「愛の獣たち」 (Ai no Kemono tachi)
“Beasts of Love”

I found the this episode’s element to element combat very entertaining. It’s not often you get to see that type of fighting in a predominantly mecha anime and is also a nice departure from the usual use of CG fighting. Seeing Mix and Andy team up to fight Kagura was awesome. (They’re the best couple in the show at the moment). Shrade’s effort to try and stop Kagura was commendable as he was the only one to delay the pursuit of Mikono. Kagura’s power is obscenely overpowered as demonstrated in the fight at the grave yard. It also doesn’t help that he’s obscenely strong and fast.

Other than “love is forbidden” being a school rule, there’s another reason why it’s forbidden in Amata’s case. Amata may have set his heart on Mikono but unfortunately for him, destiny stands in his way. It simply wasn’t meant to be. He’s clearly in a state of denial calling the legend only a story. I don’t believe it complete writes Amata off as being another reincarnation of Apollonius but it does sort of start to close the door on him for a romantic relationship with her. It doesn’t help that Mikono is starting to like him. She was kind of displaying Stockholm syndrome when she jumped in front of Amata while he was contemplating shooting him. It’s sad to hear Zessica start to pour her heart out to Amata only to get cut off before she clearly told him that she wanted to be with him. She has become the second choice.

When Kagura was talking to Mikono, he came off as passionate which made him slightly more likable. The way he articulates his love is confusing but fitting since his power is reversal. I just wish his speech was a little more consistent (kind of in the way Yoda is consistent in the way he speaks) because when he was talking to Amata, he genuinely wanted to kill him.

Mykage’s constant interference is quite the tease and is getting kind of annoying. I feel like it’s being overly used as a device to advance the plot but stopping it short of any real advancement. In short, it’s a little too convenient. His involvement and teleportation cheapen his effect on the plot. The great thing about Mykage though is he is usually the one who reveals what happens in the past. In this episode, he explained how the Solar Wing was used to pollinate the Tree of Life. This might be a clue to why he would want it again.

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ED2 Sequence

ED2: 「ユノハノモリ」 (Yunoha no Mori) by 小倉唯 (Ogura Yui)
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  1. “I just wish his speech was a little more consistent (kind of in the way Yoda is consistent in the way he speaks) because when he was talking to Amata, he genuinely wanted to kill him.”

    Well, Kagura did say that he only “lies” to Mikono. He seems to means what he says to other people. And I noticed that the only words that are getting reversed are those related to love (like the girl smelling good or having sex/holding). When he says “You will die here in my arms” he doesn’t mean “I will hold you NOT in my arms.” Reversing only those related to love makes sense since the title is LOVE reversed (EVOL)

    “I feel like it’s being overly used as a device to advance the plot but stopping it short of any real advancement”

    His goal seems to be recreating the legend of Apollonius. Guy on the angel’s side, Angel of Massacre that killed a lot of people, falls in love with a woman and becomes a good guy. Kagura’s done all of these but the last. Mykage’s manipulating things so that this scenario plays out. He’s like a director that says “Cut, let’s stop here and move on to the next scene” with his teleportation.

    1. I don’t know, my take on the language thing, and Kagura and Mykage in general, is that Mykage is trying to twist the love story into something wrong.

      I don’t think if they just left Mikono with Kagura they’d live happily together with him reverse talking. I think he really would kill her at some point because Mykage has twisted him around. Hence the ‘wedding in mourning clothes.’ I think it’s Mykage’s final victory; he can’t stop the love that he hates so much, but if he can ‘pervert’ it, then he wins.

      Just my thoughts.

    2. But if Kagura only lies to Mikono, then that means when he said “I only lie to you” a lie itself, which means he is really saying “I only tell the truth to you“.

      Ah, logic paradox. ^^

  2. I liked this episode, but it sort of frustrated me on a couple of levels.

    Mainly, I’m worried about where they’re going with the main love square. Very few of the options appeal to me.
    They seem to be aiming for a ‘screw destiny’ plot, which I normally like, but for a story where we KNOW the early lives, it’s not the same. To fans of the original show, if Kagura IS Apollo, then he should end up with Mikono/Sylvia. That’s the whole payoff to the original ending; if Amata screws that up, then it retroactively makes the first show incredibly depressing.

    The second option is that Kagura is at least a partial red herring and Amata is Apollo, but I don’t like that for two reasons. One, Amata/Mikono has actually gotten MORE dull as the series has gone on, and they weren’t that exciting to begin with. And Two, that would mean they’re using a slightly unique reincarnation story as a red herring for the most cliche reincarnation story there is (the hero and heroine are reincarnated lovers).

    Also, I wish they had better rules for Kagura’s power. Because it seems he can reverse ANYTHING, which basically makes him God. It’s so powerful that instead of being able to overcome it cleverly, they have to show Amata beginning to overcome it on pure WILL, because there is no logical way to beat it.

    Finally, YAY, maybe Zessica will finally turn into a real character again now that she’s said it. I’m not too hopeful though, they’ve squandered her too much.

      1. Umm… I’m saying that’s what I want to happen, but the show doesn’t seem to be making that happen. First rule of love stories, and most other kinds of stories, is opposite momentum.

        In other words, if you’ve got two heroes who like each other and want to be together, but everything (enemies, friends, fate) is trying to keep them apart, then there is a fairly good chance they’re going to overcome it all and end up together.

      2. I don’t see much getting in Amata and Mikono’s way. For the first course the main opposition was Chouchou. XD

        Mikono doesn’t even believe Kagura’s destiny pitch and he’s a team rocket sort of villain that is bound to fail again and again and again.

        I don’t see much to overcome. Except maybe Mikono not being that much into Amata to begin with.

        The ones I feel like rooting for are Zessica and Kagura (who I think do have good chemistry with their respective love interests). Those 2 actually have a lot to overcome.

        Why should I support Amata x Mikono anyway ?So that Amata can be happy with his mommy surrogate. Please no.

      3. Umm… again I think you’re missing my point. You and I support the same pairings. I don’t want Mikono to end up with Amata. I actually didn’t mind them at the beginning, but I feel like they’ve become more boring over the course of the show.

        My point is I’m worried because the show is throwing stuff in Amata and Mikono’s way which usually means, as heroes, they have to overcome it.

        What Mikono thinks about destiny is sort of irrelevant. It’s either true or it’s not, and we just have to wait to see what the writers do with reincarnations/destiny/etc.

        And mikono has made very clear repeatedly she likes Amata.

      4. Again I don’t see much going against their being together.

        Mikono likes Amata but not as much as he seems to like her. When he was trying to confess to her, she didn’t even seem to notice he was actually confessing. A sign she isn’t longing for it. She also isn’t making any effort to further their relationship.

        Not every author choose to go the cliché way !: main boy gets first girl he meets/main girl. So I’m keeping my hopes up.

    1. I agree with you. You summed up everything I was thinking. It was good but kinda frustrating because while the pace did pick up it left a lot of questions. With his power of Reversal what can’t Kagura reverse? How will Amata and Cayenne feel that Mikono let a guy, that beat the hell out of the former and injured the later, get away to undoubtedly come back and attack more of their friends? How much longer are they gonna break down Zessica’s character before throwing her a well deserved bone? When will Shrade do something awesome again? Why don’t guys like Andy, Mix, Yunoha and Sazanka get more screen time? When will Mykage stop being a troll?

    1. I concur. Amata/Mikono gets more dull all the time. These last few episodes were not kind to the main trio. They need to get some spice back in their lives, and (pre-mopey) Zessica is just the thing.

  3. Best episode in a while, visual and audio were both strong. Kagura’s animations take the cake, fighting, running around, jumping around, blushing, licking… The stark contrast between his violent attitude and his softer moments made those later so damn moe.

    Andy & MIX have made good progress since their first forced sortie (I wish Andy would have been the MC, compared to Amata he is so much more fun on all aspects).
    Shrade learned to play the air violin.
    Kagura reverses anything that pisses him, sometimes even himself.
    Mykage needs to troll at last one character per episode.
    Sazanka still needs to check her priorities.
    Previous serie flashback check.
    Amata tries a David VS Goliath, epic fail ensue.
    Shushu is wooed by Kagura.

    It’s been so long since Zessica smiled for the last time, can’t anyone do something to fix this?

    Watching the last ED, I’m wondering if we’ll have a different one for each character.

  4. Oh Kagura you’re such a badass. His scene with Mikono on the tower was so cute.

    It’s too bad though that the probability of Amata and Kagura being Appolon together is very high. It’s so obvious and being hinted at judging from the opening. They’re not only each others exact opposite, but quite literally each others mirror image.

    And for the love of.. Somebody get Zessica a real man!

    1. Theoretically, Amata and Kagura may be a part of the original Apollonius and got split in half in the same matter on how Sylvie did in the show’s predecessor. But one thing though, what would Alicia’s key role in that respect? Subliminally, I think the producers are hinting she might be one of the key plot devices that would twist the story aside from the involvement of Fudo and Mykage as reincarnation of the original war way back from 24000 years ago since both parties do have an unexpected interest in Amata and Kagura respectively. The main plot device would revolve on the war 24000 years ago (obviously), explaining the need of re-telling the legend of Apollonius and Sylvie back on episode 1 and the vague talk between Fudo and Mykage on episode 13 (Maybe a recreation of the war that happened or something along the line I think)

      As for Zessica, I have a hunch she may either be switching sides as the plot would go deeper (Not sure on this one tho’ since I don’t want to read too deeply on the one-sided relationship of Zessica and Amata) or would just end up with Cayenne (But how the heck would that happen though).

      I dunno. Just looking at an interesting perspective of what twist would the producers do after sinking the YunoJin pairing 😐

  5. I’m puzzled why they can’t use the character designs for Sylvia and Appolo. I get that some details get lost in time (try not to think about 12,000 years), but the emotional resonance is diminished without them.
    I also wish the show would pick a direction and stick with it. Does destiny prevail after 24,000 years or can new love triumph, even now? Is Zessica just there to be sad and lovelorn, or is she an honest romantic lead?
    Amata’s nice and all, but holy moly does Kagura have some chemistry with his wench. My guess is that, because he’s the direct reincarnation of the more recent Apollo, his connection to Mikono/Sylvia/? is closer. And WOW is he still overpowered. Props to Amata for resisting that, even if the “lose from attachments”, wonderfully Buddhist though it may be, doesn’t really fit the theme of the show.
    Mix/Andy is still the best couple and Shrade is still an overly dramatic badass. That’s good.
    (I want Apollo to fulfill that promise to Sylvia, dammit!)
    Ok, rant over.
    P.S. And why couldn’t Altair just ask Vega if they could spare some women!? It’s not like they’re repulsive or intrinsicly evil (except Mykage, but fuck that guy).
    And what the hell happened to the Shadow Angels!?
    I want some answers now! I’ve waited this long!
    At least we’re getting some mech action.
    Okay, NOW the rant is over.

    Bio D
    1. You sir, are a perfect example of why I can’t figure out where this show is going. They seem to be saying new love triumphs, but for fan’s of the original series, that’s BAD. We WANT the reincarnations to end up together. They seem to be setting up a weird situation where either they disappoint old series fans, or they disappoint new series fans.

      1. When I first saw the preview for EVOL, I read up on the wiki entry since I didn’t watch the original series at the time. Reading through the ending – specifically what happened to the main couple – I thought, ‘hey, wouldn’t it be interesting if the writers did something unconventional and have Apollo and Silvia not end up with each other in the end?’.

        Yeah… o.0

  6. Why don’t the people in freakin’ Altair move out of the planet where females can’t survive?! That solves a lot of problems! Another thing, the whole destiny and reincarnation theme really dries up the overall tone and mood of the anime. The characters cease to be original. Basically its just the ancestors coming back from the past and messing around in the present.

    Kagura becomes one track, he is not even himself, just a puppet for a promise (don’t get me wrong, its nice, but that’s it.) Amata, seriously get out of that rut (denial) and actually ‘see’ for once. Mikono, I have nothing to say to you (the previews pretty much say you’re on house arrest). Zessica, drag that idiot, Amata into an alleyway and proceed.

    As for the rest of the cast, you show way more promise than the main characters, ironically the side characters develop better than the main ones. Andy x Mix, best couple, they have good screen time and development since their debut.

    Space Dreamer
    1. I assume you didn’t watch the original series?

      I think the reason that currently the side characters are SO much better than the main characters is they haven’t DONE anything with the main characters for like six episodes.

      I like Andy, Mix, and Yunoha as much as the next guy, but I don’t consider it a good thing for a show to ignore it’s main cast for a fourth of its episodes like this.

  7. Looks like the show finally remembered that Amata is supposed to be the protagonist who does protagonist stuff with guts and willpower. The genre afterall is supposed to be a SUPER ROBOT show right? Maybe now he can actually stop being overshadowed by every named character. As it stands I’d still prefer watching more of Andy being awesome (Why isn’t Andy the protagonist!?).

    From what I can get though it seems Mikage’s is trolling to provoke the reincarnated memories of 12,00 years ago. This relationship seems key to awakening the original Aquarion. The crux of this plan though seems to be Amata because up till now he has shown no affinity to anyone from the past. Its possible he may not even be a reincarnation of anyone.

    1. Yeah for Andy as MC. I can only imagine how epic the whole show would have been if it was designed around him, holes, chicks, comedy man, robots and a bit of manliness… Kamina?

  8. And after fifteen episodes of being a background character, it’s finally fancy-hat Malloy’s time to impress viewers, starting with crazy driving skills!

    The Truth is in the Axe
    1. & then bag face person finally ep moment or focus?

      besides really some characters need more showing & focus recall last aquarion biggest filler, props, extra, etc were the twins they barely did anything.

      wonder got it right this for evol version for every character?

      1. Wouldn’t it be something if a lot of the side characters/filler people turn out to be the most important people in the entire show?

        Like, Bag-face girl has the most ULTIMATE power that’s going to save the universe…. and all she needed to do was show her face?

        The Truth is in the Axe
    1. umm… who’s indecisive? Amata knows EXACTLY who he likes, and as much as we all might wish it was otherwise, it’s not Zessica. And Zessica also knows who she likes. That’s the tragedy. I think it’s just bad writing that has set up such a weird pointless love triangle.

      I like Zessica, I wouldn’t mind her with Amata, but opinion aside I think the triangle has made all three of the main characters more boring. Zessica was a LOT more fun before liking Amata.

      1. Ahhh yes excuse me! I’m just hoping Amata would firmly tell his feelings to someone , and also very true with Zessica. Maybe and hopefully there is a path for her also I have faith the writers can turn this around!

      2. I HAD faith in the writers, but I’m losing it quickly (still like the show, don’t get me wrong).

        I loved Zessica in the first 7 or so episodes (when did she start liking Amata, episode 8?), but she’s now spent as much of the show boring and mopey as she did as a great character. I live in hope that she’ll get back to being awesome, but I’m also worried that she’ll stay this way.

        I agree that Amata could be MORE clear, but the show also kind of forces him not to, with the whole ‘love is forbidden’ thing.

      3. I’m thinking maybe a Zessica/Kagura? If they are going the “defy destiny” route, this is what I would think the pair would be. At the moment I’m brushing up on the first season and hopefully I can make another hypothesis from there. Hope this series goes well!

      4. I actually think the writers are doing a splendid job with EVOL. Apart from over-the-top mecha action and unconventional metaphors, Aquarion’s also a love story, or at least the love story between Apollonius and Celiane and what their coupling brought humanity. It’s cheesy, yes, especially since the writers are literally taking lines out of the soundtrack from both series, but still very enjoyable. Also, you have to give the writers credit that they’re doing a much better job at getting their viewers to guess ‘who is the reincarnation of who’ compared to the original series.

        Amata’s character struggle is how ‘destiny’ always takes away those he loves; first the milf his mum, and now Mikono. As much as I hate to admit it, Zessica’s there as the distraction; if Amata doesn’t fight, he’s still guaranteed a babe in his arms. And in my opinion, that’s not even a loss. Appearances aside, Zessica’s shown that despite her initial flirty nature (which now that I think about it, was always solely directed at Amata o.0), she is also thoughtful and caring, which are actually Mikono’s only strong points thus far. Amata’s conviction/love for Mikono is being tested. His love for/attraction to her started with finding Mikono attractive and her spouting lines off his favorite movie, after all.

        Of course, we still can’t discount the possibility that Amata is the reincarnated Apollonius/Apollo. Damn those solar wings…

        I still wish the writers would pair Amata with Zessica, though~

        Zessica’s vision is suspicious. I’m reminded by the Sousei no Aquarion OVA. Also, I loved how they pilfered scenes from the first series and spliced them into this episode!

      5. ^

        The destiny Amata is maybe going to fight is not a bad omen. It’s a promise of love. It is difficult for me to root for him under those circumstances.

        Disregarding who is who, I hope Appollon gets his Sylvie in the end, even if Amata is abandoned because of it.

      6. Yeah, that’s what I don’t quite get here. Normally when you do a ‘screw destiny’ story, the destiny is a bad thing. This destiny is not only NOT a bad thing, it’s a good thing AND it’s a good thing that the viewers actually SAW happen. Normally destiny is some nebulous backstory, but to a lot of the viewers here, this is something they saw, and characters they WANT to be happy. I’m not sure where they’re going with this or who they’re trying to make happy.

      7. ^That’s exactly the reason, though. Destiny’s always portrayed as something bad/evil in media, and therefore the power of love protagonists combat it, no questions asked. What if destiny wasn’t bad this time around, ie Apollonius and Apollo’s love for Celiane and Silvia? Is it alright for Amata to take that lying down instead of fighting for his own happiness? As a fan of the original series, I’d get put off if Apollo doesn’t get Silvia in the end even after their promise, but as a story, this would be quite a good twist from conventional depictions.

        But again, this is working on the assumption that Amata isn’t Apollo. The only ‘happy’ ending I could think of in that case is Amata turning out to be Apollonius with Zessica as Celiane, while Kagrua and Mikono are Apollo and Silvia respectively. Wouldn’t that be quite an interesting – if a bit messed up – scenario, though?

      8. Forgot to add:

        I’m not sure where they’re going with this or who they’re trying to make happy.

        I think the writers are just trying to tell an interesting story instead of trying to please everyone XD Or, they could be trying to make EVOL its own story instead of rehashing Sousei. Either way, I feel like the writers know exactly what they’re doing.

  9. I’ve always thought that Kagura was the better and more interesting character than Amata until last week, when they made Kagura into an official party crasher.

    But then they made Kagura more likeable this week and I really do hope history plays out well (Apollo with Sylvia ending).

    The Story You Don't Know
  10. You know, I just saw the new ending for the first time (had to quit early before), and it’s a bit weird. If this is the only other ending they’re going to have it seems strange. Why go from an ending with cool art of all the characters and switch to an ending that focuses so completely on one side character who’s primary arc (her thing with Jin) is probably over?

    Does anyone know if there will be more than one ending for the second half of the show?

  11. Well, Kagura has definitely become more likable than Amata. Also Amata is quite weak for a main character in this kind of Super Robot show. He doesn’t hesitate to kill enemies that are in mechs but hesitates to shoot enemies outside of their mechs even when they are just as dangerous. He should take some lessons from Ryuusei Date or Kyousuke Nanbu.

    Suppa Tenko
  12. I liked to romance in Macross F. Both main heroins were good and the hero such a hard time choosing one that he ended up simply taking both (well at least in the original series).
    Here it seems Kawamori is afraid of making both heroins going at the same pace again and choose to have the main lead favour one over the other from the start.
    For me this makes things a lot more dull.

    But maybe that a problem with my thinking.
    I think the love triangle is between Amata, Mikono and Zessica… when it seems it is actually between Amata, Mikono and Kagura.

    Zessica doesn’t even seem to be a real part of it, as it is now, she’s just some girl with a one sided crush on the hero.
    I like her, it’s depressing seeing her sad all the time, while Amata is fixiated on Mikono like Kagura (only in a more passive way) and Mikono pretty much has no idea what she should do (She seems to like Amata, but Kagura occupies much of her thoughts).

    So we have a Yunoha ED now. Maybe it’ll change again and they start having character based endings songs now.

    1. I can see it now: Amata cops out and chooses the skyAquarion rather than one girl and calls both Zessica and Mikono his wings of the sun.

      That’s totally going to sit well with the fans.

  13. Poor Amata, nobody likes the nice, “pure” guy.

    Anyways, I don’t really have any interest in a Kagura x Mikono because I haven’t seen the original Aquarion, but it would be interesting to see this turn into a story of an MC having to accept unrequited love. And even though I feel bad for Zessica, any development between Zessica and Amata would seem way too forced at this point.

    1. It’s not that people don’t like him, it’s that people find his relationship with Mikono dull. Which is a shame for the main pairing of a show so much focused on romance.

    2. Like NB said, I actually like Amata just fine, and I even liked his interactions with Mikono in the first couple of episodes. They just became very dull together very fast. They’re both better with others.

      As for Zessica and Amata, the show is only half over, and given that they haven’t touched on Amata and Mikono (or Zessica) for like five episodes, Zessica and Amata could have plenty of development before the end. But they have to actually do it. While the side-characters are great, this show has criminally underused it’s main cast for about half of it’s run-time now.

      And while it’s fine that you didn’t watch the original (I didn’t finish it all, though I know how it ended and watched most of it), I would hope that you can understand that a lot of people watching this sequel DID watch the original and feel strongly about the romance from the first show. And don’t want to see those characters be doomed to be forever apart.

      Especially since the ending says they’ll be together the next time around.

      1. Main problem is that Amata for the first part of the show had the same mindset as Kagura, aside from a though about his mother once or twice his character was overwrite with “Mikono-san, Mikono-san, Mikono-san”. After 15 episodes without any progression for him (Kagura went from bitch to Sylvie) it’s gonna be hard for the writers to make us believe he learned more words.

  14. I’m not digging the emo Zesicca. I like her better when she’s feisty and promiscuous 🙁
    Who knew being tsun tsun works on females as well? Kagura taught me something new this week.

    Seishun Otoko
  15. I just wondering if:

    Show Spoiler ▼

    1. @Beedle

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

        damn I meant Celiane all the time*

  16. Amata redeemed himself as the main protagonist in my eyes when he took on Kagura, got the living tar beaten out of him, but still kept coming at him all for the girl he likes. Now I like Apollo, but I don’t think even he went through that bad a beating in the original series.

    Considering this is Aquarion, I don’t think anything is going to be as simple as characters just pairing off with one another. Except Andy and Mix, that’s probably in the clear for the rest of the series. With this in mind, I’m very open to whatever happens on the show, despite my own shipping desires. I’m hopeful everyone on this series will get their happy ending, or knowing Kawamori, a happy enough ending.

  17. Apparently, its getting clear Mykage is sort of implanting false memories in some characters (Kagura being one of them). Just another thought, he hated women so bad (he snatched Donar’s girl, had her missing out of nowhere; damaged Aquarion Evol; maybe wiped off female Altair population, tried to kill Alicia). He is so obsessed with Kagura. Like Toma, obsessed with Apollo/Apollonius, implanted tons of deceptions into Sirius & Reika. Second thought, if Mykage is toying Kagura, making unreal never happening dreams to look real, like Toma had done so to Sirius & Reika, it’s nothing new.

    Since director made Amata the main male lead, I pretty sure things would flow the way they maybe could do. Just because Kagura is like Apollo does not mean he would automatically be 100% Apollo/Apollonius. Well, some said Zessica is like Sylvia due to similarities of their telekinetic powers. End, Mikono confirmed to be Sylvia, had different element power, to connect and something to do with life (which maybe explain to be “The True Eve” to be tortured or exploited by Mykage). Zessica could be like Scorpius/Reika and for some reasons she showed no signs of being like them both (up to director). Cayenne is opposite of Reika and Sirius. He worries for Mikono, in dark despair way and not jealous of Amata being powerful. Reika thinks, feels negative. Sirius jealous of Apollo of being Apollonius/The Solar Wings, gets deceived by Toma.

    Maybe, a new twist to plot, possibly. If this twist happens, that would be something different, new from original series. Who knew? I’ll leave all to director. All are opinions only, just guesses only. They are not entirely true. Sometimes, some fans figured out what would happen as potential “spoilers”.

  18. In the show, nothing is clear. Amata and Kagura are shown to be reincarnations of Apollo. It hints that Mikono is Sylphie. But from where I see it, is Zessica who has more evidence if we discard the attraction of Kagura by the smell of Mikono.
    Zessica like Kagura had this vision of Apollo and Sylphie. Showed Zessica have telekinetic powers. She has a strong personality like Celiane and Silvia. The previous ending showed her wearing the armor of Celiane.
    If we think Mikage still wants to Apolonius and solar wings (Aquarion), not far to think that the twist everything to their advantage, fooling Kagura (half of Apollo) of whom is her true love (Zessica / Sylphie) directing to Mikono.
    Recreates the feelings but with the wrong people, people who will ensure its mission without failure, people who can manipulate.
    But nothing rules out Mikono, the series shows only signals and nothing true. Amata and Kagura look like Apollo. Mikono is called directly Sylphie, but she does not remember or feel anything more to ask for forgiveness to Kagura.
    Zessica shows partial similarities to Silvia.
    Wherever I look, the correct names are Celiane and Silvia. Where Sylphie out? is true of writing in Japanese Silvia?

    1. Humm but Mikono have the same power as Sylvie, the connect… and she always feel something when she see Kagura. If at this point, they change the directions the things.. well, it’s be nonsense… In Sousei (anime) was always very clear about who was the reincarnation of Apollonius and Celiane, there was no mystery about this, maybe one or two surprises, but this sense of mystery about who was who didn’t exist. The question is: The writers will continue the course of things or going to change everything and troll everyone?

  19. Am I the only one who started to care less about the show since they killed off Jin? I used to look forward to it every week, maybe it’s just because of the new shows, still… Mykage die!!

  20. ok I wont tag spoiler here since this is just a guess…

    -Amata and Kagura might have Apollonius’ Soul since Celiane have this on Silvia and Sirius (Love and Hatred)

    -Kagura said to Amata: Amata has no smell meaning Amata is/has not/no existence. Silvie->Celiane the one that connects is what Kagura said that she is Silvie because of that bad smell from 12000yrs ago, whether he right or wrong this proves nothing for Mikono.

    *let slide Scopius because on TV series they didn’t tell the name of the 3rd pilot of Aquarion, but they hinted it was Fudo. Later in OVA they created character named Scorpius. It is really clear that they created the OVA just to give the 3rd pilot a new character and name on it also remember its OVA and it has nothing to do with original anime. Well it maybe connected somehow but not 100% this is why I hate OVA T_T because they brings confusion to fans and viewers*

  21. That moment between Kagura and Mikono when starts playing “Celiane”… I was thrilled. For a moment I thought, Yes! The are Sylvie/Celiane and Apollo/Apollonius, but I’m sure, a troll is comming..

  22. Seriously, Mikono? “No Amata! Don’t do it!” After Kagura was practically responsible for the deaths of a good amount of people at the Neo Deava base. But she jumps in front of him to defend him because they’re starting to click. Poor lapse in judgment there, Mikono.

      1. As far as we can tell, everyone at Neo Deava is just defending themselves, and the planet, against a mysterious invading enemy. They’re killing in self-defense.

        Mike’s point still stands; Mikono is siding with that invading enemy that attacked their planet for no apparent reason and was responsible for the deaths of many of her classmates and friends.

    1. Yeah, Mikono disappointed me there.
      And fangirls might say that “Kagura is oh so moe” in that King Kong like scene on the building, but he pissed me off with his overpowered element power and arrogant/ruthless behaviour. I seriously hope that Amata kicks his ass.

      1. Same here. Kagura just pisses me off- mostly because he has the “you will be mine no matter what you think” attitude- the idea that your feelings don’t matter. You see that in a lot abusive relationships. What it boils down to is he’s a straight up bully. (♯`∧´)

        I absolutely despise bullies. Grrrrr…..

  23. Shrade can now play without his instruments. Aquarion Spada is going to be awesome, imagine Spada using the shield as a violin.

    Now, Amata should be a part of Apollonius/Apollo, or at least the Wings(Heck, maybe even Aquarion itself)
    Mikono and Zessica might be halves, Mikono’s ability was probably derived from Sylvia linking the 3 vectors in Sousei and Zessica’s is just a modified version of Sylvia’s.
    Kagura should be another part of Apollo/Apollonius, he remembers the “smell”, his ability might be derived from Apollonius defecting to the humans, reversing the tide of battle 24000 years ago.

  24. Well, Aquarion has a history of trolling viewer. In ss1, it trolled us very hard about who is Apollonius and who is Celiane so I don’t think Kagura is Apollonius’s reincarnation

      1. It wasn’t that simple… Apollo was only half of Apollonius, while the original Aquarion was rest of him, and originally had the Solar Wing. Not to mention the whole thing of both Sirius and Sylvia being Celiane.

        Amata and Kagura are in many ways mirror images of each other, and while the resemblance isn’t obvious, it’s there. They both have to be halves of Apollonius or are at least related to him. Most likely the only reason Kagura has retained his memories of his past life is because of Mykage.

      2. In my opinion, I think Kagura is Sirius’s reincarnation. Mikage implanted Apollo and Apollonius memory into his brain to make everyone assume that Kagura is Apollonius’s reincarnation. I think Fudo know who is the real reincarnation and that is Amata.

      3. @black_cat1

        How about Kagura’s striking resemblance to Apollo and Mikono’s “familiarity” with Kagura? Just a coincidence? Did Mikage implant/create his body as well? I’ll bash the writers if it turns out that way, that’s just so convenient.

        Can anyone remember if there was a time when Mikono or Amata stated that they have felt a nostalgic feeling for each other? I may have forgotten it but as far as I can remember, only Mikono has stated that Kagura gives her a nostalgic and familiar feeling (like the gaze of his eyes in this episode).

        The Story You Don't Know
      4. Sirius also have striking resemblance to Apollonius in ss1 (except his hair’s color), that’s why people thought he is Apollonius’s reincarnation, not Apollo(the real one). Mikono’s familiarity with Kagura is not a coincidence, Sirius is Sylvia’s older brother, so it’s natural for her to feel nostalgic (they are sibling at all)

  25. I’ve watched every Kawamori show, and I just believe that out of the blue Mikono and Kagura are supposed to be Apollonius and Celiane. Kawamori sets up a couple at the beginning and always follows through in the end. He’ll throw a good ol’ love triangle at you,but in the end it is the Amata/Mikono. I mean, there is no way he could pull a Macross Frontier ending with Aquarion EVOL right? 0__0!\\\\
    Kagura could have been told he was Apollonius by Mykage to “kill” Mikono/Celiane so that Amata and Mikono could not be together, and their souls would then have to wait ANOTHER 12,000 to be re-united. AKA- he could pawn Apollonius again for choosing Celiane over him.
    Amata still is the Solar Wing, and our main character. I really wish we’d just find out already though. I liked when Apollonius and Celiane took over Apollo and Sylvia’s bodies in the original. So cute!!

    1. The first macross was a bait and switch. The hero didn’t end up with the initial GF.

      AmataxMikono has been extremelly dispointing so far. No chemistry apart from Mikono hurting Amata, no progression despite a favorable setting. It’s just that bad. And it apparently shits all over a 12000 years old promise of love to make it even worse. And it makes Zessica miserable. It’s just bad.

      It’s impossible for me to root for it So if they want to stick to it to the end, they re doing an horrible job so far. And there is a lot to fix.


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