「先輩がPINCH.」 (Senpai ga PINCH.)
“Sempai’s in a PINCH.”

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Evidently, so is an alien rescue robot that leads to the earlier than expected slip of Ichika’s secret. I don’t think anyone realistically expected the series to end without Kaito finding out the truth about Ichika, but I was a bit surprised to see everyone stumble upon it at once. That turn of events seemed to exceed even Remon’s expectations, as it came with some pretty damning evidence with Ichika using alien technology to save Kaito’s life once again. And to think, this was all because Rinon accidentally radioed for help. It’ll be interesting to see how everyone copes with this revelation, especially Kanna who will either benefit from it or lose out even more to a love rival she simply can’t compete against (i.e. if Kaito’s okay with Ichika being an alien that is, which I presume he will be.)

As for the love pentagon, Mio’s clearly doing something right by getting Tetsurou to at least acknowledge her feelings and start seeing her as a potential girlfriend, whereas Kaito is absolutely fearless in his pursuit of Ichika by throwing himself in harm’s way without a second thought to protect her. This unfortunately leaves Kanna at a standstill in the middle, despite her efforts here. Kanna can’t even get Kaito to see her as a potential girlfriend even though he knows how she feels, so I can’t help but feel sorry for her. At the same time, I can completely understand where Kaito’s coming from — especially his recklessness — because he’s clearly blinded by his love for Ichika. As mean as it may sound, it would’ve bothered me more if he didn’t run off after hearing Ichika scream and worried about leaving Kanna behind instead. I love Kanna, but I respect how Kaito’s being honest with himself, so I see it all as just an unfortunate scenario where someone has to wind up heartbroken.

* Gotta love the in-character joke of Inoue Kikuko, Horie Yui, and of course Tamura Yukari’s “Forever 17” club. I’m starting to think that Remon’s an alien herself since she doesn’t seem to age and probably went to high school with Manami.
* Full-length images: 07, 12, 14.




  1. Wow! This was/is an amazing episode! Her secret’s out and there’s no turning back!
    Why am I shouting (apologies to Divine)!

    Again, she (I assume) saves his life after he flies into the Kamisama Doll rescue pod
    Rinne no Lagrange style after confessing his love to try to save her from what
    he believes is something attacking her – this show has everything. I mean – he didn’t even think
    of the danger – he just reacted!

    1. (Hit submit too soon!)

      Anyway, poor Kanna seems to be left out completely in the cold as he ran from her just as she
      was going to confess (but he knew what was coming already). I wonder if the one who’s going
      to be left out in the end is Mio as Tetsurou seems to want Kanna (God – I hope I got the names right).

      Next week will not come soon enough for this episode.

      BTW – Divine please stay healthy…

    2. Kaito was just great for most part of the episode…

      Till he snapped and had the brilliant idea of attacking a ghost/robot thingy with a ROTTEN STICK!?
      I felt like screaming “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” and… then I voiced “I knew it!!!”(while he was sent flying onto the abyss)

    1. I’m considering it, since I already watched and capped this episode on Monday when it aired. I always want to get a post out ASAP so that people can start discussing the episode while it’s fresh in their minds. My input can always come after.

      As for why this post isn’t fully written, I meant to get it done yesterday but ended up working until 2am on my work stuff. I didn’t get around to blogging until ~3am and was on the verge of passing out after finishing the Gundam AGE post. And now I’m at work again. :\

      1. Aww, come on Guys. Please Understand. Divine are bloging on his FREE TIME for us Voluntary. He is Working. So please bear with it, and enjoy the Postings of his Partners so far

      2. I always like your screen caps. Your pictures are those that i feel highlight the series well. No other blogger connects to me in that level. So no words are fine by me. That is not to say I dislike your words. But as you said, a picture speaks a thousand words.

    1. LOL. I read the first 3 lines of your post and I was all like squeee! Then I read two lines down from there and was like “I wholeheartedly concur with your squee-age”

      Anyway, I think almost everyone else should hook up, but let Kanna & Remon just have a womance (<-word or not?). I feel Kanna will be the one left out in the cold.

  2. need more real radical ULTRAMAN anime. i wonder when tsuburaya’s gonna do it. if aquarion evol, gundam 00, rebirth of evangelion can get soooooooo good its about time an ultraman anime is made. drama in the show is a must aside from the obligatory action. if not then ultraman tiga should be a heroic spirit of either archer or irregular savior class. just ramblin’

  3. Remon “forever 17”, what kind of devil are you? New cute haircut for Mio, followed by very cheap kiss situation (even with all the praise I’m willing to give to AnoNatsu that was very very lazy writing). Some time in the next future, Kanna’s heart will be in as much pieces as Kaito’s glass.

      1. And let’s not fail to mention that that Kikuko Inoue played Mizuho in Onegai Teacher. With how many similarities this show has to that one this is certainly not a coincidence.

  4. Forever 17. Damn Lemon!

    Things are getting interesting. Ichika has finally accepted her feelings for Kaito, major development for Mio and Tetsuro, Ichika’s secrets are out, and we might see Kanna get her heart broken soon.

    Damn, can’t wait for next week!

    The Story You Don't Know
  5. I didn’t realize how much blood was around Kaito’s head until I looked at the screen cap! I wonder if Kaito will die once Ichika leaves, or he was “only” heavily wounded and healed..?
    Poor Kanna :'( I really don’t know how the writers will give her a happy ending, or even a semi-happy one.

    I liked Mio’s long hair better, but I guess she did it to look a bit more like Kanna..?

      1. Haha well luckily I was joking, obviously I don’t want that to happen, I’m on the IchikaxKaito ship all the way. Good thing I am too because it’s quite obvious that the writers have been angling that way since episode 1, if it ends any other way I will be quite surprised. I predict an ending very similar to Onegai Teacher, drama will happen that makes it looks like Kaito and Ichika can’t be together and then something will happen to save the day at the last second and they all live happily ever after.

  6. Just when I thought last episode was pure win, the series just gets better. Up there with Another this season.

    Remon = Queen of trolling for Winter 2012 anime season
    (Gotta lol at the reference to her seiyuu Tamura Yukari being an “eternal 17-year-old”)

    It feels funny having guessed correctly that it was a homing beacon rather than their whole ship altogether that Rinon had accidentally fired into space.

    Seeing Manami assisting Remon, it would seem that she prefers Mio over Kanna going out with her brother.

    Kinny Riddle
  7. Remon definitely gets troll of the year award…
    Ever 17 – anyone played this game?
    Other than that, it seems Tetsurou still loves Kanna, but is more and more aware that he is not capable of staying indifferent to Mio… and the inevitable “wham!” of Ichika’s true identity as alien arrives. Brace for impact!

  8. I was half expecting Kaito to get swallowed up with Ichika by the drone. Then, they go for a fun little space run. I guess dying again in a kamikaze run is definitely much more manly.

    The drone itself was badly designed if its function is for rescue. I can understand attack protocols if it wants to rescue the stranded aliens from possible hostile environments, but at some points it started to attack Ichika even. You would think that something like a hyperspace capable rescue pod would at least have a speech recognition program or its own AI so Ichika could have talked her way out. Then again, yes, this way made for better action and Kaito could play the hero (zombie like hero).

      1. “If she falls in Love with him, She has to go away”….. *Big Hints everywhere*

        Perhaps she run away from a “forced” Wedding… My Guts tells me, she is more then a “normal” Alien…

    1. Its probably not an attack function but a retrieval function, like when the person to rescue is under a pile of rubble and can’t get out or unconscious/paralyzed and unable to move and can also be a forced retrieval if the person was brainwashed or amnesia.

    2. There was nothing wrong with the drone, and he didn’t attack Ichika in any moment(Hagiri got the idea)

      Its a rescue prod nothing else, it doesn’t need AI, doesn’t need Bodily functions…
      Its sole purpose is to pick up whoever asked to be picked up.. done.

      But the problem isn’t really resolved is it? Since the rescue drone never returned home, you can only assume it was destroyed, but either another one will come, or a bigger thing will come to pick it up!

      Say a federation ship for example..

  9. Not much to say here besides “awesome”!!

    The episode was already great with just the festival(yukata!!), but I did feel bad for Kanna when Kaito bolted to Ichika’s scream. Poor Rinon, accidentally sending so many SOS signals cause he(she?) got squished. At least that was responsible for Mio getting some love! The robot was seriously hostile for a “rescue” drone, but damn does Kaito know how to man-up when it counts!! He almost died twice, but still, that was awesome!!

    Forever 17… Literal? Metaphor? Plot device? Shameless plug? Gimme answers Remon, you crazy love-director!! XD

  10. Just how many times exactly was Kanna’s head being patted on this episode? Anyways every time her head was patted, the more I feel sorry for her, it’s like she is being consoled already when she is just about to start and we all know by this time how she is left behind while everyone else is already moving forward.

    Great episode, lots of surprise!

    Also…I still don’t like how Remon is doing things.

      1. When they heard the Screaming from the Shrine, he stood with Kanna. But after he heard Sempai’s scream his Mind gond Blank, and he just left all behind to go save her. He could take Kanna with him.. He Panic here.. And in Kanna’s Heart something big broke. If she are in need of him, he will stand Sempai above her. I am not a Girl. But this must hurt a lot a Girl

      2. Asking her to stay back was him was worried for her safety I guess (at least on the surface :p). It ended up being the right decision at any rate. Imagine what kind of trouble there will be if the three of them tackled that drone.

      3. Actually Ichika’s scream was not the only reason he was so eager to go out there. Kanna was about to confess to him, right? If that happens so much awkwardness would start so he thought it’s best for him to get out of the situation quick. Immature, yes. That’s what teenagers are and this show superbly depicts young emotions.

  11. This episode had everything that got me to start watching anime initially. Kaito showing his GAR side by rescuing Ichika has all my respect.

    Remon, as always, does not cease to entertain me. I’m pretty sure the lots were fixed from the very beginning. There’s no way someone like Remon would leave anything up to chance.

  12. Summer festival episode right on the heels of the beach episode! Ichika looked terrific in her yukata, but sorry to say that Mio and Kanna’s look bland.
    So I was right that Rinnon was not panicking over their ship leaving but another ship coming to Earth. Didn’t realize it was going to be an automated rescue drone but it certainly changed the entire situation. Ichika’s secret is out. Did not expect that this early. Where are they going from here? Love this show.

  13. The thing I find interesting in regards to Remon’s “eternally 17” conversation with Manami was
    that she was calling her “sempai”. She was also regarding the husband as sempai as well…. The sister
    also mentions- “You’re still in high school?” And did not seem all too surprised that Remon mentioned
    her “eternally 17” comment. I may be looking too much into it, but it seemed to odd for it to be just a
    coincidence. Maybe this whole Remon=Ichigo isn’t so far off after all? But this is just speculation on my
    part; I just found that conversation interesting.

    As much as I loved the kiss shared, I feel it was a taaaad forced between Tetsuro and Mio. I’d much rather
    see what he was about to say/ask about her hair. I’m not sure what to make of the looks he had throughout the
    episode, but it at least looks like he’s starting to be conscious of her as well. Plus for me; this is the one pairing I
    want to happen in this series. I’d be happy with either Ichika or Kanna being with Kaito…or neither at all. Lol

    Well….can’t wait until next week, look’s like more shit is going down!


    That’s what I really felt about the episode. The entry narration by Ichika had me nervous about what was going on- she was talking in past tense but the movement to current tense with her at the Rinon terminal was a relief.

    There was sooo much going on. Divine- that was a perfect post entry.

    Just like Germanguy’s post above- leaving Kanna was a seminal moment. As soon as Ichika screamed he bolted to see what was going on with the person that he loves. Kanna knew exactly what was going on. He was running to someone else.

    Then what happened afterwards? Wow. Not leaving when someone tells you to leave? Not caring about your life and jumping to save your love? Kaito-kun- you’re a stud in my book.

    ごめんなさい!ごめんなさい! ごめんなさい! ごめんなさい! ごめんなさい! ごめんなさい!

    I can’t wait til the next episode!

    Sorry if this post seems a little spastic. I was just a little overly excited over this episode.

    (If this is a double post sorry!- my earlier one wasn’t posted)

    1. Her repeating that phrase added so much emotion and power to the episode’s end.

      If the writers screw it up from here, it might be justification for an invasion…
      …just sayin’

  15. The second Ichika is in trouble, Kaito ditches Kanna and goes after Ichika. He really didn’t care to what Kanna wasn’t going to say to him or he just attacked on impulse. Well Kanna, at least you got Remon to side with you. At least Mio is getting it on with Tetsuru.

  16. Great ep! I was wondering how’d they pop the cap on Ichika, it was quite well done never expected Kaito would be pretty much dead twice now! I wonder how the others will react to this judging from the preview to next week Kanna doesn’t seem very pleased! can’t wait!

  17. Is it okay if I kind of hate Kaito? Because I kind of hate Kaito. I mean, I understand that he’s supposed to go after Ichika in the end, and he WAS a total badass when he tried to fight off the giant alien lifeboat, but…KANNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA. And with Tetsurou and Mio still getting closer, it’s becoming less and less likely he’ll actually TURN AN ATTRACTIVE NUDIST DOWN.

    Solid episode, but I’m feeling more sympathy for Kanna than anyone else right now. The final part of the story begins next week!


    1. Telling her to stay there, was one of the saniest thing he did the whole episode!

      Plus i can’t be too sympatetic with her, she never made her feelings known, and gave up before even starting..

      What are you hesitating for?! CONFESS ALREADY, Without studdering.

    2. Out of the whole cast, Kaito is definitely the one I’m the less fond of, neither his personality nor his design have real appeal. Yet he is the one with the most fangirls, beats me. It sure doesn’t help when the whole KaitoXIchika screams “get real flat chest go fuck yourself” to Kanna each episode, yet she comes back for more.

      1. I’m cool with this guy as the MP, mainly because he’s like any other guy. Not too afraid of admitting his feelings nor is he a complete horny dog with no self control, he’s just like a normal guy. The fact that he went on the offensive and tried to kiss when the moment was right, that’s something any dude would do. He’s pretty cool IMO. I DO WISH there was just something more interesting about him though that separated him from being just another guy, so we could believe this hot alien girl has fallen for him. Why does she fall for him? Why does Kanna want him so bad? These are the questions that the anime is kinda avoiding. And don’t give me that “he has a good heart” excuse.
        AS far as Kanna goes, she’s been with him for so long and now she wants to confess the minute she sees a rival!? Sorry I cant sympathize with that. I’ve done this too, playing around in the friend zone for too long and end up looking like a fool when a new guy comes around. All I’m saying, you’ve had a huge advantage, and its usually best to go “all or nothing” rather “fifty-fifty”. ….Oh wow I typed all this?

      2. From the looks of it, she never really had an advantage to begin with, since Kaito mentioned he never liked her that way. So it wasn’t a matter of her waiting around, she just subconsciously knew she never had a chance. It wasn’t until there was a rival that she actually wanted to test that.

        I guess the main reason I have more sympathy for her than most is because I have had similar experiences with girls…more than once.


  18. According to some Anime Society Page on Facebook:

    In episode 8 of the ongoing anime “Ano Natsu de Matteru” 4 popular character designers and the script writer for “Ano Natsu” drew in Lemon sempai’s notebook!

    Kitahara Mio by Takeuchi Takashi (Type-Moon’s Fate/stay night„ etc)

    Ishigaki Tetsurou by Naitow Yasuhiro (Trigun)

    Tanigawa Kana by Hiroe Rei (Black Lagoon)

    Kirishima Kaito by Minazuki Tooru (Aquaplus’s ToHeart, etc)

    Takatsuki Ichika by Kuroda Yousuke (Ano Natsu’s Script Writer)

  19. Seriously, this was a superb episode in so many ways! BUT, Kaito needs to stop jumping off high places each damn time he has the opportunity @_@ Also, I feel so bad for Kanna, mainly because I don’t sympathise with Ichika that much, and Kanna is really cute, as well as Mio >.< So both of them deserve to be happy.

  20. Something happened that few are commenting on. Yes, Lemon is awesome in so many ways, but in this episode, she shows some different colors.
    After the big action scene (“How many times have you died?…said by wrong character to the wrong character), when the rest of the gang catches up. Lemon is the last one in. What is her first reaction? Put it on film. She’s already shown to be a big camera nut, that is obvious. And she also acts in that creepy, yet entertaining, way. But, that camera of hers, between herself and her “friends” may be a bit telling about her personality. That that detached exterior, may go to the interior.

  21. Kaito’s died twice now, no? But still, it’s cool that he finally manned up for Ichika. I’m a bit torn between her and Kanna for Kaito right now, but TetsuroxMio should definitely happen 🙂 come to think about it, Mio’s new hair makes her look like Misha from Katawa Shoujo..

    All of that footage that Lemon shot is likely going to be the whole movie itself, if not inserted in a lot of scenes. Do I get promoted to Captain now?

  22. When I watched the last 3 minutes I literally could not keep up with it because it was so intense. My jaw just kinda hung there for a good while. This was by far the best, and probably one of the most progressive episodes yet. I loved it.

  23. Poor Rinon. XD. Gets sat on, the ship goes to hell. Tries to fix Ship, accidentally sends out a Rescue signal.

    …Y’know, i bet if he shut everything down and rebooted it, it’d all shut up and behave again. … Aliens, 24th Century Technology, classic IT solutions. I love that they actually kept his getting SQUASHED as having legitimate consequences ^_^.

    So, Divine, when you gonna throw those GC caps up and let us have at it this week ;P? (Aka I’m totally fine with this comment now, post later method :D.)

  24. This is really a shame. Back in the days Omni was in charge, random curiosity was known for its speedy blogging – since all writers (as far as I know) knew at least some Japanese to be able to complete blogging the episode before the subs come out.

    How the day has changed.

      1. @Suff
        Then it’s about time to do your own blog if randomc isn’t good enough for you. Heck, I’ve been stalking RC since there were only about 3 feedbacks from a single post and that was back in the Sousei No Aquarion days and I’ll tell you that speed blogging isn’t the main reason that RC became as famous as it is now, it’s because the posts of the bloggers here really makes sense and full of their creative thoughts and insights.

        I bet you can’t even work full-time, watch 9 animes and blog all of them as soon as the episode aired. Remember, all good things come to an end or must come to an end. Divine and co. did pretty good during the post-Omni days and you have no right to complain.

        The Story You Don't Know
    1. suff, you are so full of bullshit. (And I believe I speak for most here)

      Coming in demanding to be pampered like a mindless leecher that expects his food to be served right up to his mouth without consideration for the effort people put into it.

      Divine and other writers work on this blog out of their own interest and not out of monetary or any other obligations. If their real lives get in the way and they get delayed a bit, why should they be obliged to report to you?

      Kinny Riddle
    2. Divine, I really hope you ignore this guy and understand that the overwhelming majority of us are grateful for your posts whenever YOU decide to post them. You’ve done an amazing job with RC and the site is better than it’s ever been under your direction. Please take as much time as you need for yourself, and we’ll wait however long is necessary. I know I don’t post very often (if at all), but please know that your readers here care about more than just your perpective and insights on anime episodes; we also care for you as a person too. Thank you so much for all of your hard work so far, and don’t let the haters bring you down.

    3. @suff:

      There is a big chance Divine will retire the same way as Omni. And we can see this blog taking a toll on Divine.

      If Divine were to push himself, his health might get affected.

      And we don’t want that.

      The Moondoggie
    4. Heh. Man… I’ve been around long enough to know that 95-98% of folks are pretty cool. 2%-5% are always assholes.

      I manage a membership of about 7,000 people- I can count on my hand the number of turds out there- and everyone knows exactly who they are.

      Don’t sweat it Div.

    5. seriously, what the hell do you do that allows you to criticize the hard work of another individual? the bloggers don’t get paid to do this, this whole site is done purely out of love.

      so feel free to complain about the work of divine and the other bloggers when you have them under contract and payroll. until then you can take your selfish, self-absorbed comments elsewhere.

  25. if this show wanted to really get serious..then if you treat that Rescue Drone as sort of a messenger of a different nation of sorts..then this applies to the saying “Don’t shoot the messenger”, but in this case, they destroyed it LOL…so whatever Federation that sent it to pick up would take that as a sign of aggression/ refusal to let her go and attack with a full force, but somehow I don’t think they’ll take it that far 😛 would be interesting though. Also..I know how Kaito is blinded by his love for Ichika, but you seriously do not leave one girl alone; in the dark; to go to another girl’s rescue. Take her with you or something lol but his kamikaze macho defense for Ichika was quite manly and how everyone found out about her secret at once is definitely different from the orignal.


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