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OP: 「CHOIR JAIL」 by Suzuki Konomi
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「幽霊乙女」 (Yuurei Otome)
“Ghost Maiden”

A ghost with amnesia for president? I want to join this club!

Sorry for the delay, but putting together the full-length shots for this post took more time than I had expected. But now I’m done!

Alright, one of the shows I was looking forward to the most is finally here – Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. It’s the first episode, so I thought I’d give you an introduction. If you want to skip the summary, just scroll past the box below.

I’ve read the first chapters of the manga, so I was a bit surprised by this episode. Unlike the manga, the anime didn’t give us a proper introduction to the characters. We’ve just been thrown into the story, where we find Okonogi Momoe (Fukuen Misato), a member of the “Paranormal Investigations club”, taking notes of the paranormal activities that have been taking place around the school, completely unaware of the other presence in the room – Kanoe Yuuko (Hara Yumi), a beautiful ghost with amnesia who also happens to be the president of the club. However, there are people who can see her.

Enter our protagonist – Niiya Teiichi (Yonaga Tsubasa), the crush of Momoe, a good looking guy who seems to get into the most awkward situations because of Yuuko’s childishness. Our fourth club member, Kanoe Kirie (Kitamura Eri), whose face is quite similar to Yuuko’s, seems to be the only person (besides Teiichi) who can see the ghost. I’m assuming they’re related because of their surnames.

The format of this episode was quite interesting. The first half showed us the club activities from Momoe’s perspective – a perspective that shows us that there is a ghost in the club, or poltergeist, as Momoe likes to call “it”. Unlike her, the other club members can see this “presence”, and even converse with it, which causes Momoe to believe that Niiya has a sixth sense.

After this little club room meeting – which I assume was shown so we’d get to see the characters abilities and personalities, we’re taken to the lunch cart elevator – a device which has a “rumored” ghost around it. This ghost is said to be someone who lures people into the elevator to drag them down to the netherworld. Now, who could this ghost be?

Kicked into the elevator (that looks so painful) by a girl (this is the second time we get to see Yuuko in this episode), Niiya gets stuck. And with that, the episode returns to the starting point – but this time we see the “truth”.

It’s an interesting concept, showing the same thing twice, from two very different perspectives. I won’t write much about the second part because it’s technically the same thing, with the only difference being the fact that we can see the cute and childish Yuuko, pulling her “pranks” around the room. Personally, this is my favorite “neko mimi” for this season.

Moving on from the two-perspective part, we’re taken to a hill, where Yuuko is rumored to be buried. But she is in fact, buried beneath the club room, something Niiya is aware of. We’re also being told that Yuuko is quite famous, as she is part of almost all supernatural rumors surrounding the school. So, who is buried on the hill? The conclusion is – no one! Yuuko must’ve been a student of this school at some point, so someone did this in memory of her – something quite romantic according to Momoe. For some reason, that upsets Yuuko, resulting with her kicking the stone, causing Momoe to freak out (so hilarious).

I’ve always had a thing for ghost related anime shows. Since Ghost Hunt, I’ve been missing the “paranormal investigation” theme in anime. When I decided to help the other writers with the preview post, I stumbled across Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. The artwork seemed decent, the plot looked promising, but what caught my attention more than anything was the director of this show – Oonuma Shin. I absolutely loved Ef: A Fairy Tale of the Two (two series directed by him), so I expected this to be good.

This first episode served as a good introduction, and I’m very happy with it. The artwork is prettier than what I had imagined, the animation is really good, and the characters are likeable. I may not know very much about Yuuko yet, but I do know that she is a great character, and I love her already!

Besides the visuals in the show, the sound is promising too. I don’t have much to say about the cast, but I think they’re very fitting, and they’ve brought out the best of their corresponding characters.

As for the music in this show – I’m not very familiar with the people behind the music, but I do know that the composers for this show were behind the music in Suzumiya Haruhi no Shoushitsu, a show almost all anime fans are familiar with. From what I heard in this episode, the soundtrack was very nice, and pleasant to my ears. It’s not very eerie or creepy like, for an example, the soundtrack in Another. But on the other hand, this isn’t supposed to be “creepy” as far as I can tell, so, I have no complaints on the soundtrack for now.

Before I finish my post, I thought I’d mention the opening song that was used at the end of this episode. It’s performed by Suzuki Konomi, who is only 15 years old, and also the 5th Anison Grand Prix Winner. The song is called “CHOIR JAIL”, which also happens to be the title of the single it comes from – Suzuki Konomi’s debut single. I like this song very much, and thanks to my friend “Encoder-chan” (she is the best, and will be encoding all my videos for my posts), you can listen to it, and hopefully, you’ll like it too!

With that being said, I feel pretty content with this post, and all I can say is – Sunday friggin where?

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Note 1: I’m testing 1080p for this post. I’ll try to stick with it if you like it! Also, if the summary box annoys you, please tell me.

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  1. The manga art is already great, now that it became an anime I think they did a really great job on this one since the ef-ish like animation really fits the series.

    Good pilot episode, hope we will enjoy this mystery/supernatural/school-life ride even though the manga isn’t finished yet.

    1. Ahh I started reading the manga right after watching the first episode, and I am Hooked. I think that the producers did a great job at recreating the wonderful cast and the art is just beautiful. Can’t expect less from the guy who brought you the Ef tales. I especially liked the elevator scene because that showed alot of what the manga was. (The little ghost stories around school and the characters realizing that it really was Yuuko being behind it, while doing something silly.) Anyway, I’m looking forward to watching this show in its entirety.

    2. I picked up the Tosagare Otome x Amnesia manga back when it first started in 2008 and was surprised to see an anime adaptation this year. Definitely one of my favorite horror/mystery series Show Spoiler ▼

      I’m also impressed by the quality of the first episode. Silver Link seems to be upping their game now that Baka Test and C3 are under their belts now. I hope the quality keeps up!

  2. Won’t mince words, loved this episode all around. 😀 Got that nice mix of some supernatural seriousness, comedy, and some random fan service too. And gosh darn, I can’t believe Suzuki Konomi’s only 15 though… that kind of maturity in her singing at such a young age, lotta potential there.

  3. The premise itself is ridiculous (dont argue with me on that one) . Not to mention it causes some restrictions. This seems like a normal harem anime to me, but with a ghost included

    I’m interested on how the creators are going to play this out.

    1. Alec, let this be a lesson to you: trash a show on its own message board, you get 45+ negs.

      If you must speak your mind, go to a show’s message board and trash a different show. I am very positive that you will only get 20+ negs instead. ha!

      some guy
    2. Perhaps you just spoke of it too critically, it’s OK :D, just remember to voice your opinion in a way that doesn’t harshly insult what you are criticizing in the future. Even though it’s just the first episode people already like this series, including me.

  4. If I remember correctly short-hair ghost look-alike appears much later in the manga. Whatever, I’ve really enjoyed the manga hoping the anime wouldn’t disappoint.

    IMO this is like Spice and Wolf.

  5. Hmm strange 1st episode having read the Manga. I wonder if the next ep will pedal back in time and start from the real beginning or if the whole show is just going to be on fast forward. I guess they only have 12 episodes so probably fast forward.

  6. I think that people who have not read the source material will likely be a little confused by the first episode, because there really wasn’t much introductions for each of the characters. The 1st episode is more of a snapshot of what the series will be than the actual beginning, at least story-wise. However, I still feel that the anime staff did a good job in capturing the personalities of each character, and the voice-acting seems to fit the characters well. Anyway, I am expecting that starting from the second episode, the series will go back and start from the beginning.

    As for me, I enjoyed the episode quite a bit. I thought the animation was well done. Whether or not it will stay this good for the rest of the series remains to be seen, but it certainly is promising. I was also pleasantly surprised by the amount of comedy in the episode. Overall, good stuff for a first episode and I think it bodes well for the rest of the series.

  7. Although this is different than the manga, it still is a nicely done introductory episode. Kerie is one of my fav characters and they really nailed her character in this with a great voice actor. Show Spoiler ▼

    Also for those that might compare or watch this because they think it might be similar to Another, it won’t be. But I’ll say this, read the manga!

  8. I don’t mind the first episode, since I read and purchase the original manga already so I know about the character behind them, I just love how they show us two version of the first 5 min of the show it just so smart how everything match up.

    If I have a complaint about the show then it would be the Voice Actor of Niiya Teiichi, he just sound so young and a bit wussy, I am willing to let it go later on the moe I hear it but still I would have pick better VA thou.

  9. Starting off with what they did makes me wonder whether they’re going for a fast-track with the story; intending to jump right into the action as soon as possible- or whether this first episode was meant simply to give the audience a sense of atmosphere through a comprehensive intro (And we’ll be back to the proper beginning of the story next week). Going by the title of episode 2, the latter seems more likely, but the former remains a possibility, and the more interesting one, considering how non-traditional (And risky) it is…

  10. I’ve never been fond of first episodes taking place in the middle, they make me feel like I missed something. However it was a good introduction so it was okay, looking forward to more.

  11. I was really hoping this would get animated. Lately (past 2-3 years?) feels like a couple predominantly H artists venturing into mainstream. Which is great because there are so many H series out there that I think could sell/be popular if they were made SFW. I hope they don’t venture too far away from the manga and mess this up :/

    Show Spoiler ▼

  12. I had to double check to make sure I didn’t miss an earlier episode or anything. Having read the 1st chapter, the 1st half of the episode didn’t have as much of an impact as it would have without. It also felt like a cop-out, seeing as how 2/3s of the episode had the exact same content (animation and dialogue).

    That being said, I like the interaction between Yuuko and Teiichi, so definitely looking forward to more of that. Not sure if I should continue on with the manga or not, given this first episode

  13. Tasogare Otome seems like a typical series at first (I read the manga) but it does produce some genuinely chilling moments later on. It’ll be fun to see how they translate those into the animated format!

  14. *squeal to no end* it’s finallly here! YESH I’m so excited! Love the manga since the beginning and now I can finally see it in action. *drools over screencaps* Hope the 2nd ep springs back to the first chapter and tell it in a more creepy aspect like the manga did.

  15. Wow… that was… unexpected, but in a good way! I liked the story told from both POVs, even though I could already guess what was going on. Totally going to follow your posts for this show now, even though I’ll probably be a little slow on watching it =X

  16. Great first episode, I’m interested in where the show will go next. Just an idea, for the summary box, would it be possible for it to “open up” when you click on it similar to the spoiler box?

    1. It is possible but I’d like to keep it up so the post doesn’t end up being too short. When I asked if the box is annoying or not, I meant the design of it. But if it’s requested by more to be a hidden box, I might change it. :]

    1. long Black hair sailor-fuku ghost like anime girl is a hit in this season (ex:sankarea )
      spoil: all of them meet despair and death ( Ex. yuko-xxxholic , Rea-Sankarea ,Yomi-Garei zero , yuuko-Amnesia ,Yamabukiotome-Nurahyon no mago) WhY rei chan , why ? why they have to suffer and cry?!

  17. i have nothing against Yuuko, she is perfect. I just hope Teichi’s seiyuu will be Junko Minagawa just as the drama cd version ^^ overall glad that im following the manga!

  18. Ef is one of my absolute all time favorites so after hearing Oonuma Shin’s directing role in the season preview, my expectations for this jumped up quite a damn bit.

    So far, it seems okay though I need more episodes before to see if this will truly grab me. That repeated scene was certainly a ballsy move – unique though it risks boring the audience. It’s always a pleasure to watch Shaft-esque sunsets and the corresponding orange hue lighting. Now if only Tenmon was here composing the music 😛

  19. Ef was one of the animes that got me hooked on shaft and thus far, the visuals done by SILVERLINK is similar to what’s done by shaft.

    Also, while reading the previews, I got excited that this show’s done by the same guy who did Ef. I must say, the first episode did not dissappoint me.

    Anyway, I wonder if its coincidence or just by sheer luck that the ghost’s name is Yuuko. We had Amamiya Youko back than in Ef….

  20. long Black hair sailor-fuku ghost like anime girl is a hit in this season (ex:sankarea )
    spoil: all of them meet despair and death ( Ex. yuko-xxxholic , Rea-Sankarea ,Yomi-Garei zero , yuuko-Amnesia ,Yamabukiotome-Nurahyon no mago) WhY rei chan , why ? why they have to suffer and cry?!

    1. what the heck are you talking about? They have ALWAYS been “so moe”, ever since, i don’t know, the original Astro Boy (that means forever). Name me one Japanime show (excluding talking-animal shows like that polar bear cafe or something or yaoi show like that Kimi to boku or something) that doesn’t have this formula. There is none, my friend.

      some guy
  21. Conceptually, I liked how this episode played twice with Yuuko being invisible the first time around. In practice though, I was quite bored during the second half, since I was already imagining how Yuuko was moving in the first half. Well, that’s only because I know the story. Anyway, cute start for a good setup, I look forward to following it.

  22. This series is my favorite among all new airing anime right now just because the romance potential can be phenomenal :O. I mean, seriously, we got a guy who can see a girl that no one else can see that’s a ghost and has amnesia. I’ve said it elsewhere, but it’s gonna be like a Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae wo Bokutachi wa Mada Shiranai with possible epic romance for me! Wewwwtttt, can’t wait to see the next episode.

  23. Silver Link=The next SHAFT. Also, I noticed they changed their art style compare to BakaTest.

    Will watch it til the end. So this is a slice-of-life occult show???
    Man, I wish there a club like this in my college. And WTH is tht creepy smile in the end!?

    1. Well, they had to change it to match style of the author of the manga (Maybe). This show isn’t really on the occult (except Yuuko) but its more of a horror, mystery, romance comedy. As for the creepy smile you’ll find out eventually in the succeeding episodes. If you can’t wait you can always read the manga.

    1. excuse me, you’re in the wrong message board. This is for Tasogare Otome x amnesia, good old regular harem show. No one cares for Kimi to Boku (yaoi show) here, you know.

      RC fan56
  24. A little late in watching this, but better late than never since I liked it. I liked the double perspective and definitely liked Yuuko’s antics. I’m very tempted to read the manga to know the deal between Kirie and Yuuko because of their similarities (and what looks like some hostility towards each other) but I won’t…yet. The big bonus was finding out it’s Takane’s seiyuu that’s voicing Yuuko. I remember too this getting compared a lot to Sankarea.

  25. Just watched this today and like it alot.My backlot ghost story are this and Another.I regret watched Another ,I was so scared because of that story but I like this TOxA.It’s can be fun and relax.


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