See, it’s one thing to chuck down meteors at will— I can accept that. But to play games while fighting the five Kages? People just don’t do that kind of stuff! What ever happened to respect?! Oh wait… Jokes aside, if there’s one thing that was hammered in this chapter, it was how powerful Madara was before, and how his powers are now literally on a God-like tier with his Rinnegan + Hashirama combination. At this point, I can’t quite see the Kages being able to seal him at all, and it definitely seems like a given that we’ll probably see the death of one or two of them before all’s said and done. Still, it’s not that it wouldn’t be an unwelcome development, as it would serve as a nice progression towards the eventual inheritance of a united ninja world by the current generation. I reckon I’ll definitely shed a tear or two if my prediction does come into fruition.

Notably, the fight between the Kages and Madara wasn’t the only major event this chapter, as the confrontation between Kabuto, Itachi, and Sasuke took place as well. And well, while things pretty much went as expected, it was still quite the spectacle to see both Itachi and Sasuke joining together. Something about it just… feels right. Now, normally I’d say that the two Uchihas should easily be able to force the cancellation of the Edo Tensei technique, but if I’ve learned something from the past few hundred chapters, Kabuto definitely has something up his sleeve. Regardless of what happens though, the next few chapters look as though they’ll hold some nice developments. It’ll be interesting to see if Sasuke manages to have his discussion with Itachi, as well as how it might potentially influence him and the entire ninja war altogether.

*I’ll be taking over from Divine from here on out.


    1. That’s the thing: I expect Sasuke to have to be pissed off when he eventually fights Naruto; he’ll be the ‘bad guy’ Naruto will defeat/transform to the good side.

      That means he’ll have to be mentally unstable, so I’m thinking something will have to go wrong in his fight against Kabuto for those requirements to be met…It will be interesting how it all plays out.

      1. Because of Naruto’s vow to win Sasuke back over and bring him home. He will never go down as an evil villian. He may die but it will be some form of him being “redeemed” if he does in fact die.

  1. So we are in this point of the manga where fights will have a world-wide effect given their outcome. Itachi and Sasuke vs Kabuto, Naruto and pals vs Tobi, and 5 Kages vs Madara…

    …And Kishimoto decided to illustrate these decisive and tense moment with a chibified illustration for a front page?

    Uhh, okay…Is that your way of promoting those Rock Lee Chronicles joke of a spin-off, Kishi?

    All jokes aside, this was a big step-up from last chapter:

    Tsukuyomi issue: Explained and developed.
    Tsunade’s deus ex secret move: Further developed.
    Madara uberness: F* CHECK.

    Seriously, when Madara went about 5 vs 1 being fair, I took that as his usual gloating, and then BOOM, he actually meant 5 Madaras vs 1 Kage each…Okay, that was awesome.
    The kages had been making little progress in denting Madara’s defenses these past chapters–but now, I don’t blame the Kages if they raise their hands in submission and say ‘Okay guys, game’s over for us.’

    Madara also asked them if they’d like him to use Susano with each clone too, so…This fight could be simply explained as “You don’t defeat Madara, you survive Madara.”

    And in Itachi’s side of things leading with Sasuke and Kabuto, it was a welcome development from the last chapter, explaining us some facts and further developing on others. I found it funny how Sasuke pleaded his big brother to keep his promises for once, and he was like “Okay, FINE.

    Now, the question is whether it’s possible: Will this be the very first time Kabuto, a character who has almost never lost and always got what he wanted, be the first time he’s (dare I say) owned? Normaly, by the way things have been in the Naruto universe, he is downright dead if he is serious about fighting two Uchias; but it’s Kabuto we are talking about. Harry Potter has always surprised us with a trick up his sleeve.

    It’s insane the high standards I’m having for this manga right now. It’s ridiculous: Kishimoto has been delivering almost every week, with a streak going from, like, a year ago. Serious kudos to you, Kishimoto…

    Also, seeing how I’ve been doing this quite a lot recently, I’ll do it again (so long as it’s worth mentioning, of course):

    Naruto’s anime episode 254 of this week was f*ing hilarious. Maybe it was because I felt in the mood or that I’ve been a bit biased if it’s Naruto-related lately, but never had I laughed out loud so much with a Naruo anime episode (hell, everything that is Naruto-related).

    Basically, there’re a few filler scenes where the studio expands a bit more on Naruto’s fake S-rank mission on Turtle Island (right before this War arc), and they were simply fun and funny. There was also a filler ninja ostrich, whom I supposed appeared in previous fillers given how everybody knew him. He was funny too.

    Of course, the end of the episode got to the good stuff with Kabuto and Deidara approaching and Tsuchikage punching the sh*t out of a Kabuto clone (hope that happens in the manga right now too, but with a real Kabuto!). It really was a good episode overall…

    Naruto: (LIKE A BAUS) “You guys wanna fight again?!” ROFL. That’s the way you make fillers, Pierrot. Giving Naruto’s character the uberness he deserves.

      1. Hmm, not really.

        They just got back from fillers, actually: they put in some 15-to-20 one-episode-story fillers when Naruto was traveling through the sea to get to Turtle Island. Those were horrible, but there were two in particular that I could recommend if someone felt like watching Naruto extras:

        -One featured Sai back in Konoha Village, giving him some much-needed cameos. No filler characters, no filler story, no filler villain. Just him walking around the destroyed village and remembering scenes (most of them remade) regarding his interactions with Team 7. It’s usual Sai thinking about ‘friends’ and his ignorance to the term, but it was a sweet episode nonetheless. Animation was better than usual too.

        -The other one featured another not-so-important character, Konohamaru. He basically goes around the village wanting to help and to join the war with his stubborn ways. The highlight of the episode is the animation and a fight he has against Temari by the end of the episode…Cool visuals.

        I don’t recall the exact number of episode, but you could easily find them just by looking at the episode synopsis…..This reply went really off-topic, sorry.

        I do expect the studio to introduce some filler villains and extended scenes in this war, though. No complaints here, if they make good entertainment…Fillers could be classified, in a way: pointless and silly, pointless but entertaining(Konohamaru episode), and ones that further develop plot points that were briefly explained in the manga(Sai episode). These last ones sometimes also serve as a better bridge to future canon events.

        I find plenty of opportunities for those third fillers in this war that is about to come. If you are looking for f*-yeah-good episodes, do watch 248 and 249 (Minato action, Kyuubi attacking Konoha and some touching scenes with parenting messages). It’s almost movie-quality, do yourself a favour and re-live one of the best moments of this manga!

      2. Thanx a bunch for explaining, Justinnnnnn. I just watched Naruto ep 248 as you suggested, and I’ll admit the battle is more intense than manga. I dropped Naruto Shippuden since long ago because it’s full of filler at that time. Hopefully not this time…

      3. I know that feeling, Kusabi 😛 ! Still, I’d like to say Don’t get your hopes up about the anime as a whole: most episode aren’t good…

        …But when next week’s episode turns out to be awesome, at least I feel like watching all the previous, crappy episodes were worth it. The rare, good episodes definetly make up for the bad ones, but I guess not everybody is willing to endure so much hours of bad episodes just for a few good ones 😛


  2. Itachi said he would talk to sasuke if he helped hiom stop the edo tensei but if he stops it itachi will most likely dissappear!!! UH OH Sasuke itachi got you again! :p

  3. I think I saw Anko with Kabuto in that one scene. Is she alive?
    I would like to see two Susanoos fight side by side.
    It’s time the Kages bring up their game plan. More summons and ninjutsus!

    random viewer
  4. Damn as if one Madara wasn’t painful enough now we’ve got 26 of him xD. Yeah I don’t see Madara losing to the five kages. Now we had Sasuke pwning Orochimaru, now we have him and Itachi vs Kabuchimaru (both of whom have experience defeating Oro) I wonder how Kabuto is going to slither out of this one.

  5. If Itachi does stop the jitsu then will he not also be sealed. Oh another thing if I remember correctly way way back if a ninja dies then isnt there a special ops team which take care of talented ninja. I believe it was the bridge scene.

    I also figured out who the man behind the mask is……..

    It is none other then Kakashi’s …..
    I think lol

    1. It can depend on the village procedures, but it’s usually with Hunter Nin and hunting missing-nin, especially if the shinobi/kunoichi is someone with a Kekkei Genkai or had access to high valued info from their village and such. Anyway, they’re supposed to cut off the head (as proof of the kill) and burn away the body completely to leave nothing that can be scavenged by anyone else, thus protecting its (and the village’s) secrets.

      Sometimes clans in their own village have their own safeguards, like the Hyuuga Clan in Konoha and the Caged Bird Seal that’s meant to kill the member and seal away the Byakugan to prevent others from being able to find out its secrets or breed Hyuuga in their own village, such was the situation with Hizashi Hyuuga, Hiashi’s (the Clan Head) twin brother, and taking his place as “compensation” to Kumo when their diplomat was killed by Hiashi when the diplomat had tried to kidnap Hinata when she was younger. By Hizashi volunteering to go in his place, they were able to kill two birds with one stone by giving “Hiashi” to Kumo while also not allowing them access to the Byakugan.

    1. Actually, that is only in terms of when the two were alive with their own, original abilities. Hashirama was only a bit stronger than Madara in their own time. Now, however, Madara has his own abilities, the Rinnegan, AND Hashirama’s abilities (and knows how to use them) as well thanks to Kabuto’s augmentations on his body, so at this point, Madara is more than likely stronger than Hashirama is/was.

      And Hiruzen is usually hailed as being up there with Hashirama, Tobirama, and Madara as one of the most powerful shinobi to have ever lived and he proved it by fighting both of them at the same time, and even managing to “kill” them a couple times, despite his age. Then again, IIRC, it was also due to the imperfection of Edo Tensei in the seal used that turned the two into mindless killing machines instead of allowing them to keep their own “free will”.

  6. I still believe that there would still be a Naruto vs. Sasuke fight in the future that settles everything betweem as this manga has been building up for the pass 300 odd chapters.

  7. Did I or the scanlation I read just misinterpret this or did I miss something before but did Kabuto just say that Sasuke is his compensation for helping out Tobi? Anyway, either Tobi just implanted eyes into Sasuke to sell him out or he expects Sasuke to be strong enough to beat Kabuto (who Tobi doesn’t really trust much).
    And I’m not surprised by Sasuke’s need to speak to his brother. After all, Itachi has been his driving force throughout the whole series (from whichever side he was fighting for). A few words from Itachi alone could most likely make his hatred fade by a whole lot. I doubt they’ll get to talk though and I prefer seeing the Madara fight. Though the kages seem like a disappointment to Madara who respected Hashirama so much that he put his face on his side lol. I wouldn’t mind seeing the 5 kages finding some way to seal him since their fight seems pretty epic but they’ll probably be desperately fighting for their lives until Itachi/Sasuke stops the Edo Tensei.

    1. Did Kabuto just say that Sasuke is his compensation for helping out Tobi?

      Well, Kabuto did ask Tobi to hand Sasuke over in exchange for Kabuto’s help in this war, so that makes sense.

      It’s like Kabuto just received his present, which came to him with its own feet 😮

      1. I don’t remember the exact numer of chapter, but it was in that scene where Kabuto first shows up before Tobi and offers him his help. He shows him his Koffingzz with resurrected people, then shows a last one with an unrevealed figure which makes Tobi think twice before saying No to Kabuto (this figure now seems to be the real Madara). He asks what Kabuto wants from him, and he replies that he wants Sasuke, for his eeebil plans/experiments/torture. Tobi agrees.

  8. I find Madara’s attitude rather disappointing and stupidly arrogant. He continously extolls his “exceptional power”, trying to impress the kages and break down their morale. However, he is nothing more than a top class leecher throughout Naruto history, stealing powers from other ninjas to accomplish his own plans:killed his best friend to obtain mangekyou sharingan, stole his brother’s eyes and stole hashirama’s cells to get the rinnegan and mokuton jutsus. How come he speak of superiority when he has done nothing (at least the kages developed their abilities through training and hardwork)and now he’s nothing but a mere puppet of Kabuto. I mean, it’s true that villains oftenly take others’ abilities and use them for theirown purposes, but at least Orochimaru made it look like he developed many creepy experiments to accomplish success.

    1. Lulzz someone is upset that Madara totally outsmarted Hashirama at the valley.

      I would say the final victor was the one who managed to continue to be able to affect future outcomes in the Narutoverse, rather than someone who proclaimed ‘victory’ and got stuck in Shinigami’s belly for all eternity.

      1. Not being able to entrust the future to the next generation isn’t considered a good trait in the Narutoverse.

        In other words, the Hokages inspiring generation after generation of ninjas with their “will of fire” is meant to be seen as a much, much greater accomplishment than Orochimaru or Madara’s vampirism/lichdom.

  9. I noticed how Madara is currently like the epitome of a god-level shinobi (loosely speaking). But the reason I can get past his overpowered-ness is because 1) He’s practically and quite literally a living legend 2) He’s facing the 5 Kage.

    Oh and that last panel with Kabuto? Creepy AWESOME.

  10. Itachi should stop yapping and just zap Kabuto with Tsukuyomi and get this done and over with. Many lives are depending on you!
    Tsunade was so GARRR this week. The way she broke Susanoo’s sword, removed it from her pierced abdomen then hurl it straight at Madara was pretty awesome!

    Seishun Otoko
  11. The kages have the Mizukage to thank for their predicament here.

    She just had to argue that ‘5 kages against 1 Madara’ was in fact ‘fair’ since it was Madara Uchiha.

    So now Madara whipped out 5 Madaras for each kage, I wonder if the kages would still consider ‘5 vs 1’ as being ‘fair’? Heh.

  12. So glad someone’s still blogging Naruto. 😀

    I’m happy to hear that Sasuke is fighting alongside with Itachi. I would have raged if he didn’t (that would kill his character even more). I’m hoping Itachi will keep his promise too.

    If I had to rank the 3 battles from most anticipated to least, I would probably go with:
    1. Naruto vs. Tobi
    2. Itachi/Sasuke vs. Kabuto
    3. 5 Kages vs. Madara
    (Though they’re all really exciting right now)

  13. After Itachi died he became so much light-heartedly, with a lot of jokes and “funny” moments. That’s a 1st tier ninja, even in the middle of a world changing fight he can break the mood with something like “go on, do the talk while I do the counter…”

    Nice Itachi, just nice!

  14. I have a feeling that Kabuto, possibly just recently, revived Itachi’s and Sasuke’s parents. Knowing the author, I would want to make an epic scene like that.

    A little interesting how Madara knows all of these Wood juts us, well, he did fight the 1st hokage countless times, so it would be no surprise he knows all of his jutsu. But really, how did the 3rd managed to defeat the first hokage.

  15. I have a feeling itachi himself is the weakness not because hes itachi but becauses he was revived by it. Kabuto just assumes theres no weakness because no one has every broken out of edo tenseis control.

  16. [quote] Not being able to entrust the future to the next generation isn’t considered a good trait in the Narutoverse.

    In other words, the Hokages inspiring generation after generation of ninjas with their “will of fire” is meant to be seen as a much, much greater accomplishment than Orochimaru or Madara’s vampirism/lichdom. [/quote]

    That’s simply an excuse to shift the burden to the next generation.

    It’s the same as ‘so yeah I screwed up, you guys please clean up my mess for me in the future’. Hashirama flopped, and his nemesis has become a force that not even the 5 kages can handle. That’s the outcome, ‘Will of Fire’ = ‘Clean up the mess for me’.


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