「成功…してた」 (Seikou… Shiteta)
“I… Succeeded”

We are two episodes in and still no zombies… but I honestly do not care because this show has so much substance that Chihiro’s necrophilia obsession has taken a back seat. I always thought that the real “quirk” to this show was the fact that Chihiro had an unhealthy fixation with zombies; however, this episode was completely focused on Rea and I loved it more than the premiere.

I already had a good idea of what Rea was suffering through behind the scenes after last week’s episode. Although, I was still surprised it was all revealed in the second episode. To put it bluntly, her father loves her a little too much for my taste. I’m only glad that the extent of his harassment has gone as far as photos (or have they? I have no idea…), although that does not justify anything that she has suffered through. The poor girl seriously does not deserve it and her mother clearly is not of any help either. What kind of mother is that? Sounds like she suffers from bystander apathy, or perhaps she’s just as scared of confrontations as Rea is. Either way, I feel sorry that Rea cannot even make “real” friends, fearing they will just be taken away later.

So far I only see her interactions with Chihiro, and I love each scene they have. They’re adorable together and what I find most attractive about Chihiro’s personality is how outspoken and fun he is (even when interacting with girls). Especially when he does not even bother hiding his love for the undead. His relationships don’t progress forcefully (or for the sake of story); although Ranko seems a little out of place. I wonder how her story will be intertwined, and at the same time, hope that she’s not another tool to be used as a third wheel. She’s a great source for comedic relief at least, (and Jogorou of course!) and even though this episode was dim and serious, I found myself smiling at some of the most random moments. If an anime can make me smile, disgusted, sympathetic and anxious all at once, the producers must be doing something right.

That brings me to the conclusion of Rea’s supposed suicide. We all know what she’s going to come back as… but I thought the potion only worked with corpses? I hope I’m not missing anything here. Next week’s preview seem to indicate that she’s likely to die from other causes, so perhaps it’s a potion that brings back the dead before and after death. Anyhow, the point I wanted to make is that this series is moving along faster than I imagined, which is great since that probably means they have a ton of story to carry the season with. My expectations are starting to increase with every episode and I only hope that it won’t let me down. That’s a dangerous statement to make since I fear that every time I say it, I have to knock on wood.

Full-size images: Someone asked for full-length shots last time, so here they are for you. I won’t lie, it feels weird creating these when half of them are naked poses…




  1. The full lengths with Sanka are disturbing in context…but oh my god those Ranko full lengths…so nice :3.

    Anyways, to speak of the plot – my god how much I want to punch Sanka’s father in the face. Although I know that’s the intent of the story and it’s a great plot device…my god does it enrage me so. As someone who hasn’t advanced in the manga much, I truly hope some justice is served in the future against that freak >_>.

      1. Hmm? Firstly, please forgives my insane rumbling.
        I’m pretty sure if we talk about the type of censorship of a show, then we automatically talk about the studio behind it. I’m pretty sure Sunrise would never show us a detailed ecchi parts, but apparently my assumption is immediately betrayed when I saw uncensored version of Code Geass.
        Well, the point is, if the original source shows us an uncensored version of Wanko bath scene, then I can’t help but hoping that the anime would show us the same scene. DEEN didn’t hesitant to show us an uncensored version of Higurashi and Umineko after all.

      2. There’s nothing to apologize for.

        There’s always uncensored BD-Ray ver.

        Secondly, uncensored Code Geass should be expected, come on its Code Geass, there’s tons of doujin material/doujin games with hiiigh ero content.

        *cough* blood CC *cough cough*

        Thirdly, what the studio would show would mainly be influenced by the director.

  2. want to murder her dad.. I agree though the scenes with the two of them are really great. Chihiro is more outspoken than most protagonists in anime but he is still a little shy sometimes which I can’t say I like

  3. So, now we’ve reached episode 2. Things seem to be progressing rather well. However, they seem to be switching around the source material quite a bit. Which right now isn’t a problem, but if they continue at this rate. The whole plot is going to turn into a jumbled mess.

    1. I don’t think it’s a jumbled mess. So far it looks like it’s a chapter per episode with a few changes. Although this anime is a manga adaptation, the mediums are different. What works in one medium does not work in the other. When you adapt, you must take this into account. What they’ve done is give more depth to Rea’s character earlier. Otherwise the impact of her suicide (by drinking the potion) is lessened. Without the added scenes, the viewer is more likely to see Rea as a troubled spoiled rich girl instead of a suffering heroine under the insane control of her obsessive father.

  4. i must say… 2 ep in and i love rea’s and neko-guy’s interaction. throughout the entire episode, i had the uneasy feeling and its not due neko-guy’s necrophilia but the obsession that rea’s dad has and his iron fist will over his daughter.

    rea’s right, no one should be born into that kind of family but sadly, its something that we cant choose. somehow or rather, seems like prior to her meeting with neko-guy, she seems to have resigned herself to that kind of life and her dad

    that aside, i really am enjoying the shaft-iness of the scenes on top of the interactions. i’d say rea might be hitagi of spring (minus the 97kg of spite of course!)

  5. i just no words say about but still really what kind of father would do these kinds of “things” really this is so disturbing & nobody even tried to stop him yea what a total (bleep) that father is.

    so wanted to grit those teeth punch him & feel sorry for rea really cause of that no good father “doing” is still feel you want to help her.

    look like the potion did works cause babu cat has flown jump away!!!

    now with rea drinking oh wonder what next?

  6. I can hardly believe how much I like this.

    Rea’s expressions. Rea’s seiyuu. All the small things in the Chihiro x Rea dynamic. The Shaft-esque directing. The beautiful use of lens flares. The contrast between the light and dark colours. The saturated glow of the faces. The BGM and ED music. The detail and sharpness of the animation. lol, this is just too much; I’m overwhelmed.

    On a side note, I almost want to make this a background. http://img220.imageshack.us/img220/4683/sankareaep2.jpg

  7. Was the friend in the manga? I don’t remember her being there. Or maybe she was but it wasn’t that extended so I forgot about it.

    Also there was a zombie, Zombie Babu. Couldn’t have missed that.

    I wonder what point they’ll end the season.

  8. Anyone else think the anime is going a little over the top with the drama? The manga struck a really good balance with story telling, and keeping the series light and amusing. The anime, however, is tossing all of the light hearted elements out… I think this is going to backfire pretty heavily later on when they eventually DO get to the light hearted elements.

    They will have spent the first 3 episodes, at least, setting up a darker premise and then will betray the anime only viewers later on when the “daily life” stuff starts to sink in.

    Unless, of course, that’s their entire intention.

  9. Can’t do anything about the censorship(groan). I wish it wasn’t there, but I guess we’re stuck with it. Another awesome episode, though and still loyal to the manga.

    The Moondoggie
  10. boo hoo, we are ALL spoiled by Highschool DxD. This is norm, my friends. Highschool DxD and its lack of blurriness WAS an exception; heck it was the only one that came out like that before DVD/BD release, like ever. Name me another show, there is none. Can’t expect everything else to be like that.

    RC fan56
      1. yea qb’s rebel & fujiko anime are clearly main 2 spring service leading the way.

        while sankarea maybe 3rd in service but still that father “doing” to the daughter is still make me SICK in worst way so disgusting & wrong so many way yea i wish that father burn in he!!.

    1. unfortunately you and I -and maybe two other folks-are the only ones goes for Ranko over Rea. Such is the way of anime watchers’ world. I tell you, in real world, 9 out of 10 guys go for Ranko over Rea…Americans, that is, I can’t speak for Japanese folks.

      Well, just you wait, people. Darin Arnschent, the foreign blonde trope in this anime, is coming soon. Did I tell y’all she’s my favorite, even over Ranko? Just wait.

      some guy
      1. Er wha? Actually in the real world most people don’t prefer the overly pushy overly sexualized girls. At least not for long lasting relationships… Those kinds of women are more ‘flings’ to use the term.

      2. Most of the time, I believe, it’s all a ruse and the girls are actually more settled down than supposed. They just do that to get the guy’s attention, of which their “overly done” appearance/actions are all focused on that one guy. I find they tend to be the just as devoted, if not more, devoted due to their insecurity and lack of confidence. Once they get the guy they turn girl-next-door.

        Don’t get me wrong, I really like Rea but I like Ranko more. I tend towards rooting for her archetype (that “perfect girl” whose close to but severely friend zoned by the guy). It’s almost tragic…like my life =.=

        But seriously, Ranko is so hot. I wish I was the dog that bit her o.o

      3. to your eyes: “overly pushy overly sexualized girls”
        to my eyes: girls who are “honest” about their feeling

        If the aforementioned girls are nice, I don’t see it as overly pushy. No way. And Ranko is a genuinely nice girl, you see.

        some guy
  11. It’s like Romeo and Juliet, Rea can’t be with Chihiro and Babu so she takes her own life, haha. Only twist now is that Juliet will become a zombie and live happily ever after with Romeo.

    I LIKE IT!

  12. Love the adaptation so far, it really keeps the spirit of the manga. I’m glad they kept it so Furuya isn’t lovestruck over Rea, they could have easily gone for that but they exercised restraint. Next episode should be fairly epic.

    Also, DAT ED! It sounds amazing with headphones – one of, if not the best of the season IMO.

  13. TBH when Rea Show Spoiler ▼

    Rea is a sweet girl. God, I don’t know how to comprehend someone with a life like Rea’s. I give props to the animators by adding Rea’s friend into the mix because the manga only revealed Rea’s life and not her friend; the manga did not show that. I commend Chihiro, for someone not to judge or rather remain compose in knowing Rea’s dark secret. I appreciated Chihiro’s playfulness because Rea just wanted a normal life with someone to talk to.

    Chihiro and Rea’s interactions appealed to me the most, and finishing episode 2, I am satisfied. Although I am hesitate after episode 3 how this anime will do. So far, I like what I am seeing.

    P.S I love Ranko 😛

      1. “Oh yes her father is totally a freak! But here I am saving those full length shots of naked Rea which her father took!It’s totally okay because I’m not a freak. It’s the father who’s a freak. He’s the one abusing Rea. I’m just her to wank off Rea’s full length naked images her father took while calling him a freak!”

        You guys are freaks.

  14. Still better than Sakura though. But yeah, her father has whtever-cest w/h his daughter (F@#K!) and her friend is being a B*TCH…..

    In short, crosses the line more than twice. I dunno why I am still watching this….

  15. Not sure how faithful this adaptaion is so far; but still interesting.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Going to enjoy the adaptaion and try to forget what my mixed up memory is telling me.

    I’ll always go for the underdog… Go Wanko go, like in Nyakoi Kanako!!!

  16. I can never understand why everyone just accepts the fact that Wanko, the cousin, has feelings beyond what normal cousins are supposed to feel for Chihiro.

    I can never understand why this incest stuff is in most anime either.It’s sickening.

    It’s bad enough that Wanko is annoying as hell, like seriously get outta here and get your dude.


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