「堕ちた巨人」 (Ochita Kyojin)
“Fallen Giant”

This is the second anime this week where I felt a show prematurely killed off a character (the other one being Gundam AGE). In addition to feeling premature, it just felt off. I never pegged this show to be a downer. It’s not like they’ve never killed off anyone in the franchise but I can’t help but have this feeling that Jin may be resurrected. Logic dictates that he’s most likely going to stay dead though because I think it would be pretty screwed up and insensitive to have an open casket service for him (and other Neo-DEAVA students) only to revive him later. Next week’s episode has the potential to be very powerful emotionally.

This episode had a lot of pointing and power ups. We got to see Kagura getting a power-up from Altair, Neo-DEAVA performing a double gattai with seven people, and the cannon upgrade from Jin. Power-ups mean action and this episode was filled with lots of it. I can’t say I was really surprised with what I saw because it seemed very predictable. For example, they’ve already shown that two aquaria can occupy the battlefield at once so actually getting two Aquarion wasn’t out of the question. Also, since they are no longer separated by gender, “syncing” the two seemed like the next logical choice since all the pilots within one fusion are connected mentally.

It was interesting to hear Mykage talk about how long it has been since he’s seen Fudo. Mykage referring to 12,000 and 24,000 years ago only really serves to connect them to the past. What’s more interesting in how they’ve managed to stay alive this whole time. Also, I was surprised to see Fudo surprised by what Mykage did to Jin. It’s not often you see the magician shaken since he usually knows what’s going to happen.

Kagura gave me a good laugh when he lifted Mikono over his head after he had beaten down Aquarion. It was just really weird, funny, and slightly awkward and I’m sure Mikono didn’t appreciate it. Their attempt at making the viewer question the fate of Kagura later in the episode when his machine exploded felt weak since we saw Kagura get swallowed by flower petals and because Mykage wouldn’t let his play-thing (and main character) die so easily.

Although the episode was predictable in some ways, I was impressed by and enjoyed the action and am glad that they’re steadily trying to move the plot along after two weeks of developing Jin’s character.

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  1. I don’t think Jin is going to stay dead…

    He’s going to come back one way or another, even if it meant screwing up this scene. I mean, they wouldn’t change the ED for a character who’s not going to appear anymore, would they?

    Predictability aside, this episode’s battle scene is easily one of the best I’ve ever seen.

    1. Yes when I saw that illustration I recognized Silvia behind Jin. It was a punch to the gut as well but the only time we see her is in the intro. It almost make me want to hope for him.

  2. I think Kagura’s Reversal ability means that we should interpret everything he says as the opposite meaning. That way his actions actually make sense and match up with his speech.

    Why is Touma renamed as Mykage when old immortal man Fudo is still same as always?

    1. The current favorite theory about Mykage and Fudo are that Mykage is actually Elder Johannes, leader of the Shadow Angels from the original series, while Fudo is actually the original series’ Toma.

      1. I could understand ‘Mykage = Johannes’ but how did ‘Fudo Zen= Toma’ come about? The way I interpreted the Mykage-Zen conversation in this episode was that this is the same Fudo from 12,000 and 24,000 years ago (it was implied he was the third pilot that fought alongside the originals), but somehow changed/left his body for an as of yet unexplained reasons.

      2. Touma did die 12,000 years ago and was at peace so I was starting to wonder what happened to him now to make Mykage so twisted on punishing people that are in love. I would make more sence that Elder Johannes was dishing out punishment on the mortals that would stand in his way.

    2. One more thing,

      The two Aquarions are fakes. They are the mass-produced models from the first series. I always thought they were because of the old Gepard form and the bland naming for Vectors X/Y/Z. They finally confirmed it this episode with the depiction of extra Vector crafts. This is why Touma/Mykage was asking Fudo where the real Aquarion was at.
      Also, the stupid “Love is Forbidden” rule never existed in the original series, and I’m sure the true Aquarion won’t have such problems as going berserk. The true Aquarion should have some magic shielding that prevents Mykage from so easily attacking (and killing) the pilots.

      1. According to Fudo, the banning of love between elements is because of Apollo and Sylvie’s separation 12.000 years before, but actually it seems that it is beacuse it leaves the Aquarion vulnerable to external influences (i.e. Mykage) it ocurred with Donar/his girlfriend and then with Jin/Yunoha.

        Writing off Jin mid series may be premature, but actually helps improve the power balance between the good/bad guys. Having pilots of both worlds riding Aquarion let the team virually invincible in the previous battle, while things are going bad for the Altair side. With the loss of Jin, and unable to count with neither Mykage nor Kagura, things are sure to change for Izumo. He may recruit new cannon fodder for the next episodes, or even be ousted at all by Mykage, who may find in him an obstacle to his plans.

        Fudo’s angry face reminds us that it needs a 24.000+ year old bastard to piss off a 24.000+ year old badass without any fear of payback.

      2. if you look at Donar and his girlfriend and then Jin and Yunoha you’ll realize that the banning of love seems to be more of a precaution against Mikage. When love reaches it’s peak in Aquarion, Mikage tends to appear before them and likely kill the pilot. By keeping it to a minimum Mikage may not interfere and they can get the necessary power out of Aquarion.

      3. That is the reasoning for the rule right now. I’m saying that is BS.

        I say that rule only applies to the mass-produced units because they are man-made and are susceptible to FallenAngel magics. So, love relationships in those fake Aquarions are like homing beacons that tempt Mykage to go break up couples (because he’s a douche like that).

        I say that the TRUE Aquarion that was created by Apollonius should be immune to such interference by Mykage, so lovers with MAX LOVE can easily pilot without worrying about getting sniped like Jin did. The only way Mykage can interfere is if he plants a feather in a pilot, like a backdoor connection, which I think he did to Sylvie or Sirius in the first series.

      4. I dunno… in the original series I distinctly remember Touma being able to enter Aquarion regardless. But then again I don’t remember him being able to hurt the pilot from inside, just that he was able to fuck with them lol.

      1. It’s really funny to watch as we the viewer knows what going through his head but in no way is it cool to lift a woman up like a piece of meat or game you just killed for display. Kagura your an idiot with no concept on how to treat a female and probably no interest to learn either. You only getting away with because it’s Mikono, Zessica on the other hand… lol

      2. I total understand that about his character and all the younger males of Altair, but at least Jin saw females as human for the most part. I’m in no way mad about Kagura behavior as he really doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing. To him probably the only thing he could relate to his feeling is the rush of a hunt and bring back the spoils.

  3. *shoot, accidentally hit submit early*

    Personally I feel like the death flags for Jin have been raised more than once. The balcony scene in episode 10 just screamed “Romeo and Juliet”, and we all know how that story ended -_- though I hope Yunoha won’t fulfill the rest of the R&J story. Also, knowing Cayenne realized that Jin was the pilot of the one-eyed giant he saw in his vision and the title of this episode, I was convinced coming into this episode that something was going to happen to Jin. The mention of pineapple was the last episode also didn’t help, once I realized what pineapples mean in a Kawamori show. Even though I think there’s plenty of foreshadowing of Jin’s death, it doesn’t mean that I have to like it either. Like Show Spoiler ▼

    in Macross Frontier, I doubt we’ll see a resurrection once a character’s dead. It would certainly cheapen the impact of the character’s death and I just feel like it’s not Kawamori’s style. It does feel like a bit of a waste though, to kill off a character who’s gotten a good bit of development, but that could just be the grieving fan inside me lamenting the sinking of my favorite ship. :p

  4. FIVE. LONG. DAYS. I waited for five long days to cry into your arms, Random Curiosity. After all this time… I think my tears have dried up…

    …wait, no they haven’t. ;_;

    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. I haveto admit when it comes to deaths, I tend to take things well. I’ll maybe be sad about it, feel empathy for the characters left behind to feel the loss. But this one time I have to say this feels terrible. Not sad, or disappointing, just outright terrible. I was growing into Jin’s character, getting to know him. He JUST used his element in an Aquarion fight. He has so much potential, not as a person in-universe, but as a Character important to the plot. This is just annoying, I really didn’t appreciate this twist. Now I just feel betrayed, especially since we find out he actually dies in the preview. Not even a proper conclusion, just “Next time on Aquarion EVOL: Jin’s funeral” Me: Wait, I just thought he got knocked out or poisoned but he… died? Why would he just die?

    I really hope that at least this ends up being worthwhile later on. I’m not dumping the series yet, not by a longshot.

  6. “I want to blow away in the spring breeze, And scatter away into the summer night, I see your face in the autumn moon, But then it’s hidden by winter snow. The seasons without you”
    Pretty sure jin is staying dead. If he is resurrected..somehow..it won’t be for long.

  7. Rest in peace Jin you pushed further up than most of the other characters when it comes to love and on one girl who’s extremely shy no less.

    The other thing I do not get is Kagura has two set of powers? He somewhat manage to use Solar Wings on the previous episode and now he has a way to reverse things? So what’s his true power? Noticed that Mykage during his talk with Fudo was asking him the true Wings of the Sun. So I am assuming he wants Amata and Mikono right? So can we assume that he believes Kagura can’t be one he’s seeking?

  8. F*** Mikage. He was already annoying when he exposits romance metaphors and being FABULOUS. He made Toma from the previous series seem tolerable in comparison. But killing Jin felt so needless and spiteful that he is now officially in my RAGE and HATE list.

    Deploying two Aquarions was great, though I’m sad that neither Mix or Andy were in it. But shouldn’t Shrade be dead by now? Feels like a plothole. On the plus side Gepard FINALLY stopped jobbing. For now anyway.

    Also Amata actually does something cool saving Mikono from Kagura(again). I really wish he was more like this instead of being that boring generic dude he is most of the series. Its somewhat offset by me laughing at Kagaru tossing Mikono around though. Was that scene supposed to be funny?

  9. Jin X Yunoha ;___;

    Show Spoiler ▼

    (Not sure if I should’ve used spoiler tags like that so I used them anyway, sorry)

    1. I was thinking about that too… Their whole R&J theme going on sets me off, but more in the sense that Yunoha may live up to her “legend”. Remember what they used to say about her before she made herself clear to others in Neo-Deava? How the transfer girl suddenly disappeared only leaving behind her doll? We see Yunoha going off and on in next episode so I’m worried that’s what it’s gonna happen to her. So IF Jin indeed is fake-dead, when he wakes up he won’t be able to find her because she “disappeared”…. Oh well, but this is all crazy speculation, fun to guess nonetheless! Still a tragic pairing, I still feel sad, man.

  10. I wanted to bring up what Kagura said about Amata being non-existent. Amata is surprisingly absent from the ED as well. Any thoughts on this guys?

    Oh and, Yunoha X Jin ;__;

    On a side not, if ever an artbook of Aquarion EVOL comes out, I’ll be sure to buy. I just love the art in the ED!

  11. This show has slowly turned into one of the sleeper hits of the season imo. Despite the rediculousness of its premise and the fact that it doesn’t take itself too seriously all the time, the amount of pretty solid plot development combined with the great battle scenes makes a very high quality mecha, and this show hasn’t failed to deliver yet!

  12. If Kagura’s ability is to reverse stuff.. wouldn’t he be able to reverse Jin’s death?

    Ok, we found out that the other set of vectors works, and is gattai-able, so now, we have 3 Aquarions, including the original Aquarion. Another triangle can be formed.

    Now lets have some (stupid) theories.
    Now what if the couples were all reincarnations of Apollonius and Celiane?
    Amata could be the wings, Mikono could be the side of Celiane that had no confidence(hence, can’t “fly”)
    Andy could be Apollonius’ Manhood, and Mix could be Celiane’s proud female attitude
    Jin would be the loner side of Apollonius, Yunoha would be Celiane’s loner side.

  13. Wooow Kagura is broken now. Hè can reverse anything. ANYTHING.
    Biggest “oh crap” moment of the season: Fudou’s “oh crap” face.
    Death-flags or no, I really didn’t expect Jin to die. I thought his love would protect him from the deadly blossom!
    Damn you Myakage!

    Bio D
  14. Two things. One, I completely agree about killing Jin too early; he was quickly becoming one of my favorites and it feels like a lost opportunity. However, that’s also what makes it an effective kill.

    Secondly, I think it’s silly to say their thing about kagura was weak. I don’t think they were trying to hide anything. It was completely obvious that he was saved. There was no weak attempt to hide his fate, because there was no attempt to hide his fate.

  15. God, the writers are so cruel, spending the previous two episodes or so making us love Jin only to kill him off at the end of this one 🙁

    I don’t know how likely it is but I hope he does get to come back somehow….

  16. There is no questioning about Kagura’s fate, we saw how he was saved by Mykage’s petals.
    Kagura gave me a good laugh this episode.
    Kawamori’s pineapples have done their job.

  17. What would happen if the original Aquarion meets the Aquarion EVOL? Does the original pilots stayed intact for thousands of years? Which is more powerful between the two of them? Will Amata grew wings once he remembers his past? Who will Mokono choose between Amata or Kagura? When will Zen Fudo Explain his identity and the current situation?

    There are still many mysteries left to be told in the future episodes. I’ll be looking forward to it….

    By the way anyone, how many episodes do you think this series will have?

    Best Guess:
    24 – 26 Episodes

    Ken Sanders
  18. I had a flash of inspiration about the reincarnations last night.

    Mikono = Apollonius

    Amata = Touma

    Kagura = Celiane

    Zessica = Scorpius

    Kagura can not smell Amata because he is not really human.Mykage has played with his head so much that he interprets his memories incorrectly like Sirius

  19. Yeah, I wish Jin could have stayed longer, but his death after all that development not only serves to tug at your heart strings but give you a real reason to hate Mykage. It was nice to see that Jin was the last character added to the ending.

    Speaking of which, shouldn’t the opening and ending change next week?

    And finally, someone uses Apollonius’ name! I thought we were going to go through the whole series with only veiled references to the original series and names like Apollon and Sylvie, but Mykage’s referring to both Apollonius and having known Fudou for 24,000 years practically confirms he’s either Touma or directly related to him. I guess being a pure shadow angel lets you completely remember your past life? If so, I wonder what happened with Apollonius.

    Amata is most likely the Solar Wing, since it’s only appeared when he’s used Aquarion. I’m surprised Mykage doesn’t suspect it’s him though.

    1. I think the OVA is actually a retelling/parallel world of the original series. There are major plot differences so it’s better to watch the OVA and the first anime. Who knows, maybe the writers for EVOL will use material from both the OVA and the original series.

  20. So who is the last person on the ED?
    Characters are slowly being revealed.
    Piano became Shrade.
    Hill became Cayenne.
    Shadow became Yunoha.
    And Amata’s mum became Jin.
    So the last item that has not become a person in the ED is the book…. Who is the book?

  21. I was expecting Jin to get a Game Over as a villain at the mid season climax before he joined Neo Deava, then with the heavy focus on the couple JinXYunoha I was expecting crap to hit them soon enough… But I certainly didn’t expect him to be trolled by Mykage after turning to Vega side.

    Then about Kagura, while Amata learned a few more words aside his traditional (and annoying) “Mikono-san”, the bad boy trade the word bitch (the only word he knew at the beginning) for the name Sylvie thus creating a very comical situation with his atempt to seduce a girl by calling her by the wrong name and mixing up all his words afterward.

    “I hate you Sylvie” attitude certainly didn’t convey the right message when you should aim for “I love you Mikono” reaction. Damn funny in all case.

    Zessica continues her regression and Mikono is still Princess Peach. Oh and Sazanka clearly needs to check her priorities in this story.

    1. I agree. It wasn’t quite as obvious this time around because there was much more important stuff going on, but they are continuing to ruin Zessica. If they don’t do something soon she’s going to represent a character type I’ve never encountered before: one who was INCREDIBLY POPULAR in the first part of a show before all but disappearing and becoming somewhere between hated and just… ignored. It seems like such a weird thing to do with such a fun character.

      I don’t really get their plan, they’re clearly setting her up for something, but it just seems so tacked on. If she had turned evil at the height of her popularity I think a lot of people would have been amazed and upset but now it’s been so long since she’s done anything interesting that when she turns evil half the fans are just going to be surprised she still exists. If they would at least focus on her downfall a bit it might amount to something, but the 20 seconds an episode of being pissy they’ve given her for the last six or so episodes doesn’t feel like epic-buildup, it feels like an afterthought.

  22. I rather enjoyed the timing of Jin’s death. While I also think it would have been great if he lived, the fact that his death came as a shock despite the ‘death flags’ makes his unexpected demise, all the more impact-ful. At least for me.

    This might be weird for to say, about a series with over the top scenarios and all, but this kind of death brings a small bit of realism to the story. Just my opinion/my three cents.
    (I’m a heavy spender^^)

  23. The reincarnation thing is coming in place, it just show in this episode that Fudou and Mykage know each other for 12,000 years 24,000 years… Mykage: Reincarnation of Touma, Fudou Zen: Reincarnation of Fudou Gen.

  24. You know, I can’t believe I didn’t realize the “pineapple” death flag last episode (pineapple pizza) until after watching this one. Should have realized that someone would die.


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