I have no clue what Tsunade’s newly revealed “Byakugou” technique does, but I’m willing to bet that it’ll allow her to survive getting impaled by Madara. Even if it wasn’t for her new ability, I just can’t fathom Konoha losing their Fifth Hokage in such a sudden and anti-climactic way. Call it speculation based on Kishimoto’s view of the story rather than the story itself if you will, as this just doesn’t seem like a good point in the overall manga to kill Tsunade off. There weren’t really any death flags either, leading me to believe as much.

However, while the suspense on that front didn’t really tickle my fancy, my interest was piqued by Itachi’s side of things now that he’s found Kabuto. I’m hoping (really really hoping) that Sasuke just quietly watches from the sidelines to see what his brother does, as that would actually reflect well on his character going forward. I’ve never been entirely convinced that Sasuke’s loyal to Tobi or Kabuto, so this is the perfect opportunity to find out exactly how disloyal he truly is. After all, between Tobi, Kabuto, and Sasuke, all I see is a “I use you; you use me” type of relationship where everyone’s expecting to be betrayed at some point.

As for what Itachi can do to make Kabuto cancel the Edo Tensei, I seem to recall that he’s “pretty good” with illusionary eye techniques, so that’s definitely one way he could go about it. This of course relies on Sasuke not being a thorn in his side and breaking the illusion, hence why I feel this is just as much his time to shine by simply sitting back and doing nothing. Surprise me Sasuke.

Is it just me or is Madara a bit of a troll? He’s just trying to stir the “shit pot” with everyone.


    1. I still don’t know why didn’t Itachi Tsukuyomi Kabuto’s ass the moment they made eye contact. I remember in part 1 where this technique was practically a One-hit KO…

      Surely you’d think that a Sharingan user who excels in genjutsu would have no problem in making someone do what he bids…I don’t think the battle will be over that fast though, for plot’s sake; but in that case I’d like to be given at least a reason why Kabuto can’t be Tsukuyomi owned and FAST.

      1. IF I remember roght, It actually puts the user into a coma, so it really wouldn’t help.
        Itachi was probably being cautious incase something like this actually came up.

      2. Well, it only does if the person has a weak mind and/or how badly Itachi screws with them during that “72 hour” period. After all, it’s not like Tsukuyomi is automatically a torture room or anything, but could be used for other purposes, I’d think.

    2. I think I remember the sharingan has the ability to control someone. Like how Tobi controled the nine tails to attack kahona, and also how Kakashi made the sword guy in the very first arc think he was copying his hand signs but doing them faster then he was, in other words he was controling what hand signs he was doing.

  1. I kind of want Sasuke to help Itachi stop Kabuto, rather than sit on the sidelines with popcorn while watching Itachi struggle. But the way Kishimoto drew Sasuke in as a black shadow worries me, in that I don’t think he’s going to be a passive entity, or helpful one, with Itachi.

  2. A short discussion between Itachi and Kabuto was actually more interesting than the battle between Madara and the 5 Kages. Go figure…

    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. Im hoping Sasuke actually helps Itachi fight Kabuto in some way. It just wouldn’t make sense for him to help Kabuto or stopping Itachi. He simply chased Itachi because he still has things to talk about with him, so I cant imagine him just fighting against him for no reason all the sudden.

    I really hope Im right on this.

    As for Tsunade, yeah I dont think she kicked the bucket yet. It wouldnt make any sense. Especially with her explanation of her forbidden technique that involves regeneration and how she proclaimed she can break the “Medics cant fight” rule because of it, she’ll probably regen all that damage next chapter if its not focused on Itachi.

  4. Tsunade: “Medical Ninja have three strict rules they must follow. But I’m FUCKING TSUNADE so I don’t give a damn.”

    That said, I really hope she doesn’t die. I also hope Itachi lives on as a candidate for Zombie-Kage, but I’m pretty sure that’s less likely.

    1. I couldn’t help but laugh a bit when Tsunade revealed Byakugou. It sounds like a very lame excuse: “This is a secret technique no one in the universe knows except me! …And it’s awesome!”

      It reminds me of Bleach: the one who reveals their trump card last always wins…And that’s dissapointing. I always loved Naruto because of how we all knew the techniques; the secret was in their strategy…Of course we may have yet to see Madara’s abilities to their full extent…

      I’m still waiting for at least one good guy to die in this war. Apparently there are many casualties and dead soldiers, but it’s too convenient that none of those are any of the good guys we know. If anyone dies, I think Oonoki should be the first to pass (maybe by giving his all to defeat Madara), mainly because he has had way too many deathflags. He’d then say something about leaving the rest to the next generation, which is a common theme in this manga. I know it’s a shounen and death in the good side is scarce, but I’d love to be proven wrong this arc…

      1. You can’t compare Kubo’s pulloutofonesass writing to Kishimoto’s writing anymore. Characters in Naruto aren’t OP besides the Ninja Jesus himself and Madara/all of the other badasses. Remember the Kages and Madara are some of the strongest ninjas in history, not an newbie called Ichigo with unexplained plot powers that magically get stronger and weaker depending on if Kubo wants to stretch the chapter. Also pretty much every character that seems OP in Naruto aren’t actually that OP. Like Hidan who’s basically invincible. He’s sorta dead now. At least characters in Naruto actually get killed unlike Bleach.

        The only reason why Tsunade only know her secret technique is because IT’S A SECRET. If everyone else knew it, it’s not a secret.

        Suppa Tenko
      2. Yeah, even Sasuke wasn’t “out the ass” powers more so than convenient saving from others given we already saw what the Mangekyo Sharingan was capable of with Itachi beforehand.

        At the very least, the Kage is the highest level shinobi/kunoichi in each respective major village, but not all of them “in history” I think. Like the Yondaime Kazekage (Gaara’s father) doesn’t seem like he’s up there on the power ladder overall. Hell, we didn’t even know his name until a few chapters ago during the battles.

        With Hidan, he wasn’t even really OP when you really look at him. Sure literal immortality is huge (as we rarely have antagonists who actually have it or acquire it), but he wasn’t exactly a huge powerhouse or speedster either. He relied solely on his immortality and his Jashin rituals (which also requires immortality to work 100%). Otherwise, as we saw, he can easily be made helpless by cutting him apart and without someone to assist him like Kakuzu, as we now see, he’s stuck…literally, lol.

        Very few antagonists in Naruto could really be called OP at all as there’s usually something “handicapping” them in some fashion or something like that.

        Madara being one of the few from what we’ve seen so far, but he’s pretty much always been known (since we first start hearing of him anyway) to be one of the most powerful in history alongside Hashirama.

        Orochimaru could be considered another from what we’re seeing with Kabuto (whether it’s him simply keeping Orochimaru’s will alive or if it’s actually Orochimaru himself under the guise of Kabuto doing so) and the revelations about him knowing A LOT more than Tobi thought, thugs proving to be a far bigger thorn than even he realized.

        Even Kisame, with all we’ve seen in his fight against Bee, relied VERY heavily on Samehada for his battles (both stealing and regaining chakra), yet even he believes he’d be killed if he were to face someone like Jiraiya one on one. (And even with Itachi by his side, act or otherwise, the best outcome they could hope for is all 3 of them dying, IIRC.) If he were to fight Bee without it from the start, I’m willing to bet the overall outcome would’ve been quite a bit different (considering he would’ve probably died from Bee’s Lariat had Samehada not healed him with stolen chakra).

  5. Hmm. Sadly, with Sasuke being the lil-emo-b*tch he is, I can almost see him trying to stop Itachi. He wants to whine to his bro, but if Edo Tensei is broken his bro will disappear again…

    1. With Sasuke so far gone from the realm of logic, he’ll probably hinder Itachi from stopping Edo Tensei because Sasuke will think that Edo Tensei will be the way to the “true revival of the Uchiha Clan.”

      The way it will go will be… Sasuke cripples Itachi, then makes Kabuto insert one of those things that remove someones own will while revived with Edo Tensei, then makes Kabuto revive other members of the Uchiha Clan. Sasuke’s a happy boy now together with his zombie mother, father and brother so he will stop anyone that tries to cancel Edo Tensei.

    1. You know, “Only I can use this secret technique” and “It was a clone” don’t sound retarded at all. Powerful ninja do indeed have secret techniques and clones are often used throughout the series.

      You can’t just throw retard noises in front of something and expect people to agree with you that it’s illogical.

    2. most of all the powerful guys in narutoverse got at least 1 secret technique. it is weird if tsunade doesnt have one, it will actually looks like tsunade is not among those powerful characters in this manga. i agree that if it is just a clone that was stabbed, it will be lame.

      1. All high level ninjas can use shadow/element clones. Remember they’re freaking NINJAS, if they didn’t pull that sort of stuff, we’d be calling them battle mages. Don’t you remember all of those Naruto fighting games where every 3rd attack you get in always hits a tree stump? Plus clones are the specialty of the main character even if he’s been spamming variations of Rasengan for the past 70 chapters.

        Negi vs Naruto, basically *hurr hurr you hit the clone*

        Suppa Tenko
    1. People love to assume she’s weak compared to the other Kage simply because she doesn’t have any super-flashy techniques.

      In many ways, the fact that she doesn’t and has such high chakra control and medical knowledge makes her even MORE dangerous in ways due to people probably underestimating her. Even Madara confirmed that while she may be slower than A, thanks to her chakra control for her blows, she’s STRONGER than him. STRONGER than the muscle-head we saw pounding down Sasuke through (an imperfect) Susano’o before.

      As we saw with her, Kabuto, and Shizune before, medical ninjutsu, when used in that way anyway, is an extremely, and deceptively, dangerous move set. Being able to kill or cripple opponent’s with a single touch in the right area, sometimes without them even knowing it? IMO, far more dangerous than a super-sized technique you can see coming from miles away that only THE most powerful ones are harder to stop/avoid, thus far more rare. And ninja are in close quarters combat pretty often, thus the opportunity is constantly there.

  6. If Sasuke decides to hate everything, even his brother, then it’s all over for him. So please don’t put in a twist like him killing Itachi again to gain Madara’s/Tobi’s trust or something.

    random viewer
  7. Sasuke’s either going to turn good and help Naruto, turn tail and go against the villages, or command Kabuto to use Edo Tensei for himself. I could actually see how Sasuke would find the technique extremely useful. With it, he could revive the entire Uchiha clan.

  8. I figured out how Itachi can end this all. Even though as Kabuto said, that his Edo Tensei would continue even if he where killed.

    Kill Kabuto.

    Use Edo Tensei to revive Kabuto.

    Force Kabuto to release his Edo Tensei.

    Release your Edo Tensei.

    Game over.

    1. Ermm yeah, sounds easy. but i don’t see anyone on the “good” side sacrifice another living being to bring Kabuto back so he can end his Edo Tensei. Sasuke won’t do it either and Itachi can’t do it?

      1. Someone refresh my memory but did Kabuto really sacrifice that many people to perform Edo Tensei? As far as my hazy memory can recall, when Kabuto re-appeared, he mentioned something about ‘perfecting’ Edo Tensei.

        I have a feeling Sasuke could do it; he’s obsessive enough.

        Sasuke: Itachi! Tell me what I want to know!
        Itachi: No.
        Sasuke: Edo Tensei bitch; you’re mine now!
        Itachi: … ;___;
        Sasuke: Foolish older brother.


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