about her that hasn’t been revealed yet…

    Well, you know something’s going to happen where Madoka will pilot the vox again – can’t wait!

    Oh – BTW – how come no one else thought of going through the shaft!!! That’s like SOP in anything!

  13. So these alien invaders aren’t actually aliens at all? That’s like MechWarriors’ Inner Sphere vs. The Clans storyline, isn’t it?

    Or if we borrow an expression from that other mecha anime, “Damn you Veigans/Vagans!” XD

  14. Asteria sure is the boss!

    The Vox Legend takes up main stage after the main girls arc.
    So what exactly is the ‘blossoming’?
    Doesn’t seem to be explained clearly but people like Asteria, Villa, Moid and Dizel seem to know.

    So is Dizel the bad guy?
    Maybe for the first 12 eps?
    Then the true bad guy and more new characters will appear in the final 12 eps.
    Or perhaps its all Moid, waiting for the right time?

    From the 2nd ep, Moid says that the Le Garite main force is at war elsewhere.
    What war? A Polyhedron territory expansion war?
    Or a war against Polyhedron? To separate from it?

    Whatever thats outside Earth is a mystery factor for now.
    And everyone is hiding their motives.

    Could whatever be happening now be a preparation for a real enemy(Polyhedron?)?
    Like in SRW and 00?

    1. 2nding. Would be great if Divine could post the names for this one and the past end card artist’s. 🙂
      I think the name is written in the corner, right?
      For this one, the art looks like Boichi to me. I only recognize the one for end card 07, but forgot the name. I think it’s some hentai mangaka.

  15. I’m halfway convinced that Asteria is a trap.
    – She (maybe he) is definitely interested in Madoka’s boobs and butt. (but not Muginami’s for some reason)
    – She made Array cross dress perhaps as a pair to her own hobbies
    – She is extremely flat…
    – Or maybe she just wants to “scissor” with Madoka. (er…wow thats kinda ecchi)

      1. Because an Current Time Earthling, can Awaken this Vox and so on. And she has this “Maid”.. To many hidden points i can see, that can proof my idea… But then why this Antique Room Style.. Perhaps a 20.000Year hit.. Well i can see all of that..

  16. So, in the month of February we get: Shinobu in Nisemono, Princess Serenity in Bodacious, Crea and Yuhona in EVOL, and now Astaria in Rinne. The other shows are falling behind, and EVOL is up by a point in the loliolympics.

    My predictions: Shinobu for the Gold with her awesome floor routine. You guys can pick the rest….

  17. I can’t bring myself to like Asteria. It’s not a matter of being evil or not, it’s just that she gives vibes that she’ll do anything to achieve her goals.

    I’m really happy about this episode. Rinne no Lagrange is moving faster than other shows, than let’s say, Mouretsu Pirates, as it’s trendy to compare the two, but I feel like it’s bigger picture or main story is much slower. I don’t know how to explain it but, to put it bluntly, I still don’t know what Rinne no Lagrange’s story exactly is about besides true friendship between girls (and boys to a lesser degree, for now anyway, judging from next episode’s preview) and mecha.
    Of course you can say that the story will be about the war between the different alien factions and how the city of Kamogawa is involved, or others variations of this, especially after all the backstory explained in this episode but I believe all of this is still speculation, and we only have an ébauche of the plot for now. It’s like if we’re still in the show’s introduction, it could as well go into a whole other direction.

    All of this isn’t really a problem of course, and I love the show, but it troubles me when I’m at a loss for words when talking about the story when I try to make people watch the show. I just hope that the story will pick up pace.

  18. Another great episode and another candidate for Madoka’s harem and this time it’s a dfc.
    Poor Lan will have more trouble with Asteria than with Muginami.
    Considering her ability to order people (especially men) around, I wouldn’t be surprised if she turned out to be a distant relative of Madoka and Youko.

    I am surprised that several people have talked about how Muginami’s Vox is orange and not red but nobody seems to have pointed out that Madoka’s Vox is actually not green but turquoise (except for the lights).


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