The trip down memory lane continues this chapter, and well, I can’t help but point back to the comments I made last time. It’s nice to get additional background on a character, especially one so integral to the plot, but there’s a time and place for moments like this, and now isn’t quite the right time. I can see what Kishimoto Masashi has attempted to do with these past chapters, but the main plot’s progressed to a point where it’s too late to try and get the reader to sympathize with Kabuto, especially when you consider what he’s done the last few hundred chapters and the fact that many readers more than likely would just prefer plot progression at this point.

Granted, there was a slight development in the reveal of Kabuto’s “Inorganic Transmigration” technique, but there’s just not much information given as to how it works exactly, and whether or not it actually worked at all. Furthermore, while Kabuto seems quite confident that the technique cannot be countered, it seems quite obvious that his technique isn’t as fool proof as he thinks, and his powers not as great as he seems to think them to be. Combined with the potential emotional instability of Kabuto, it looks more than likely that Kabuto will lose this fight, probably via Itachi sacrificing himself in some way to ensure Sasuke’s victory. I won’t say it’s a definite, and I can’t say I have any sound reasoning for this prediction, but I get the feeling that Sasuke will probably learn the Izanami technique come the end of this fight, and utilize it in some way that’ll probably result in the end of the Ninja War, whether by defeating Kabuto or by combating “Tobi.” I could see a possible end of the series scenario at this point, but it’s a bit far ahead, and I’ll see how my current predictions work out first before saying more.

Overall, I’m a bit disappointed at the past few chapters, but it does look like there will at least be some semblance of development over the next few chapters that’ll bring things back up to snuff, so to speak.

Just a quick note, here’s some kudos to Ryudo, who brought up the possibility that Kabuto’ll use a technique that’ll involve taking back control over Itachi a few chapters back. It doesn’t seem that it’ll work out exactly as you predicted, but it shall be interesting to see none the less. Also, I can’t help but laugh a bit at the potential irony of the chapter’s title “Nothing”. I can see people laughing at how it’s a reference to Kabuto’s past, but also one that references how “nothing” really happens this chapter or how Kabuto’s still “nothing” worth caring about.


    1. More than likely some ninjas came through and destroyed the orphanage. The nun tried to escape but slammed into a closed door because she gave her glasses to Kabuto and he’s blamed himself ever since.

    1. last chapter I thought the death flag was being rung, after this one I think it’s being rung about as hard as it can. It looks like Kabuto will be taken down in the next chapter then die in 1 or 2 after that, unless they jump too one of the other 2 battles again.

  1. Not to be nit-picky, but when someone says something like “readers would prefer more plot progression,” they are really saying “I would prefer more plot progression.”

    As for me, I like these flashbacks; it’s never too late to gain understanding of the characters. And it is especially poignant in ‘Naruto,’ as that is how lasting conflict resolution takes place. Just think back to Gaara and Nagato as examples. Naruto (the character) has resolved more conflicts with his words than his fists.

    Maybe a majority find it unexciting, or alternatively, dishonorable, to pull back from their set path, gain understanding, and find redemption; but for me, that is the greatest ending to any story.

  2. Anyone else wondering why the hell Sasuke was bleeding from his eyes while using Amaterasu? Uhh, Kishi, you do remember the Sauce has the ETERNAL mangekyou sharingan, right?

      1. Well, when you think about it, the eye bleeding correlates sensibly with the gradual blindness a MS user goes through. The only way the eye would bleed like that is if the blood vessels burst, and if such a thing occurred often, the eye would, irl, go blind. And due to the considerable amount of strain Kishi details visually with the Mangekyou using such a technique, it makes all too much sense. But maybe this was just another mistake on Kishi’s part. Kishimoto has made these kinds of errors in the past; e.g, forgetting to draw glasses on Kabuto in chapter 521.

      2. Any of the Mangekyo Sharingan eye techniques cause the light to fade from their eyes. Amaterasu causes their eye to bleed because they are shooting fire from thier eye!! It doesn’t matter if there eyes are eternal or not, it’s fire from the eye!!

      3. Nobody’s shooting fire out their eye. Amaterasu works by igniting anything and everything the user’s looking at.

        “The ones reflected in these eyes turn to ash…”

        From the Databook.

        I realize all Mangekyou Sharingan techniques have a part in the user’s blindness. However, Tsukoyomi can be interpreted as having a lesser role in the user’s blindness, as the user isn’t anywhere near as exhausted after using it as he or she is after using Amaterasu. Note that there isn’t any bleeding as well. Susanoo, on the other hand, appears to affect the user’s life force more than their eyes. (Databook: “This jutsu works both as the user’s guardian deity and as something that consumes his life.”)

      4. Actually, using the Mangekyo Sharingan and its techniques merely speed up the rate of blindness. The blindness is a continuously on-going thing that begins as soon as the Mangekyo Sharingan is awakened which basically makes going blind completely unavoidable unless they can get the Eternal Mangekyo. This is much more easily shown between Sasuke and Itachi.

        Itachi was able to keep his eyesight (in general) for years after awakening the Mangekyo Sharingan, only being at its worst by the time he fought Sasuke, which shows that he did NOT rely on the Mangekyo Sharingan in any capacity, and only used it if absolutely necessary (which, considering his overall power and skill, I doubt was that much).

        On the other hand, Sasuke was spamming the use of Amaterasu and then Susano’o as soon as he got them, and the constant usage (and maintaining) of them (like the Kage summit and then against Danzo) very quickly sped up the blindness to the point where he already began feeling the effects shortly after his fight with Bee, and ending up going almost completely blind just a few mere weeks after awakening it, when encountering Naruto and co. again, because of his constant abuse and reliance of his own Mangekyo Sharingan.

        Based on what we know of the past, I think it’s safe to assume that Madara also did the same thing and relied too heavily on his Mangekyo Sharingan after awakening it, thus taking Izuna’s and getting the Eternal Mangekyo within a relatively short period of time after they both first awakened it.

        In terms of Amaterasu vs. Tsukuyomi, it’s really just the concepts that show the difference to me, but both can be very exhausting techniques.

        The difference being that Amaterasu is a Ninjutsu, which usually requires more and more chakra for more and more power. Basically, Amaterasu is like forcing so much chakra through your eye to conjure and use the flame that it overloads the eye, thus causing the bleeding. On the other hand, Tsukuyomi is a Genjutsu, in which greater power of the technique is usually obtained more through greater control than solely pumping in more chakra. Because of so much control being needed, especially for a Tsukuyomi of Itachi’s caliber, I’d say it’s more of a mental exhaustion than physical like Amaterasu (or Susano’o) would be.

  3. I think this fight is going to end up with Sasuke finally accepting Itachii’s reason and ending his hatred against Konoha, but then end up c**k blocked (mind blocked) by Kabuto (or Orochimaru)with him managing to somehow get some control of Sasuke’s mind/body. And in the end during his battle with naruto, we’ll find out Itachii managed to put a piece of himself into Sasuke as well nd it will be a battle (of words) between Itachi and Orochimaru in his head and a battle between Naruto and himself with Naruto trying to get Sasuke to fight out the Orochimaru influence

  4. Ah, the deadly childhood flashback. Kabuto does not have long for this world, methinks.

    Personally, I don’t think that Itachi will get the opportunity for his heart to heart with Sasuke, but he’ll at least get something suitably cryptic out before he goes. This will later come back when Sasuke and Naruto finally throw down as some sort of redemption trigger.

    1. I’m seeing something more like, After they gain control of Kabuto and use him to reliese his technique(Kabuto is talking about how he is a ninja that can create and control things) Itachi will use his genjutsu to talk to Sasuke as he fades away, Itachi can control the passage of time when he is using his genjutsu so he can have as much time as he needs to talk to Sasuke. Kinda like how Naruto talked to his mother and father, and how Kakashi talked to his father.

  5. I don’t mind flashbacks during fights, but Itachi and Kabuto talk a little too much during this battle…Kabuto just seems so desperate to become a main character: from hostng Orochimaru in his body to boasting about fighting against Itachi and Sasuke…everything makes him such a pathetic villain.

  6. IMO it is a pretty big deal once Kabuto gets it. Same for Itachi’s true final moments which will most likely occur in this match up.

    In the span of time since their introductions, many readers have gone from highschool->university->employment. I’m sure more than a few have families now. I consider it an end of an era.

    Just something to think about, which is why it is very important for Naruto as a manga to really keep the attention of the readership during this critical, or maybe final, conflict.

    1. I’ll admit I met Kabuto back in grade school while reading early issues of Shonen Jump. He seemed odd and secretive and I wanted to see more of him and why he was the way he was. He was in some battles, but ultimately stayed on the sidelines until recently.

      That said, he has developed into a good VILLAIN. By which I mean, he’s smart, scheming, powerful, and a good representation of the opposition, like Tobi or Madara.

      My problem is that we’ve been made to hate him all this time that to suddenly throw in some flashbacks to make us sympathize with him seems a tad forced. Itachi’s change to good is expected because we learned a lot about him after his death regarding what he was really trying to do and how he would react to things now. With Sasuke…I don’t know if we were supposed to hate him as much as people do now, so maybe that’s a bad example. My point is I’d rather Kabuto not pile more damage onto this fight than Sasuke has by deciding to be good again.

      Just my two cents.

  7. After so much of building up Kabuto in Part 1 as this secretive guy who had half a mind to betray Orochimaru, and in Part 2 as the guy to succeed Orochimaru’s twisted dreams, it isn’t exactly satisfying to know that Kabuto is really just a misunderstood guy who needs some love. IMO he just dropped a couple of ranks down in the villain stakes.

  8. I agree this chapter was disappointed. I’m all for character development but now is just not the time. Most people who read this chapter probably didnt even give a damn about Kabuto’s post, nor did the revelation really give me anything to sympathize for.

    Just move on with the battle already.

  9. yeah, im also so tired of these kabuto sob stories. Nobody loved me, i forgot who i am, and need an identity. Its just not good enough a reason for him to hate the world. Even if everyone in the orphanage is killed by konaha ninja, it still aint a reason for him to e so sappy. Get back to the fighting and less talking please kishi!!

  10. It’s not that I sympathize with Kabuto, I just want him to win. I had a similar mindset towards Kisame, who didn’t win a single battle he was in (apart from off-screen) despite being hyped up as one of the strongest Akatsuki members. I’m sick and tired of these victories the heroes (particularly Sasuke) pull out of nowhere.

    Come on Kishimoto, let Kabuto win just this once.

  11. Kabuto’s an amusing character and while I agree this is not the best time for flashbacks, I’m certainly looking forward to learning more about about his past. In my ways, he’s very similar to Sasuke, cynical, bitter and extremely whiney XD

    Seishun Otoko
  12. Kabuto will die, nobody wins against one Uchiha, less two, more less the Uchiha cheater, the Kishimoto’s favourite Uchiha….

    Why anyone who is normal, a non-Uchiha, is unable to beat one of them?

    Why Kishimoto insists deify the Uchiha? not enough to Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, the Susano’o, the Izanagi, subsequent derivation the Rinnegan, and now Izanami??

    Which Kabuto has sage mode is a reference to a possible battle of Sasuke vs Naruto sage mode?

    Is it me or sage mode Naruto is shit compared to that of Kabuto?

    1. As far as we can tell, the Toad’s Sage Mode is really just using nature to boost their physical body with greater power, speed, healing, etc, besides just how the Nature Chakra worked (hence why Naruto could use the Rasenshuriken with no consequences unlike his 50% one). Just fits in the whole power, power, and more power theme going on between Naruto and Sasuke, but as we’ve seen, Naruto’s Sage Mode has VERY quickly taken a backseat to using Kurama’s chakra now. It still appears now and then, but it already feels like it’s lost any uniqueness or importance that it seemed to have when Jiraiya first used it.

      With the couple of the techniques Kabuto used, it seems more fitting to snakes or Orochimaru in particular with being more in the back and manipulating other things. Did so before as well with using Edo Tensei.

      And yeah, I also have to agree. With all this emphasis on the Uchiha’s power coming out, it makes you wonder just how Hashirama could’ve defeated someone like Madara, even if just barely and Madara not having the Mokuton (a custom augmentation by Kabuto), and not having the Rinnegan until just before he died. I guess I can see Izanagi not being used by him given (besides being a Kinjutsu even to the Uchiha), unlike regular Mangekyo Sharingan usage, it seems to literally cost the user the use of a Sharingan eye (hence the closing of the eye as we saw with Danzo and Tobi), not merely make them blind like a regular Mangekyo does, and to someone who prides themselves so heavily on their eyes like Madara or Sasuke, losing even just 1 eye would be a fate worse than death. I’d guess even an Eternal Mangekyo wouldn’t be able to bypass that sort of cost.

      And with things like Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi, and Susano’o (we have yet to be shown exactly how Izanami works) in the arsenal too, there has got to be a lot more to Hashirama than what we’ve been told so far. Mokuton and Biju taming alone just doesn’t seem like it’d cut it.

  13. Yeah, at this point I’m just rolling my eyes at the forced, “feel bad for this character! No one is BORN EVIL!” message Kishimoto is going for with Kabutops– er, Kabuto.

    No one likes you or feels sorry for you, man. Face it, move on, and do us all the favor of dying in a ditch somewhere. Then let’s get back to Madara, “Tobi,” and rthe DBZ-esque ninja war. Y’know, the good stuff.

    The only saving grace of these past few chapters, as you’ve said, are the developments between the Uchiha siblings. I’m hoping with the (epic?) conclusion of the 4th Shinobi war, Naruto will follow in Bleach‘s and Air Gear‘s footsteps, and come to an end.

    We’ve had a lot of great times, a lot of mediocre times, and our fair share of smash-your-head-through-the-wall frustrations, but overall, Naruto‘s been a fun ride. Let’s have it end on that note. (Plsu, I’m not gonna lie, I’d like to see Kishimoto tackle a new series with a completely different genre and cast).

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